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游戏设计师David Perry预言未来的游戏对玩家来说将不仅仅只是。 未来的游戏会是丰富和复杂的,而且充满了丰富的情感。对有的人来说,这些元素将会使游戏比真实世界更加真实而且有意义。 Article/201204/180081UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Is this legit? Article 1 of the U.S. Constitution focuses on the powers of the presidency.这合理吗?美国宪法第一条重点讲了总统的权利。Not true. Article 1 is all about the powers of Congress.不对。第一条全是关于国会的权利的。AZUZ: There is new Congress in town, the 113th Congress of the ed States, it#39;s getting started today.在城里有了一个新的国会,美国第113届国会,在今天正式成立。All 435 voting members of the U.S. House of Representatives were elected last November.美国众议院的全部435个投票席位在去年11月就已被选出。Representatives serve two year terms, and they are chosen in even numbered years.代表任期两年,他们是在偶数年选举的。The more people a state has living in it, the more representatives it has in Congress.居住在州里的人越多,在国会的代表就越多。And in the 113th Congress the House is controlled by Republicans who hold 234 seats, Democrats have 201 seats.第113届国会由占234个席位的共和党控制,民主党占201个席位。Things are different in the Senate.在参议院,事情有些不同。There are 100 Senators there, two for each state, and they serve six year terms, so only about a third of their seats were up for election in November.参议院有100名参议员,每州两名,他们任期6年,因此大约只有三分之一的席位需要在十一月进行选举。Democrats have controlled the Senate with 53 seats, Republicans have 45 seats, and two seats are Independent, though the Independents usually vote with the Democrats.民主党凭借53个席位控制着参议院,共和党有45个席位,有两个席位是独立的,尽管独立党经常跟随民主党投票。Some of the top priorities of the new Congress: a longer term solution of the fiscal cliff as we talked about, getting federal money to victims of Hurricane Sandy.新国会最应该优先考虑的事情:我们已经谈论过的对财政悬崖的长期解决办法,向桑迪飓风的受害者给予联邦资金。And generally, figuring out what the government spends money on.还有,总体上弄明白政府在什么方面花钱。With Democrats in control of the Senate and the presidency and Republicans in control of the House, you can see it#39;s going to take compromise to get legislation passed.由民主党控制着参议院和总统,由共和党控制着众议院,你可以知道要想通过立法必须接受妥协。 /201301/218673Here VideoJug shows you how to network at parties. Our body language Judi James shows you some simple tricks to network successfully in any social situation.VideoJug这段短片教给你在派对上应该怎样与人交际。我们的身体语言教练Judi James向你展示一些社交场合简单的交际技巧。Step 1: Keep moving1.不断走动When walking into the room, scan the room and see who want to go up and talk to. Make sure you get moving straight away as the longer you stand still, the harder it is to get going.当走进房间的时候,扫视房间,看一下想要和谁谈话。一定要直接走过去,因为你停留的时间越久,行动起来越困难。Step 2: Active listening2.积极倾听To show the person who is speaking that you are listening, use eye contact and nod as they talk, pacing it in time with their speech. Don#39;t look away as this gives the impression that you are getting bored or distracted. Face them front on and make sure your gestures are in pace with theirs. Also, mirror their gestures and this will make you look like a good listener.向跟你谈话的人展示你在认真听他们说话,可以进行眼神交流,在他们说话的时候点点头,适时地作出回应。不要看向其他地方,这会给人造成你感到厌恶或精力不集中的印象。直面他们,确保你的姿势与他们协调。仿照他们的姿势,这会让你看上去是一个好的倾听者。Step 3: Breaking into a group3.加入某个群体Look for the biggest gap in the group, stand in this gap and look at the people either side of you. Then direct your active listening signals to the speaker. Don#39;t interrupt, but join in with the pace of the group, copying the rest of the group which will create bonding. Wait until the speaker has finished then talk about something they have just said, so you tag their conversation. Then you start speaking, but introduce yourself quickly to the other people first.寻找这个群体中最大的空隙,站在那里,看一下两边的人们。然后向说话者表明积极的倾听信号。不要打断,但是要跟上整个群体的节奏,仿照群体中其他人的做法会让你们建立联系。等到发表意见的人结束之后再加入他们的对话。你可以开始说话,但是首先要向其他人介绍你自己。Step 4: If it doesn#39;t work4.如果不奏效Don#39;t keep standing there. Wait a few seconds, and if they still don#39;t let you in, pretend to wave to someone across the room and make a quick exit from the group.不要继续站在那里。等一会儿,如果他们仍然不让你加入,假装向房间里某个人打招呼,迅速离开这个群体。Step 5: Smiling5.微笑Even though it#39;s the most primitive sign of introduction, it#39;s easy to forget to do it. A good, genuine looking smile will make you look more positive and approachable. Smile with your eyes as well as your mouth.尽管这是最古老的自我介绍的信号,也很容易被人们遗忘。一个优雅真诚的笑容会让你看上去更积极,更容易接近。让眼睛和嘴角一起微笑。Thanks for watching How Can I Network At Parties.感谢收看“在派对上怎样进行交际活动”视频节目。 Article/201212/215463Eric J. Kuhn (Intern) gives expert advice on: How should I prepare for an internship interview?Eric J. Kuhn就怎样为实习面试进行准备给出了建议。How should I prepare for an internship interview?怎样为实习面试做准备呢?It#39;s time to really start looking into this company, and not only the company, but the broader umbrella. What does this company do? What does it fall under? Be smart and know things about your industry. You#39;re not going to know everything, and they don#39;t expect you to know everything. If you want a job in politics, start going to political websites, start knowing who#39;s who. You don#39;t want to go in and work for Mitt Romney and when they ask you who Fred Thompson is you say “That Law and Order actor?” You want to know who he is. You want to know that he#39;s a Republican and not a Democrat, especially if you want to work for a Republican and not a Democrat. If you#39;re applying to be an intern for a Democrat, you#39;d better know what the democratic issues are. You#39;d better know that that thing with the rotunda and the woman on top is the Capital building because I swear to God, people don#39;t know that. Make flash cards for yourself. Be prepared to go into an interview knowing about the company, but also knowing about the field and the broader spectrum of what the company does. What I like to say is create tons of Google alerts, for the company, for maybe the person you want to work for, and for the industry. Every night you will have a Google alert waiting for you and you can just browse through it and absorb it. Osmosis. Get it into your system. Get the juices flowing, because you don#39;t want to sit in an interview and look like a moron and have nothing to talk about. The other thing you want to do is make sure that you have questions for them. There#39;s nothing worse than when they say, and they will say, “Do you have any questions for me?”首先要认真研究这家公司,而且不只是这家公司,还有更广阔的范围。这家公司是做什么的?被归入什么行列?还要了解整个行业。你不需要了解一切,他们也不想让你了解一切。如果你要从事政治方面的工作,开始登录政治网站,开始了解谁是谁。如果你不想为米特·罗姆尼工作,面试的时候如果他们问你弗雷德·汤普森是谁,你回答“是不是那个法律和秩序演员?”你要知道他是谁。你要知道他是共和党而非民主党,尤其是如果你想要为共和党而非民主党工作。如果你想去民主党那里实习,你最好了解民主党的一些事情。你要知道,顶端有一个女子的圆形建筑是国会大厦。因为我发誓,许多人不知道。为自己制作耀眼的名片。进入公司面试时做好充分的准备,不仅要了解这家公司,还要了解整个行业。我建议使用谷歌提醒功能,了解关于这个公司,关于你想要跟随的领导,关于整个行业的消息。每天晚上谷歌提醒都会发给你相关信息,你可以随意浏览,然后映入自己脑海中。因为面试的时候你不想傻傻地坐在那里无话可说。另一件事是确保你有问题问他们。如果他们问你:“你有什么问题问我们吗?”你却没有话说,这是最糟糕的了。Thanks for watching How To Prepare For An Internship Interview感谢收看“怎样为实习面试做准备”视频节目。 Article/201209/201232

In many ways, the Civil War was the first modern war because it was the first war that took place after the Industrial Revolution had begun to transform our country. 从多个角度看内战都是第一场现代战争,这是工业革命的影响深入到美国之后打响的第一场战争。It will take over 33 hours for a bullet in this box to travel the 800 plus miles to the battlefield y to find its target. 把这一箱子弹运送到前线去需耗时超过33小时800行程逾英里,然后就等目标出现。The new musket is much faster to reload than traditional weapons. 新式步比起传统武器来重新上膛的速度大大提升。Load the gun powder, ram down thebullet, and it#39;s y to fire. 装上火药,把子弹塞到底,然后就可以射击了。Imagine warfare where your ability to load a musket faster than the guy with the other musket would determine if you lived or die. 想象一下这样的战斗状态,你给步的上膛速度是否快过敌方,将直接决定你是生是死。Groove on the inside of the barrel,rifling, spin the ball towards its target. 管内壁的凹槽即装膛线,让子弹旋转着射向目标。The improved accuracy and range are a deadly combination. 准度和射程的双重改进使其更加致命。One second,everything#39;s great and the next second, your buddy#39;s head is gone or his arm is flying off. 前一秒一切太平,下一秒你的伙伴已经身首异处,或者他的一条胳膊飞了出去,You don#39;t want to know what a soft metal musket ball does when it enters the human body.On impact,the bullet flattens out.当一枚软金属步弹击中人体后的惨状你是不会想知道的,冲击过后子弹尖头变平,Bone shattered into splinters causing further damage to muscle and tissue. 骨头碎成尖片,对肌肉和组织造成更深的伤害。More often than not, the result of a direct hit is death.通常情况下被子弹直接击中只有死路一条。 /201210/205712

With the US adjusting to new railroad times,Sears turns entrepreneur, and buys a batch of pocket watches.趁着时下美国正在调整铁路时间,西尔斯决心开创一番事业他买进了一批怀表He offers them to other station agents,and waits.向其他车站管理员进行兜售然后静静等待Bingo.An order comes through.Followed by another, and then another.来了,一份订单传了过来,又有一份又一份Within six months, Sears sells all his watches,2500, earning 10 times his railroad salary.六个月不到 西尔斯售完了他进的所有怀表,收入2500元,十倍于他的铁路工资Realizing he can use the railroad for sales and distribution,Sears jumps on the opportunity with an idea that will transform the nation: the mail-order catalog.意识到他可以用铁路作为分销渠道后,西尔斯抓住机会想到了一个日后改变整个美国的点子,邮购目录I think Americans are naturally entrepreneurial.我觉得美国人天生就有股子创业精神If you worked hard and if you had good ideas and you were willing to make short term sacrifices, you could succeed in this country.如果你有好的点子加上勤奋工作,并且愿意牺牲眼前利益,你就能在这个国家获得成功10 Years after selling his first watch,Sears publishes a 700 page catalog.自卖出第一批怀表已经过了10年,西尔斯印制的目录已经达到700页Now based in Chicago, he processes over 35,000 orders a day, delivering refrigerators, pianos, one year, over 100,000 sewing machines.现在他已将公司总部搬到芝加哥,那里每天处理的订单超过35,000份,发货的商品既有冰箱也有钢琴,每年售出的缝纫机超过10万台Using the railroad,Sears can sell virtually anything, anywhere in the country.借助铁路,西尔斯几乎可向全国任何角落售出任何商品What really transformed this country wasn#39;t just the westward migration but the ability to move products across great distances.真正改变这个国家的不只是那些西进的移民或者是东部城市的发展,而是商品长途运输的能力Linking together what it had previously been very disparate little settlement that had to be largely self-sufficient.以往分散的小定居点,现在连成了一片不再像以前那样主要依靠自给自足By the end of the 19th Century,America has 200,000 miles of railroad track, linking the local markets and creating a national economy.到19世纪末,美国铁路总长达到20万英里将区域市场连接整合成了全国性的大市场Over the next 40 years,the amount of freight carried by rail shoots from 55 to nearly 700 million tons.接下来的40年里,铁路货运总量由5500万吨激增至7亿吨Resources from the Midwest feed the country#39;s growing industries in the East.中西部的资源源源不断地流向东部迅速增长的工业The ed States overtakes Britain as the largest manufacturer on earth, soon producing 30% of the world#39;s goods.美国超过了英国成为世界头号制造强国,产量很快占到了世界总量的30%The railroads laid the basis for the creation of the single largest market in world economy.铁路为世界最大经济体的形成奠定了基础And this made it possible for the ed States to become the global economic power that it did by the end of the 19th century.同时铁路也是美国在19世纪末成为一个全球经济强国的主要原因In 20 years, the U.S. population doubles to 80 million.美国人口在20年间翻了一番,达到8000万The number of cities triples.城市数量则增至此前的三倍7 million Americans leave the country for the nation#39;s booming urban centers.700万美国人离开乡村来到这个国家繁荣的中心城市Where buffalo once roamed, now rises the modern world.曾经是野牛狂奔的土地已经呈现出一片现代文明的图景 /201212/211708

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