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A: Nice to see you; how have you been feeling lately?B: I have been feeling great, Dr. Smith.A: I am happy that you have decided to come in your annual physical.B: Yes, I am going on a cross-country bike ride on vacation and want to make sure that I don’t have any problems.A: We are going to look at your heart and lungs, do a few blood tests, and see that your eyes, ears, and nose are all working as they should be.B: I’ve been having trouble with congestion in my chest. Can you give me some tests that?A: I can do a chest X-ray to check congestion.B: That would be great. What is the blood test ?A: The blood test is cholesterol, white blood cell count, and blood sugar.B: I have been feeling great. I don’t imagine that any of my tests will turn out badly. 5397本对话选自Kyle XY《神奇凯尔Stephen听说Lori要和Declan出去玩,表示自己对Declan的不信任和对Lori的担心,希望Lori能重新选择,可是Lori很坚决地要和Declan在一起 Lori: Bye, dad.Stephen: Where are you off to?Lori: Just going to hang with Declan bee the carnival.Stephen: Declan.Lori: You say his name with such enthusiasm.Stephen: What do you see in that guy?Lori: Dad.Stephen: You know, you could find someone solid and honorable, someone who hasn't been in a felony.Lori: Declan owned up to that accident. He's doing commy service now.Stephen: Ha, well, I feel so much better. I was his age once. I know how boys like him think.Lori: Oh, really, how's that?Stephen: I really don't want to think about it. No, I'm serious, Lori. I don't trust him.Lori: Well, then I guess you'll just have to trust me.重点知识讲解:1. hang (about around ) with (和某人)长时间待在一起,泡在一块儿例句:I don't want to hang with that dork any more. 我再也不想和那个傻瓜在一起啦. see sth. in sb.sth. 看上,看中,觉得……有趣例句:I don't know what she sees in him. 我不知道她看上他哪儿了3. solid adj. 可靠的,可信赖的,坚实的例句:His advice was always solid and practical. 他的建议总是有根有据,切合实际. felony n. 重罪,重刑罪a charge of felony 对犯重罪的指控汉语译文:Lori: 爸爸,再见Stephen: 你要到哪啊?Lori: 嘉年华前和Declan一起玩会儿Stephen: 又是这个DeclanLori: 你听起来不高兴啊Stephen: 你看上他什么了?Lori: 爸Stephen: 你知道,你可以找一个稳定可靠的人,没有犯罪记录的人Lori: Declan承担了那次事故的责任他在做社区务呢Stephen: 哈,这值得高兴么,我也年轻过,我知道他这样的男孩想些什么Lori: 是么,想什么?Stephen: 我真不愿这么想我是认真的,Lori,我不信任他Lori: 那么你就只能相信我了课后题目:学习完后,你知道在这件事情上面,父亲和Lori分别是什么意见了吗? 703.May I help you?我可以帮你吗?May I help you?我可以帮你吗?Are you looking something in particular?您在找特定的东西吗?Im just looking,thanks.我只是看看,谢谢No,Im fine.不用,没关系.Just looking,thanks.看看而已,谢谢.Im looking a gift.我正在找礼物.Yes,where are your men sweaters?是啊,请问男式毛衣在哪里?Could you show me shis,please?你可以拿这个给我看吗?May I see that silver bracelet please?我可以看看这银手镯吗?Cash or charge?付现金还是刷卡?Will that be cash or charge?付现金还是刷卡呢?Would you like to pay by cash or charge?您要付现金还是刷卡?Will you be paying by cash or credit card(charge)?您要付现金还是信用卡(刷卡)?Cash,please.付现金,谢谢.Charge.刷卡.Do you accept American Express?你们接受美国运通卡吗?Can I use Master Card?我可以用万事达卡吗?Do you take VISA?你们接受VISA卡吗?May I help you?(Just looking,thanks.)我可以帮你吗?看看而已,谢谢.May I help you?(Im just looking,thanks.)我可以帮你吗?我只是看看,谢谢.May I help you?(No,Im fine.)我可以帮你吗?不用,谢谢.May I help you?(Could you show me this,please?)我可以帮你吗?你可以拿这个给我看吗?Are you looking something in particular?(Could you show me this,please?)您在找特定的东西吗?你可以拿这个给我看吗?Are you looking something in particular?(Im looking a gift.)您在找特定的东西吗?我正在找礼物.Are you looking something in particular?(Just looking,thanks.)您在找特定的东西吗?看看而已.Are you looking something in particular?(No,thanks.)您在找特定的东西吗?不用,没关系.Are you looking something in particular?(Yes,where are your men sweaters?)您在找特定的东西吗?是啊,请问男式毛衣在哪里?Are you looking something in particular?您在找特定的东西吗?我可以看看这银手镯吗?May I see that silver bracelet,please?付现金还是刷卡?付现金,谢谢.Cash or charge?(Cash,please.)付现金还是刷卡?现金.Cash or charge?(Charge.)付现金还是刷卡?刷卡.Will that be cash or charge?(Cash,please.)付现金还是刷卡呢?付现金,谢谢.Will that be cash or charge?(Charge,please.)付现金还是刷卡呢?刷卡,谢谢.Would you like to pay by cash or charge?(Cash,please.)您要付现金还是刷卡呢?付现金,谢谢.Would you like to pay by cash or charge?(Charge,please.)您要付现金还是刷卡呢?刷卡,谢谢.Would you like to pay by cash or charge?(Can I use Master Card?)您要付现金还是刷卡呢?我可以用万事达卡吗?Will you be paying by cash or charge?(Cash,please.)您要付现金还是刷卡?付现金,谢谢.Will you be paying by cash or charge?(Charge.)您要付现金还是刷卡?刷卡.Will that be cash or charge?(Do you accept American Express?)付现金还是刷卡呢?你们接受美国运通卡吗?Will that be cash or charge?(Do you take VISA?)付现金还是刷卡呢?你们接受VISA卡吗?Will you be paying by cash or charge?(Do you accept American Express?)您要付现金还是刷卡?你们接受美国运通卡吗?Will you be paying by cash or charge?(Do you take VISA?)您要付现金还是刷卡?你们接受VISA卡吗?Will you be paying by cash or charge?(Can I use Master Card?)您要付现金还是刷卡?我可以用万事达卡吗?A:May I help you?B:No,thanks,Im just looking.A:能为您务吗?B:不用,谢谢.我只是看看.A:All right.Let me know if you need any help.B:Thanks.A:好的.如果有任何需要请告诉我.B:谢谢.A:Hi,how are you today?B:Im fine,thanks.A:嗨,你好.B:很好,谢谢.A:Are you looking something in particular?A:你要找特定的东西吗?B:Actually,Im looking a pair of jeans.B:事实上我在找牛仔裤.A:The jeans section is over here.What kind of cut are you looking ?A:牛仔裤放在这儿,你要什么式样的呢?B:I think I want a straight leg.B:我想要直筒的吧.A:What size?B:30-30.A:什么尺寸呢?B:30-30.A:Here you are.Do you want to try them on first?B:No thanks.They should fit.A:这件.您要试穿吗?B:不用,谢谢,应该适合吧.A:Would you like to look at our sweaters or T-shirts to go with that?A:您要不要看看我们的毛衣或T-shirt一起搭配?B:No thanks,Ill just take these.B:不用了谢谢.我买这件就好.A:All right.Thatll be .95.Will that be cash or charge?A:好的.那是.95.要付现金还是刷卡?B:Do you take American Express?B:美国运通卡接受吗?A:Yes,we do.B:All right.Charge then.A:Please sign here.B:Thank you.A:是,我们可以.B:好,那刷卡.A:请在这儿签名.B:谢谢.A:Thanks shopping with us,and have a nice day!A:谢谢您的光临,祝您愉快.Im just looking,thanks.我只是看看.Could you show me this?你可以拿这个给我看吗?Cash,please.付现金,谢谢.Charge.刷卡. 185Dialogue AA:Here is the fried beef with green pepper and onion.B:Mm,It looks good.And I have ordered another dish-plain fried shrimps.A:It coming.B:What is this?A:It sweet and sour pork.B:Im afraid there is a mistake.I ordered a sweet and sour fish.A:Im sorry,sir. I got it wrong. Will you keep the sweet and sour pork,or should I get the sweet and sour fish you?B:That all right.Ill take it anyway.A:Thank you very much.Dialogue BMr Bell(B) is having his last dish.He finds it different from what he has ordered.B:Excuse me, sir. I ordered the hairy crab but you gave me the green crab.Waiter(W):Im sorry, sir.Ill get you the head-waiter.(Soon the head-waiter(HW)comes.)HW:Im awfully sorry.There must have been some mistake.I do apologize giving you the wrong dish.Ill change it immediately you.The crab will take minutes to prepare.Would you take come complimentary drink while waiting?B:Im afraid I dont have enough time to wait the next crab.I have an appointment at 7∶00 in my room.Now it 6∶5.HW:Oh, you are staying at our hotel.Mr…B:Bell,Henry Bell.HW:Room…?B:Room 9.HW:Oh,Mr Bell,I shall ask the Room Service to serve you a snack at 9∶30 tonight,and youll have your favorite hairy crab.It all on the house.And now try the green crab if you dont mind.Well cross the green crab off the bill.B:That good.Thank you.HW:Thank you telling us,Mr Bell.I assure you it wont happen again.Please take your time and enjoy yourself.And I hope you have a good time at our hotel.Words and Expressionsshrimp n.虾plain fried shrimps 清炒虾仁sour a.酸味的sweet and sour pork糖醋肉apologize vi.道歉complimentary a.免费赠送的 18

Lesson One第一课Paying By Credit Card用信用卡结账G:Hello.Ive come to pay my bill.旅客:您好,我来结账C:Okay.Just a moment please.Let me get our copy...出纳员:好的请稍等,我拿一下我们的账单will that be cash or charge?请问是付现金还是记账?G:Charge.Ill put it on my American Express.Ill pay by American Express.旅客:记账请计入我的运通卡C:Okay.By the way,出纳员:好的,顺便说一下,there a % merchant commission you must pay if you use a credit card.如果您使用信用卡就需要付%的商业佣金G:Who gets the %?旅客:是付给谁的?C:The Bank of China.出纳员:中国We defray this charge when you pay your sundry fees bill,在您付杂费的同时我们要付这笔费用,but Im afraid we must add it to the rental.但是恐怕我们必须把它纳入租金内G:Hmm.Okay.旅客:嗯,好吧C:That will be a total of ,97.00.May I have your card,please?出纳员:总计是597.00美元,请给我您的信用卡好吗?G:Here you are.旅客:给你C:Thank you...(imprints card)Would you sign here,please?出纳员:谢谢......(刷卡)您能在这儿签字吗?Thank you.Here your card and your copy.谢谢,这是您的信用卡和给您的一份账单G:Thank you.(starts to leave)旅客:谢谢你(客人准备离开)C:Just a moment,please,let me give you your receipt.出纳员:请稍等,给您收据Lesson Two第二课Telling Guest which Cards We Honor告诉客人我们所认可的信用卡C:Will that be cash or charge?出纳员:您付现金还是记账?G:Which cards do you honor?旅客:你们认可哪些信用卡?C:Master Card,Visa,Diner Club,American Express and JCB.出纳员:万事达卡、Visa卡、打莱卡、美国运通卡和日本JCB卡.G:Do you take Discovery?旅客:你们认可Discovery卡吗?C:No.Im afraid we dont.出纳员:不,对不起,我们不使用G:In that case,Ill put it on my Diner Club.旅客:这样的话,请记入我的打莱卡内Lesson Three第三课Paying Cash in U.S. Dollars用美元现金结账C:Will that be cash or charge?出纳员:请问您是付现金还是记账?G:Cash.旅客:付现金C:Renminbi,or U.S.dollars?出纳员:是人民币还是美元?G:Dollars.旅客:美元C:Okay.By the way,出纳员:好的,顺便说一下,there a 3% handling charge paying U.S.dollars in cash.用美元现金结账要加收3%的手续费G:What?!That absurd.Why is there a handling charge cash?旅客:什么?这太奇怪了为什么付现金还要加手续费?C:The bank adds a 3% service charge every transaction involving cash in U.S. dollars.出纳员:要加收3%的手续费对任何美元现金交易It a charge using their services.这是他们收取的手续费G:Ive never heard of such a thing!旅客:我还从未听说过这样的事情!All right,then,add it if you must.如果你们必须加收3%的务费,那就加收吧C:That will be .出纳员:总共是56美元G:Okay.Here 0.旅客:好吧,这是550美元C:(counts it twice.)Im sorry.出纳员:(出纳数了两遍钱)对不起,I think this is short $.I only come up with .我想您少给了美元,我数只有50美元Could you count it again,please.请您再数一遍,好吗?G:Hmm,all right.旅客:嗯,好吧Let me see...(counts it once,frowns,counts it again.)让我看看......(数了一遍,皱皱眉,又数了一遍)I guess youre right.Sorry.Here you are.(Add another $)我想你是对的对不起,给你(又给了美元)C:That all right.(counts it again)0.出纳员:没关系(又数了一遍)是550美元Here your charge,please check itplease count it(to make sure it right).这是找给您的零钱,请点清请数好(以确定无误)And here your receipt.这是给您的收据C:Excuse me.I think you gave me too much.This is over by $.出纳员:对不起,您给我的钱多了美元G:Are you sure?旅客:你能肯定吗?C:Yes.I counted it three times.出纳员:是的,我数过三遍了There were two bills stuck together.New bills are difficult to count.两张粘在一起,新票难捻开Here you are.给您G:Well,thank you.旅客:好吧,谢谢Lesson Four第四课Calling Guest about Overdue Bill电话通知客人关于逾期未付账事宜G:Hello?旅客:喂?C:Good evening,this is Cecilia Bi from the Finance Department.店员:晚上好,我是财务部的Cecilia Bi,Im calling about your rent bill我想和您谈一下租金的事情,which has been outstanding since the first of the month.您的租金已于本月1日起逾期未付了Normally your company wires us your rent payment on time,通常你们公司都是时电汇租金的but some reason we have not received this month rent payment yet.但是不知道是什么原因,我们还没有收到本月的租金I was concerned because starting on the th which is tomorrow,我很担心,因为超过明天即日we will have to add interest charges accruing from the first of this month when the bill was due.我们要增收从本月1日开始的利息G:And what is the interest rate?旅客:请问利率是多少?C:0.5%(Zero Point five percent).店员:是0.5%G:Okay,thank you calling.Ill be down tomorrow to take care of it.旅客:好吧,谢谢你打电话来通知我我明天下楼付租金Lesson Five第五课Guest requires about Interest Charge Debit Notice客人询问有关利息欠单事宜C:Good morning,can I help you?店员:早晨好,您有什么事吗?G:Yes.I received this debit notice.What is this all about?旅客:是的,我收到这份欠款通知单,请问它是关于什么的欠款单?C:Oh,this is the interest charge on your rental which has been outstanding since the first of the month.店员:这是由于您逾期未付租金而加收利息的通知单自本月1日开始After the th when your has been in arrears more than two weeks,过了本月日后,你已经欠款超过两个星期了,we begin to charge you interest starting from the first,when the bill was due.我们开始加收自本月1日账单到期时起的利息G:Well,I had no idea my room bill wasnt paid this month.旅客:噢,我并不知道本月租金未付My company usually wires the payment to you directly.Isnt that right?通常不是由我公司直接将租金电汇给.你们的吗?C:Yes.Usually they send the payment on time,店员:是的,通常他们都会时结账的,but this month we havent received your room-payment to date.但是直到现在为止我们还未收到您本月的租金Perhaps you could contact them about it.也许您可以和他们联系一下G:Yes,well,I certainly will.旅客:是的,好吧我的确要和他们联系一下G:I spoke to my company headquarters in New York旅客:我已和公司驻纽约的总部通过话了It seems the secretary who in charge of wiring my rent was on vacation last week.好像是由于负责电汇给我租金的秘书上星期度假去了Theyre taking care of it now.所以现在他们正在办理此事You should have the money in a day or two.你们应该能在一两天内收到这笔租金Since this is the first time this has ever happened,由于此事是第一次发生,do you think it would be possible to waive the interest charge this time?你们是否考虑免收这次的利息C:Im afraid Ill have to speak to our manager about that.店员:恐怕我需要和我们经理商谈一下Just a moment,please.请您稍等G:...Our manager said that since your company has had a good record of timely payment up till now,旅客:我们的经理说由于你们公司到现在为止租金的交纳都很及时,he thinks we can agree to that,but just this once!他认为我们可以同意免收这次的利息,但是下不为例G:Thank you.I understand.旅客:谢谢您,我知道Ill make sure my office in New York is more careful about it in the future.我保我们在纽约的公司今后将会谨慎处理此事的Thank you understanding.多谢您的理解C:Youre welcome.店员:不必客气Lesson Six第六课Question about Billing Dates有关付账日期的问题C:(smiling)Good morning,may I help you?店员:(微笑)早晨好,您有什么事吗?G:Yes,I have a question about my bill.旅客:是的,我想问一个有关帐单的问题I was charged from March till March 31.我付的的帐是从3月日算起的,Why did you bill me less than a month?你们为什么不让我付一整月的帐?I thought you would bill be from March to April .我认为你们应该让我付3月日到月日的账目C:Our billing system is set up from the 1st to the 31st of each month,店员:我们是依据每月1日到31日的方式来建帐的or we bill you on the last day of your first month第一个月,我们在月底 whatever portion of that month you stayed hereyou used the room.照自您起租日到月底的天数收费or whatever portion of that month you used the room.或者您使用这个房间天数收费 33

每种语言都有一些生动有趣的词汇,用以形容人的不同特性美国口语中经常使用的一些描述各种人的习惯用语不仅能让你了解美国文化,而且有助于掌握更地道、更纯正的美式口语  下面是一些有趣的例子:  1. nerd和jock是美国学生常用的两个俗语nerd的意思和汉语中的“书呆子”类似这类人聪明勤奋,但却过于保守严肃,在校园里颇让人瞧不起jock则恰恰相反他们魁梧帅气,很受女孩子们的欢迎,尤其擅长American football和basketball等各种体育运动当然,校园中也不乏漂亮的girl jocks  . egghead这个词在195年的美国总统大选中被首次使用当时的竞选双方分别是二战盟军总司令艾森豪威尔和书生气十足的伊利诺伊州州长史蒂文森史蒂文森精心准备的竞选演讲文字华丽晦涩,只有和他一样的知识分子才会感兴趣对手取笑他说:Sure, all the eggheads love Stevenson. But how many eggheads do you think there are egghead的意思,就是指书生气很足的知识分子  3. hick和city slicker这两个词的意思在各种语言中一定都能找到对应的词,它们分别是城里人和乡下人对对方的贬称hick的意思是“乡巴佬,土包子,”而slick字面意思是“圆滑的,油滑的”,因而city slicker也就是乡下人眼中的“城里老油子,打扮光鲜,老于世故却不可信的城里滑头”  .turkey(火鸡),shrimp(虾)和crab(螃蟹)这三种动物在美国人眼中会是什么人呢?turkey是美国人在Thanksgiving Day和Christmas Day家家都要吃的食物但是,活的火鸡样子难看,行动又笨拙,所以turkey就用来形容那种愚蠢无用的人而那种雇用了这些turkey,又不能开除他们的政府或商业机构就被称作turkey farmshrimp常被用于指代那些个子矮小的人或无足轻重的小人物请看下面的句子:You may call Napoleon a little shrimp. But a shrimp, he certainly made the rest of Europe tremble而crab因为长相丑陋凶恶,常被用来指那些性格暴躁、脾气很坏的人  5. baby boomer, yuppie(雅皮士), dink(丁克),sandwich generation这四个词反映了美国经济和社会变化二战结束后的二十年内,美国人口激增,那个时期出生的人在美国被称作baby boomers,因为boom有激增、暴涨之意yuppie(雅皮士)(young urban professionals)是指生活在大城市、受过高等教育、生活富裕的成功职业人士dinks (double income, no kids)是指那些有很好的工作和收入,但是不要孩子的夫妇sandwich generation则恰恰相反,他们是既要赡养老人,又要抚养下一代,像三明治一样被夹在中间的经济负担较重的一群人 6. couch potato和mall rat是两个和美国人生活习惯有关的俗语couch potato指一有时间就坐在沙发上看电视的人,一声不吭,一动不动,就像一个圆滚滚的土豆而mall rat当然不会是购物中心的真老鼠,而是指没事儿老喜欢到mall(大商场)里去逛的人  7. backseat driver, wheeler-dealer, free-wheeler, fifth wheel是四个和汽车有关的常用习语backseat driver坐在汽车后排,却不停地对前面开车的人指手画脚,是指那些自己不在岗位上,但是却喜欢给在位的人提供人家不需要的意见的人wheeler-dealer精明能干,是那种善于运用权利和财势在政治或商业活动中为所欲为,独断独行的人free-wheeler喜欢自由,不受约束,是指那些不愿意遵守自己工作单位的规章制度,想怎么做就怎么做的人而fifth wheel的意思则很好猜出一辆汽车只有四只轮子,那么,fifth wheel当然是多余的、不受欢迎的人了  8. green thumb和all thumbs也是两个很有意思的俗语green thumb指善于养花种草的人,这些人总是能把花园收拾得绿色怡人,养出来的花草光亮健康,羡煞那些费了很多劲儿,种出来的花草蔬菜却总是半死不活的人所以,green thumb就是那些很会养花种草的人如果说一个人是all thumbs会是什么样呢?想想看,拇指虽好,可要是十个指头都长成短短粗粗的拇指,干起活来肯定很难受all thumbs便是形容一个人笨手笨脚  9. penny-pincher和cheapskate都是指花钱很小心、吝啬的人penny是一美分,pinch意为“捏”,顾名思义,penny-pincher就是那些连一分钱都要在手里捏得紧紧的、舍不得花出去的人cheapskate则是万事以省钱为本,越省越好,请客最多带你去MacDonald这种人往往不受欢迎,尤其令他们的女朋友反感从这个意义上说,cheapskate比penny-pincher更贬损  . spring chicken和lame duck是指春天孵出的小鸡和瘸腿的鸭子吗?当然不是,读一读下面这两句话,猜猜它们的意思吧(1)The woman said,over ty, so I'm not a spring chicken any more()The governor of our state ended up as a lame duck when he lost the election. He still has six weeks left in office but there's nothing to do except to pack up his papers实际上,spring chicken意为“年轻人,缺乏经验的人”,lame duck是指“竞选连任失败、即将卸任的官员”,也用来指“不中用的人”任何美国官员——从市长、州长、参议员到总统——都有可能因无能而被称为lame duck 73

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