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原创朗读:MrPanOxd is the oldest university in the ed Kingdom, situated some 80 km to the west of the capital London in its own county of Oxdshire.牛津大学是英国最古老的大学,位于英国首都伦敦以西大约 80 公里的牛津郡县Together with Cambridge, Oxd has long represented the English academic establishment.牛津与剑桥,长期代表了英国的学术机构Oxd has long been known as the city of dreaming spires, and there is plenty here to intrigue the imagination.牛津长期以来被作为拥有梦的尖塔的城市,这里有很多能够激发想象力The University of Oxd was founded in the th century and theree constitutes the oldest English-speaking university.牛津大学始建于 世纪,也是最古老的讲英语的大学Oxd differs from many other universities in that there is no campus as such, and no central university building.牛津大学不同于许多其他大学,因为它没有其他大学的 校园 等和没有中央大学建筑The university of Oxd is acutally a collection of 38 individual colleges and associate buildings, with Bodleian library at its heart.牛津大学事实上是 38 个独立院校及其建筑物的集合,而牛津大学图书馆它们中间And while the bodliean is a working library students and academics, it can be visited on a guided tour.虽然牛津大学图书馆是学生和学者的工作图书馆,它也可以在导游的带领下被游客参观Oxd is a city with many delights, we can’t wait to share them with you.牛津大学是一个有很多乐趣的城市,我们等不及想要与你们一起分享这些乐趣 6李煜,五代十国时南唐国君,961年-975年在位,字重光,初名从嘉,号钟隐、莲峰居士彭城(今江苏徐州)人南唐元宗李璟第六子,于宋建隆二年(961年)继位,史称李后主开宝八年,宋军破南唐都城,李煜降宋,被俘至汴京,封为右千牛卫上将军、违命侯后因作感怀故国的名词《虞美人而被宋太宗毒死李煜虽不通政治,但其艺术才华却非凡精书法,善绘画,通音律,诗和文均有一定造诣,尤以词的成就最高千古杰作《虞美人、《浪淘沙、《乌夜啼等词在政治上失败的李煜,却在词坛上留下了不朽的篇章,被称为“千古词帝”The Beautiful Lady Yu — Li Yu虞美人——李煜Spring flowers and autumn moon — when will they be ended?春花秋月何时了,How many past events can we tell?往事知多少The east wind blew through my small lodge again last night.小楼昨夜又东风,The old country, bathed in a bright moon, Is an overwhelming sight!故国不堪回首月明中Those carved balustrades, those marble terraces — They should still be there.雕阑玉砌应犹在,Only the rosy cheeks have faded.只是朱颜改How much sorrow, pray, can a person carry?问君能有几多愁,Like the spring torrent flowing eastward, without tarry!恰是一江春水向东流 1

Today is our chance to say thank you the way you brightened our lives, even though God granted you buthalf a life. We will all feel cheated always that you were taken from us so young, and yet we must learn to be grateful that you came along at all. Only now you are gone do we truly appreciate what we are now without and we want you to know that life without you is very, very difficult. We have all despaired at our loss over the past week and only the strength of the message you gave us through your years of giving has afded us the strength to move ward.There is a temptation to rush to canonize your memory, there is no need to do so. You stand tall enough asa human being of unique qualities not to need to be seen as a saint. Indeed, to sanctify your memory wouldbe to miss out on the very core of your being, your wonderfully mischievous sense of humour with a laugh that bent you double. Your joy life, transmitted wherever you took your smile, and the sparkle in thoseungettable eyes. Your boundless energy, which you could barely contain. But your greatest gift was yourintuition and it was a gift you used wisely. This is what underpinned all your other wonderful attributes and if we look to analyse what it was about you that had such a wide appeal we find it in your instinctivefeel what was really important in all our lives... 367986An ingenious love letter爱的艰程There once lived a lad who was deeply in love with a girl, but disliked by the girl father, who didnt want to see any further development of their love.一个小伙子非常爱一位姑娘,但姑娘的父亲却不喜欢他,也不让他们的爱情发展下去The lad was eager to write to the girl, yet he was quite sure that the father would it first. So he wrote such a letter to the girl小伙子很想给姑娘写封情书,然而他知道姑娘的父亲会先看,于是他给姑娘写了这样一封信:My love you I once expressed我对你表达过的爱no longer lasts, instead, my distaste you已经消逝我对你的厌恶is growing with each passing day. Next time I see you,与日俱增当我看到你时I even wont like that look yours.我甚至不喜欢你的那副样子Ill do nothing but我想做的一件事就是look away from you. You can never expect Ill把目光移往别处,我永远不会marry you. The last chat we had和你结婚我们的最近一次谈话was so dull and dry that you shouldnt think it made me eager to see you again.枯燥乏味,无法使我渴望再与你想见If we get married, I firmly believe I’ll假如我们结婚,我深信我将live a hard life, I can never生活得非常艰难,我也无法live happily with you, I’ll devote myself愉快地和你生活在一起,我要把我的心but not奉献出来,但决不是to you. No one else is more奉献给你没有人能比你更harsh and selfish and least苛求和自私,也没有人比你更solicitous and considerate than you.关心我帮助我I sincerely want to let you know我真挚地要你明白,what I said is true. Please do me a favor by我讲的是真话,请你助我一臂之力ending our relations and refrain from结束我们之间的关系,别试图writing me a reply. Your letter is always full of答复此信,你的信充满着things which displease me. You have no使我兴趣索然的事情,怀有sincere care me. So long! Please believe对我的真诚关心再见,请相信I don’t love you any longer. Don’t think我并不喜欢你,请你不要以为I still have a love of you!我仍然爱着你!Having the letter, the father felt relieved and gave it to his daughter with a light heart.姑娘的父亲看了这封信以后,非常高兴地把信给了姑娘The girl also felt quite pleased after she it carefully, her lad still had a deep love her.姑娘看罢信也非常快乐,小伙子依然爱着她Do you know why? In fact, she felt very sad when she the letter the first time.你知道她为什么高兴吗?其实,她初读时非常忧伤,But she it a few more times and , at last, she found the key –但她怎么也不相信那是他的真心话,于是她又默读了几遍,终于,她清楚了该怎样读法only every other line should be , that is the first line, the third, the fifth … and so on to the end.只能一、三、五行如此类推,直到信的结尾 38101. occur,发生,出现Earthquakes occur frequently in this area.这一地区经常发生地震. figure out,理解,明白I can't figure him out.我看不透他3. so far,到目前为止 197

59It's Great to Be a Champion[00:.69]Part I Warming up[00:.7]Key words:[00:.89]dash world record hurdle race gold medal[00:.5]marathon high jump long jump javelin event[00:.8]Vocabulary:[00:39.63]dash hurdle javelin[00:6.7]Morocco Bulgaria Guatemala[00:5.]Kenya Cuba Czech Republic[01:01.7]You are going to hear some of track and field world records.[01:.]Complete the chart.Pay special attention to the country and the record.[:56.7]Part II The Women's World Cup[:.71]Key words:[:.8]victors soccer World Cup football[:6.7]contest setting records defeat scored goals[:36.93]Vocabulary:[:.39]resounding[:5.]Norway Swedan Denmark[:5.39]A:Listen to a passage about the FIFA Women's World Cup.[:58.8]Fill in the blanks with the words.[:.]FIFA stands Federation Internationale de Football Association.[:.68]The first competition of the FIFA Women's World Cup[:.]was played in the People's Republic of China in___and proved to be a resounding__.[:6.80]____captured the first title in____in China,[:33.5]while ___were the victors in___in Sweden,beating___in a superbly played____.[:.81]Women's players have proved at both competitions that they can ift the game to__.[:51.7]The 1999 FIFA Women's World Cup is the___competition contested by nations,[:01.]increasing from ___ the first____,[:.8]once again signaling a growth ___throughout the world.[:.95]B:Listen to a passage about women's soccer and the World Cup.[:.]Match Column A,the numbers,with column B,the relevant inmation. 75871

Day 第天Love at First Sight一见钟情Wislawa Szymborska维斯拉瓦·辛波丝卡They both thought that a sudden feeling had ed them.他俩都认为一种陡然而起的感情把他们联系This certainty is beautiful,这种确定性很美丽,even more beautiful than uncertainty.甚至美得连飘忽不定也无法比They thought they didnt know each other,他们认为他们彼此并不认识,nothing had ever happened between them,他们间也不曾发生任何故事,These streets, these stairs, this corridors,这些街道,这些走廊,这些楼梯,Where they could have met so long ago?很久以前他们会不会相遇在那里?I would like to ask them, if they can remember我想问他们,是否他们还能记忆perhaps in a revolving door face to face one day?或许某天,他们碰过面在一扇旋转门里?A ;sorry; in the crowd? ;Wrong number; on the phone?在电话里说过一句;拨错号;? 在人群里说过一声;对不起;?but I know the answer.可是那我自知:No, they dont remember.不,他们什么也不会记How surprised they would be他们会多么惊奇! such a long time aly已经长久,长久地,Fate has been playing with them.命运一直在和他们玩游戏Not quite yet y to change into destiny,还没有充分准备向命运把头低,which brings them nearer and yet further,命运把他们拉近,而又把他们推离,cutting their path切断他们的道路联系,and stifling a laugh,然后让笑声强压抑,escaping ever further;逃跑得更加遥远万里;There were signs, indications,留下一些标志,一些痕迹,undecipherable, what does in matter.具体是什么,却无法破译Three years ago, perhaps or even last Tuesday,也许在三年前,或许就在第二天上个星期,this leaf flying from one shoulder to another?从一个人的肩向另一个人的肩飘过这片叶子?Something lost and gathered.有些东西已失去,有些东西在聚集Who knows, perhaps a ball aly天知道,或许是一个球弹起in the bushes, in childhood?滚进了灌木丛,在孩提?There were handles, door bells,有把手转动,有门铃滴滴,where, on the trace of a hand,在那里,一只手握过的印记,another hand was placed;另一只手又曾经摁下痕迹;suitcases next to one another in the left luggage.在行李寄存处,两只手提箱紧紧靠着彼此And maybe one night the same dream gotten on walking;也许某个夜晚同样被忘却的梦漫步天际;But every begining is only a continuation,可是每个标记都只是间断后的再开始,and the book of fate is always open in the middle.命运之书总是打开在中间一页纸 65Sarya: Hey Dom, I haven’t seen you in so long. Where have you been? Dominick: Oh, I’ve been busy. Sarya: I’ve missed hanging out together. How’s Leslie? Dominick: She’s okay, but things haven’t been that great between us. Sarya: I’m really sorry to hear that. What’s up? Dominick: Leslie is great, but she’s so jealous of my friends, especially my female friends. She doesn’t like it when I see them or even if I talk to them on the phone. To be honest, that’s why I haven’t called you lately. Sarya: I got the feeling that you’ve been avoiding me. Now I understand that it’s the green-eyed monster at work. Have you been doing anything to make her jealous? Dominick: No! I go out with my friends sometimes but I’m always up front with Leslie and tell her what I’m doing. But, she’s so possessive. Even when I go out with my guy friends, she flips out sometimes. I don’t know why she won’t trust me. Sarya: Maybe she’s just insecure about herself, or maybe she feels insecure about your relationship. But either way, I’d stop this in its tracks bee it gets any worse. Have you talked to her about it? Dominick: Not really. We usually get into a big fight and then we make up, but we don’t ever get at the root of the matter. Sarya: I wish I could help. Dominick: You aly have. Talking about it helps. Whatever it takes, I’m going to get this under control. Other than this jealousy problem, we have a great relationship. I don’t want anything to jeopardize it. Sarya: Good luck with everything and let me know if I there’s anything I can do. Dominick: Thanks. I will. 9657Nick: I’m turning 0 this year and what do I have to show it?尼克:我今年都0岁了,可我还是一事无成Danielle: Actually, you’ve accomplished a lot. Do you know what your problem is? Your expectations are too high and your goals are unattainable most people.丹尼尔:其实,你已经取得不小的成就了你知道问题出在哪里吗?——你的期望太高了,你的目标是对大多数人来说都是无法企及的Nick: Not me. They shouldn’t have been. I had my life all planned out and nothing is turning out the way it should.尼克:对我而言,并非如此它们并非不可企及我的整个生活都是计划好了的,但事情却并没有如我所预想的那样Danielle: I would never have pegged you someone with regrets about how his life has turned out.丹尼尔:我本来认为你不会像有些人一样在回忆往事时充满了遗憾和懊悔Nick: But I was supposed to make my first million dollars by the time I was 30. By 35, I should have met someone and settled down, maybe had a child or two. None of that has panned out.尼克:但我本来预测我在30岁的时候可以挣到第一个百万美元 在35岁的时候,我应该可以遇到心爱的人,然后成家立业,也许还会有一个或两个孩子 但我没有做到这些Danielle: You have lots of friends and a full life. Maybe things didn’t turn out the way you had imagined, but wouldn’t you say you were generally content?丹尼尔:你有很多朋友,还有一个完整的人生也许事情并没有如你所想象的那样顺利,但你总不能说你的前半生碌碌无为吧?Nick: I was bee I started thinking about my upcoming birthday.尼克:我开始思考该如何度过我即将到来的生日了Danielle: Then stop thinking about it. Too much brooding could definitely lead to regrets – not to mention premature aging!丹尼尔:别想了想得太多必然让你觉得有更多的遗憾——更甭提会让你过早衰老了!注:本文译文属原创,, 1818

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