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If only I had known a little bit more about accelerated and effective learning when I was still a student myself! That would have saved me a lot of frustration and, most of all, precious time.Fortunately, learning and learning to learn well, will always be one of the most valuable skills in your personal and professional life. My point is to start building these skills as soon as possible, preferably when you are still a student.Fast and effective learning is a skill for life and I could talk about it for days. However, to get you started I will give you 5 powerful tips on how to learn more, how to learn well and how to learn effectively.1. The foundation: a productivity systemLet’s face it, without a solid foundation there is no way you can expect to build new skills and form new habits. My first tip therefore is to adopt a productivity system (like GTD). You need to develop the habit of consistent and effective note-taking, you need to have a clean, uncluttered desk to study at, you need a system for storing reference material and tracking your (learning) projects. I strongly suggest following this important tip, because it will make everything else (including learning) more efficient and effective. Speaking from my own experience: GTD by David Allen has provided this much needed foundation in my life. Read more here: 10 Simple Tips to Start Getting Things Done.2. SpeedingYou probably need or want to a lot of offline and online material as well. But you only have so much time to do it. This is where my second tip comes in. Practice speeding to smarter and faster, while improving your comprehension! I have written about speeding extensively but it boils down to: get to “know” the material you’re about to , decide which parts of it you are going to , and when you are actually ing: keep your eyes moving at a steady, perhaps increasing, pace without stopping at every word and definitely without ever reing a single phrase. These tricks alone should double your ing speed very soon.3. Think and work on paperThere is no question that pen and paper are the most underrated productivity and learning tools around. My advice is to always think and work on paper. It will get things off your mind and make room for more creative thinking. Use your own shorthand and notational system to highlight important facts and actions in the material you’re learning. Condense, memorize and review the material you’ve learned by creating mindmaps. Forget about trusting your mind or your computer, think and work on paper to learn better and effectively.4. Use multisensory techniquesThis tip is all about discovering your preferred learning style and leveraging it to make learning more fun and more effective. You have to figure out for yourself if you are more of a visual learner, an auditory learner or a kinesthetic/tactile learner. Information will be absorbed by your brain much quicker and much more effective if you use your preferred learning style. To enhance your learning experience even further, combine your preferred learning style with the other ones. For instance, writing things down combines the visual and tactile learning styles. Reading things aloud to yourself combines the visual and auditory learning styles.5. Allow your brain to absorb new stuffEverybody has a certain learning rhythm. Some learn best in the early hours of the morning, others learn best late at night. Figure out which rhythm and time frame suits you best and use this to maximize your learning ability. However, you must frequently give your brain time to absorb the new stuff that you are learning. The best way is to “sleep on it” and the second best way is to take frequent breaks and do something completely different. 如果在我还是学生时就多知道一点有关高效学习的知识,那将会使我减少很多挫折,最重要的是,节约很多宝贵的时间。幸运的是,学习和学会更好的学习,将永远是你个人和职业生活中最宝贵的技能之一。我的观点是,尽可能早地开始建立这些技能,最好是从学生时代开始。快速而有效地学习对生活来说是一种技能,我可以好几天都讲这一件事。不过,为了让你开始,我会给你5个非常有效的技巧,让你学得更多、更好、更有效率。1、基础:一套有效的系统我们得明白,如果没有一个固定的基础,你根本别指望能建立新的技巧,形成新的习惯。因此,我的第一个小窍门是,让自己适应一套有效的系统(比如GTD)。你需要养成不断并高效地做记录的习惯,你需要一个干净整洁的桌子学习,你需要一套储存相关材料和检验你学习效果的系统。我强烈建议你跟随这个重要的窍门,因为它能使其它的每一件事(包括学习)更有效。以我自己的经历来说:戴维.阿兰的GTD给我的生活提供了这个非常有必要的基础。想了解更多与此有关的内容,请参阅:10个简单的窍门开始完成每一件事。2、速读你可能需要或想要离线和在线阅读很多资料,但你没那么多的时间。这就有了我的第二个小窍门。练习速读,从而能读得更聪明更快速,同时提高你的理解力。我已经写过大量和快速阅读有关的文章,归根结底就是:“知道”你将要阅读的材料,决定你将会阅读哪个部分,当你实际阅读时,保持你眼睛移动的速度,或者逐渐加快,不要在每个字上停留,绝对不要重复任何一个单独的短语。只是这些招数就能很快让你的阅读速度提高一倍。3、把所想所做的写下来毋庸置疑,纸和笔是在我们身边最被低估的生产和学习工具。我的建议是,无论何时都把你想到做到的写下来。这样做能使你将一些事情从脑子里移出来,从而为更具创造性的思考腾出空间。运用你的速写和笔记系统突出显示你所学材料中的重要事实和行动。忘记相信你的大脑或电脑,把你所想所做的写下来,你就能学得更好更有效率。4、运用多种技术这个窍门帮你发现自己偏爱的学习方式和工具,从而使学习变得更有趣和有效。你得清楚自己到底是属于视觉学习者,听觉学习者,还是触觉学习者。如果你运用自己偏好的学习方式,大脑就能更有效地接收信息。为了进一步加深你的学习经历,你可以将自己所偏好的学习方式与其它方法结合起来。比如,运用视觉和听觉学习方式的同时,把事情写下来;或者,结合视觉和触觉学习方式,大声地读出所写的事情。5、让你的大脑接收新知识每个人都有自己独特的学习节率。有些人在清晨时学习最有效率,有些人则在深夜学习最有效率。明白自己最适合的学习节率和时间框架,借此来最大化你的学习能力。不过,你必须经常让你的大脑有时间去接收所学的新知识。最好的方法就是“带着刚学的知识睡觉”,第二好的方法就是经常休息去做一些完全不同的事情。 /200811/56135摘要:月亮影响人间生活的迷信自古有之。古代哲学家和祭司们说,由于月亮有圆缺,与人的出生、成长、衰老、死亡有关联。Many peoples used to believe that the moon influenced life. Philosophers and priests in ancient times taught that the moon was related to birth, growth, and death because it waxed and waned. Some people feared eclipses as signs of famine, war, or other disasters. According to one superstition, sleeping in moonlight could cause people to lose their sound mind. Crazy people may become even crazier under the influence of the moon. When people become slightly crazy, they are often said to be moonstruck, that is, under the influence of the moon. The word lunatic, which means moonstruck, comes from luna, a Latin word meaning moon. Even today, many people believe the moon affects the weather. Others think seeds grow especially well when planted during a waxing moon. The best day for a wedding is the day when the moon is full. /200906/73078A graduation ceremony is an event where the commencement speaker tells thousands of students dressed in identical caps and gowns that 'individuality' is the key to success. - Robert Orben  毕业典礼就是演讲人对着几千名头戴一样帽子、身穿统一制的学生说“个性”是成功的关键。  Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine. - Anthony J. D'Angelo  不管你去往何方,不管将来迎接你的是什么,请你带着阳光般的心情启程。 /201106/141403In Britain, Christmas Day is normally spent at home, with the family, and it is regarded as a celebration of the family and its continuity. Preparations start well in advance, with the sending of Christmas cards and installation of a decorated Christmas tree in a prominent place in the home. Although it is now a firmly established tradition, the Christmas tree was first popularised by Queen Victoria’s husband, Prince Albert, who introduced the custom from his native Germany in 1840.   在英国,圣诞节往往在家和家人一起过,且被视为对家庭和睦的一种庆祝。准备工作很早就开始了,大家寄贺卡且在家最显眼的地方装饰圣诞树。尽管这已经成为了根深蒂固的传统,圣诞树最早是由维多利亚女王的丈夫,阿尔伯特王子在1840年从德国引入这一风俗,且开始流行起来。  Some houses are decorated with evergreens (plants which do not lose their leaves in winter); a wreath of holly on the front door and garlands of holly, ivy and fir indoors. Bunches of mistletoe are often hung above doorways - any couple passing underneath must exchange kisses! Traditional food is prepared: sweet mince pies, a rich Christmas cake and the Christmas pudding. Everyone has their own favourite recipe, but they’re all packed full of spices, nuts, dried fruit and brandy.   Presents are bought and wrapped, and traditionally placed under the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve. Christmas is both a secular and a religious holiday, and many families like to attend a midnight service at church on Christmas Eve, or celebrate Christmas in church on Christmas morning.   一些房子用常青植物(冬天不会掉叶子的植物)装点;前门挂圣洁的花圈,屋内用圣洁的花冠,常春藤和皮毛装饰。一捆捆的槲寄生经常放在门口上方——任何从下走过的情侣都必须互吻!要准备的传统食物:甜馅的派,一个花式的圣诞蛋糕和圣诞布丁。人人都有自己喜爱的食谱,但都用足了香料,坚果,干果和白兰地。礼物是买来包好的,通常都是在圣诞夜摆放在圣诞树下的。圣诞节也是世俗的宗教节日,许多家庭喜欢在圣诞夜去教堂参加午夜活动,或者在圣诞节早上去教堂庆祝圣诞。  The excitement begins for children on Christmas Eve, when they hang up their stockings (an old sock or, more ambitiously, pillow cases) around the fireplace or at the foot of the bed for Father Christmas to fill with presents. The English Father Christmas or Santa Claus is first recorded in his traditional red and white outfit in a woodcut of 1653, but the story of Santa arriving in his reindeer-drawn sleigh and descending down the chimney to fill children’s stockings with presents derives from the USA.   圣诞节最兴奋的要属孩子了,他们在壁炉边或者床角挂起袜子(一只旧袜子,或者贪心点,一个枕头),来装圣诞老人的礼物。英国的圣诞老人或者叫Santa Claus最先在1653年被木刻下来,穿着传统的红白饰,但是关于圣诞老人坐驯鹿拉的雪撬来,并且下到烟囱里给孩子送礼物的故事却是来源于美国的。  Practically everyone sits down to a Christmas dinner in the early afternoon of Christmas Day, traditionally roast turkey, but some families prefer goose or roast beef. The turkey is followed by the Christmas pudding, brought to the table flaming hot. Brandy is poured over the pudding, then lit. After dinner, everyone relaxes by going for a walk, playing games, enjoying their presents or watching television.   实际上,人人都在圣诞节那天下午早早地坐下吃圣诞晚餐,烤火鸡是传统食物,但有些家庭更喜欢鹅或者烤牛肉。在圣诞布丁之后上的菜就是热气腾腾的火鸡。白兰地斟在布丁上,然后点燃。晚饭后,所有人都去散散步放松一下,玩玩游戏,赏玩他们的礼物或者看看电视。 /200803/29062

Barbie has held onto her crown as queen of girls' holiday wish lists for the fifth year but boys are going more high-tech, according to a poll of must-have toys.The poll of 7,982 US consumers by the company BIGresearch showed Barbie remained the most sought after toy for girls, with the rival Bratz dolls in second place, generic dolls in third place followed by Dora the Explorer and Disney Princess.But for boys there was a bit of a shake-up in the annual list with last year's favorite, TMX Elmo, losing out to Transformers, like the Autobots and Decepticons, made popular by the movie of the same name.Coming second on the boys' wish-list was games overall and the top 10 also included two games consoles - the Nintendo Wii and Microsoft's XBox 360.The National Retail Federation, a retail trade association which commissioned the annual survey, said the best advice for parents was to shop early so they did not miss out on their children's favorites."It's always a race for parents to find the year's sought after toys," said NRF President and CEO Tracy Mullin in a statement.Newcomers to the girls' list this year were toys involving Disney singing star Hannah Montana, and the popular Webkinz animals that come with a special code to give access to Webkinz World online.Cars, Spider-Man and LEGOs also featured in the boys' top 10 wish lists.This year's top 10 holiday wish-lists:GIRLS:1. Barbie2. Bratz3. Dolls (generic)4. Dora the Explorer5. Disney Princess6. Disney Hannah Montana7. Nintendo Wii8. Webkinz9. Elmo10. American GirlBOYS1. Transformers2. Video Games3. Nintendo Wii4. Cars (generic)5. Spider-Man6. LEGOs7. Thomas the Tank Engine8. Xbox 3609. Elmo10. Remote Controlled Vehicles /200803/29707

全国同胞们,同志们,朋友们:Fellow countrymen, comrades and friends,今天,我们隆重集会,庆祝中华人民共和国成立60周年。在这个喜庆而又庄严的时刻,全国各族人民都为伟大祖国的发展进步感到无比自豪,都对实现中华民族伟大复兴的光明前景充满信心。Today, we hold a grand celebration to mark the 60th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China. At this cheerful and solemn moment, people from all over the country's ethnic groups are extremely proud of our great nation's development and progress and are confident of the Chinese nation's bright prospect on the road to revival.【重点语法词汇】重点句型:At this cheerful and solemn moment, people from all over the country's ethnic groups are extremely proud of our great nation's development and progress and are confident of the Chinese nation's bright prospect on the road to revival.:本句的意思为“在这个喜庆而又庄严的时刻,全国各族人民都为伟大祖国的发展进步感到无比自豪,都对实现中华民族伟大复兴的光明前景充满信心。”结构上,本句是一个简单句,其中,At this cheerful and solemn moment为时间状语,people from all over the country's ethnic groups 为主语,are extremely proud of和and are confident of 为并列谓语,our great nation's development and progress 和 the Chinese nation's bright prospect on the road to revival分别为并列谓语proud o和confident of 的宾语。 /200910/86516

Peugeot PantsIf you can't afford a Peugeot, just buy the pants! 标致汽车(Peugeot)裤子如果买不起标致汽车,那就买条裤子吧。 /201104/131275

Good question. And a question I am often asked.Here's the scoop. Simply having breasts and being female places all women at risk. Women with size 32 AA bras get breast cancer just like someone with 46 DDs.For women with known risk factors, though, there may be a link to breast size. One study confirmed that women who had breast-reduction surgery had asignificant reduction - as high as 50 percent in some patients - compared with large-breasted women who didn't have the procedure.Does that mean that everyone with bodacious breasts should get a reduction? Probably not. The key is to know that the risk factors for breast cancer are not equal, and to find out if you have any of the more dangerous risk factors.So now is a good time to remind you of those risk factors:Having a first-degree relative (mother, sister) who had breast cancer, especially before she reached menopauseHaving had a breast biopsy sometime in the past that revealed some atypical cells or lobular carcinoma in situ (LCIS, abnormal cells in the milk-producing glands of the breast)Not having had a baby before age 30Starting menstruation younger than age 12Not going through menopause until after age 55Among these factors, the most dangerous in terms of significantly increasing your risk are having a family history of breast cancer and having a finding of atypical cells on a previous breast biopsy.If you have some or all of these risk factors, will your insurance cover a breast reduction procedure, which the researchers say will reduce your breast cancer risk? Probably not, since insurance companies haven't yet caught up with the latest scientific discoveries.But insurance companies usually will pay for the procedure if the doctor documents that you are experiencing back problems from carrying a heavier than usual load. The doctor should not, however, record that he's doing a breast reduction to reduce the risk of breast cancer-in that case the insurance firm might expect the surgeon to perform a much bigger reduction, like a mastectomy-and that's not what you were signing up for.So, bottom line: If a woman has no risk factors, her risk of breast cancer is going to be the same regardless of her breast size.But large-breasted women do face one other challenge: getting all that breast tissue imaged in a mammogram. Getting clear images of every portion of larger breasts may require more than just the customary 2 views per breast. 尺寸大更容易患乳癌?好问题。一个我经常被问的问题。这是我的独家新闻:只要有乳房或者只要是女性都有患乳癌的风险。32AA罩杯和46DD罩杯的女性患乳癌的概率一样。然而,由于总所周知的因素(乳房大),胸部大小或许和患乳癌概率有联系。有研究表明,做过缩胸手术的女性患乳癌的概率——某些病人甚至下降50%——与未做缩胸手术的大胸脯女性相比小得多。难道这意味着所有大胸部女性都得做缩胸手术?也许不必。关键是要明白那些导致女性患乳癌的因素其作用力是不均等的,而且还要找出你与哪些比较危险的因素扯上了关系。明白了这以后,现在是提醒你主意这些危险因素的时候了:·一级亲缘关系(母亲、)得过乳癌,特别是绝经期前得过·过去做过乳房活检发现了异常细胞或原位小叶癌(LCIS,乳腺内的异常细胞)·30岁前未生育·12岁前开始月经·55岁还没进入绝经期在这些因素中,从增大患乳癌的概率来说,最危险的是家庭乳癌史和以前的乳房活检中发现过异常细胞。如果你有上面所说的部分或全部因素,就去为缩胸手术投保?就因为研究人员说缩胸可以降低患乳癌的风险?也许不必,因为保险公司险种还没跟上科学发现的步伐。但是,如果医生可以明你由于胸前负担太重而遭受背部问题,那么保险公司通常会为缩胸手术付钱。但是,医生不应该记录说他正在做一个缩胸手术以便降低病人患乳癌的风险,因为在这种情况下,保险公司或许指望外科医生做一个较为彻底缩胸手术,比如乳房切除,而这显然不在你和医院的合同之内。所以,底线是:如果一个女人没有上面所说的那些风险因素,她患乳癌的风险与胸部大小没有关系。但是大胸部女人的确面临其它麻烦:乳房X光全检。相对与正常女人每个乳房2张X光片来说,房女人可能需要更多的X光片。 /200809/48997

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