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开学寄语——就由着他们吧 --01 :8:6 来源: 圣地亚哥州立大学去年在其Facebook和Twitter官方账号上向即将来报名的新生发布了一段文字:假如你的妈妈想帮你收拾床铺,就让她收拾吧;假如你的爸爸要跟整个楼层的同学打招呼,就让他打吧;如果他们时刻拿着相机,想要记录下你这两天的每一个举动,就让他们尽情拍吧以下为全文:Attention Freshmen who are moving in tomorrow: A little request ... When your mom wants to unpack all of your clothes and make your bed - Let her. When your dad wants to introduce himself to all the people on your floor - Let him. When they want to take pictures of every move you make this weekend - Let them. If they embarrass you or act crazy - Let them. As you start the new chapter of your life, they are also starting the new chapter of theirs. And believe it or not, this is probably more difficult them than it is you. So let them treat you like their "baby" one last time.明天入学的新生们注意了:一点小要求你妈想帮你收拾衣,收拾床铺的话,就随她吧你爸想跟整个楼层的同学都打招呼,就随他吧他们想把你这周末的一举一动都用相机拍下来,就由着他们吧如果他们让你有些尴尬,有些疯狂的举动,由着他们吧当你展开生命的新篇章时,他们也开始了人生新的阶段不管你信不信,这个阶段对他们来说要更困难一些所以,就让他们最后一次把你当“宝宝”照顾吧开学了,自然还是要跟大家分享一些相关的词汇的大一 freshman大二 sophomore大三 junior大四 senior本科生 undergraduate研究生 postgraduate士生 PhD student开学典礼 opening ceremony春季学期 spring semester秋季学期 fall semester注册、报到 register必修课 compulsory course选修课 optional course学分 credit奖学金 scholarship中国同性恋男子就“矫正性向”起诉精神病院 -- :58:6 来源: 中国北部的一名同性恋男子起诉一家精神病院,控告其用药物、监禁和殴打来试图“治疗”其同性恋取向 A gay man from northern China is suing a psychiatric hospital he alleges attempted to “cure” him of homosexuality with drugs, confinement and beatings.中国北部的一名同性恋男子起诉一家精神病院,控告其用药物、监禁和殴打来试图“治疗”其同性恋取向The 3-year-old, who uses the assumed name Yu Hu and is a fruit seller, claims he was held against his will at the Zhumadian No People’s hospital in Henan province in October last year. There, he was ced to undergo what doctors called “sexuality correction therapy”.化名为余虎的男子今年三十二岁,是名水果小贩他表示,他在去年十月被强制关进驻马店第二人民医院在那里,他被强迫接受所谓的“性取向矫正治疗”“During his confinement, Yu received coerced treatment, including medication and needle injections, as well as physical and verbal abuse,” Chinese media reported on Tuesday after a local court agreed to hear his case.周二,在当地法院同意受理此案后,媒体对其进行了报道:“在监禁期间,余虎所接受的治疗包括药物处理、针剂注射、殴打和口头侮辱”The man’s 5-year-old partner, who asked to be named only as Yang, told the Guardian that Yu had been cibly admitted to the hospital on 8 October after family members, including his wife, discovered he was gay.余虎的合伙人小杨今年二十五岁他告诉记者,在余虎的家人(包括他的妻子在内)发现他是名同性恋之后,他们就把他强制送进了这家医院About two weeks later, Yang raised the alarm after Yu asked to be rescued. Yang said he eventually secured his partner’s release with the help of Ah Qiang, a prominent LGBT rights activist from Guangdong province.在两周之前,小杨在余虎发出求救后拉响了警报小杨说,他最终在阿强的帮助下解救了余虎阿强是一位广东的LGBT平权人士Homosexuality was legalised in China in 1997 and the country is home to a vibrant and increasingly vocal gay commy. Shanghai’s annual gay pride celebrations, which kick off on Friday and have the theme “I Am Me”, are now in their eighth year.中国在1997年将同性恋合法化,并且同性恋人群正逐渐变得声势浩大本周五举办的上海年度同志骄傲活动的主题是“我就是我”该活动已经举办了七届But activists say some hospitals and doctors continue to prescribe drugs and use electroshock therapy as a bogus m of “conversion therapy”.但是相关人士表示,一些医院和医生还在继续开药和使用电击作为虚假的“矫正治疗”Yang said the hospital’s actions had left Yu feeling traumatised and afraid. “He even has nightmares about being ced to take drugs and being beaten and tied up in the hospital,” Yang said.小杨表示,医院的行为已经给余虎带来了极大的伤害和恐惧:“他时常做恶梦梦见自己在医院被逼吃下药物,被殴打,和被绳子拴起来”Yang said he hoped a legal victory would put Chinese hospitals offering “conversion therapy” out of business.小杨表示,他希望法律上的胜利能够阻止医院们从“矫正治疗”中获利“I want to make it clear that homosexuality is not a disease. It cannot be cured. I want this to be a warning to those hospitals [that claim it can be].”“我要说清楚的是,同性恋并不是疾病,它不能被治愈这是对那些宣称能治疗同性恋的医院的一个警告”An official who answered the telephone at the offices of the hospital’s Communist party committee on Tuesday afternoon said they were not aware of the case and had yet to receive a summons from the court.周二,该医院的党委人员在电话采访中表示,医院并不知道有这起案子,目前也没有收到法院传票安吉丽娜·朱莉在伦敦政治经济学院教授硕士课程 --9 :3: 来源: 安吉丽娜·朱莉即将加入伦敦政治经济学院,担任硕士课程的做客教授 Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie is to join the London School of Economics as a visiting professor on a new masters course.好莱坞女演员安吉丽娜·朱莉即将加入伦敦政治经济学院,担任一门新的硕士课程的做客教授The LSE said the course will be run by its Centre Women, Peace and Security, launched last year by Ms Jolie and Lord William Hague.伦敦政治经济学院说,该课程将由其妇女,和平与安全中心运行,这是由朱莉女士和威廉·黑格爵士启动于去年启动的The pair co-founded a global initiative to tackle sexual violence in conflict zones in .两人于年共同创立了一项全球倡议以解决冲突地区的性暴力问题It followed a film Ms Jolie directed depicting the Bosnian war.此前,朱莉女士于年导演了一部电影,讲述波斯尼亚战争的故事Her directorial debut, In the Land of Blood and Honey, was set against the backdrop of the 199-95 Bosnian war in which an estimated ,000 women were believed to have been raped.她的导演处女作《血与蜜之地以199至1995年的波黑战争为背景,期间估计有000名妇女被强奸"It is vital that we broaden the discussion on how to advance women’s rights and end impy crimes that disproportionately affect women, such as sexual violence in conflict," Ms Jolie, a special envoy the UN refugee agency, said.“扩大如何提高妇女权利的讨论,以及结束严重影响妇女的不罚之罪,比如在冲突中的性暴力,是至关重要的,”作为联合国难民署特使的朱莉女士说"I am looking ward to teaching and to learning from the students, as well as to sharing my own experiences of working alongside governments and the UN."“我很期待教育学生和向他们学习,并且分享我于政府和联合国共事的经历”The mer eign secretary Lord Hague will also be joining LSE as a visiting professor.前外交大臣黑格爵士也会以做客教授的身份加入伦敦政治经济学院可悲!川普指责奥巴马访问广岛竟未提及珍珠港 --31 :18: 来源: 上周五,奥巴马访问日本,成为第一位访问广岛的现任美国总统对此,美国大选热门人物川普提出了批评,指责奥巴马在访问广岛期间没有提及珍珠港事件,斥责其“可悲” Donald Trump bashed Barack Obama not mentioning the 191 attack on Pearl Harbor during his visit to Japan - one day after dismissing the president’s entire trip as ’pathetic’.在指责奥巴马整个访日行程“可悲”后,第二天川普抨击奥巴马,斥责他在访问日本时没有提及191年的偷袭珍珠港事件The presumptive Republican nominee wrote on Twitter Saturday afternoon: ’Does President Obama ever discuss the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor while he’s in Japan? Thousands of American lives lost.’上周六下午,这名共和党推定候选人在推特上写道:“奥巴马总统在访问日本时有谈过偷袭珍珠港事件吗?当时有成千上万的美国人牺牲了啊!”He used the hashtag #MDW, reminding his followers that it is Memorial Day weekend and time to remember the ,35 US soldiers who died during the December 7 attack.川普给自己的推文加上了#MDW的标签,提醒他的追随者们“纪念日周末”就要来了,他们应该纪念在月7日袭击(191年月7日,日军偷袭珍珠港)中丧生的35名美国士兵The President didn’t directly mention the Japanese offensive on Pearl Harbor and instead addressed the use of nuclear bombs in a speech at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial.(在访日期间)奥巴马并没有直接提及日本对珍珠港的进攻,而在广岛和平纪念碑前的一场演讲中,他强调了对于核弹的使用An estimated 0,000 people died after the August 6, 195 attack on Hiroshima, followed by 70,000 more three days later in Nagasaki.据估计,有万人死于195年8月6日的广岛核爆,还有7万人死于三天后的长崎核爆The President deposited a wreath at the memorial and was pictured hugging Hiroshima survivor Shigeaki Mori.奥巴马向纪念碑敬献了花圈,还被拍到和广岛幸存者诚昭森拥抱Trump also dissed Obama’s visit to Japan while campaigning in Calinia Friday.在上周五参加加州一场竞选活动的时候,川普也抨击了奥巴马的访日之行’Now our president is right now...’ he began.川普开始时讲到:“现在,我们的总统正在…”The crowd booed, to which Trump replied: ’You’re right, it’s pathetic.’观众们爆发出一阵嘘声,川普回答道:“你们是对的,这很可悲”’Honestly folks, we have leadership right now in this country, especially at the top, that is grossly incompetent. They don’t know what the hell they’re doing.“乡亲们,这个国家现在的领导者们--尤其是高层--真是无能他们简直他妈的不知道自己在干什么”’So he’s in Japan, in Hiroshima, and that’s fine. Just as long as he doesn’t apologize, it’s absolutely fine. Who cares?’ he said.川普说道:“所以他去了日本、去了广岛,那没关系只要他不道歉,那就没什么关系有谁在乎呢?”Obama became the first US president to visit Hiroshima while in office on Friday.上周五,奥巴马成为了第一位访问广岛的现任美国总统’Why do we come to this place, to Hiroshima? We come to ponder a terrible ce unleashed in a not-so-distant past,’ he said at the memorial.奥巴马在广岛和平纪念碑前讲话:“为什么我们要来到这里,来到广岛?(因为)我们到这里来反思不久之前发动的那一场可怕的毁灭”The President warned against nuclear proliferation, saying nations - including his own - with weapon stockpiles must have ’the courage to escape the logic of fear and pursue a world without them’.奥巴马警告要反对核扩散,称拥有核武器储备的国家(包括美国)必须要有“放弃‘恐怖论’、并且追求一个无核武器世界的勇气”看看美国在全球的超强影响力 -- :3: 来源:chinadaily 想一想,美国人可是引进了好多国家的东西呢,有法国炸薯条、比利时华夫饼、荷兰榆树病、俄式调味料、意大利混合调料、波斯地毯和英式小松饼当然其他国家也不可避免地收到美国影响,甚至可以时候,在全世界各个地方都可以找到美国的影子 Think about it: Americans have French fries, Belgian waffles, Dutch elm disease, Russian dressing, Italian seasoning, Persian rugs, and English muffins. So surely other countries must have things they attach America to, right? As it happens, America is all over the globe in a ton of places you would never expect. 1. 玉米热 Corndogs 在日本,玉米热称为“amerikandoggu”,热称为“hottodoggu” In Japan, corndogs are known as amerikandoggu, while hot dogs are just hottodoggu. . 卷心莴苣 Iceberg Lettuce 在巴西,“alface americana”意为“美国莴苣” In Brazil, the term ;alface americana; refers to ;American lettuce.; 3. 凉拌卷心菜 Coleslaw 在斯洛文尼亚和许多东欧国家,凉拌卷心菜称为“ameriska solata”,意为“美国沙拉” Slovenians, and many Eastern Europeans, call coleslaw ;ameriska solata,; or ;American salad.; . 便参会 Pot Luck Dinners 在荷兰,你可能会被邀请带着一道菜参加“amerikaanse fuit”,意为“美国聚会” In the Netherlands, you might be invited to bring a dish to an ;amerikaanse fuit,; or ;American party.; 5. 美式炒饭 American Fried Rice 可能是在越南战争时期遗留下来的,这道泰国菜是番茄酱、葡萄干、豌豆、鸡肉、火腿、培根、热肠、油煎面包块炒饭怀疑美国人自己会不会做 Likely developed during the Vietnam War, this Thai dish combines fried rice with ketchup or tomato sauce, raisins, peas, and some mix of chicken, ham, bacon, hot dogs, and croutons. 6. 强力胶带 Duct Tape 在西班牙,唯一可以做成西的胶带称为“cinta americana”,意为“美国胶带” In Spain, the only tape you can make a suit from is known as ;cinta americana,; or ;American tape.; 7. 露营设备Camping Gear 在比利时,露营之前要去一家名为“美国货”的商店买设备 If you want to go camping in Belgium, you'll have to visit a store that carries ;American stock.; 8. 开放式厨房 Open Kitchens 在西班牙,开放式厨房显然不普遍西班牙人称之为“美国厨房”,与传统的封闭式厨房有区别 Apparently open kitchens aren't common in Spain because they're called ;American kitchens,; unlike the traditional walled-off kitchens. 9. 餐具垫 Placemats 意大利人称餐具垫为“tovaglietta all' americana”,意为“美国小桌布” Italians refer to placemats as ;tovaglietta all' americana,; or ;little American tablecloths.; . 指节铜环 Brass Knuckles 法国人称指节铜环为“le poing americain”,意为“美国拳头” The French call brass knuckles ;le poing americain,; or ;the American fist.; . 禁止摔跤 No Holds Barred Wrestling 在波兰,击倒、拖延、无限制的摔跤称为“wolna amerykanka”,意为“美式自由摔跤”这真的不是美国职业摔角 In Poland, a knock-'em-down, drag-'em-out, anything-goes style of wrestling is called ;wolna amerykanka,; or ;free American.; Seriously, this isn't the WWE. . 过山车 Roller Coasters 在俄罗斯,过山车称为“amerikanskie gorki”,意为“美国山”但在其他国家过山车称为“俄罗斯山” In Russia, roller coasters aren't called roller coasters, but instead are referred to as ;amerikanskie gorki,; or ;American mountains.; But other countries call them ;Russian mountains.; . 收入不平衡 Income Inequality 欧洲国家(尤其是荷兰)把收入不平衡当作是严重的社会问题例如,缺少负担得起的医保称为“amerikaanse toestanden”,意为“美国状态”他们提防这种社会状况的发生 Yes, Europeans (especially the Dutch) refer to income inequality and a whole host of social problems like lack of access to afdable healthcare as ;amerikaanse toestanden,; or ;American conditions; — a situation they warn against.

奥巴马西装门 浅黄色西装被狂吐槽 -- :53:39 来源: Russia invades Ukraine, Isis rampages through the Middle East.  俄罗斯“入侵”乌克兰,恐怖组织“伊拉克和沙姆伊斯兰国”(ISIS)的暴行威胁整个中东  President Barack Obama had a lot to comment on as his international policy of "reflection then action" came under fire once more as Vladimir Putin continued to ignore US warnings and as Islamic State militants killed over 0 troops captured in Syria.  在8月日的新闻发布会上,美国总统奥巴马谈及一系列问题,包括曾提出的“反思后行动”政策再次遭炮轰,俄总统普京继续无视美国警告,伊斯兰恐怖分子杀害在叙利亚被俘的超0军队  However, as Obama entered the White House briefing room on Thursday, his choice of suit - opting a tan colour rather than the usual blue or black number - became the key talking point. Well, Twitter that is.  但是,平时总穿深色西装的奥巴马总统在当天的发布会上,意外地身着浅黄色西装出现从他一进白宫简报室的门开始,他的西装立刻成为热议话题,至少成为了推特上的吐槽热点  Instantly, Obama's book titles and political slogans became ripe suit puns. "The audacity of taupe" was popular, a play on Obama's book The Audacity of Hope, while "Yes we tan" did the rounds as the president's famous catchphrase came back to haunt him. It even spawned several parody Twitter s.  很快,奥巴马的书名以及竞选口号等都被网友疯狂吐槽:书名《无畏的希望被吐槽为“无畏的浅黄色”,年著名的竞选口号“我们能做到”被吐槽为“我们是浅黄色”甚至还催生出几条恶搞的推特账号  Others noted that the attention on Obama's tan ths gave him a taste of what Hillary Clinton had to go through during the Democratic primaries, when her trouser suits were frequently commented on more than her policies.  有人称这次大家对奥巴马西装的吐槽让他尝到了年民主党初选时希拉里·克林顿所经历的苦头,当时希拉里的西装裤比她提出的政策更“受欢迎”  The humour derived from Obama's choice of attire almost threatened to overshadow the news that the president did not have a developed strategy yet on how to deal with Isis militants, months after their advances in Iraq and Syria and following the execution of US journalist James Foley.  大家对奥巴马浅色西装的注意和调侃,很有可能使发布会的内容受到忽略对于恐怖组织ISIS近几个月在伊拉克和叙利亚的暴行以及斩首美国记者詹姆斯·弗雷的残忍行为,奥巴马在谈及该如何应对ISIS时,并未给出成熟的战略计划  Obama: "We don't have a strategy yet" on what color suit I will wear tomorrow—Andrew Katz (@katz) August ,   奥巴马的“我们还没有计划”其实是在说我还没有计划好明天要穿什么颜色的西装----安德鲁·凯兹8月38日在推特上发布  Back in February, Business magazine Fast Company highlighted a Vanity Fair interview with Obama: “You’ll see I wear only gray or blue suits,” he (Obama) said. “I’m trying to pare down decisions. I don’t want to make decisions about what I’m eating or wearing. Because I have too many other decisions to make.”  今年月份,美国商业杂志《Fast Company刊登了奥巴马年接受《名利场采访的一段话“你们会看到我将只穿灰色或蓝色的西装”奥巴马说,“我会尽量减少需要做出选择的数量我不想把时间花在选择每天吃什么和穿什么上面,因为我得考虑其他更重要的事情”  Does that raise the possibility that Obama's decision-making briefly went askew and he over-thought his choice of suit rather than deciding on what course of action to take with regard to Isis? Most probably not, but Obama's beige suit did offer some light relief.  这是否意味着奥巴马“食言”并且搞反了自己的决策顺序,把更多的时间花在了考虑自己的穿着而不是该对ISIS采取哪种行动的问题上当然事实很可能不是这样的,但是奥巴马的浅黄色西装的确提供了不少笑料  Anyway, it is not the first time a US politician has had the audacity to venture out into the fashionable wilderness and where a lighter shade of suit.  不管怎样,奥巴马并不是美国政客中第一个敢于“追求时尚”穿浅色西装的人  Congressman John Dingell, a Democrat representing Michigan's th district, tweeted a picture of himself wearing a taupe suit to defend the Commander in Chief.  国会议员、代表密歇根街区的民主党候选人乔治·丁格尔就在推特上发布了一张自己曾经身穿浅色西装的照片来援总统

致命的浪漫! 男子吃花生后与女友接吻致其身亡 -- :58: 来源: 加拿大蒙特利尔一名岁女子,从小就对花生过敏,但男友却在不知情的情况下,在吃过花生后和她接吻,导致她出现严重过敏反应,送医后宣告不治 A Montreal mother says her daughter died after kissing her new boyfriend, who wasn’t aware she had a severe peanut allergy.加拿大蒙特利尔一位母亲表示,她的女儿在和男朋友接吻后死亡,因为对方不知道她有严重的花生过敏反应Myriam Ducre-Lemay, , had recently met the boy when she went to his house to spend the night after a party in , her mother said.母亲说,女儿Myriam Ducre-Lemay今年岁,年她曾到一个男孩家参加了一次派对,最近她又遇到了这个男孩After the boyfriend ate a peanut butter sandwich a late-night snack, he returned to the bedroom and gave Myriam the fatal kiss, the mother, Micheline Ducre, told the Journal De Quebec on Wednesday.星期三,母亲Micheline Ducre 在接受魁北克日报采访时说,这个男孩吃了一个花生酱三明治,回到卧室亲吻Lemay,致女儿死亡The boy did not tell her he had eaten peanuts, and he wasn’t aware of her life-threatening allergy.她的男朋友并未告知其吃过花生,他对Lemay危及生命的花生过敏也毫不知情Untunately, she wouldn’t have had the time to tell him she had a peanut allergy,’ the mother said.“不幸的是,女儿再也没有机会告诉他,她有严重的花生过敏反应”After realizing Myriam was having an allergic shock, the young couple called 9. Paramedics arrived within minutes and transported her to hospital, but the young woman’s life could not be saved.在意识到Lemay有严重的过敏反应后,这对年轻的情侣迅速打电话报警救护车在几分钟内迅速抵达将她送往医院,但仍回天乏术The mother said Myriam had told her only days earlier that she was in love.母亲说,女儿也是在几天前才告诉她自己恋爱了’It’s the first time I saw my daughter with such bright eyes,’ Micheline Ducre told the newspaper.“这是我第一次看到女儿的眼睛在发亮”Now, she is telling her daughter’s story the first time in the hopes of raising awareness of the dangers of allergies. She also hopes that people at risk will carry epipens with them at all times.现在,她第一次讲出女儿的故事,希望以此呼吁大众对于过敏症的关注她还提醒所有过敏患者随身携带救命药物Myriam did not carry her epipen - an epinephrine autoinjector that is used to treat serious allergic reactions - on the night that she died, her mother said.母亲说,Lemay死的那晚,她并没有携带她救命药——一种治疗严重过敏症状的肾上腺素自动注射器A docto said traces of allergens can stay in a person’s saliva up to four hours after eating.医生指出,当人进食之后,食物过敏源仍会残留在唾液长达小时This is why you have to carry your epipen, even though you don’t want to and even though it’s not cool,’ said Dr. Christine McCusker, head of pediatric allergy and immunology at Montreal Children’s Hospital“这就是为什么你必须随身携带肾上腺素自动注射器,即使你不情愿,即使这看起来不太酷” 蒙特利尔儿童医院儿科过敏和免疫学主任克里斯汀医生说The most important part of managing your allergies is that you have to inm people. You have to say, "Listen guys, I have food allergies. I have my epipen. If there is a problem, help me,’ McCusker said.他说,“最最重要的是,你得告诉大家你的过敏情况你得讲出来:你们注意啊,我有食物过敏症状我随身带的有肾上腺素自动注射器,如果发生了问题,帮助我喔”In , there was another reported case in Montreal of a young woman who died from an allergic reaction after kissing a boy.年,蒙特利尔也曾报道过一起类似事件,一个年轻姑娘和一个男孩接吻后,因过敏反应死亡But a coroner’s report subsequently revealed that -year-old Christina Desges died from an asthma attack, not an allergic reaction, the Associated Press reported.不过,据美联社报道,一个法医的检查结果显示,这位岁的姑娘其实是死于哮喘发作,而非过敏

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