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squalid ———— 肮脏的(形容词)英文释义 (adjective) Describing a filthy, disarrayed, miserable condition.例句 The poorest sections of the huge city were squalid neighborhoods without paved streets or proper sanitation.在这座大城市最贫困的地带,居民区很肮脏,没有柏油路,也没有本应常见的卫生设施。 /201605/445089Malaysian Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi is facing calls for his resignation, after his ruling coalition lost critical ground to opposition parties in general elections. The coalition, in power for five decades, suffered the biggest election setback in its history Saturday.  马来西亚总理巴达维面临着要他辞职的呼吁,此前他的执政联盟在议会选举中被反对党夺去关键的议席。这个执政长达五十年的联盟在星期六的选举中受挫,这是该联盟有史以来最惨重的一次受挫。It was a stunning setback for the multi-racial Barisan Nasional or National Front coalition of Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi. After winning a more than 90 percent majority of parliamentary seats in the last elections four years ago, it now has only a simple majority in parliament - short of the two-thirds needed to make constitutional changes. The coalition also lost several states to the opposition.  对总理巴达维领导的由多民族组成的国民阵线来说,这是一个极大的受挫。国民阵线在四年前的大选中赢得了超过90%的议会席位,而这次只赢得了略微超过50%的选票,不够进行修改宪法所需的三分之二席位。该联盟还把好几个州的控制权输给了反对派。Critics accuse Mr. Badawi's government of mishandling racial tensions in this country of 25 million people. One-third of the population is made up of ethnic minorities, mainly Chinese and Indian.  批评人士谴责巴达维的政府对马来西亚两百五十万人的种族紧张处理不当。该国三分之一的人口是由少数民族组成的,主要是华人和印度族人。But analysts note that much of the loss of support happened among the majority Malay Muslims who voiced their anger at the coalition, accusing it of complacency and corruption.  但是分析人士提出,国民阵线这次主要是失去了主要民族马来族穆斯林的持,这些人对联合阵线感到气愤,说该阵线骄傲自满,贪污腐败。Mr. Badawi says he does not plan to resign. Leading the calls for him to go is the man who hand-picked him, long-ruling former prime minister Mahathir Mohamad, who accused Mr. Badawi of destroying the governing coalition.  巴达维说,他不打算辞职。这次呼吁他辞职呼声最高的人,是曾经亲手提拔他的、长期执政的前总理马哈蒂尔。他谴责巴达维毁掉了执政联盟。"I think he needs to consider stepping down," said Mahathir. 马哈蒂尔说:“我认为他需要考虑下台了。”The former leader told reporters he was sorry that he had chosen Mr. Badawi as his successor.  这位前总理告诉记者,他很抱歉选择了巴达维当他的继任者。He indicated he does not blame people for voting against the Barisan Nasional, known as the BN."This is more my strong feelings against BN than strong feelings for the opposition. They had no choice. If you do not vote BN, who do you vote for? There are only two candidates," he added. "So you vote for the opposition, or you do not vote at all. Either way, the BN is going to lose a lot of support." Analysts say the ruling coalition will have to work hard to win back the support it lost - especially among disillusioned non-Malays whose protests could lead to instability. James Chin, a politics professor at Monash University's Kuala Lumpur campus says the coalition will look for pragmatic ways to rebuild support, or face extinction.  分析人士说,执政联盟必须努力赢回失去的持,特别是那些大失所望的非马来族人,这些人举行抗议的话可能会导致不稳定。莫那什大学吉隆坡校区的政治学教授詹姆斯.真说,该联盟将寻求以务实的方式重建持,要不然就面临着灭亡。"This is a strong wake-up call for the Barisan Nasional ruling coalition to do something about the grievances of the non-Malay community. I believe that the Barisan Nasional government has heard this message loud and clear, and that they will do something about it because they need to win the next election," said Chin. 他说:“这是对国民阵线执政联盟的一个强有力的警告,让他们对非马来社区的苦痛做些事情。我相信国民阵线政府已经听到了这个响亮清晰的信号,他们会采取行动,因为他们需要赢得下次的选举。”Many in the now-stronger opposition are rallying for an end to Malaysia's system of race-based politics and set-asides that benefit Muslim Malays. The governing coalition, in power since independence in 1957, is made up of race-specific parties that are supposed to represent each of the major ethnic groups.  目前变得更加强大的反对派中的许多人举行集会,呼吁结束马来西亚系统中让马来族穆斯林受益的带有种族偏见的政治体系和财政分配制度。自1957年马来西亚独立以来一直掌权的执政联盟是由各种族政党组成的,他们代表每个主要的民族。Malaysia has long prided itself as a model for ethnic harmony. That image was tarnished in recent months when police used teargas and water cannon to suppress demonstrations by thousands of ethnic Indians who were protesting what they say is discrimination by the majority Muslim Malays. 马来西亚长久以来一直以民族和谐而自豪。最近几个月以来,警方使用催泪瓦斯和高压水炮镇压由几千名印度族人组成的示威人群,这种镇压破坏了马来西亚的形像。这些人抗议他们所说的主要民族马来族穆斯林对他们的歧视。200803/29595I am at the very center of the great white continent, Antarctica. The South Pole is about half a mile away. For a thousand miles, in all directions, there is nothing but ice. And, in the whole of this continent, which is one and a half times the size of the ed States and larger than Europe, there is a year-round population of no more than 800 people. This is the loneliest and the coldest place on earth, the place that is most hostile to life. And yet, in one or two places, it is astonishingly rich. Penguins come here by the million and endure temperatures of minus 70 degrees centigrade and winds of 120 miles an hour. Other birds fly right to the heart of the continent, even though they have to dig away snow in order to find a place to nest . And here is the nursery for over half the world's seals. Antarctica is remote from all other continents, surrounded by the vast southern ocean and smothered by a blanket of ice so immense that it contains over three quarters of the world's freshwater. All life in the Antarctic is dominated by the ice. All but 2% of the continent is covered by it. Its very whiteness reflects back what little heat there is in the sun's feeble rays. And snow, when it falls, remains permanently frozen. So that now, after accumulating for millions of years, it has formed this gigantic ice cap and the ice beneath my feet is three miles thick. Submerged beneath it are mountain ranges as high as the Alps, only their summits project through it.words and expressionsfeeble: 微弱的, 薄弱的project :To extend forward or out; jut out:突出200808/46904

Welcome back, now it looks more like it should be a table than on one, more like a piece of furniture than an addition to a bookshelf. The latest craze for bigger, better, more expensive books than ever reaches its peak, will reach its peak in September, when a huge Opus-like tome detailing Manchester ed’s history is published. As Sue has been finding out, books like this are becoming sought-after collector's items.It's the ultimate fancy. A giant coffee table homage to Manchester ed. The sort of glossy tome you'd expect on Madonna not Ferg(Sir Alec Ferguson, manager ) and the boys.It's more than just a coffee table book and whatever that means. I think it's something that, it, to many people, it is a, it is a cherished piece of art. It's, it's, it's, it's something that they would want to keep and, and, and a lot of people, they have given their orders of.. and said this is something they would like to hand down, almost like a family heirloom if you will.With a price tag up with the 3,000 pounds, enough for five season tickets, you’d hope your offspring didn’t turn out to be Chelsea supporters. As well as archive photos of the Busby Babes in the Munich Crash, Red’s fans can salivate over Ronaldo's(这个可是葡萄牙人Cristiano Ronaldo ) trickery, captured at the training ground, by one of the world's leading motion photographers Patrick Giardino. Leo McCarey was one of a host of players past and present that turned up to be photographed by the world's biggest Polaroid camera, shifted in especially from Prague, the players queued up to get in on the act.And they come, come straight out of the machine within 5 minutes, take a couple of hours to dry, we had about three people with four hairdryers. But, it's again, it's, it's something that's unique. It' s an example here of Mr. Rooney, and may be not seen in that, in that way, and certainly trying, trying to get behind the character. Isn’t it a beautiful one. I just think it adds a bit of mystery and almost mischief behind his eyes there.Here is the reason that they aren't really calling it as a book, but more an opus. And that’s because it weighs 35 kilos. Not a sort of weight the average coffee table can take, but they thought of that. They are having tables specially designed, just to put the book on. As well as the ed Book, there is a tome on the anniversary of the Super Bowl also due out in September. And they've signed deals to do similar works on the Arsenal and Barcelona football clubs, the Wimbledon Tennis Championships, the Ferrari Formula 1 team and the Disney Empire.If the Muhammad Ali opus is anything to go by, they'll sell like hotcakes. Copies of Goat, the greatest of all time, have rocketed in value. they're one of a kind(独一无二), they are signed and numbered. There aren't gonna be anymore of that edition. So you know they have holiness that's unique, that is in a way like a work of art, something to keep, and is, is also an investment. In a world where pop art and everything else is kind of infinitely reproduced, it actually has a sort of investment value in the same way that art does, but it's just in a different form, the form of a book. So you have your cocktail party, and you, like: oh, look at it: there's only 1,000 of these, 5,000 of these. And it's really about status.You have it open and there at your cocktail party others thought you'd have it in a safe somewhere or at least locked behind a glass case.(你这样把这么珍贵的书在鸡尾酒会上开放给大家看,别人本来还以为你会把它藏在哪个保险柜里,或是锁在哪个玻璃柜子里呢)No, I think these, these items are very much about display. I mean think about it, how much, you know, people spend a thousand pounds on a pair of Gin(一个时尚杂志,不确定名字) issue shoes. Something like this actually lasts quite a long time as long as nobody spills a drink on it.(没有没有.我觉得这些藏书的价值就在于展示给大家看.我是说, 有很多人会花一千英镑来买某个时尚杂志推荐的一双鞋子,(为什么就不能买这样的很有收藏价值的书呢?) 像这种(书)可以保存很长时间,除非你把一杯酒洒在上面了.(那么书就没有价值了))An addition of the Ali book almost doubled in value when sold on eBay. So even if you are not a Red's fan and you have enough shoes in your closet, the coffee table book market might be worth a punt.What's wrong with the match program? We'll be back tomorrow at noon and again at seven to open soon Midak Channel 4 news, good night.200805/39229

My husband does not lie to me. Most men lie, but my husband doesn't lie. Of course, everybody lies.Robi Ludwing is a psychotherapist. Steve Santagati is with Men's Journal. Good morning to both of you.Good morning. Ok, let's start this off. Everybody lies, (that's true)men, men and women.(Actually...) Is there any proof that women lie less than men?No, I haven't seen it; in fact, women and lie, probably, women and men probably lie at the same amount. But women and men lie about different things. So when women lie, it's usually more complimentary or altruistic, the white lies, they are kind of nice to make you feel better (you're lovely to make this way according to the studies. That's right. Women are only giving white lies according to the website when you did at home?Wow. Santagati is often winning.No, it's just...And men, I have got it aly, I'm not even winning myself. And men lie about self-aggrandizing themselves. So,in any event, she's outrageous here.What will men ( do) to take care of ourselves?We, so lying started as a servile technique and it went a little crazy, men, a lot of time, will lie because when we tell women the truth, they go nuts. So it's that Jack Nickelson(a famous actor)--you can't handle the truth.(Well, they can handle it...) They do avoid it, but it's not only the women. Men lie to other men. They lie about sex, they lie about how much they made, they lie to make themselves feel better. Lying is a(This, all right.) way to increase one's self-esteem. She is making a scene a lot worse than what we really are. We lie because men, our whole thing, is to be powerful. And we don't wanna seem vulnerable; and we don't wanna seem weak. So if we lie a little, you know. And also.....Was it, was it, when it comes to the man and woman thing,(Yeah.) is it because men don't like confrontation, we can't say we tell this, this, this white lie, for example, did this jeans make me look fat?Right, exactly. (Never tells truth.)And that's a great, and that's a great point. Sometimes lies are not deliberate, they are spontaneous. So a man feels like he's being put on the spot in the moment and he comes up with something that won't hurt another person's feeling. So it's not all ill-intended. Not rightly so, you showed it as there is a time, there is a time to lie, and there is a time to tell the truth.When is it the time to lie, Steve? When, when the truth, when the truth is either going to be unproductive, ur,destructive or just doesn't really matter for the situation whatever it might be the time.And there are different kinds of lies I mean.....I am gonna say is it ok, are there times when it's ok to lie because look, I've got kids and I tell them it's not ok to lie, (Right. Right.) but where we do and say two different things. Right, you know, white lies you don't wanna get yourself in trouble. Obviously, you don't want hurting another person's feeling. But if folk, if you are chronically lying about very important things, then it interferes with having trust in a relationship. And without trust you can't have a good relationship. It interferes with the foundation. But now I see you talk about, when you are seeing a woman(Right.) that you really like and you start off telling the truth. That's right. Something happenes.When you start telling the truth, and all of a sudden, the way we should response to. It's so dramatic and it adds so much aggravation of the relationship. She started building a liar. Women can build liars by the way when they react. Let's say for example I tell you the truth and you don't like the truth. Right,Like in the green room. Think. Like in the green room.Think, breathe and talk to me like an adult and I will tell you the truth every single time. But If I see that you are acting crazy, I wanna be like en, en,a lie is easier. I actually, I am in agreement with Steve. You know, if you urh,pretend a little bit(all right, I am not a liar ). ...I might be lying. But If you basically can handle,and let a person know listen, I am open to hearing what you have to say. Then you are more likely hear the truth from somebody who isn't inclined to be honest that our people, no matter how you react or what you do,'(they are gonna lie to you) they just, they just want to lie because they can't deal with reality. And I think the big thing is to tell the truth when it's really important, and you'll know that there is a guy cause you feel really noxious right before you can tell the truth.(God) And you know what, and just going to women,Tell me you want to date him now? Yeah. No, no, no. Women are stronger than we give them credit for a lot of time. They don't always react to the truth in such a crazy way.So start off honest.(start off honest) but it doesn't work, then lie.(then lie)Ok. There you go.no, We are just kidding. We're Kidding. We have to always be honest. That's right.That's always.And I am, I am honest when I have to tell you we've got to go. Ok. That's right, Al.Thank you.And by the way, it's nice to see you all guys and thanks a lot.200808/45320

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