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First Dutch Treat第一餐各付各的Kathy and Evan go out lunch.凯西和艾凡外出吃午餐K:I hope the hostel owner doesnt mind our going out meals.凯西:我希望旅社的老板不介意我们外出用餐E:Who? Mrs. Van Helsing? She doesnt mind at all. 艾凡:谁?凡·赫尔辛太太?她一点也不介意In fact, she suggested we have lunch at a cafe near here.实际上,她建议我们在这附近的一家小餐馆用餐K:That sounds sweet of her. Say, look at all the trees and flowers! It seems everyone grows flowers in Holland.凯西:听起来她人不错啊!看看这些树木花草!在荷兰似乎每个人都种植花卉E:Well, Holland is famous its tulips and windmills.艾凡:嗯,荷兰以郁金香和风车为人所熟知K:This is a cute restaurant. Let go in here.凯西:这家餐馆很漂亮,咱们进去吧E:This is the place she suggested! 艾凡:这就是旅社老板建议的餐馆The outside the door has lots of good dishes. 在门外的菜单上有许多好吃的菜色Notice that almost everything is in Dutch and English?你有没有注意到几乎每道菜都用荷文和英文写的?K:Yeah. Why is that?凯西:有为什么?E:Mrs. Van Helsing was telling me that kids here learn English from primary school. Oh, by the way, youre paying your lunch and Im paying mine. After all, while were in the Netherlands, we should be going Dutch!艾凡:凡·赫尔辛太太告诉过我这里的小孩从小学就学英文哦,对了,你付你的午餐钱,我付我的毕竟,我们身在荷兰,就应该各付各的! 53183Learn more about nutrition 多了解营养Free advice is available by phone from the American Dietetic Association’s Consumer Nutrition Hot Line. Just dial 1-800-366-55 Monday through Friday between 9 a.m. and p. m. Central Standard Time.You may listen to recorded nutrition messages,available in either English or Spanish.拔一通电话到美国营养协会消费者营养热线可以获得免费建议.只要在星期一到星期五中央标准时间上午九点到下午四点打1-800-366-55 即可.你可以收听预先录好的营养讯息,有英文或西班牙两种语言可供选择. 6Secretary of State John Kerry toured a factory in Beijing Saturday and announced a new joint partnership with China to work on curbing emissions and output of greenhouse gases that trap solar heat in the atmosphere.美国国务卿约翰克里周六参观了北京一家工厂,宣称将与中国就减少能够俘获太阳能的温室气体向大气排放的事宜开启新的合作伙伴关系。BEIJING The ed States and China said Saturday they have agreed to intensify efforts to address climate change and to work together on forging a common platform ahead of a global summit on the issue at the end of next year.北京——中美周六宣布已就加强应对气候变化并在来年内就此建立一个全球首脑共同平台的努力达成协议。The agreement was announced during a visit by U.S. Secretary of State John F. Kerry, as some of the worst air pollution in almost a year brought visibility down to two or three blocks in Beijing.协议指出,克里访华期间,北京的空气污染正处于一年中最严重的时节,能见度只有两、三个街区。In the past, efforts to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions have often foundered because of disagreements between developed and developing nations over how the burden of adjustment should be shared.过去,减少温室气体排放的努力往往因为发达国家与发展中国家之间对于调节排放量分配的分歧而以失败告终。If the ed States can find common ground with China, it could potentially help to bridge that divide and make it easier to reach agreements with other developing nations such as India. But it was not immediately clear whether Saturday’s joint statement was a sign of meaningful progress.如果美国能与中国达成一致,这将有助于弥合上述分歧,与如印度这样的其他发展中国家取得共识也会更加容易。但周六的联合声明是否具有实际进展的意义,目前尚未可知。“In light of the overwhelming scientific consensus on climate change and its worsening impacts, and the related issue of air pollution from burning fossil fuels, the ed States and China recognize the urgent need for action to meet these twin challenges,the countries said in the statement. “Both sides reaffirm their commitment to contribute significantly to successful 2015 global efforts to meet this challenge.””鉴于科学界对气候变化及其日益恶劣的影响之普遍共识,以及与之相关的石化燃料所致空气污染,中美两国意识到面对这两大挑战采取行动的迫切需要,“两国在声明中表示:“双方重申了各自015年全球成功应对此挑战所应担负的重大责任。”The two countries, which established a working group last year to tackle climate change, said they would “devote significant effort and resources to secure concrete resultsby the time they meet for a strategic and economic dialogue later this year.双方于去年建立了一个致力于气候变化的工作组,并声称,到今年晚些时候双方进行战略与经济会谈时,他们将“投入丰富的资源及显著的努力以保障获取切实成果。”They also agreed to share information on their respective post-2020 plans to limit greenhouse-gas emissions.他们还同意就各自2020后温室气体减排计划交换信息。Kerry noted that the ed States and China contribute around 40 percent of the world’s greenhouse-gas emissions and said it was “imperativethey work together to ensure that the U.N. climate summit to be held in Paris in December 2015 is a success.克里指出,美中合占全球温室气体排量的40%,并称,双方共同合作,确0152月在巴黎举行的联合国气候峰会成功举行“势在必行”。“As the science that has been pouring in over the course of the last year tells us every single day, and as the facts on the ground with droughts, fires and disasters, and acidification of the ocean, and other things happening at an increased pace, it is more urgent that we join together to respond to this problem,Kerry said at a news conference Friday.“正如越来越多的科学研究在过去的一年里每一天都在提醒我们的,面对干旱、火灾、海洋酸化以及地球上其他加速进行的灾难,人类应该团结起来携手应,时不我待。”克里在周五的新闻发布会上说。Developing nations argue that the West bears responsibility for damaging the global environment and should bear the cost of cleaning it up.发展中国家辩称西方对全球环境退化负有责任,并理应承担治理资金。In its pursuit of economic growth, China has inflicted enormous damage on its own environment, and greenhouse-gas emissions have risen astronomically because of the country’s dependence on coal. Nevertheless, the government in Beijing has appeared increasingly concerned about the social, economic and health impacts of pollution.在寻求经济增长的过程中,中国自身付出了巨大的环境代价,其温室气体的排量也因国内对煤矿的依赖而飞速窜升。不过,目测北京当局越来越关注污染产生的社会经济和卫生影响了。Last September, China launched a 0 billion plan to clean up its air, including limiting the use of coal and banning high-polluting vehicles. It also asked 15,000 factories to publish real-time data on their air and water emissions in an unprecedented attempt to bring more transparency to the issue.去年九月,中国启动了一800亿元预算的空气治理计划,包括限制煤矿的应用,禁行大排量汽车。同时,它还要求15000家工厂实时发布它们水气排放的数据,这是其为增进透明度做出的一项前所未有的努力。Later Saturday, Kerry flew to the Indonesian capital, Jakarta, where he is to give a speech Sunday in which he is expected to urge the global community to do more to tackle climate change.上周六,克里飞往印尼首都雅加达,并将于周日发表敦促加强全球合作解决气候变化问题的演讲。来 /201402/276402

Couple Mark and Denise Duffield Thomas said "I do" 85 times, breaking the world record, in just six months.  一对夫妇马克和和丹尼丝 杜菲尔德 托马斯在六个月内举行5场婚礼,打破了世界记录。  Mark, from Cheshire, UK, and Denise, from Australia, met as students in Manchester in July 2002. They married for the first time at Ufton Court, near Reading, Berks, in 2008.  马克来自英国柴郡,丹尼丝来自澳大利亚002月,还是学生的他们首次见面008年,他们在伯克郡里丁市附近的阿夫顿法院举行第一次婚礼。  Last year they spotted the competition for the Runaway Bride and Groom Company of Ireland on the internet and won against 30,000 other entrants.  去年他们参加爱尔兰一家新婚蜜月公逃跑新郎新娘公司"的网上竞赛,从三万对参赛新婚夫妇中脱颖而出They gave up their marketing jobs in London and started their new "career". Six months later they have finished the last leg of their trip in Australia with an aboriginal ceremony in Queensland - adorned with face paint and cockatoo feathers.  他们放弃了在伦敦的市场营销的工作,开始了新的"婚礼之旅"。六个月后他们在澳大利亚完成最后一场婚礼。在那场澳大利亚昆士兰举行的土著传统婚礼上,这对夫妇的脸上涂满了油,头上插上鹦鹉羽毛。  "We're the happiest couple in the world," said Denise, 31. "Every day has been a honeymoon in the past six months."  31岁的马克说:"(我想)我们是世界上最幸福的夫妇,在过去6个月的每一天里我们都在度蜜月!" /201012/119759

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