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上饶哪家祛疤上饶德兴市驼峰鼻矫正多少钱Spring cleaning does not need to be a noxious-chemical-filled affair. Here are some ideas to keep your household chores nontoxic.春季大扫除不需要使用大量有毒化学清洁剂。以下是使用无毒天然成份清洁房间的一些方法。You Will Need你需要Lemon juice柠檬汁White vinegar白醋Liquid soap液体肥皂Tea tree oil茶树油Club soda苏打水Baking soda小苏打Hydrogen peroxide双氧水Kosher salt粗盐Dishwasher detergent洗碟机用洗涤剂Borax硼砂Steps步骤Step 1 Use lemon juice or vinegar1.使用柠檬汁或醋Use lemon juice or white vinegar to remove stains, mildew, and grease streaks. Spray the liquid on a surface, and scrub it with a stiff brush or textured sponge.使用柠檬汁或白醋来清除污渍,霉菌和油脂。将液体喷洒在需要清洁的表面上,用硬刷子或有织纹的海绵擦拭。Step 2 Make a disinfectant2.制作消毒剂Make a disinfectant by mixing 2 cups water, 3 tablespoons liquid soap, and two dozen drops of tea tree oil.将2杯水,3汤匙液体肥皂和20多滴茶树油混合,制作消毒剂。Step 3 Clean windows3.清洁窗户Clean windows with a solution made by mixing 2 tablespoons of white vinegar with a gallon of water. Spray the solution on glass, and wipe it off with sheets of newspaper.将2汤匙白醋和1加仑水混合制成溶液,用来清洁窗户。将溶液喷洒在玻璃上,用报纸擦拭。Step 4 Remove stains from carpets4.清除地毯上的污渍Remove stains from carpets using club soda. Pour it on the carpet, and blot the carpet with a towel.使用苏打水来清除地毯上的污渍。倒在地毯上,用毛巾吸干。Step 5 Make a bathroom cleanser5.制作浴室清洁剂Use baking soda as a bathroom cleanser. Dust the surface to be cleaned with baking soda, and scrub it with a damp cloth or sponge. To get rid of tougher grime, apply some kosher salt and scrub.将小苏打用作浴室清洁剂。用小苏打清洁表面,然后用湿布或海绵擦拭。要对付更顽固的污垢,撒一些粗盐再擦拭。Kosher salt has a larger grain than ordinary table salt.粗盐颗粒比普通食用盐更大。Step 6 Remove mold in bathroom tile grout6.清除瓷砖霉菌Remove mold from bathroom tile grout using a solution made with one part three-percent hydrogen peroxide and two parts water.Spray the solution on the mold, wait an hour, and rinse.将1份3%的双氧水和2份水混合制成溶液,用来清除浴室瓷砖上的霉菌。将溶液喷洒在霉菌部位,等一个小时后清洗。Step 7 Clean soiled linens7.清洁被弄脏的亚麻布Clean soiled linens with a thick paste made with dishwasher detergent and borax. Rub the paste in, and rinse the fabric clean. Enjoy cleaning without worrying about toxic chemicals.将洗碟机用洗涤剂和硼砂混合成膏体,用来清洁被弄脏的亚麻布。涂抹膏体,然后清洗。不需担心有毒化学物质,尽情享受清洁的乐趣。注:视频暂缺视频听力栏目译文属。201303/229653上饶市第二人民医院做双眼皮开眼角手术多少钱 Today in History: Monday, May 6, 2013历史上的今天:2013年5月6日,星期一May 6th, 1937 In Lakehurst, New Jersey, the German dirigible Hindenberg burns into flames and crashes upon arriving for landing. Reporter Herbert Morrison is there. “It’s a terrific day, ladies and gentlemen. The smoke and the flame now, and the flame is crashing to the ground, not quite to the mooring mass. Oh, the humanity and all the passengers...” The disaster kills 35 people aboard the hydrogen-fueled airship and a navy crewman on the ground.1856. Psychologist Sigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalysis is born in what’s now the Czech Republic.1915. “Ladies and gentlemen, I don’t know what you’ll think about Mr. Kane, I can’t imagine. You see, I play the part myself.”Actor and director Orson Welles, whose pioneering films include Citizen Kane and Touch of Evil, is born in Kenosha, Wisconsin.1942. During World War II, Americans and Filipino surrender to Japanese forces on the Philippine island of Corregidor in the Pacific.And 1954. In Britain, Roger Bannister becomes the first athlete to run a mile in fewer than 4 minutes. Bannister finishes the mile in 3’59.4’’ at a track meet at Oxford.Today in History, May 6th. Sandy Kozel, the Associated Press. /201305/238337上饶隆鼻哪家医院好

上饶鄱阳县永久性脱毛多少钱How To Make Yourself Irresistible To Girls on HowcastStep 1: Get yourself some wing-womenGet yourself some wing-women. Men who are surrounded by attentive ladies instantly become more attractive to other women.第一步:多和有魅力的女士接触多和有魅力的女士接触。一个男人如果身边有很多有魅力的女士,其他的女士也会被你所吸引。Tip:Be macho if you want to play the field, but find your sensitive side if you’re looking for true love.小贴士:如果你不专一,就要有男人汉气概;如果你想寻找真爱就会发现自己敏感的一面。Step 2: Pay her lots of complimentsPay your lady lots of compliments – flattery will get you everywhere.第二步:多称赞你喜欢的女孩多称赞你喜欢的女孩——处处都要“巴结”。Step 3: Learn to tell a jokeLearn to tell a joke. A whopping 93% of women are looking for a guy who can make them laugh.第三步:学会讲笑话学会讲笑话。93% 的女孩都在寻找一个能使她们发笑的男孩。Step 4: Give her your undivided attentionWhenever you’re together, give her your undivided attention. Who doesn’t love to be the center of attention?第四步:要不分神地关注她一旦你们在一起了,就要不分神地关注他。谁不喜欢成为注意的焦点呢?Step 5: Always pick up the checkAlways pick up the check—and for goodness’ sake don’t dither about it. Women love a guy who “automatically” pays for dinner.第五步:要经常买单要经常买单——看在上帝的份上,不要惊慌。女孩喜欢能主动买单的男孩。Step 6: Work toward owning a homeIf you’re not yet a homeowner, work toward that goal. Research shows that a man who owns a home is five times more attractive than one who doesn’t.第六步:要努力工作争取买房子。如果你还没有房子,要向有房子的目标前进。调查显示一个有房子的男人比没有房子的男人要有5倍的吸引力。Step 7: Show your fondness for childrenShow your fondness for children. Research shows that—not surprisingly—women are drawn to men who seem like they’d be good dads.第七步:显示你对孩子的喜爱显示你对孩子的喜爱。研究显示——不要惊讶——女人更容易被那些看似好爸爸的男人吸引。Step 8: Tone your bodyWork out just enough to be in slightly better shape than the average Joe. Most women prefer “toned” guys over muscle-bound hulks.第八步:强壮身体锻炼的量要能使你保持比一般人好的体形。大多数女士喜欢强壮的男人而不是肌肉僵硬的男士。Step 9: Be faithfulBe faithful. For most women, fidelity trumps attractiveness, health, wealth, and social status – every time.第九步:要忠诚要忠诚。对大多数女人来说,忠诚胜过吸引力,健康,财富和社会地位——什么时候都是。201011/117705上饶哪里隆胸比较好 The generation that is fighting the Vietnam war are the baby boomers.参加越战的这代人正是婴儿潮一代The biggest ever American generation.也是数量最为庞大的一代Over 50 million new Americans born in 15 postwar years.逾五千万美国新生儿在战后15年间诞生This huge generation are unlike any Americans who have come before,这数量庞大的一代人不同于以往的任何一代and their influence and attitude toward society他们对于社会的态度和影响are destined to change the face of America.注定将改变整个美国的面貌The 1960s were inevitable.60年代这代人的改变是必然的The greatest generation came home with fixed idea of what life should be about,最伟大的一代[二战中的一代] 固守着人生价值的信念凯旋And they were so busy putting their own lives back together again in a traditional fashion他们忙着从战争的阴霾中走出 回归原来的生活that they werent paying attention to the changing sensibilities of their children.根本无暇顾及下一代细微而敏感的心理变化America in a way reinvents itself every 10 or 15 years.美国每10到15年就会发生一次蜕变And that reinvention is always feared by the generation that came before.而这种蜕变往往是被上一代人所恐惧与排斥的June 1969,upstate New York.Woodstock.1969年6月 纽约州北部 伍德斯托克音乐节A weekend concert for over 100,000 ticket-hoders,这原本是一场容纳10万人的周末音乐会was over run by nearly half million baby boomers.却挤满了近50万婴儿潮一代的乐迷Over a million more tried to get in.还有100万在四周守候It is the worlds biggest ever music festival这是世界范围内空前盛大的音乐节and become the boomers coming out party,并成为了婴儿潮一代年轻人的交际盛会a signal to America of the generational change taking place.标志着美国新一代成为了社会的主流Coming from the society culture that was fairly buttoned up and prim and proper to one that suddenly was what we had Woodstock.我们原本刻板拘泥一本正经的社会文化 突然间闯入了伍德斯托克音乐节We had hippiedom.闯入了嬉皮士We had free love.闯入了自由性爱Baby bombers had a huge tremendous impact婴儿潮这代人深深地影响了on how we view the world and how we view society.我们对世界的看法 对社会的看法But the baby boomers arent just rebeling against their parents values.然而他们反抗的并不仅仅是其父辈的价值观People begin to attempt to affect from the streets the highest levels of foreign policy.他们开始试图用街头游行的方式向对外政策的最高制定者们施压The baby boomers want an end to the Vietnam war,婴儿潮的一代人想要越战结束and they take their protest to the street.并在街上游行抗议示威The willingness to stand up for what you believe in,为自己的信仰挺身而出in mass demonstrations of revolt,进行大规模的示威游行thats very American.这才是真正的美国精神In the Vietnam war, people were unwilling to die,在越战中 人们不愿违背自己的意愿for something they didnt believe in.为他们并不持的战争卖命 /201304/234266江西上饶市点痣多少钱

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