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襄阳宜城市人民医院可以治疗漏尿症吗湖北医药学院附属襄阳医院好嘛America does not simply stand for stability or the absence of conflict no matter what the cost美国并非希望不择手段 追求稳定与和平We stand for the more lasting peace that can only come through opportunity and freedom for people everywhere我们坚信持久的和平 只能通过各地人民享有同等的机会和自由来实现Which brings me to the fourth and final element of American leadership:这就过渡到了美国领导的第四点 也是最后一点Our willingness to act on behalf of human dignity我们愿意代表人类尊严采取行动Americas support for democracy and human rights goes beyond idealism it is a matter of national security美国对民主和人权的倡导并不只是理想主义 这还关乎实际的国际安全Democracies are our closest friends and are far less likely to go to war民主是我们最亲密的朋友 它让我们能够尽可能地远离战争Economies based on free and open markets perform better and become markets for our goods基于自由和开放市场的经济体能够更好地运作 而且能够成为我们商品的市场Respect for human rights is an antidote to instability and the grievances that fuel violence and terror对人权的尊重是社会动荡的解毒剂 能够降低滋生暴力和恐怖的不满情绪A new century has brought no end to tyranny暴政并没有随新世纪的到来而消失In capitals around the globe including, unfortunately, some of Americas partners there has been a crackdown on civil society在世界很多国家 甚至包括美国的一些盟国 公民社会都遭到了压制The cancer of corruption has enriched too many governments and their cronies and enraged citizens from remote villages to iconic squares腐败的毒瘤让太多政府和关系者中饱私囊 让举国上下的公民无不为之愤怒And watching these trends, or the violent upheavals in parts of the Arab Worldits easy to be cynical看到这种趋势 看到阿拉伯世界部分地区的暴力动荡 人们很容易心寒But remember that because of Americas efforts because of American diplomacy and foreign assistance as well as the sacrifices of our military不过记住 美国还在努力 由于美国的外交和对外援助 以及美国军队的牺牲和付出more people live under elected governments today than at any time in human history越来越多的人生活在民选政府下 这是历史上前所未有过的201506/380769湖北省襄阳市第一人民医院哪个医生好 Similarly, despite frequent warnings from the ed States and Israel and others the Iranian nuclear program steadily advanced for years类似地 不顾美国 以色列等国家的频繁警告伊朗一意孤行 多年来一直推进着核计划But at the beginning of my presidency we built a coalition that imposed sanctions on the Iranian economy while extending the hand of diplomacy to the Iranian government但自我担任总统以来在联合各国对伊朗实施经济制裁的同时我们又向伊朗政府伸出了外交之手And now we have an opportunity to resolve our differences peacefully现在 我们将有机会和平解决彼此的争端The odds of success are still long and we reserve all options to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon我们距离成功还有很长的路要走我们也保留避免伊朗拥有核武的一切手段But for the first time in a decade we have a very real chance of achieving a breakthrough agreement但这十年来我们将首次有机会达成一个突破性的协议one that is more effective and durable than what we could have achieved through the use of force这要比通过武力手段更加有效更加持久And throughout these negotiations it has been our willingness to work through multilateral channels that kept the world on our side通过这些磋商我们愿意通过多方渠道让世界站在我们这一边The point is this is American leadership这就是美国领导This is American strength这就是美国的力量In each case, we built coalitions to respond to a specific challenge这些例子中 我们都建立起联盟来应对挑战Now we need to do more to strengthen the institutions that can anticipate and prevent problems from sping现在 我们需要做更多来加强这些国际机构让其能够更好地预防和避免类似问题的蔓延For example, NATO is the strongest alliance the world has ever known例如北约 众所周知 它是全世界最有力的联盟But were now working with NATO allies to meet new missions both within Europe where our Eastern allies must be reassured我们正同北约盟国一起完成新的使命包括在欧洲内部替东欧盟友出头but also beyond Europes borders where our NATO allies must pull their weight to counterterrorism and respond to failed states and train a network of partners也包括在欧洲之外北约盟国必须在反恐上出一份力量对某些国家的政府失败作出反应 并帮助训练合作者201506/379711Im going to go off script and make Chris quite nervous here我打算不按预定的来,这让克里斯很紧张by making this audience participation.我打算让观众参与互动All right. Are you with me? Yeah. Yeah. All right.懂我的意思吧,懂。很好So what Id like to do is have you raise your hand我要你举手if youve ever heard a heterosexual couple having sex.如果你听到过异性恋夫妇做爱发出的声音Could be the neighbors, hotel room, your parents. Sorry.可以是邻居,酒店客房,或是父母,抱歉Okay. Pretty much everybody.几乎所有人都听过Now raise your hand if the man was making more noise than the woman.如果你听到男的制造出的声音比女的大,请举手I see one guy there.我好像只看到一个人举手It doesnt count if it was you, sir.如果是你的话,那就不算,先生So his hands down. And one woman. Okay.他把手放了下来,还有一位女士,好Sitting next to a loud guy.坐在一个很吵的人旁边Now what does this tell us?这告诉我们什么It tells us that human beings make noise when they have sex,这告诉我们,人类在做爱时会发出声响and its generally the woman who makes more noise.而且一般都是女性的声音大This is known as female copulatory vocalization to the clipboard crowd.顺便给大家讲下,这被称作女性交配发声I wasnt even going to mention this,我本不打算讲这个but somebody told me that Meg Ryan might be here,不过有人告诉我梅格·瑞安在这里and she is the worlds most famous female copulatory vocalizer.而她是世界上最著名的女性交配发声者So I thought, got to talk about that.因此我想,我必须讲讲这个Well get back to that a little bit later.后面我们还会回头讲一下这个Let me start by saying human beings are not descended from apes,首先我要讲的是,人类并不是猿的后裔despite what you may have heard. We are apes.虽然你们可能听说过,我们是猿We are more closely related to the chimp and the bonobo和人关系更近的其实是黑猩猩和倭猩猩than the African elephant is to the Indian elephant,这种亲缘关系比非洲象和印度象还近as Jared Diamond pointed out in one of his early books.这是贾雷德·戴蒙德在他早期著作中指出的Were more closely related to chimps and bonobos than我们同黑猩猩和倭猩猩的关系要近过chimps and bonobos are related to any other primate 黑猩猩和倭猩猩同其它任何灵长类的关系gorillas, orangutans, what have you.无论是同大猩猩,红猩猩还是别的什么So were extremely closely related to them,我们同它们的关系非常近and as youll see in terms of our behavior, weve got some relationship as well.其实在行为上,我们也和它们非常类似So what Im asking today, the question I want to explore with you today is,今天我要同你们一同探索的问题是what kind of ape are we in terms of our sexuality?就性而言,我们是怎样的猿Now, since Darwins day theres been what Cacilda and I have called追寻达尔文的足迹,我和卡希尔达the standard narrative of human sexual evolution, and youre all familiar with it,提出了人类性进化的标准描述,你们应该很熟悉even if you havent this stuff.哪怕你们没有读过这些东西The idea is that, as part of human nature,其思想是,作为人类天性的一部分from the beginning of our species time,从人类初始开始men have sort of leased womens reproductive potential通过将特定产品和务提供给女性by providing them with certain goods and services.男性租用了女性的生殖潜能Generally were talking about meat, shelter, status, protection, things like that.一般而言,我们讨论的是肉,住所,地位,保护这些And in exchange, women have offered fidelity, or at least a promise of fidelity.作为交换,女性则提供忠诚,或者至少是对忠诚的保Now this sets men and women up in an oppositional relationship.这让男性和女性处在了对立的关系上The war between the sexes is built right into our DNA, according to this vision. Right?根据这种观点,两性之间的战争实际上是根植于DNA中的What Cacilda and I have argued is that我和卡希尔达认为no, this economic relationship,不,这个经济关系this oppositional relationship,这个对立关系is actually an artifact of agriculture,实际上是农业造成的which only arose about 10,000 years ago at the earliest.最早只出现在大约一万年前Anatomically modern human beings解剖学意义上的现代人类have been around for about 200,000 years,已经存在了大约二十万年so were talking about five percent, at most,因此,这里顶多只是5%的of our time as a modern, distinct species.我们作为现代人类这一区别性物种的时间So before agriculture, before the agricultural revolution,在农业出现之前,在农业革命之前its important to understand that human beings lived in huntergatherer groups我们需要理解,人类生活在狩猎采集的环境下that are characterized wherever theyre found in the world无论处在世界上的什么地方by what anthropologists called fierce egalitarianism.这都被人类学家称作;残酷的平等主义;They not only share things, they demand that things be shared:他们不仅分享东西,还要求东西被分享meat, shelter, protection, all these things肉,住所,保护这些that were supposedly being traded to women for their sexual fidelity,原本被认为是女性用性忠诚来换取的东西it turns out, are shared widely among these societies.实际上是在社会范围内广泛共享的Now Im not saying that our ancestors were noble savages, and Im not saying我倒不是说,我们的祖先是高贵的野蛮人,或是modern day huntergatherers are noble savages either.现代狩猎采集者是高贵的野蛮人What Im saying is that我只是说this is simply the best way to mitigate risk in a foraging context.这不过是觅食环境中减少风险的最佳方式And theres really no argument about this among anthropologists.这在人类学界并没有太多争议201506/378765襄阳包茎手术费用多少

襄城区妇幼保健中医院怎么样THE PRESIDENT: Hello, everybody! Hello, Indiana! It’s good to be back close to home. Everybody have a seat, have a seat.Well, first of all, let me thank Henry and everybody for extending such a warm welcome. It’s good to be back in Indiana. A couple people I just want to acknowledge very quickly: Your Mayor, Bob Hurst. Where did Mayor Hurst go? (Applause.) He was here just a second -- there he is right there. Give him a big round of applause. (Applause.) We’ve got your former Congressman, Brad Ellsworth, in the house. Say hi to Brad. (Applause.)It is great to be back in Indiana. It’s great to be in Princeton. And I want to thank Millennium Steel for hosting us here today. I’m here because you might have heard that today is National Manufacturing Day. You don’t get the day off on National Manufacturing Day. (Laughter.) But factories like this one, all over the country, are opening their doors to give young people a chance to understand what opportunities exist in manufacturing in 21st century in the ed States of America. So I figured, what better place to celebrate Manufacturing Day than with a manufacturer?And instead of giving a long speech, what I want to do today is just have a conversation with folks about what’s happening in the American economy, what’s happening in your lives, what’s happening in manufacturing, and to talk a little bit about how we can continue to build an economy that works for everybody, that gives everybody who’s willing to work hard a chance.And I wanted to do that here because, in some ways, American manufacturing is powering the American recovery. This morning, we learned that last month, our businesses added more than 236,000 jobs. (Applause.) The unemployment rate fell from 6.1 percent to 5.9 percent. (Applause.) What that means is that the unemployment rate is below 6 percent for the first time in six years. (Applause.) And we’re on pace for the strongest job growth since the 1990s -- strongest job growth since the 1990s. Over the past 55 months, our businesses have now created 10.3 million new jobs. (Applause.)Now, that happens to be the longest uninterrupted stretch of job growth in the private sector in American history. And all told, the ed States has put more folks back to work than Europe, Japan, and all other advanced economies combined. All combined, we put more folks back to work right here in the ed States of America. (Applause.)So this progress that we’ve been making, it’s been hard, it goes in fits and starts, it’s not always been perfectly smooth or as fast as we want, but it is real and it is steady and it is happening. And it’s making a difference in economies all across the country. And it’s the direct result of the best workers in the world, the drive and determination of the American people, the resilience of the American people bouncing back from what was the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression -- and it’s also got a little bit to do with some decisions we made pretty early on in my administration.So, just to take an example, many of you know that the auto industry was really in a bad spot when I came into office. And we decided to help our automakers to rebuild, to retool, and they’re now selling new cars at the fastest rate in about eight years. And they’re great cars, too. (Applause.) And that’s helped a lot of communities all across the Midwest. And that’s just one example of what’s been happening to American manufacturing generally.About 10, 15 years ago, everybody said American manufacturing is going downhill, everything is moving to China or other countries. And the Midwest got hit a lot harder than a lot of places because we were the backbone of American manufacturing. But because folks invested in new plants and new technologies, and there were hubs that were created between businesses and universities and community colleges so that workers could master and get trained in some of these new technologies, what we’ve now seen is manufacturing driving economic growth in a way we haven’t seen in about 20-25 years.Because of the efforts that we’ve made, manufacturing as a whole has added about 700,000 new jobs. It’s growing twice as fast as the rest of the economy. New factories are opening their doors. More than half of manufacturing executives have said they’re actively looking to bring jobs back from China. Our businesses are selling more goods overseas than any time in our history. And the reason this is important is not just because of some abstract statistic. Manufacturing jobs have good pay and good benefits.And they create a ripple effect to the whole economy because everybody who’s working here at Millennium Steel, because you’re getting paid well, because you’ve got decent benefits, that means that the restaurants in the neighborhood are doing better. It means you can afford to make your mortgage payments and buy a new car yourself, and buy some new appliances. And you get a virtuous cycle in which all businesses are doing better.To most middle-class folks, the last decade was defined by those jobs going overseas. But if we keep up these investments, then we can define this decade as a period, instead of outsourcing, insourcing -- bringing jobs back to America. And when you ask business executives around the world, what’s the number-one place to invest their money right now, for a long time it was China. Today they say, the best place to invest money is here in the ed States of America. Here in the ed States of America. (Applause.)So there is a lot of good stuff happening in the economy right now. But what we all know is, is that there’s still some challenges -- there’s still some challenges -- because there are still a lot of families where somebody in the family is out of work, or isn’t getting as many hours as they want. There are still a lot of folks who, at the end of the month, are having trouble paying the bills. And wages and incomes have not moved up as fast as all the gains we’re making in jobs and productivity. Too much of the growth in income and wealth is going to the very top; not enough of it is being sp to the ordinary worker.And that means that we’ve still got some more work to do to put in place policies that make sure that the economy works not just for the few, but it works for everybody; and that if you work hard you’re going to be able to pay the bills, you’re going to be able to retire with some dignity and some respect, you can send your kids to school without having to worry about it. That’s what we’ve got to be working on -- making sure that no matter who you are, where you started, you can make it here in America. That’s what the American Dream is all about. (Applause.)201505/376619襄阳四院妇科医院做体检多少钱 If somebody from 1973 looked at what was on a dormitory message board in 1993,如果一个1973年的人看着1993年一个学生宿舍信息栏,the slang would have changed a little bit since the era of Love Story,俚语等习惯用语会跟爱情故事时代有些不同,but they would understand what was on that message board.但是他们会看明白那个信息栏上的内容。Take that person from 1993-not that long ago,我们让1993年的那个人-这可不算太久远,this is Bill and Teds Excellent Adventure-those people.那还是比尔和泰德历险记时代,Take those people and they a very typical text written by a 20-year-old today.我们让这些人读现在20岁年轻人写的一段短信。Often they would have no idea what half of it meant because a whole new language has developed among our young people doing something as mundane as what it looks like to us when theyre batting around on their little devices.他们应该通常连一半的内容都猜不出来,因为我们的年轻人已经发展出了一种新的语言,它是通过在孩子们的小设备上的看似平常的敲敲打打中演变出来的。So in closing, if I could go into the future,总结一下,如果我可以穿越到未来,if I could go into 2033,如果我去到2033年,the first thing I would ask is whether David Simon had done a sequel to The Wire. I would want to know.我会问的第一个问题就是大卫?西蒙拍没拍火线的续集。And I really would ask that and then Id want to know actually what was going on on Downton Abbey.我真的会问这个的,我还会想知道唐顿庄园到底发生了什么。Thatd be the second thing.这是第二个问题。And then the third thing would be,第三个问题就是,please show me a sheaf of texts written by 16-year-old girls,请给我一叠16岁姑娘们写的短信,because I would want to know where this language had developed since our times,因为我想知道这个语言已经发展成什么样子了,and ideally I would then send them back to you and me now so we could examine this linguistic miracle happening right under our noses.更好的就是我可以把这些短信发给现在的大家和我,我们就可以研究研究这个当下正在发生着的语言奇迹。Thank you very much.非常感谢。Thank you.谢谢大家。 201511/412544老河口市妇幼保健中医院是公立医院吗

湖北襄阳妇幼保健院中医院妇产科怎样Now one of things that I believe is that change not only requires an understanding of human nature, change also requires clear-eyed realism, change requires a deep understanding of what is wrong, so that means, for example, understanding all of issues and articulating them to people. When I came to Hewlett Packard in 1999, this was a company as I mentioned, lagging further and further behind, as measured in innovation, as measured in financial performance, as measured in competitive position, by every measure, HP was falling further and further behind, and it was also a company dissolved into what I called 1000 trifles at 87 different business units, they all did their own thing, they all had their own brands in the market, 150 of them, believe it or not, when I asked them how many employees we had, no one could answer the question, because they were 87 different IT systems, and 87 different HR departments, not very effective. But people were so possessive of their resources and their power. When you come into transform a company, it is a leaders job to see things that others dont that is a leaders fundamental responsibility to see things before others see them. The leaders most fundamental job is to sense danger and opportunity ahead of others and to act on it.我相信要改变的话,除了明白人的本性,还需要头脑清晰的现实主义,改变需要深入了解哪里出错。这就意味着,要了解全部情况并明明白白告知他人。1999年,我到了惠普,如我之前提及的,当时企业已越来越落后,无论从创新、财政业绩、竞争优势等多方面来衡量,惠普都是愈加落后,我称之为四分五裂的企业。那时有87个各自为营的商业部门,市场上有150个品牌。信不信由你,没人能回答我有多少员工。因为有87个不同的信息技术系统,87个人事部门,非常没有效率。但人们牢牢抓住资源和权力不放。企业领导人要改造企业,就要看到人们看不见的事物,其基本责任是遇见事物。领导人最基本的工作是早于他人感觉到危险和机会,并采取行动。201408/319259 襄阳老河口人民医院咨询电话东风襄樊医院价位表



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