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哈尔滨哪家医院能做微创子宫肌瘤七台河市人民医院做孕检多少钱Part Useful Expressions第四部分 旅游实用句1.Is there a nice restaurant near the hotel?1.请问饭店附近有没有不错的餐厅?.Are there any good Chinese restaurants in this area?.这附近有没有好吃的中国餐厅?3.Any cheaper restaurants here?3.这附近有便宜一点的餐厅吗?.Do I need a reservation?.我需要预约吗?5.Could you please phone the restaurant and reserve a table me?5.你可以帮我打电话到那家餐厅订位吗?6.Do you take telephone reservations?6.你们接受电话订位吗?7.Hello. Id like to book a table.7.喂,我想订一张餐桌8.Id like to reserve a table six at 7 p. m. tomorrow.8.我想订一张6人桌,明天晚上7点9. how many guests, please?9.请问有几位客人?.Im alraid we dont have any tables open at that time..很抱歉,那个时段已经客满了.Do you have a dress code?.你们有装规定吗?.Have you made a reservation?.你有订位吗?l3.Im Jason White. I reserved a table two at 8..我叫杰森·怀特我预订了一张8点钟的双人桌.I dont have a reservation..我没有订位.A table three, please..我要一张三人桌.Have you got a table eight?.你们有八人桌吗?.Is this place vacant?.这个座位有人吗?18.Can we take the small table by the window?18.我可以坐靠窗的那张小桌子吗?19.Sorry, madam, the one by the window has been booked by others.19.对不起,女士,靠窗的那张桌子已经有人预订了.Do you have a corner table two?.请问靠角落有两个人的位置吗?1.Ill show you to your table.1.我带您到预定的餐桌.Your table is y now, sir. Come this way..先生,您的餐桌已经准备好,请这边走3.Here is your table. Is it all right?3.这是您的餐桌,还可以吗?.Will this table be all right?.坐这里可以吗?5.What about that one?5.坐那里好吗?6.Would you like to sit over there near the door?6.您愿意坐在靠近门的地方吗?7.This one is very good. Well take it.7.这个位子不错,我们就坐这里了.Can we change tables?.我们可以换桌吗?9.Can we change to the non-smoking area?9.我们能换到禁烟区吗?30.Sorry, all our tables are full now.30.很抱歉,我们现在满客31.How long do we have to wait?31.我们需要等多久?3.Do we have to wait a long time?3.我们需要等很久吗?33.May I see the , please?33.请给我看一下菜单好吗?.Do you have a Chinese ?.你们有中文菜单吗?35.Can we have the wine list?35.我们可以看一下酒单吗?36.I want to have a drink bee the meal.36.饭前我想喝点饮料37.May I take your order now?37.您可以点菜了吗?38.Are you y to order, sir?38.先生,您要点菜了吗?39.We would like to order now.39.我们要点餐0.Not y yet.0.还没好 39999哈尔滨市第一医院电话 All Well That Ends Well善终为善On the way back from the embassy, Kathy and Evan stop in a city park.从大使馆回来的路上,凯西和艾凡在一座市立公园停下来K:Oh. Evan. Im so embarrassed! I cant believe I misplaced my passport.凯西:哦,艾凡我好尴尬哦!真不敢相信我竟然忘记我把护照放哪儿了E:Well, I guess youve learned a good lesson from all this.艾凡:嗯,我猜这一番折腾让你得到了一个很好的教训K:You bet I have! one thing, Im going to keep a close eye on my passport and other travel documents from now on.凯西:那还用说!举一个例子吧,从现在开始,我会紧盯着我的护照和其它旅游文件E:That good. Anything else?艾凡:太好了还有别的吗?K:Yes! Im going to put away my clothes as soon as I return to the hostel each time. 凯西:有!以后一回旅社我就会收拾我的衣If I hadnt just thrown my coat onto the bed the other day, I might have checked the pockets bee hanging it up.如果前几天我不是回去就把衣往床上丢的话,我就会在挂外套前检查口袋了E:That would have been a good idea. It good to be organized.艾凡:要是当时你那么想就好了有条有理是不会错的K:I envy you, Evan. Youre always so well-organized.凯西:艾凡,我好羡慕你你一向很有条理E:Well, remember what I told you at the beginning of the trip?艾凡:嗯,记得我在这趟旅行一开始时告诉过你的话吗?K:Uh, you mean, Always be prepared?凯西:呃,你是说:随时有备吗?E:That right. Gee, Kathy, it kind of chilly. Let head back to the hostel. Then we can have dinner, OK?艾凡:没错咦,凯西,有点冷了咱们回旅社去吧然后我们可以吃晚饭,好吗?K:OK. And tonight it my treat!凯西:好的今晚我请客!E:That the best idea youve had today!艾凡:这是你今天所提的最好的主意! 58333哈尔滨拜泉县妇幼保健站治疗妇科炎症好吗

哈尔滨阳光医院属于专科医院吗必背句型:A:Preferential tariff is used as a weapon in international relations.特惠关税在国际关系中被当成一种武器使用B:The retaliation tariff is also like this.报复性关税也是这样The medicine is used as a weapon.这种药被当成一种武器使用It is not used as a pen.它没有被当做笔使用What is used as a weapon in international relations?在国际关系中什么被当成一种武器使用?延伸阅读:A:The customs malities the exportation of the following cargoes have been duly completed.下列货物的出关手续已经正式结清B:What are they?哪些货物?The debt has been duly completed.这些债务已经正式结清The debt has still not been duly completed.这些债务还没有正式结清Does the debt have been duly completed?债务以及正式结清了吗? 75哈尔滨省第八医院妇科挂号 哈尔滨市第一医院不孕不育科

阿城区人民医院引产需要多少钱Clean Energy And Oil IndependenceIt seems that energy and climate legislation is increasingly being presented as a plan to curb U.S. dependence on foreign oil. And that - if true - would presumably bring a whole raft of benefits, including a cleaner environment, weakened petro-states, a healthier trade balance, and a tidier foreign policy. If only.The latest call comes from the left-leaning think tank, Center for American Progress, in a report released today, 'Securing America's Future.' The thrust of the argument is: Clean-energy legislation in the U.S. will lessen the country's dependence on oil, which these days essentially means foreign oil.Echoing other recent calls by military leaders, CAP says that reducing that dependence would allow the country to sidestep an unattractive future, especially in the national-security sphere:'[America's] need for steady supplies of oil means it must adjust its behavior and strategies in order to maintain relations with less than-savory regimes including Venezuela, Nigeria, and Russia. These countries, as well as smaller nations such as Angola, will therefore hold an increasingly disproportional amount of bilateral and regional power, while the ed States has diminished leverage and constrained policy options in strategic regions such as the Middle East and Central Asia.'That's not even including the potential economic benefits - the U.S. spent .5 trillion on oil imports over the past decade, and last year's bill amounted to 2.3% of gross domestic product, a record level, CAP says.All that is true - but the problem is that the legislation under consideration in Congress wouldn't really do much to dent America's oil appetite. As CAP notes, the Waxman-Markey bill would reduce U.S. oil consumption in 2020 by a mere 876 thousand barrels a day, or about 4.5% of total U.S. oil consumption.And that means that a U.S. oil diet won't necessarily reshape the world or weaken petrostates. CAP argues that lower U.S. dependence would weaken oil producers such as Iran by freeing up China to buy more oil from 'stable nations.' Maybe so - but China has been busy inking oil and gas deals with Iran, Sudan, Myanmar, and Russia, and not just because U.S. demand has been crowding it out of 'friendly' suppliers.The fact is that China's demand for oil more than tripled over the last 15 years, and few analysts expect the country's double-digit economic growth to eschew a similar demand for oil in coming years. Even if the U.S. cuts back a little on oil consumption, in other words, China (and other developing countries) will more than make up the slack - which will keep today's petrostates in business all the same.There are plenty of potential benefits in the energy and climate legislation currently in Congress, but disarming the world's petroleum producers doesn't appear to be one of them. /08/82754 The Republican presidential race has been all about the economy. With sluggish economic growth and millions of Americans still out of work, the candidates for the nomination have been trying to portray themselves as the best person to fix it.共和党总统候选人之争一向都是围绕经济话题展开。在经济增长乏力、数百万美国人依然面临失业的情况下,候选人努力将自身描绘成解决这一问题的最佳人选。But social issues ; which have energised Republican politics for decades ; returned dramatically to the fore during the past week, with controversies involving contraception and abortion, religious freedom and same-sex marriage filling the airwaves.但最近,数十年来为共和党的政治活动源源不断地注入活力的社会问题,重新被推到了风口浪尖,有关节育与堕胎、宗教自由以及同性婚姻的辩论,充斥着媒体的各个角萀?;For a substantial portion of the Republican base, this is the central issue,; says Bill Galston, a respected political analyst at the Brookings Institution. ;They are concerned about what they see as the cultural decay of America.;;对偏向共和党的很大一部分选民来说,这才是中心问题;备受尊敬的布鲁金斯学Brookings Institution)政治问题分析师比bull;盖尔斯顿(Bill Galston)指出;他们认为美国的文化正在衰败,并为此感到担心;The spotlight on social issues will probably benefit Rick Santorum, who won a clean sweep in the nomination contests in Colorado, Minnesota and Missouri on Tuesday night.对社会问题的关注,或许将令里bull;桑托勒姆(Rick Santorum)从中受益。近日,在科罗拉多州、明尼苏达州和密苏里州的总统候选人提名之争中,桑托勒姆大获全胜。A social conservative with hardline views ; he opposes abortion in all cases, including rape and incest ; he has focused his campaign efforts on Christian conservatives. He has been unapologetic about putting social issues front and centre, even in a time of economic strife.作为一名立场强硬的社会保守;;他反对一切情况下的堕胎行为,包括因强奸和乱伦而导致的堕胎;;桑托勒姆将竞选重点放到了信仰基督教的保守派选民身上。他没有辩解为何要将社会问题置于重中之重,即便是在经济领域矛盾重重的情况下。But Mr Santorum, a Catholic with seven children, played down the role the contraception issue played in his victories. ;I dont think it was a big issue at all,; he told Fox News yesterday morning. ;Our numbers were doing much better before this controversy came up.;不过,有着7个孩子的天主教徒桑托勒姆却认为,节育问题在帮助他获胜的过程中所起的作用其实没那么大;我完全不认为这是一个重要的问题;他向福克斯新Fox News)表示;这一争议出现前,我们的持率要高得多;Still, analysts say the issues played to Mr Santorums strengths with his partys conservative base.尽管如此,分析人士表示,鉴于共和党所拥有的保守派选民基础,这些问题还是强化了桑托勒姆的优势。Social issues have garnered new attention since the Obama administration ordered last week that employers ; including Catholic hospitals and universities ; must provide health insurance for contraception, including the morning-after pill.奥巴马政府近日要求,各用人单;;包括天主教医院和大学;;必须为节育提供医疗保险(包括紧急避药),此后,社会问题再次受到选民们的关注。This comes after a decision, later reversed, by the Susan G. Komen breast cancer foundation to pull funding from Planned Parenthood, a service that provides contraception and abortions, after being put under pressure.此前,由于受到压力,苏珊bull;Gbull;科门(Susan G. Komen)乳腺癌基金会决定将资金从提供节育和堕胎务的计划生育联盟(Planned Parenthood)中撤出。不过后来,该基金会取消了这一计划。It also coincides with a federal court ruling declaring Californias voter-supported ban on gay marriage was unconstitutional.与此同时,一家联邦法院作出裁决:同性恋婚姻禁令虽得到加州选民的持,但却违反了宪法。来 /201202/171160黑龙江省医院南岗分院院长是谁哈尔滨省妇幼保健院官网



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