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As he posed for a holiday snap on the beach, six-year-old Nick Wheeler paid no attention to the little girl making sandcastles a few yards away.当6岁的尼克·惠勒在度假海滩上摆好姿势拍照时,他一点也没注意到自己身后不远处堆沙堡的小女孩。It was only when he showed his fiancee Aimee Maiden the photograph 20 years later that she pointed at the five-year-old in a swimsuit and shrieked in astonishment: ‘That’s me!’20年后,他把这张照片拿给自己的未婚妻艾美·梅登看,她的未婚妻竟指着他身后那个穿着泳衣的五岁小女孩惊讶地叫道,“那个是我!”The pair lived hundreds of miles apart when the picture was taken in 1994, yet fate determined that they would meet and fall in love at sixth form college, 11 years later.1994年拍下这张照片时,两人的住处相距了几百英里,然而缘分天注定,11年后他们在高中相遇相恋。After their college years Mr Wheeler joined the army while Miss Maiden trained as a teacher.高中毕业后,惠勒成为了一名军人,而梅登则成为了一名教师。They moved in together three years ago and got engaged last year, where they hosted a party and showed off the photo to friends and family.三年前他们住在了一起,去年他们订了婚,他们在订婚派对上向亲朋好友展示了这张照片。The couple married on Saturday at Gulval Church in Mousehole, 20 years after the photo was taken and just a minute’s walk from the same spot.拍下这张照片20年后,他们终于在毛斯尔的Gulval教堂结了婚,而从这处教堂走到20年前拍照的地点只需要一分钟。They are heading to Florida for their honeymoon and plan to frame the treasured picture as soon as they get back.他们即将前往佛罗里达州度蜜月,并且决定一回来就把这张珍贵的照片用相框装好。 /201408/321030

(CNN) -- If you are a woman, you#39;ve likely experienced the creepy, disrespectful and sometimes scary way some men treat you as you walk down the street -- lewd looks, unwanted comments, compliments about your body, elongated necks craning to see your backside, catcalls, even being followed.(CNN) --作为女人,在走在大街上时,你很可能经历过男人的这些恶心的、无礼的,有时甚至是可怕的对待,比如说色眯眯的注视,评头论足,恭维你的身材或容貌,伸长脖子看你的背面,吹口哨,甚至是跟踪你。It can be very hard to explain why catcalls and unwanted comments amount to harassment. Thankfully, there#39;s a new online that drives it home. In it, a woman walks around Manhattan for 10 hours(a hidden camera is in front of her and she#39;s got microphones in each hand.) She#39;s harassed 108 times as she walks (silently) down the streets of the city. In two instances she#39;s followed; one of the guys walks beside her for over five minutes. It#39;s very eerie.很难说清楚为什么吹口哨和评头论足就等同于骚扰。谢天谢地,网上有一个新视频能说明这一切。在视频中,一个女人在曼哈顿的大街上走了10个小时,她的前面有一个隐藏起来的摄像机,双手都带有麦克风。在静静地走过这个城市的街道时,她受到了108次骚扰。她两次被跟踪;其中一个家伙跟了她超过5分钟。这太可怕了。It#39;s a very sobering and enlightening experience to watch the barrage of harassment happen. And sadly, since so many of you believe that women provoke violence and even rape based on how they dress -- get this, the woman in the is wearing a plain T-shirt and jeans. There#39;s no cleavage or midriff or bare leg showing -- she#39;s just a gal walking down the street.看着这些骚扰接二连三地发生,不仅令人不禁恍然大悟。令人悲哀的是,你们中的很多人认为女人招致暴力甚至是强暴,是因为她们穿的太少,看看这个,视频中的女人穿着普通的T恤和牛仔裤。没有露乳沟,没有露肚脐,没有露大腿,她只是一个走在大街上的姑娘。The is compelling, particularly for women. It is uncomfortable to be harassed like this walking down the street, and yes, harassment is exactly what it is. In fact, in many states, it#39;s also illegal.这个视频是振聋发聩的,特别是对女性来说。走在大街上时,像这样被骚扰是令人不舒的,是的,这就是骚扰。事实上,在很多州,这也是非法的。For a long time, I didn#39;t see it that way. Maybe it#39;s because I make a living giving keynotes on leadership and at 45 have grown to be a very confident, extroverted person. Every time a man would say ;Hey Beautiful; to me, I#39;d just look him straight in the eyes, shoot a smile and shout back ;Yo what#39;s up; -- which works like a charm, de-sexualizes the whole thing, keeps it Midwestern friendly while leaving the guy speechless that I asserted myself.很长时间以来,其实我认为这没什么大不了的。这也可能是因为我经常给领导阶层做主题报告,并且我已经45岁了,已经变成一个足够自信、性格外向的人。每次有男人对我说“嘿,美女”时,我只是直视着他的眼睛,露出微笑,回敬一句“嗨,怎么了”,立马将难题化解于无形,保持中西部风格的友好,摒除其中的性别成分,同时我敢保能让那个家伙无话可说。But my opinion about catcalls changed when I saw it happen to my daughter. She#39;s a beautiful girl, and just 15. A few weeks ago, we were walking in Boston -- she was in jeans, LL Bean boots and a flannel shirt -- yet the majority of guys eyed her head to toe and about half of them turned back to check out her butt. With every look, the momma bear in me started to get really angry. Sawyer, on the other hand, just got very quiet. When we crossed the street in front of a work site, she just stared at the ground.但当骚扰发生在我女儿身上时,我的想法发生了变化。她是个漂亮的姑娘,只有15岁。几周前,我们在波士顿街头散步,她穿着牛仔裤,LL Bean牌的靴子和法兰绒衬衫,然而大多数的男人都从头到脚地盯着她看,大约一半人还回头看她的臀部。母性使我真的要生气了,然而索伊却不发一言。当我们穿过街道,走到一处工地时,她只是紧盯着地面。My viewpoint changed that day. She didn#39;t want the attention; she just wanted to walk down the sidewalk and window shop. And, more importantly, she didn#39;t know how to handle it.我的观点在那天起改变了。她不想要那种关注;她只想走过人行道和商店的橱窗。并且,更重要的是,她不知道如何处理这一切。That#39;s the crux of it. When you catcall, the attention, the comments, the looks are unwanted and they can make a woman feel emotionally and physically uncomfortable. A woman (or a girl) walking down the street just wants to be left alone. She#39;s not interested in what you think about her body or her face. If she was, she#39;d ask you.这就是问题所在。当你们的吹口哨、注视、评头论足和你们的相貌不是姑娘们想要的时候,这些会使姑娘们在情感上和身体上不自在。一个女人(或女孩)只想自由自在地在大街上行走。她对你对她容貌和身材的看法不敢兴趣。如果她有兴趣,她会问你的。It#39;s hard for guys to understand this, particularly when the sex center of the male brain is 2.5 times larger than the female sex center in the brain. Guys will likely always have sex on the brain more than women do. And sexual desire and power is absolutely at the root of catcalls -- that#39;s why you hoot, holler, leer, jeer at a woman -- and it#39;s also why guys think there#39;s nothing wrong with it. Whether a woman or a girl can handle the attention isn#39;t relevant; guys shouldn#39;t be putting women and girls in a position in which they feel like they are getting eyed like a piece of meat.男人很难理解这些,特别是因为男性大脑中的性区是女性大脑里的性区的2.5倍。男性脑中想着上床的次数要比女性多得多,性需求和驱使绝对是吹口哨的根本原因,这就是你们对女性大声叫嚷、窥视、调戏的原因,并且这也是男人并不认为这有什么错的原因。女人或女性能否应对这些关注与他们无关;男人不应该像盯着一块肉一样,死死盯着女人和女孩。How should men approach women?男人应该如何接近女人?There#39;s a huge difference between harassing a woman on the street with catcalls and actually trying to have a conversation with her. In case you fellas do want to speak with a woman, her are a few rules:在大街上吹口哨骚扰一个姑娘与真正想与姑娘交谈有着巨大的差别,你们这些家伙如果真想和一个姑娘交谈,要遵循这些规则:1. Speak ;to; her, not ;at; her.“与”她说话,而不是“对着”她说话。Whistles, shouts, hoots, hollers, kissing and animal sounds may help you hail a cab, but if you do it to a woman you don#39;t know, it#39;s harassment.口哨、叫喊、高声大笑、嘟嘟囔囔、飞吻和学叫也许会帮助你叫辆出租车,如果你用在姑娘身上,你要知道这就是骚扰。2. Start a conversation ;with; her, not ;about; her.“和”她交谈,而不是对她“评头论足”。Talk about the weather, the day, the book she#39;s ing, because then it is a conversation. Do not talk about her hair, her smile, her outfit, her legs, her booty or her appearance, because that#39;s harassment.谈论天气、当天和她在看的书,因为这之后就会有更深的交流。不要谈论她的头发,她的微笑,她的装,她的腿,她的臀部或她的外貌,因为这是骚扰。3. If she walks away do not follow her.如果她走开了,不要跟踪她。If she ignores you, drops eye contact or keeps walking -- just leave her alone. If you start following her, you aren#39;t complimenting her, you are stalking her.如果她没有搭理你,不再看你或径直走开,就这样让她去吧。如果你还紧追不舍,那就不是在恭维她,而是在跟踪她。At the end of the day, if you want to connect with a woman, all you need to do is smile. There#39;s no need to say anything. That#39;s all it takes. Look her in the eyes and smile. She#39;ll likely smile back. That#39;s it. If she wants to say hello, I#39;m sure she will. If she doesn#39;t, just let her be.在白昼即将结束时,如果你想结识一位姑娘,只需微笑就够了。不用说一个字。看着她的眼睛,面带微笑。她有可能以微笑回报。就是这样。如果她想打招呼,我肯定她会的。如果她不想,就让她走吧。And speaking of eye contact, look at her eyes, because when you stare at her chest, her butt, her private area or do the top-to-bottom scan, it makes her feel extremely uncomfortable. Women walking on a sidewalk are not walking on a catwalk, and you#39;re not a judge on America#39;s Top Model, so stop acting like one.说起眼神交流,要看着她的眼睛,因为当你看着她的胸部,她的臀部,她的隐私部位或者从头到脚打量,会让她觉得极度不自在。走在人行道上的姑娘不是在走猫步,你不是在一个美国顶级模特,所有不要这么做。 /201411/340353

Tell me what time you wake up and I will reveal what type of person you are! No, I am not a fortune teller but there is now evidence to show your sleep patterns reveal a lot about your lifestyle and personality. It can affect your mood, weight control and productivity at work.给我说说你的起床时间,我就能告诉你你属于哪种类型的人!不,我不是名预言家,但是有据表明,你的睡眠模式可以显示出你的生活方式和个性。睡眠能影响你的心情、体重控制和工作效率。Here are five different types of sleep patterns. Which one do you fit into?下面是五种不同的睡眠模式。你属于哪一种?1. Are you a morning person?你是不是早起型的人?If you like waking and getting up early, you are more likely to shine in the morning and get lots of things done. Your bedtimes are regular and do not vary wildly on the weekends. You like to have a decent breakfast which sets you up for the day. Evenings are less productive for you and you may feel like going to bed very early.如果你喜欢很早醒来并起床,你很有可能在早晨效率较高,可以做很多事情。你睡觉的时间很有规律,即使是周末也没有太大的变化。你喜欢有一顿丰盛的早餐,它会让你精神一整天。晚上你的效率不高,你可能想早点上床睡觉。2. Are you a napper?你是不是睡午觉型的人?Some people love a nap in the afternoon. Italian and Spanish timetables have taken this into account, since time immemorial. It is also due to climatic reasons. However, things are changing and there is a proposed labor reform in Spain to shorten the working day by eliminating the siesta! Even if you do not want or need a full siesta of an hour or so, a nap may benefit you.有些人喜欢下午睡上一小觉。很久以前,意大利和西班牙的作息表就考虑到了这一点。当然也有气候方面的原因。但是,事情在不断变化,西班牙有一项劳动改革提议去除午睡来缩短工作时间!事实上,即使是你不想或不需要一小时的午睡,睡上一小觉对你来说也是很有益处的。If you work for an enlightened company, they now provide nap rooms for you to have a snooze, because experts say this can increase productivity, reduce stress and fatigue and lessen the risk of heart disease.如果你在一家开明的公司上班,他们都给你提供午睡室,让你在里面睡一会儿,因为专家说这样做可以提高工作效率,减轻压力和疲劳,并降低心脏病的风险。3. Are you an evening person?3.你是不是晚睡型的人?If you are in this category, you may like to burn the midnight oil and party, study or work into the early hours because that is when you feel much more energetic. You prefer to work out in the evenings and you almost always need an alarm clock to wake you up. You do not go in for hearty breakfasts and you are pretty relaxed in regard to mealtimes.如果你属于这种人,你可能喜欢熬夜和聚会, 一直学习或工作到凌晨, 因为那段时间你会觉得更有精力。你喜欢晚上工作,基本上靠闹钟叫你起床。你对丰盛的早餐并无多大兴趣,用餐时你会相当随意。4. Do you sleep most during the weekend?你是不是把周末的时间都用来睡觉了?Many people struggle through the week on about 4-6 hours a sleep a night because of work pressure, long commutes and late nights. To make up your sleep deficit, you may sleep very late on the weekends or spend an afternoon in bed. The good news is this can partially help you to recover. The bad news is this is not a valid long-term strategy and does not always work to get you back to normal. This irregular type of sleep pattern can negatively impact:很多人由于工作压力、通勤时间长和熬到深夜,每晚只睡4-6小时来撑过工作日。为了补觉,你可能周末睡到很晚或一下午都躺在床上。好消息是这样能在一定程度上帮你恢复。坏消息是这样不是一个有效的长期策略,并不是总能让你恢复正常。这种不规律的睡眠模式对下面的这些有负面影响:Your immune system你的免疫系统Mood swings心情波动Attention span and focus注意力的持续时间和专注力Increase food cravings which will lead to obesity增加对食物的渴望从而导致肥胖This was the result of some research carried out by the Penn State University College of Medicine.这是宾夕法尼亚州立大学医学院一些研究的结果5. Do you find it difficult to wake up?你是不是觉得很难睡醒?There could be many reasons for this. It may be you are going to bed too late or you have a disturbed sleep pattern, caused by barking dogs or a snoring partner. There may be issues with insomnia, restless legs or sleep apnea. Your problem now is you have a very short time to get up, dressed and out of the house. This can be very stressful.当然可能有很多原因。可能是你睡得太晚了或由于叫或爱人打鼾导致你的睡眠模式受到了干扰。也可能是失眠、多动腿或睡眠呼吸暂停综合症。你现在的问题是你要在很短的时间内起床、穿衣和走出屋子。这对你来说可能压力很大。If you are fed up with loud alarm clocks, try a dawn simulator or a clock fitted with aromatherapy beads which can range from coffee to lavender. Some sadistic inventors have come up with a flying clock which takes off from the bedside table once it rings. Then, you have to chase it round the room and catch it before it stops bleeping. Not my ideal alarm clock!如果你受够了吵闹的闹铃,可以试试带有黎明模拟器的钟表或带有香薰珠子的钟表。带香薰珠子的钟表上的指针可以从咖啡味的珠子指向薰衣草味的珠子。有一些疯狂的设计师设计出会飞的闹钟,一旦闹钟响了,它就从床头柜上飞起来。然后,你就得满屋地追它,追到它后它才能停止发出哔哔的声音。这可不是我理想中的闹钟!Whatever type of sleep pattern you match, there is still the problem in getting up as painlessly as possible. Here are suggestions to make it less traumatic. If you are one of those rare types who can jump out of bed, y to go, then skip this bit!无论你属于哪一种睡眠类型, 都希望能够不费劲就起床。下面的这些建议会让起床变得容易一些。如果你是能轻易起床的奇葩,请略过下面的内容。Buy an alarm clock with a pleasant sound or with one of the new features mentioned above.买一个能发出悦耳声音的闹钟或具有上面提到的一些特点的闹钟。Forget the snooze button – the sleep quality is rubbish.别想着打盹——睡眠质量太差。Set the alarm to go off at the latest practical moment.让闹钟在最适合的时刻响起。Try stretching exercises before actually getting up.在真正的起床前试试伸展运动。Exercise if you feel like it – it works for some people in giving them an energy boost.如果你喜欢运动就运动一下吧——运动对有些人很管用,能让他们更有活力。 /201405/298727

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