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India will make all possible efforts to get back the Koh-i-Noor Diamond from Britain despite comments by New Delhi#39;s solicitor general that the priceless jewel should stay with the former colonial ruler, the government said on last Tuesday.尽管印度总检察长认为原殖民统治者仍应保有“光之山巨钻”,但是印度政府上周二表示,将会尽最大努力从英国取回这枚无价的宝石。India has repeatedly demanded that Britain return the 105-carat diamond, which was presented to Queen Victoria in 1850 and today sits on display as part of the Crown Jewels in the Tower of London.据报道,印度方面要求英国归还这枚重达105.6克拉的“光之山巨钻”,该钻石是印度1850年送给维多利亚女王的,英国随后将它镶嵌在王后戴的王冠上,如今该王冠摆放在伦敦塔中。India#39;s solicitor general surprised many on last Monday when he told the Supreme Court that his country should forgo its claims to the jewel because it was given to Britain as a gift by an Indian king in 1851, rather than stolen as many Indians today believe.不过,印度总检察长上周一却对最高法院表示,印度应该放弃追回钻石的请求,因为“光之山”是在1851年印度国王将其作为礼物送给英国的,而不是如今许多印度人认为被盗窃的。他的这一表态让很多人震惊。The government said on last Tuesday his view did not represent its own and that it was yet to give its opinion to the court, which is hearing a case demanding the diamond be returned.印度政府上周二对此发表声明指出,总检察长的表态不代表印度政府的立场。印度政府已经向法庭提交了意见,就追回钻石一案将会进行听审会。;The Government of India further reiterates its resolve to make all possible efforts to bring back the Koh-i-noor Diamond in an amicable manner,; the ministry of culture said.印度文化部部长表示:“政府进一步重申了其决心,将尽一切努力让“光之山”以友好的方式回归印度。”The ministry said the stone was a ;valued piece of art with strong roots in our nation#39;s history; and that Prime Minister Narendra Modi was determined to get it back.该部长表示,这枚钻石是珍贵的艺术品,深深植根于国家的历史中。此外,印度总理莫迪也决心取回它。A lawyer in India#39;s neighbor Pakistan last year filed a court petition calling for the stone#39;s return. India and Pakistan became two different countries with partition in 1947, when they became independent from Britain.印度的邻国巴基斯坦的一名律师去年就向其法庭请愿取回该钻石。1947年,印度和巴基斯坦正式从大英帝国独立,分裂成为两个国家。The Koh-i-Noor is set in the crown worn by Queen Elizabeth, the mother of the reigning monarch, at the coronation of her husband George VI in 1937, and was placed on her coffin at her funeral in 2002.“光之山巨钻”由伊丽莎白王后,也就是现任女王的母亲,在其丈夫乔治六世的加冕仪式上镶嵌在王冠之上的。在2002年她的葬礼上,这顶王冠曾放置在她的棺椁之上。The Duchess of Cambridge, who last week visited India with her husband, Prince William, will wear the crown on official occasions when she becomes queen consort. William is second in line to the British throne.剑桥公爵夫人凯特王妃上个星期和她的丈夫威廉王子访问了印度,当有一天她成为王后的时候,她也会在正式场合头戴这顶王冠。威廉王子是英国王位的第二顺位继承人。 /201604/440063

China#39;s love affair with physical beauty is helping to fuel a selfie-editing app#39;s valuation of 3 billion dollars.由于中国上下对形体美的热爱,从而帮助一自拍编辑app的市场价值达到了30亿美元。Meitu app helps 270 million monthly active users slim faces, lengthen legs and otherwise spice up their online appearance-essential among image-obsessed social media mavens.美图app每个月帮助2.7亿用户美化照片,尤其对于重视形象的社交软件达人,用美图瘦脸,拉长腿,或者给照片增加趣味是上传照片之前必不可少的工序。;I never post a photo online without using Meitu first,; said 26-year-old accountant Pan Nana from Qingdao, Shandong province, who#39;s used the app for more than six years to streamline body parts and conceal acne.26岁的潘娜娜,是一位山东青岛的会计师,她已经使用美图秀秀进行瘦身、去痘超过6年了,她说,“不美图的话我是绝不会把照片放到网上的。”;It#39;s the first app I#39;ve ever used to beautify selfies and I haven#39;t come across another that has as many functions.;“这是我第一个使用的美化自拍软件,而且也是我用过功能最多的一个。”Meitu, founded in 2008, arrived at an opportune time. Its apps allow people to adjust their photos in almost every conceivable way and with a single touch, from lightening complexion to adjusting height and slapping on virtual makeup.美图公司成立于2008年,正好赶上一个时机。它的应用程序可让人们只需轻轻一点,就几乎可以通过各种可能的方式调整自己的照片,从美白肤色到调整身高再到虚拟化妆等。The start-up, backed by IDG and Qiming Venture Partners, is raising about 200 million dollars in its latest round of funding, the people familiar with the matter said, requesting not to be named.熟知信息但不愿意透露姓名的人士表示,美图公司由美国国际数据集团(IDG)和启明创投出资持,目前新一轮融资已达到2亿美元。It#39;s also planning an overseas initial public offering as soon as this year, one of the people said. Meitu declined to comment in an e-mailed statement.其中一位相关人士透露。美图公司同时计划在今年年内完成首次海外公开募股,不过美图公司在一则邮件声明中拒绝对此作出评价。Meitu completed its third round of investment in 2014, gaining a cumulative amount of 360 million dollars and a valuation of 2 billion dollars from backers such as Innovation Works, founded by Kai-fu Lee, the former China head for Google Inc.2014年,美图公司完成了其第三次融资,在前谷歌公司中国区负责人李开复的“创意工厂”的持下,累计金额达到3.6亿美元,总价值20亿美元。Its apps have aly been installed on more than 900 million mobile devices. It#39;s consistently topped photo and app rankings on Apple Inc#39;s App Store in China this year, according to data provided by market researcher App Annie.目前,美图app已经在超过9亿台移动设备上进行了安装。据市场研究机构App Annie提供的数据显示,该软件今年一直处于App Store中国区照片和视频应用程序榜首位置。 /201604/438095

Lower levels of salivary testosterone have also been tied to higher self-reported levels of relationship satisfaction and commitment, a lower interest in sex outside of marriage and a lower chance of divorce. 与低水平的唾液睾酮相关的是较高水平的爱情满意度和忠诚度,男性对婚外性的兴趣较低,离婚的几率也较低。So it would seem that a father’s decrease in testosterone levels during the transition to parenthood leads him from exploring new mating opportunities towards investment into the current relationship and caring for offspring. 因此,似乎在向人父转变的过程中,父亲的睾丸素水平下降,会使其停止寻求新的交配机会,投身于目前的关系及照顾后代。Led by Darby Saxbe of the University of Southern California, the study followed 27 couples expecting their first child during pregnancy and first few months after birth.这项研究由南加州大学的Darby Saxbe带领,他们追踪了27对夫妻怀第一胎以及孩子出生后几个月里的情况。他们测量了在怀期间家长们的睾丸素水平。The parents’ testosterone levels were measured during this pregnancy, and participants rated their investment, commitment, and satisfaction with their partner a few months after their child’s birth. 孩子出生后的几个月中,参与调查的夫妻还要对自身的投入度,忠诚度和对伴侣的满意度进行打分。The team found that fathers showed significant declines in testosterone while the pregnancy progressed, and a significant positive correlation with the mother’s testosterone levels. 该研究小组发现,在伴侣怀期间,父亲的睾丸素水平出现明显的下降,并且与母亲的睾丸素水平呈显著的正相关。A better correlation between the mother’s and father’s testosterone levels during pregnancy was associated with higher levels of father involvement after the child’s birth — the degree of synchrony between the parents predicted the fathers’ investment, commitment, and satisfaction in the couple relationship. 在怀期间母亲和父亲的睾丸素水平之间的相关性越好,孩子出生后父亲的参与程度越高——父母之间的同步程度预示着父亲的投入度、忠诚度和对夫妻关系的满意度。 /201608/463073

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