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They will share the information on how to improve.他们会交流如何改善治疗效果的经验。So it is, by measuring and creating transparency,正是通过医疗效果量化和透明化,you get a cycle of continuous improvement,我们进入了一个不断改善的正循环,which is what this slide shows.正如这张幻灯片所示。Now, you may say this is a nice idea,现在,你可能觉得这是个不错的主意,but this isnt only an idea.不过这已经不仅仅是个主意了,This is happening in reality.它正在发生。Were creating a global community,我们正在打造一个全球共同体,and a large global community,一个很大的全球共同体,where well be able to measure and compare来量化和对比what we achieve.我们的成效。Together with two academic institutions, G Michael Porter at Harvard Business School,与两个学术院校,哈佛商学院的Michael Porter,and the Karolinska Institute in Sweden,以及瑞典的Karolinka学院,G has formed something we call ICHOM.合作成立了ICHOM。You may think thats a sneeze,你们可能会觉得这听起来but its not a sneeze, its an acronym.像打喷嚏,其实这是个缩写。It stands for the International Consortium for Health Outcome Measurement.它的意思是健康结果测评的国际联盟。Were bringing together leading physicians我们把顶尖的医生和病人and patients to discuss, disease by disease,集合起来,针对每一种疾病what is really quality,讨论是什么决定了医疗质量,what should we measure,我们应该如何衡量,and to make those standards global.最后形成全球统一标准。Theyve worked -- four working groups have worked在过去一年里,我们有四个小组在工作,during the past year:他们的项目是:cataracts, back pain,白内障,背部疼痛,coronary artery disease, which is, for instance, heart attack,冠状动脉疾病,比如心脏病,and prostate cancer.和前列腺癌。The four groups will publish their data这四个小组会在今年十一月in November of this year.发表研究数据。Thats the first time well be comparing这将是我们第一次apples to apples, not only within a country,在国家之间对比(疾病医疗的效果),but between countries.而不是仅限于单一国家内。Next year, were planning to do eight diseases,明年我们计划研究8种疾病,the year after, 16.后年,增加到16种。In three years time, we plan to have covered我们计划用三年时间40 percent of the disease burden.完成对40%的疾病的分析。201509/400138。

Can you imagine? Now lets, we can see thats a traditional Native American. Now I just want to change that guys race.你能想象吗?现在,我们可以看到这是一位典型的美洲原住民。现在我想改变那家伙的种族。Just imagine if thats a black guy.想象一下,如果这是一个黑人。So, Honey, come here, lets get your picture with the black guy.然后,亲爱的,到这里来,我们来给你和这个黑人拍张照。Right? Like, seriously, nobody would do this.是吗?说真的,没有人会这么做。It baffles the mind. And so Zig, being Indian,这个想法太使人困惑了。齐格,作为印第安人,likewise it baffles his mind. His favorite photograph,my favorite photograph of his, which I dont have in here is Indian taking picture of white people taking pictures of Indians.同样感到困惑。他最喜欢的照片—也是我最喜欢的一张,但这里没有—是一个印第安人正在拍摄一个给印第安人拍照的白人的照片。So I happen to be at dinner with this photographer,总之我碰巧与这个摄影师参加同一个宴会,and he was talking with another photographer about a shooting that had occurred,当时他正与另一个摄影师谈论一起刚刚发生的击案,and it was on an Indian reservation. Hed taken his camera up there to photograph it, but when he got there,发生在印第安人保留区。他当时带了相机准备到那里拍照,但当他到了那儿,he discovered he couldnt do it. He just couldnt capture the picture. And so they were talking back and forth about this question. Do you take the picture or not?他发现他做不到。他总是没有办法按下快门。所以他们翻来覆去地讨论这一问题。你会拍摄击案的照片么?And that was fascinating to me as a game designer,他们的对话让我有了从未有过的想法,because it never occurs to me, like, should I make the game about this difficult topic or not?比如,作为一个游戏设计者,我是否应该设计涉及沉重主题的游戏?Because we just make things that are fun or, you know,will make you feel fear, you know, that visceral excitement.我们通常制作的游戏都是有趣的,或是让人恐惧的,你知道,那种让人本能地感到兴奋的游戏。But every other medium does it.但所有其他的媒介都会这么做。So this is my kid. This is Maezza, and when she was seven years old, she came home from school one day,这是我的孩子,Maezza,她七岁的时候,有一天她放学回家,and like I do every single day, I asked her,我像平常一样问她,Whatd you do today?今天你过的怎么样?So she said, We talked about the Middle Passage.她说:我们今天讨论了中央航路。(横渡大西洋贩卖黑奴的航线)Now, this was a big moment. Maezzas dad is black,这是一个重大的时刻。Maezza 的爸爸是黑人,and I knew this day was coming. I wasnt expecting it at seven. I dont know why, but I wasnt.而我知道这一天迟早会来。但真没想到会是在她只有七岁的时候。我不知道为什么,但我确实没想到。Anyways, so I asked her, How do you feel about that?于是,我接着问她:你感觉怎么样?So she proceeded to tell me, and so any of you who are parents will recognize the bingo buzzwords here.她接着告诉我,用你们中任何一位为人父母者都熟悉的宾果流行语来回答。So the ships start in England, they come down from England, they go to Africa, they go across the ocean thats the Middle Passage part-they come to America where the slaves are sold, shes telling me.一开始那些船舶在英国,它们向下航行, 离开英国,来到非洲,又跨越大洋—这就是中央航路的部分—它们来到美国在那里出售奴隶,她告诉我。But Abraham Lincoln was elected president, and then he passed the Emancipation Proclamation, and now theyre free.但亚伯拉罕 · 林肯当选为总统,然后,他通过了奴隶解放宣言,所以现在他们自由了。201602/426659。

Award-winning journalist and TV personality Katie Couric delievered her witty and inspiring address at the 2014 School of Communication commencement ceremony Saturday, May 10, at American University.201504/368322。

I send my best wishes to everyone in India, Britain and around the world celebrating Vaisakhi.I know this is an incredibly important time for the Sikh community as families and friends come together to commemorate the birth of the Khalsa and give thanks. From Southall to Sunderland, from Ottawa to Amritsar, Sikhs around the world will be marking Vaisakhi with vibrant parades and celebrations with homes, Gurdwaras and entire neighbourhoods bursting into life with decorations and colour.Vaisakhi also gives us a chance to celebrate the immense contribution of British Sikhs, who have enriched our country for over 160 years. Whether it is in the fields of enterprise or business, education, public service or civil society, Britain’s Sikhs are a success story and model community.And I see this contribution every day, all around. Like at the magnificent Gurdwara Sahib Leamington, where I saw for myself the values of Sikhism – of compassion, peace and equality – in practice. And across the country I see how Sikh and Asian businessmen and women are boosting the economy by creating jobs and opportunities. But this contribution is not just a recent thing it goes back many, many years and was never more starkly demonstrated than 100 years ago during the First World War.Just last month we commemorated the Indian soldiers, many of whom were Sikh, who fought bravely alongside the Allies in the Battle of Neuve Chapelle in Northern France. I pay tribute to those men who travelled far from home and who fought and died with their comrades in the fight for freedom. We will never let their sacrifice be forgotten.So at this important time, let us commemorate the birth of a great religion, let us give thanks for everything the Sikh community does for Britain and let us celebrate the successful multi-ethnic, multi-faith democracy country that we are.So wherever you are, I wish you all a very happy and peaceful Vaisakhi.201507/385015。

Our desktop businesses are very compatible. Both companies lead the industry in reducing cost of ownership by providing the best managed PCs. We lead the Windows NT market for desktops. And Compaq is Microsofts only lead partner for the early deployment of Windows NT 5.0 in corporate environments.我们的台式机业务实际上是彼此兼容的。两家公司均通过提供可管理性最强的电脑来降低客户的总体拥有成本,我们在这一领域都在领导着业界发展的潮流。康柏在台式机的Windows NT市场上占据领先地位。而且康柏是Microsoft在企业环境中率先采用Windows NT5.0版的唯一主要合作伙伴。That leads me to my next point - our commitment to Windows NT.这将把我们带入我的下一个话题,这就是康柏对于Windows NT的承诺。As I said earlier, Windows NT is one of the most important trends in industry standard computing. And Compaq is committed to advance Windows NT as an enterprise operating system.正如以上我所谈到的,Windows NT是工业标准计算领域中最重要的发展趋势之一。康柏有决心使Windows NT成为企业级操作系统。This is another instance where Compaq and Digital have tremendous synergies. We can now deliver the widest range of Windows NT systems and solutions in the industry - from portable computers to Digitals high-end AlphaServer systems.这一点更有力地明了康柏与DEC的共同点。现在我们可以向业界提供最广泛的Windows NT系统和解决方案,从便携式电脑到DEC的高端AlphaServer系统。Our strong partnership with Microsoft as well as our own experience deploying Windows NT throughout Compaq puts us in the best position to help customers implement NT solutions.康柏与Microsoft公司的密切合作关系,连同我们在康柏内部采用Windows NT的丰富经验,使得我们更有能力帮助客户实施NT解决方案。Through advanced technologies like clustering and ServerNet - the system area network developed by Tandem - Compaq is also improving NTs performance, reliability and scalability.通过诸如集群和Server Net(由天腾公司开发的系统域网络)的先进技术,康柏现在正在不断改进NT的性能、可靠性和可伸缩性。Compaq aly owns the performance benchmark for Windows NT systems with more than 27,000 transactions per minute.康柏创造了Windows NT系统最佳的性能表现--每分钟处理27,000次交易。By the year 2000, we expect to deliver clustered NT systems that deliver 500,000 transactions per minute.到2000年,我们预计可以推出每分钟处理500,000次交易的集群NT系统。Through Digitals AllConnect and Affinity programs and Tandems ;Best of Both Worlds; program Compaq also offers industry leading NT inoperability with Digital UNIX, OpenVMS and NSK.通过DEC公司的“All Connectand Affinity”程序以及天腾公司的“Best of Both Worlds”程序,康柏还将提供业界领先的NT与Digital UNIX、Open VMS和NSK的互操作性。This will help protect your IT investments while enabling you to take greater advantage of industry standard technology.这将有助于保护您的信息技术投资,同时使您更加充分地利用符合工业标准的技术。Finally, Compaqs new services organization has more than 2,000 Microsoft certified engineers around the globe to help customers deploy Windows NT-based solutions for the enterprise.最后一点要说的是,康柏新建立的务机构在全球拥有2,000多位经Microsoft公司认的工程师,他们可以帮助客户为企业实施基于Windows NT的解决方案。One question I often get from customers is about Compaqs commitment to Digitals 64-bit architecture, including Alpha, Digital UNIX and OpenVMS.客户经常问我这样一个问题,康柏对包括Alpha、Digital UNIX和Open VMS在内的Digital 64位体系结构有什么样的发展计划。The answer is easy. Compaq will continue to invest in this high-performance, 64-bit platform because it represents the future of computing.非常简单,康柏将继续向这种高性能64位平台投资,因为它代表着计算的未来。201311/266312。

No matter what your political leanings 不管你是什么政治倾向youre going to find something he said that backs it up你都能找到他说的话作为持If you dont trust the financial industry 如果你不相信金融业he said I believe that banking institutions 他说 我相信机构are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies 比常备军队对自由更加危险If youre suspicious of the federal overreach, he said 如果你怀疑联邦政府管制过宽 他说when the government fears the people, theres liberty 政府害怕人民时 那就是自由when the people fear the government, theres tyranny 人民害怕政府时 那就是暴政If you question religion 如果你质疑宗教he wrote in every country and in every age 他写道 任何国家 任何时代the priest has been hostile to liberty 祭司都对自由充满敌意and if youre an advocate of fiscal austerity 如果你主张财政紧缩he said, Im going to pop some tags. Only got in my pocket 他说 我想穿些名牌货 可口袋里只有20刀(歌词)Im Im a huntin looking for a come up. This is我 我守株待兔 盼有人送来好货色 这真…(歌词)Im not saying that on camera 我不会在摄像机前说后面这个词的That of course was in a letter to Secretary of State 这显然是在写给国务卿的信中提到的Also on the one hand 而且一方面in Jeffersons public life as a founding father 作为开国元勋 在杰斐逊的公共生活中we often see him as the embodiment of the white male patriarchy 我们通常把他看作是白人男性父权的体现but in his private life 但在他的私人生活中he was known for shall we say embracing diversity大家都知道 他心想着 我们能否拥抱多样性very affirmative in his actions 他在行动上非常积极Am I right? 我说得对吗I am right. They did the DNA tests. Im right on that one 我说得很对 有人做过DNA测验 我肯定没错You know what? Im not going to say anymore 我不会再继续说这些了and that youve heard too much about that in the past 关于过去的内容我讲了太多Instead, Ill just tweet it相反 现在我要发推特了OK, there it goes. All right 好的 搞定Now, well, thats arriving on all of your phones right now我刚发的东西 你们手机应该已经收到Im going to take this opportunity to move on to the 我将借这个机会advice section of this speech 转入到演讲的建议部分if you young folks will take advice from anyone 如果你们这些年轻人愿意接受任何建议的话201603/431452。

including training security forces in Yemen who have gone on the offensive against al Qaeda包括训练已对基地组织发动攻势的也门安全部队supporting a multinational force to keep the peace in Somalia working with European allies to train a functioning security force and border patrol in Libya援维持索马里和平的多国部队同欧洲盟友一起训练利比亚的安全部队和边境巡逻部队and facilitating French operations in Mali协助法国在马里的行动A critical focus of this effort will be the ongoing crisis in Syria这一努力中最重要的焦点无疑是仍在持续的叙利亚危机As frustrating as it is, there are no easy answers there no military solution that can eliminate the terrible suffering anytime soon很令人沮丧的是 这个问题没有简单解决方案没有任何军事行动能够迅速解除人们正在经受的苦难As President, I made a decision that we should not put American troops into the middle of this increasingly sectarian war and I believe that is the right decision作为总统 我决定不派遣美国军队卷入这场日益激烈的宗派战争我坚信 这个决定是正确的But that does not mean we shouldnt help the Syrian people stand up against a dictator who bombs and starves his own people不过这并不意味着 我们不应该帮助叙利亚人民站起来反对一个用炸弹和饥饿残害自己人民的独裁者And in helping those who fight for the right of all Syrians to choose their own future we are also pushing back against the growing number of extremists在帮助所有为自身权利奋战的叙利亚人选择自己未来的同时我们也是在挫败极端主义分子who find safe haven in the chaos让他们无法指望趁乱找到藏身之所So with the additional resources Im announcing today we will step up our efforts to support Syrias neighbors Jordan and Lebanon在我今天宣布的额外措施中我们还将持叙利亚的邻国 约旦和黎巴嫩Turkey and Iraq as they contend with refugees and confront terrorists working across Syrias borders土耳其和伊拉克让这些国家一同应对叙利亚边境的难民和反恐问题I will work with Congress to ramp up support for those in the Syrian opposition who offer the best alternative to terrorists and brutal dictators我会同国会一起 谋求对叙利亚反对派的持他们才是恐怖主义和专横独裁的最佳替代者And we will continue to coordinate with our friends and allies in Europe and the Arab World to push for a political resolution of this crisis我们还将继续深化同欧洲和阿拉伯盟友的合作为这次危机争取政治解决方案and to make sure that those countries and not just the ed States are contributing their fair share to support the Syrian people确保这些国家能同美国一道为持叙利亚人民作出应有的贡献201505/376658。

And I would argue, in the future, well have wearable devices in our clothes,monitoring ourselves 24/7.我要说,在将来,我们将有穿在衣里的装置,全天候检测我们的身体。And just like we have the OnStar system in cars,就像我们现在车里用的OnStar系统,your red light might go on-it wont say check engine though.你的红灯会亮起来-它虽然不会说检查发动机。Its going to be check your body light,and go in and get it taken care of.它将会是检查身体灯,亮起来就得小心。Probably in a few years, youll check into your mirror and its going to be diagnosing you.也许几年之后,你照镜子的时候它就会诊断你。For those of you with kiddos at home,how would you like to have the wireless diaper that supports your too much information, I think, than you might need.对于你们中在家带小孩的,你会觉得无线网络尿布会帮你大忙。我认为有比你需要的多得多的信息。But its going to be here.但是会是这里。Now weve heard a lot today about new technology and connection.现在我们已经听了太多技术和连接,And I think some of these technologies will enable us to be more connected with our patients,and take more time,and actually do the important human touch elements of medicine,as augmented by these sorts of technologies. 我认为一些技术将会使我们和病人联系得更好,节约更多的时间,实际上增进医学交流中重要的人与人之间的交互,这些技术都能增强这些交流。Now weve talked about augmenting the patient, to some degree.现在我们在某种程度上谈过了与患者的增进交流。How about augmenting the physician?那与医生的增进交流呢?Were now in the era of super-enabling the surgeon who can now go inside the body and do things with robotic surgery, which is here today,at a level that was not really possible even five years ago. 我们正处在超能医生时代,他们能进入身体内部用机器人做手术,如今成为现实,在过去这是不可能完成的。即使在5年前。Now this is being augmented with further layers of technology like augmented reality.现在这种技术被多重技术所增强,就像增强现实一样。So the surgeon can see inside the patient, through their lens,where the tumor is, where the blood vessels are. 医生能通过镜头看到患者身体内部,肿瘤在哪里,血管在哪里。This can be integrated with decisions support.这可以和决策持合并在一起。A surgeon in New York can be helping a surgeon in Amsterdam, for example.例如,纽约的一个医生能帮助阿姆斯特丹的另一个医生做手术。And were entering an era of really, truly scarless surgery called NOTES,where the robotic endoscope can come out the stomach and pull out that gallbladder all in a scarless way and robotically. 我们正处在一个叫做NOTES的真正无疤手术时代,机器人的内窥镜能穿过胃部切除胆囊,全程都是机器人化无疤方式。And this is called NOTES, and this is coming basically scarless surgery,as mediated by robotic surgery. 这就叫做NOTES,这就是基本无疤手术,通过机器人手术来实现。Now how about controlling other elements?现如今控制其他元素会怎么样呢?For those who have disabilities-the paraplegic,theres the era of brain-computer interface, or I,where chips have been put on the motor cortex of completely quadriplegic patients and they can control a curser or a wheelchair or, eventually, a robotic arm.对于残疾人-半身不遂,这是大脑-计算机交互时代,或者叫I,在大脑皮层运动区放置芯片对四肢瘫痪者,他们能够控制一个遥控器或者一个轮椅或者,最终,一个机器手臂。And these devices are getting smaller and going into more and more of these patients.这些装置变得越来越小,可以植入越来越多的患者体内。Still in clinical trials, but imagine when we can connect these,for example, to the amazing bionic limb,such as the DEKA Arm built by Dean Kamen and colleagues,which has 17 degrees of motion and freedom and can allow the person whos lost a limb to have much higher levels of dexterity or control than theyve had in the past. 虽然仍在临床实验阶段,但是设想当我们能连接这些技术,例如,令人惊叹的仿生学假肢,像迪安卡门和他的同事们所设计的DEKA手臂,它有17度的移动和灵活度,能够让失去一个肢体的人有更高水平的灵活和控制度,比起他们过去曾有过的手臂。So were really entering the era of wearable robotics actually.我们实际上真正进入了可穿用的机器人时代。If you havent lost a limb-youve had a stroke, for example,you can wear these augmented limbs.如果你没有失去一个肢体-比方说,你有过中风,你可以穿用这些假肢。Or if youre a paraplegic-like Ive visited the folks at Berkley Bionics,theyve developed eLEGS.或者如果你是一个半身不遂患者-像我拜访过的在伯克利仿生学实验室工作的同事们,他们发明了电子腿eLEGS。I took this last week. Heres a paraplegic patient actually walking by strapping on these exoskeletons.我上周拍了这段视频。这是一个半身不遂患者正在走路通过穿上这些盔甲。Hes otherwise completely wheelchair-bound.如果不穿这些盔甲他完全得依靠轮椅。And now this is the early era of wearable robotics.现在是可穿用机器人时代的早期。And I think by leveraging these sorts of technologies,were going to change the definition of disability to in some cases be superability, or super-enabling. 我认为通过采用这些技术,我们能够改变残疾的定义,在某些情况下成为超常或者超能。This is Aimee Mullins, who lost her lower limbs as a young child,and Hugh Herr, whos a professor at MIT who lost his limbs in a climbing accident.这是艾米马林斯,在小时候她失去了下肢,休贺尔,麻省理工的教授在一次攀岩事故中失去了肢体。And now both of these can climb better, move faster, swim differently with their prosthetics than us normal-abled persons.现在他们可以比我们正常人爬得更好,移动得更快,以不同的姿势游泳,通过修复手术。Now how about other exponentials?其他的指数技术怎么样呢?Clearly the obesity trend is exponentially going in the wrong direction,including with huge costs. 很明显肥胖趋势朝错误的方向指数发展,包括巨额出。But the trend in medicine actually is to get exponentially smaller.但是在医学上这种趋势正在指数减少。So a few examples: were now in the era of Fantastic Voyage,the iPill.有几个例子:我们现在处在奇异旅程时代,iPill。You can swallow this completely integrated device.你可以吞下这个完全集成的装置。It can take pictures of your GI system,help diagnose and treat as it moves through your GI tract.它能在你的消化道里拍照片,当它通过你的消化道的时候帮助你诊断和治疗。We get into even smaller micro-robots that will eventually autonomously move through your system again and be able to do things that surgeons cant do in a much less invasive manner.我们感兴趣更小的微型机器人将会最终自动通过你的消化系统能做到医生做不到的事情用一种痛苦少得多的方式。Sometimes these might self-assemble in your GI system and be augmented in that reality.有时这些装置也许可以在你的消化系统自行组装从而增强其使用价值。On the cardiac side, pacemakers are getting smaller and much easier to place so you dont need to train an interventional cardiologist to place them.对于心脏手术,起搏器正变得更容易放置,因此你不需要训练一个介入心脏医师去放置它们。And theyre going to be wirelessly telemetered again to your mobile devices so you can go places and be monitored remotely.它们将会被你的手机遥控,你可以去任何地方并远程遥控。These are shrinking even further.这些装置正在被变得更小。Heres one thats in prototyping by Medtronic thats smaller than a penny.这是一个Medtronic制作的样品,比一分硬币还小。Artificial retinas, the ability to put these arrays on the back of the eyeball and allow the blind to see.人工视网膜的功能是把光线集中在眼球后面从而让失明者恢复视力。Again, in early trials, but moving into the future.虽然仍在早期试验阶段,但是有很好的前景。These are going to be game changing.这些技术将会是革命性的。Or for those of us who are sighted,how about having the assisted-living contact lens? 对于我们中的那些视力有问题的人,有了这些辅助生活的隐形眼镜会怎样呢?BlueTooth, WiFi available-beams back images to your eye.用蓝牙,无线网络-投射图像到你的眼球上。201504/370137。