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The U.N. Security Council is set to approve tough new sanctions to punish North Korea for its latest nuclear test, despite warnings from Pyongyang that it will end a 60-year-old ceasefire with South Korea in response.针对平壤最近进行核试验,联合国安理会准备批准对朝鲜实施严厉的新制裁,尽管平壤发出警告说,将对此做出回应,废除已经存0年的朝鲜停战协定。Diplomats say the council will vote early Thursday on the U.S.-drafted resolution, which would impose some of the strongest sanctions ever ordered by the ed Nations.外交官们说,联合国安理会将于星期四就美国起草的一项决议案进行表决,该决议案是联合国对朝鲜实行一些迄今为止最严厉的制裁。South Korean foreign ministry spokesperson Cho Tai-young says Seoul is satisfied with the draft text, which appears to have the support of all 15 Security Council members.韩国外交部发言人赵泰永说,首尔对这项决议草案感到满意。这项决议案看来已经得到安理会所5个成员国的持。The resolution would block any financial services or money transfers that help Pyongyangs nuclear or missile programs. It would also tighten travel bans and strengthen inspections of cargo into and out of North Korea.这项决议案规定,断绝有助于平壤核项目及导弹项目的一切金融务和资金转帐,对朝鲜有关人员实行更严格的旅行禁令,并加强对进出朝鲜的货物的检查。Ahead of the vote, North Korea has threatened to void the 1953 armistice that ended the Korean war. It has also announced a series of military exercises to compete with drills being held by the U.S. and South Korea. Reports say Pyongyang has been taking steps to camouflage public transport and broadcast messages from citizens in favor of war.在安理会就这项决议案进行表决之前,朝鲜威胁要废除结束朝鲜战争953年停战协定,并宣布举行一系列军事演习,与美国和韩国的军演抗衡。有报道说,朝鲜目前采取措施,对公共交通系统进行伪装,并播送本国公民持开战的言论。The South has vowed swift retaliation in the event of any North Korean military action. Defense ministry spokesperson says Seoul is closely monitoring the border.韩国誓言如果朝鲜做出任何军事行动,韩国方面就要采取迅速的报复。韩国国防部说,首尔当局密切监视边界情况。来 /201303/228884

Opening a Current 开立往来帐户John Spence is asking a clerk at the First National Bank about current s.约翰·斯彭斯正在向第一国民的一位职员询问有关往来帐户的事宜Spence:Would you please tell me something about current s?Ive heard the term,but Im not sure I understand what it means.斯彭斯:您能给我讲讲有关往来帐户的事吗?我听说过这个术语,但是我不完全明白它的含义Clerk:The term current means a demand .Actually ,a checking .职员:往来帐户这个术语就是活期帐户的意思实际上,就是票帐户Normally ,we use the term current or demand when we talk about a checking maintained by a business firm.通常当我们谈论到由企业持有的票帐房时,我们就使用往来帐户或者活期帐户这样的术语S:Oh ,so you mean that I cant open a current as an individual?斯彭斯:哦,您是说,作为个人,我不能开立往来帐户吗?C:No,I dont mean that.Anybody ,either a firm or an individual ,may open a current ,职员:不,我不是那个意思任何人,无论是企业还是个人都可以开立往来帐户but we normally call individual s personal checking s .That just a different name them.但是,我们一般称个人帐户为个人票帐户,这仅仅是帐户名称不同而已S:Why do you call them demand s ,then ?斯彭斯:那么您为什么称他们为活期帐户呢?C:That means that the balances in the s are subject to withdrawal on demand.职员:这就是说,帐户上的余额便于提取或者便于需要In other words,a written demand ,or a check ,is all that necessary to make a withdrawal from the .换句话说,要想从帐户中提取,只需填写一张用款需求单或一张票就可以了S:Arent all s like that ?斯彭斯:并不是所有的帐户都是这样做的吧?C:No,sir .Time or savings s actually require a notice to the bank ,职员:是的,先生定期存款帐户或储蓄帐户实际上都需要给一个通知,usually seven days bee the depositor has a right to make a withdrawal .In normal practice ,通常是七天前通知,存款人才有权力提取存款of course ,we usually waive notice and allow immediate withdrawals .In demand or current s ,当然,一般情况下,我们通常不必提前通知,并且允许立即提款however,we cannot ask such notice .然而,对于活期帐户或者往来帐户我们根本无权要求取款提前通知 666

Afghan officials say security forces have thwarted an attack on the capital, Kabul, after killing at least six insurgents in an early morning gunbattle. 阿富汗官员说,安全部队在清晨战中挫败了叛乱分子对首都喀布尔的袭击,打死至少六名叛乱分子The officials said Afghan forces raided a compound in eastern Kabul early Thursday where the insurgents gathered to prepare for an attack. A gunbattle broke out, lasting for several hours until the militants were killed. 有关官员说,阿富汗军队星期四凌晨突袭了喀布尔东部城区的一处院落,反叛分子在那里集结,准备发动袭击。军队与叛乱分子爆发了持续数小时的战,直到叛乱分子被击毙The Afghan forces found a vehicle packed with explosives along with other weapons at the site. 阿富汗军队在战斗地点发现了一辆载有爆炸物的汽车和其他武器The Taliban said there was no such raid involving its fighters. 塔利班说,这次战不涉及该组织的战斗人员Also Thursday, NATO said two of its coalition service members were killed by a roadside bomb in southern Afghanistan. It did not release any further details about the attack or the identities of the soldiers. 北约星期四说,两名北约军人在阿富汗南部的一次路边炸弹袭击中死亡。北约没有说明有关这次袭击的细节情况,也没有透露这两名死亡军人的姓名 /201208/193591

第一句:Hello!你好!A: Hello, How are you?你好,最近好吗?B: Fine. Thank you.谢谢你,我很好!第二句:Good morning!早上好!A: Good morning!早上好!格林夫人B: Morning!早上早!其他表达法:Good evening!晚上好!Nice to meet you.见到你很高兴Im glad to see you. 见到你很高兴 55

An Embarrassing Experience一次尴尬的经验Kathy and Evan are now outside the store.凯西和艾凡现在在那家商店外面K:I dont think Ive ever been so embarrassed in my life!凯西:我想我这一生中从来没有这么尴尬过!E:It wasnt easy me, either. I told you youve been spending money like water.艾凡:我也不好受我告诉过你你花钱简直就像流水一样K:Thanks lending me the cash, Evan. I really wanted these two sweaters.凯西:艾凡,谢谢你借我现金我真的很想要这两件毛衣E:No problem. But, still, youve got to control your spending.艾凡:不客气但是,你花钱还是得有所节制K:I still want to pick up a few gifts and souvenirs. I need to cash traveler checks. Im glad I took some extra money just in case.凯西:我仍想挑几件礼物和纪念品我需要兑现旅行票我很高兴我多带一些钱以防万一E:We have just a few more days here in Stockholm, so I guess you might as well buy what you need now. I hate last minute shopping.艾凡:我们在斯德哥尔只剩下几天了,所以我想你现在干脆把你所需要的东西买齐我不喜欢最后一刻急急忙忙的采购K:Me too. Hey! Isnt that a Citibank up there?凯西:我也是嘿!那里不是有一家花旗吗?E:Yes, I think it is. Since youre carrying Citibank traveler checks, it should be easy to cash them there.艾凡:是的,我想是吧既然你身上带着花旗的旅行票,在那里兑现应该很容易K:OK. Let go. I have my passport with me, in a safe place!凯西:好的咱们走吧我的护照带在身上,放在一个安全的地方!E:It looks like you really have learned a lesson, after all!艾凡:看起来你真的得到了教训! 57

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