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特别声明该文章中的迷你对话选自口语书籍,对话精讲为可可编辑编写。迷你对话A: Smith is always careless, it is his Achilles’s heel.史密斯总是太粗心了,这是他性格上致命的弱点。B: He would get very angry if anyone criticized him.如果你批评他这点,他就会生气。A: He will burn his fingers.他会吃苦头的。B: If only he knew it.要是他知道她这点就好了。对话精讲第一、地道表达【核心短语】Achille’s heel:唯一致命的要点He would be an excellent candidate for the position. He has energy and knowledge. But he has got an Achilles heel——his Bad temper.他本来可以成为这个职位的理想人选,他精力充沛,知识丰富。但他有一个致命的弱点——脾气很坏。Milutinovic did not take long to identify his teams Achilles heel. 米卢蒂诺维奇没花多长时问就诊断出了中国队的致命弱点。第二、词海拾贝burn one’s fingers:碰钉子 ; 吃亏上当 ; 因管闲事而吃苦头Gain got by a lie will burn his fingers.靠欺骗得来的利益会使我自己受害。He burnt his fingers, dabbling in the stock-market. 他在券市场胡乱买卖而大吃苦头。Mind your own business, or youll burn your fingers. 少管闲事,要不你会吃苦头的。If you invest in that company, youll burn your fingers. 如果你投资给那家公司,无异是自寻烦恼。 /201308/250845网罗天下新鲜、好玩、有趣、时尚的英语表达,尽在独家专栏节目;E聊吧;。本期节目的topic:相信我的话,准没错Take my word for it. 相信我的话,准没错。对你所说的话表示十足的信心和有把握,就用这句话。【范例一】Dont ask me how I know it. Just take my word for it.别问我怎么知道的,相信我的话,准没错。【范例二】Hell come. Dont worry--take my word for it.他会来的,别担心--相信我的话,准没错。【范例三】Take my word that she is innocent.她是清白的,相信我的话,准没错。A: Are you sure you heard right?你确定你听见的是正确的吗?B: Yes, he is running for class president.是的,他要竞选班长。A: I dont believe you.我才不相信你的话。B: Take my word for it.相信我的话,准没错。 /201205/183093

听力参考文本(文本与音频不全一致,敬请谅解):Bald eagles came off the endangered species list in 2007 because they were doing so well. These days you can see more bald eagles than in any time in the past 50 years, according to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.The agency has just finalized a new rule about bald and golden eagles, which revises the permitting system for unintentional impacts on eagles.Brian Millsap is the National Raptor Coordinator with the Fish and Wildlife Service. He says ;unintentional impacts; are human actions that cause injury or disturbance to eagles, or accidental death.;For example, power lines which bring us power to our houses also can electrocute eagles. Thats unintentional. The electric companies dont intend for that to happen, but it happens,; he says.He says the Eagle Act prohibits even unintentional harm to eagles. So, for example, without these rules, any company whose power line or wind turbine accidentally harmed an eagle was technically breaking the law.;These regulations allow those companies to obtain a permit and operate legally, even though they might take an eagle. The conditions under which they can get those permits are that they have to implement all practical avoidance and minimization measures,; he says.Millsap says the agency has been doing research to make sure that these new permits dont add any stress to existing eagle populations.;Weve used that in state-of-the-art models that allow us to estimate what proportion of additional mortalities each species might be able to sustain and still meet our objective, which is that the populations minimally, are stable, and ideally, are able to grow,; he says.He says the agency also has legal avenues for anyone who ignores the law.;Our office of law enforcement has made enforcement of illegal eagle take a high priority,; he says. ;Weve made a number of cases over the last couple of years, with wind companies and with utility companies that have steadfastly refused to pay attention to the Eagle Act requirements.;201612/484724

Subject:We have to jump at the chance. 迷你对话A: How is your project going?我们的新项目进展如何?B: We plan to promote our products while Christmas is around the corner.圣诞节即将来临,我们计划利用这个机会来促销产品。A: That is great! We have to jump at the chance.好极了!我们必须把握住机会。 地道表达 jump at the chance 1. 地道表达Jump at the chance的意思是“紧紧抓住机会,(迅速)把握住机会”。 2. 拓展例句e.g. It would seem to me that you would jump at the chance for such a marriage.照我看这门亲事对你应该是求之不得。e.g. If they offered me a job in USA, Id jump at the chance.假若他们给我一个职位在美国工作, 我一定赶紧抓住机会不放。e.g. If he offered me a job sweeping out the theatre Id jump at the chance.如果他让我做打扫剧场外面的工作,我会欣然应承的。e.g. Why, lots of rich men would jump at the chance to have a name like that.哎呀,许许多多阔老都会抓住这种机会,来获得这么个姓氏。 Ps 1:promote products:促销产品 have to:不得不,必须 How is something going?某事进展如何? Ps 2:around the corner的意思是“即将来临,就要到来”。例如: This outcome was still just around the corner.这一结局在当时还是即将来到的事。When anything goes this well, a major setback can be just around the corner.一件事过于顺利的时候,很可能不久就会有大挫折。 /201408/317413网罗天下新鲜、好玩、有趣、时尚的英语表达,尽在独家专栏节目;E聊吧;。本期节目的topic:做某件事的好处(坏处)是什么Whats good about making such a plan?制定这样一个计划有什么好处?讲解:whats good(bad) about sth.,做某件事的好处(坏处)是什么。【范例一】Whats bad about smoking in public? 在公共场所吸烟有什么害处?【范例二】Whats good about that?那有什么好的?【范例三】Congratulations, son. Whats bad about it? Isnt it that you always want to do?恭喜你,儿子。有什么问题吗?这不是你一直想做的事情吗? /201206/187039

You dont need magic to disappear, all you need is a destination.我们不需要魔法来隐身消失,我们需要的仅仅是一个目的地!单词记忆:magic n. 魔法;巫术;戏法;不可思议的魔力 adj. 魔术的;幻术的;不可思议的;有奇异魔力的 v. 用魔法变出;用魔法摆脱;用魔法得到;使中邪第三人称单数: magics 过去分词: magicked 现在分词: magicking 过去式: magicked形近词: Magic MIC disappear vi. 不见,消失;不复存在,灭绝第三人称单数: disappears 过去分词: disappeared 现在分词: disappearing 过去式: disappeared 形近词: Disappear reappeardestination n. 目的,目标;目的地,终点; 预定,指定复数: destinations 形近词: pectination festination festinating multination destinative /201606/447446

生活是美好的,心情是快乐的。大家好,欢迎《Faith口语课堂-天天学》的新老朋友们,我是Faith老师。这是一个快乐的英语大家庭,每天我们聚在这里,共同学习英语,分享学习成果,不也是件很有意义的事吗?Scarlet同学说,她最近搬了新居,想买一些艺术来搭配家具,怎么用英语表达;搭配;呢,用这个词:match vt. amp; vi.(使)相配;(使)相称Are you shopping for some art to match your furniture? 来买搭配家具的艺术品吗?These two shoes dont match. 那两只鞋不是一双。The colors match well. 颜色很协调。The tie matches your suit. 那条领带跟你的西装很相配。Match: n. 相似之物,相配之物The chairs and the desk are a good match. 这些椅子和这种书桌很相配。The hat is a match for the coat. 这帽子与外衣很相配。我的一位男同事最近春风得意,因为他找到了一位漂亮的女友,可是其它同事却觉得他那女友也没那么漂亮,可能是吃不到葡萄说葡萄酸吧,这句子话在我们办公室很流传:Shes not that beautiful! 她也没那么漂亮!That: adv. 非常,那么地,多用在口语中:He sounds wealthy, but in fact hes not that rich. 他听上去好像很有钱,实际上他也没那么富有。The task is not that difficult, youll see if you try it. 那项任务也没那么难,试试你就知道了。Im not that unreasonable, its just I have my policy. 我也不是那么不讲理,只是我有自己的原则。That man is not that charming; Im not in love with him. 那个男人也没那么有魅力,我才没爱上他呢。Faith online Oral class is not that practical, Im not studying it. Faith在线口语课堂也没那么实用,我才不学呢。What? What are you talking about? Youre not that friendly, Im not teaching you. /201202/169870Subject : I am over the moon.第一,迷你对话A: Here is your ticket.这是你的票。B: Wonderful, I am over the moon.太棒了!我真是欣喜若狂。第二,地道表达over the moon1. 解词释义Over the moon来自于美国的一首儿歌,用来形容人们“兴高采烈”的心情。到了上世纪70年代,它用于体育赛事,指比赛赢了“欣喜若狂”的样子,相当于“absolutely delighted”或“ecstatic”。表示因……而欣喜如狂,在短语的后面用介词at,即:be over the moon at doing sth./sth.。2. 拓展范例e.g. The whole team were over the moon at winning the competition. 全队都为赢得这场比赛而欣喜若狂。e.g. The whole family were over the moon when Martin got a good job.当马丁找到一份好工作时,全家高兴极了。e.g. She was over the moon when she heard that her son had passed the examination.当她听说她儿子通过了考试时,她高兴极了。e.g. It was two weeks after I married your mother. We were living in a tiny apartment and we had no idea how we were going to afford a family. So when I heard I was being promoted to sales manager, I was just over the moon.当时我娶你妈妈刚刚两个星期,我们住在一个小小的公寓里,不知道怎么能养得起孩子。因此,当我听说自己被提升为销售经理时,简直高兴极了。e.g. You can imagine how nervous I was when I finally told her how I felt. I didnt know what to expect. She could have gotten angry or acted like I was joking or even felt sorry for me. But, when she said she felt the same way, I was just over the moon.你可以想象,我向她表白的时候心里有多紧张。我不知道她会有什么样的反应。她可能会生气、也可能会觉得我是在开玩笑,甚至可能会同情我。可是她竟然说,她也喜欢我,这简直让我喜出望外。 /201504/370231

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