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山东省第七院是不是私立医院章丘区中心医院网上预约咨询Does money make us happy? Well, according to that famous Beatles song, no: ;Money Canrsquo;t Buy Me Love.; But, of course, the Beatles also had a hit with their cover of the Motown song ;Money, Thatrsquo;s What I Want.; So, Which Is It? The answer, according to psychologists, is both: up to a certain point money can buy happiness, so to speak. After all, without enough money for food, clothes, shelter, and other basic necessities, it would be hard to feel very happy. But once the basics are covered, money alone doesnrsquo;t equate with happiness. Put another way, having more and more money doesnrsquo;t necessarily make you happier. Dozens of studies back that up. Rather, according to a lot of recent research, happiness depends not so much on exactly how much money you have as on how you spend it.金钱使我们感到高兴吗?那么,根据著名的披头士乐队的歌,没有:;钱不能买我对你的爱。;但是,当然,披头士乐队还在Motown歌曲的封面上写着,所以,;钱,这就是我想要的。;选哪个呢?,根据心理学家的研究,达到一定数量的钱,可以买到幸福,可以这么说。毕竟,没有足够的钱来买吃的,衣物,住房和其他基本必需品,就很难感到幸福了。但是,一旦基本覆盖,单靠金钱并不等于幸福。换句话说,有越来越多的钱并不一定让你更快乐。几十个研究持这个观点。根据大量最近的研究,幸福并不取决于钱的多少,而更取决于你怎么花。hit n. 成功而风行的事物according to 根据back up 持163920济阳县妇幼保健院看病贵不贵 中国总理温家宝爷爷是一位干实事的爷爷。在3月5日的中国全国人民代表大会的演讲中,他回顾了过去一年的政府工作,提出了今年的优先任务和将在这次大会上通过的新的五年规划。与负责任的监护人一样,温爷爷照顾到了其监护之人的生活的方方面面。China's economic blueprint Take fiveThe prime minister lays down how China’s economy is to look in 2015“GRANDPA WEN”, China’s prime minister, Wen Jiabao, is a hands-on patriarch. In his annual speech to China’s National People’s Congress on March 5th he reflected on the government’s work over the past year, its priorities for this year, and its new five-year plan, which the congress must ratify. Like a good guardian, Grandpa Wen neglected no aspect of his wards’lives.On top of the stern duties of safeguarding price stability and national security, Mr Wen promised to enhance national creativity, enrich philosophy, arouse an innovative spirit, resolutely oppose extravagance—and ensure one hour of physical exercise in schools every day.The aim of all this enhancing and arousing is, by the end of the decade, to turn China into a xiaokang society. The term traces back to the Confucian “Book of Songs”, and suggests a moderately prosperous society that can begin to enjoy the fruits of its labours.To help China on its way, Mr Wen set a target for economic growth of 7% a year for 2011-15. The figure should not be taken too literally. A target of 7.5% for the past five years did not stop China growing by more than 11% over that period. Still, the target is lower than it was in the previous plan, suggesting that the pattern of growth now matters as much as the speed.Indeed, Mr Wen said the country’s development is neither balanced, co-ordinated nor sustainable. It relies too heavily on investment and on swallowing natural resources and too little on consumer spending. The income generated is unevenly divided: between profits and wages, rich households and poor, coastal provinces and inland regions, the cities and the countryside.The prime minister also admitted that China had failed to meet at least three targets he set in the previous five-year plan. Two related to China’s service industries, which last year accounted for 43% of its GDP and 35% of its employment. Countries at China’s stage of development typically have service sectors approaching three-fifths of GDP.Most of China’s more lucrative services markets, such as for telecoms, are dominated by stateowned enterprises (SOEs). The “investment hunger” of the SOEs, which borrow cheaply from state banks as well as recycle outsized profits, is a chief cause of China’s unbalanced development. Mr Wen promised to implement no fewer than 36 guidelines for opening the “glass doors” preventing private investment in many fields not explicitly reserved for the state. Such fields include transport, power and municipal utilities.Regrettably, in the year ahead these liberalisations may be offset by efforts to stop the economy from overheating. The government is trying to contain inflation by squeezing credit. And although it urges banks to keep lending to smaller companies, lenders are sure to turn private borrowers away before disappointing state-owned ones. If necessary, Mr Wen says, the government will also control prices by “administrative means”.Liberal-minded types will take some comfort from Mr Wen’s promise to “press ahead” with making the yuan convertible for capital-account transactions, a commitment missing from his previous two reports. He also promised to push forward with the “market-based reform” of interest rates. The hope is that freer rates would better reward household savers, discourage excessive investment and possibly allow private borrowers to get loans from state banks by offering to pay higher rates. But Chinese leaders have often before promised to liberalise rates.China’s idiosyncratic pattern of development is never easy to categorise. To some it represents a new model of state capitalism: “a Beijing consensus” to rival the “Washington consensus” first identified by John Williamson of the Peterson Institute for International Economics. Others think China is moving closer to the Washington model. Arthur Kroeber of Dragonomics, a consultancy, argues that it has made solid progress on eight of Mr Williamson’s ten commandments, including fiscal discipline and an openness to foreign trade and direct investment. To follow through on its promise to liberalise interest rates would make a welcome ninth.201103/129414The solar system is a hostile place. Earth is under attack from deadly cosmic radiation. Life here is only possible because it is protected by the magnetosphere, an invisible force field that cocoons the planet. But new evidence reveals that this vital shield is weakening. A region above the south Atlantic is experiencing dangerous levels of radiation. Its earth loosing its magnetic shield.太阳系是一个充满敌意地方。地球正遭受致命的宇宙射线。能在这里生活是因为受到磁体一种无形的力量的保护。但是新的据表明这一至关重要的防护罩正在减弱。南大西洋地区正遭受着危险水平的辐射。地球正在损失这个磁场防护罩。Its not a matter of if the earths magnetic field will disappear some day, its a matter of when.问题不在于地球的磁场将会在哪天消失,这只是一个时间的问题。And what will happen to life if it does?如果消失,地球将会是什么样子呢?Like a giant umbrella, earths magnetosphere shields us from the steady stream of cosmic radiation that fills our solar system. Exposure to this is deadly.像一个巨大的伞一样,地球磁场防护罩保护我们免于遭受充满我们的太阳系中络绎不绝的宇宙射线。暴露无疑是致命的。The magnetic field coming out from earth makes a big bubble around the earth, the magnetosphere that protects us from the most violent actions of the sun.磁场围绕地球产生了一层很大的保护罩,它让我们不暴露于太阳的危险照射下。Many of the charge particles in the solar wind have enough energy so that they would represent a hazard to human beings if they made direct contact with the surface environment.许多电荷的太阳风粒子在有足够的能量, 如果它们直接接触地面环境,就能构成对人类的危害。If you are on the path that this oncoming charge particles zipping out from the sun, if you are not inside, some shielded, you are dead.如果你受到来自太阳的这些粒子的直接照射,如果不是防护罩里面有些屏蔽的话,你已经死了。Without the magnetosphere, all life is vulnerable to these high energy cosmic particles. They penetrate living tissue and cause severe damage to cells.没有这些保护,所有生命在这些高能宇宙粒子面前都是异常是脆弱。他们穿透活体组织对细胞造成严重的伤害。As the field becomes weaker and weaker, the effects of the space radiation will be felt at lower and lower and progressively lower altitudes. So possibly one outcome of a reduced magnetic shield would be, through increased exposure radiation, higher rates of cancer among populations.保护罩变得越来越弱,空间辐射的影响将在低海拔逐步被感受到。所以可能的结果之一是,暴露在辐射之下,致癌发病率将会明显增加。165499山东中医药大学附属康复医院能做人流吗

济南省中医药大学第二医院费用章丘区哪家妇科医院好 Time to buy a car CNN's personal finance editor, Gerri Willis, looks at whether now is a good time to buy a car.It's a great time to buy a car, look, if you have / good credit, there are lots of deals out there. Total /industry sales fell almost 32% last month to the lowest rate in 25 years. Incentives are just unprecedented. In fact, today Ford announced it will offer employees pricing zero percent financing and cash incentives on a variety of its vehicles. But you may be wondering if the car brand you're thinking about buying today will be around tomorrow, and that's a big downside.Yeah, absolutely, a lot of concern about whether people would buy from a bankrupt car company, so tell us a little about those downsides.Well look, if your goal it's to get the best deal--the cheapest car you can, you will find it from / car companies that are really struggling. Now the company is taken over, the manufacturer that is, your warranty should still be valid that's because the new car company will just take it over. However, if your car manufacturer goes out of business, your warranty may be at risk. If you have to buy a car, because you are just biting the dust, realize that all car manufacturers are struggling with sales right now, and there are incentives across the board, especially on really popular vehicles, like hybrids or compact cars. More cash you bring/ to the table, the better off you will be. The best way to negotiate, listen to this Namah. find out what the dealership pay for that car, and you can do that at consumerreports.com. They have something called a new car price service. Take that number into negotiate, and then the negotiation the question becomes what's the reasonable amount of profit for the dealership, and it's usually two to four percent, rather than having a big negotiation over how much they should give you off of sticker prices. A much more powerful area for you as a consumer.Yeah, thanks to the Internet, we have so much more power now going in in terms of information. I've got to ask you, Gerri, would you buy an American car right now considering all the problems?Well, you know, I just got up the phone with the folks consumers reports, and they had this to say, they would say we haven't Chrysler products for two reasons, most importantly because the price simply don't rate highly in their testing, but also because the company is in severe financial difficulty, however, when it comes to GM which is also facing some financial strains. they say many of their products rate well, and now it's a good time to get a deal on the GM. Regardless of what happens to the parent company, there will be a large network of people servicing GM. My source told me it's not like you get a deal on a box of 8-track tapes and the players go away. 参考中文翻译:CNN 的个人理财编辑Gerri Willis将为我们分析一下现在是不是买车的最佳时机。现在真是买车的好时间,只有你有良好的信用,就有很多机会。上个月整个汽车产业的销售额降低了接近32%,为25年来的最低值。汽车产业采取的激励措施是空前的。实际上,今天,福特汽车宣布针对一些车型对雇员实行零利息和现金双重激励措施。但是你可能在考虑你现在想买汽车品牌明天是不是还存在,因为真的有很多消极面。是的,确实是这样的,很多人担忧人们会不会从一个将要破产的汽车商那里购买汽车。所以给我们分析一下都有哪些消极面呢?呃,可以看一下,你的目标是买到物美价廉的汽车——你能够买的到底最便宜的,你会发现汽车公司现在在苦苦挣扎。现在新的汽车公司正在接收,汽车生产商会说,由于新的汽车公司接手了,你的汽车的担保还是有效的。然而,一旦你的汽车生产商破产了,你的担保也就有了风险。如果你在考虑买汽车,那么你正在随时准备为汽车产业献身,因为现在所有的车生产商正在为销量苦苦挣扎,世界范围内都有一系列的激励措施,尤其是那些大品牌的汽车,比如混合动力和小型汽车。你付的钱越多越好。最好的协商方法是,你可以在consumerreports.com看一下汽车经销商的购买价是多少,上面有新车的价格。就用那个价格来协商,所以问题的中心就变成可以让经销商赚多少钱,一般是2%~4%,而不是为了让他在标价的基础上给你降多少,这是你作为消费者最有威力的地方。是的,多亏了网络,我们在信息方面的力量越来越大。我必须问你一下,Gerri,考虑到有那么多的问题,你现在还会购买美国产的汽车吗?你知道,我刚刚和消费者报告栏目通过电话。他们说,我们不应该买克莱斯勒汽车汽车,有两个原因,一个是他们的价格在测试中评估不是很高,第二点是他们公司正面临这严重的财政危机。但是,对于同样面临财政压力大通用汽车来说,他们的很多产品评估都比较高,所以是购买通用汽车的好时机。虽然母公司面临这一些问题,但是他们仍然有广阔的务网络。并不是说你做了一笔生意买了一箱子8声道的磁带,而单放机却不见了。200811/56751章丘区人民医院妇科

章丘区儿童医院QQ号India's Technology Industry Fears Cuts in Outsourcing from US印技术行业担心美企减少外包业务  Many in India cheered Barack Obama's victory in the U.S. presidential election. But India's technology and outsourcing sector is watching cautiously to see if a new U.S. administration will implement policies that will cut down outsourcing from American companies. 印度是世界上接受美国公司外包业务最多的国家。随着美国民主党的奥巴马当选为总统,印度的技术和外包产业都在谨慎地观察下一届美国政府是否会为了保护美国的就业市场而限制美国公司的业务外包。Over the last decade, Indian companies have flourished as overseas companies outsource work such as sales calls, technical help desks, accounting and software development to India. The country's huge pool of English-speaking graduates and software engineers work at a fraction of the wages paid in the West, helping to cut down the cost of doing business.  在过去的10年里,印度公司由于境外企业向这里外包电话营销、技术持、会计和软件开发等业务而蓬勃发展。对于这些海外企业来说,印度拥有庞大的英语人口以及数量众多的信息产业人才,而这里的工资只是西方国家的几分之一。向这里外包业务无疑有利于削减成本。But there is some uncertainty if work will continue to flow from American companies at the same pace under a new U.S. administration. During his campaign, Senator Barack Obama said he will give incentives to companies that create jobs at home, and stop giving tax breaks to those that ship jobs overseas.  不过,美国新政府上台后,美国公司是否还会像现在这样向印度输送业务还是个未知数。奥巴马在竞选期间曾经多次表示,作为总统,他将奖励那些在美国本土创造就业机会的公司,同时停止给那些外包业务的公司提供税收优惠。Indian finance minister, P. Chidambaram, remains optimistic that India's outsourcing sector will not be impacted.  然而印度财长奇丹巴兰姆对于这个问题似乎并不怎么担心。他认为印度承包美国公司业务的部门不会受到影响。"A comment here or a comment there about outsourcing etc. should not bother us," he said. "Once he is in office, he will realize that in an interconnected world, countries have to work together." 奇丹巴兰姆说:“东一句、西一句的各种并不会让我们担心。奥巴马就任后,他会意识到这是个紧密相连的世界。各国必须合作。”However, some industry analysts fear that U.S. businesses, aly battling an economic crisis, will reduce work sent to countries like India. Much of the work is farmed out by clients in the banking, financial services and insurance sector - many of which are hit hard by the financial meltdown. 但是,一些行业分析人士担心,已经陷于危机的美国企业可能会减少向印度的业务输出。目前,印度公司承包的很多业务是在和金融以及保险领域。这些领域在目前的金融危机中遭受打击最重。Others are optimistic that any slowdown in outsourcing will be short lived. The president of Business Process Industries Association of India, Samir Chopra, says eventually economic pragmatism will prevail, ensuring that outsourcing continues to flourish.  其他人则更为乐观一些。他们认为,外包减慢是个暂时现象。电话务中心的行业组织印度商业业务流程协会主席萨米尔.乔普拉说,经济实用主义最终会占上风,这将确保印度承包业的持续繁荣。"There is a little bit of uneasy wariness in this entire process, but it going to be very short term. Eventually what would take over is the economics of the business ... they would have to necessarily outsource to reduce the absolute cost of doing business. So outsourcing definitely would bounce back," said Chopra.  乔普拉说:“整个行业现在都有点不安。但这将是短期的。最终,这种情绪将被商业的基本经济原理取代。这些企业必须将自己的业务外包,这样才能减少绝对成本。所以,外包一定会反弹。”Nearly 400 of the world's 500 largest companies outsource some work to India - and a large chunk of this comes from U.S. clients. Rapid expansion in recent years has helped the technology and outsourcing sector's earnings to grow to billion annually. But in recent months, growth has begun to slow, and many IT and outsourcing companies expect lower profits this year. 全球最大的500家企业当中,将近400家企业向印度外包某种业务。这些公司大部分来自美国。最近几年,技术和外包业务的迅速扩大使得印度相关企业的年收入增长到500亿美元。不过最近几个月来,增长速度开始减缓。印度很多信息技术产业和承包公司预计今年的利润将会下降。200811/55629 Everywhere the cliffs are scarred by penguin claws.They are irrepressible and undaunted by missteps and stumbles.岩壁上到处都是被企鹅爪子挠过的痕迹。虽然磕磕绊绊,步履蹒跚,但它们势不可挡,不屈不挠。At the top, red eye, yellow brow and full of spunk, they celebrate their accent and reunion, and are quickly assorted by their ravenous chicks. Now, the earliest biggest the adults. More food is the course running out up and down the shores and cliffs of the forquence.在悬崖顶部,红色的眼和黄色的眉毛,这些动物眉宇间充满了勇气。它们用自己独特的声音庆祝着团圆,但很快就被饿极了的小企鹅们打扰。现在最大的成年人也已经开始,更多的食物短缺问题被提上了日程。Migrants who spend their lives gracefully plying hundreds of miles of sea and air feeding at their leisure are now bounce to these frozen shores of rock and sand, Leathered by the course of their young,more food.这些花了一生时间走了几百里的海路和空路的迁徙者们现在正在利用闲暇时间进食,当然它们面对的是冰冷的海滩和岩石,年轻的下一代用渴望的眼神看着它们。It is nightfall in Australia. Rush hour is in force swing. The little red flying foxes are migrating, and parched with thirst. But to drink on the wind is a dangerous undertaking.现在是澳大利亚的黄昏,高峰时间浪潮不断。小红飞狐正在迁徙,它们饥渴难耐,但此时进食喝水对它们来说无疑将是致命的。词语解释:1. scar n. 伤痕2. celebrate v.庆祝164275济南第一医院妇科济南五院挂号预约



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