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NEW YORK — A doctor in New York City who recently returned from treating Ebola patients in Guinea tested positive for the Ebola virus Thursday, becoming the city’s first diagnosed case.纽约——一位曾在几内亚医治埃拉病人、近日才回国的纽约医生,周四化验得出埃拉病毒呈阳性,成为纽约市第一个临床诊断病例。The doctor, Craig Spencer, was rushed to Bellevue Hospital Center on Thursday and placed in isolation while health care workers sp out across the city to trace anyone he might have come into contact with in recent days. A further test will be conducted by the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to confirm the initial test.这位名叫克雷格·斯潘瑟(Craig Spencer)的医生周四被紧急送往贝尔维尤医院中心(Bellevue Hospital Center)隔离,与此同时,医护人员在全城展开搜寻,追踪近日和他有接触的人。美国疾病控制与预防中心(Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)将做进一步的检验以确认这个初步化验结果。While officials have said they expected isolated cases of the disease to arrive in New York eventually, and had been preparing for this moment for months, the first case highlighted the challenges surrounding containment of the virus, especially in a crowded metropolis.官员此前曾预料最终会有个别病例出现在纽约,并已经为此事进行了数月的准备,但首个病例的出现仍然突显了病毒防控上的困难,尤其是在一个人口密集的大城市。Even as the authorities worked to confirm that Mr. Spencer was infected with Ebola, it emerged that he traveled from Manhattan to Brooklyn on the subway on Wednesday night, when he went to a bowling alley, and then took a taxi home.甚至就在当局确认斯潘瑟感染埃拉的时候,已知的情况是他在周三晚上曾乘地铁从曼哈顿前往布鲁克林,他去了那里的一家保龄球馆,而后坐出租车回家。The next morning, he reported having a temperature of 103 degrees, raising questions about his health while he was out in public.第二天上午,他报称自己的体温达到103华氏度(39摄氏度),这让人怀疑他出门在外时身体状况是否正常。People infected with Ebola cannot sp the disease until they begin to display symptoms, and it cannot be sp through the air. As people become sicker, the viral load in the body builds, and they become more and more contagious.感染埃拉病毒的人在出现症状前不具传染性,也不会通过空气传播病毒。随着病情恶化,病人体液内会充满病毒,传染性也就越来越强。Dr. Spencer’s travel history and the timing of the onset of his symptoms led health officials to dispatch disease detectives, who “immediately began to actively trace all of the patient’s contacts to identify anyone who may be at potential risk,” according to a statement released by the department.考虑到斯潘瑟的行程记录和症状出现的时间,卫生官员已经派出疾病侦查人员。据市卫生署的一份声明称,侦查人员“旋即开始积极追踪病人的所有联系人,以发现潜在威胁”。It was unclear if the city was trying to find people who might have come into contact with Dr. Spencer on the subway. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority directed all questions to the health department, which did not immediately respond to requests for comment on the issue.目前尚不清楚政府是否会寻找在地铁上和斯潘瑟有接触的人。大都会运输署(Metropolitan Transportation Authority)将所有问题转给了卫生署,后者没有立即对置评请求做出回应。At Dr. Spencer’s apartment in Harlem, his home was sealed off and workers distributed informational fliers about the disease. It was not clear if anyone was being quarantined.斯潘瑟位于哈林区的公寓已经被封锁,工作人员分发了有关该疾病的传单。目前尚不清楚是否有人被隔离。Health authorities declined to say how many people in total might have come into contact with Dr. Spencer while he was symptomatic.卫生部门拒绝透露斯潘瑟出现症状以后一共接触过多少人。Mayor Bill de Blasio, speaking at a news conference Thursday evening before the diagnosis, said Dr. Spencer has given health workers a detailed accounting of his activities over the last few days.周四晚间在做出诊断前,市长白思豪(Bill de Blasio)在一次新闻发布会上说,斯潘瑟已经向医护人员详细回忆了过去几天的活动。“Our understanding is that very few people were in direct contact with him,” Mr. de Blasio said.“据我们了解,和他有过直接接触的人非常少,”白思豪说。Dr. Spencer had been working with Doctors Without Borders in Guinea, treating Ebola patients, before returning to New York City on Oct. 14, according to a city official.据一位市政府官员称,斯潘瑟一直在几内亚与无国界医生组织(Doctors Without Borders)合作治疗埃拉病人,直到10月14日回到纽约。He told the authorities that he did not believe the protective gear he wore while working with Ebola patients had been breached but had been monitoring his own health.他对当局说,他不认为他在治疗埃拉病人期间穿戴的防护装备出现了问题,但是一直在监测自己的健康状况。Doctors Without Borders, in a statement, said it provides guidelines for its staff members on their return from Ebola assignments, but did not elaborate on those protocols.无国界医生组织在一份声明中说,该组织会向结束埃拉任务后返回的成员提供指导意见,但没有具体说明规程的细节。“The individual engaged in regular health monitoring and reported this development immediately,” the group said in a statement.“该成员进行了定期的健康监测,并在发现状况后立即上报,”该组织在声明中说。Bellevue doctors have prepared for an Ebola patient with numerous drills and tests using “test patients” as well as actual treatment of suspected cases that turned out to be false alarms.贝尔维尤的医生针对收治埃拉病人已经进行过多次演练,对“模拟病患”进行化验,同时还对疑似病例进行了实际的治疗,但后来明这些病例都是虚惊一场。A health care worker at the hospital said that Dr. Spencer seemed very sick, and it was unclear to the medical staff why he had not gone to the hospital earlier, since his fever was high.一位医院的医护人员说,斯潘瑟看上去病情很严重,医护人员不清楚他为什么没有更早入院,因为他烧得很厉害。Dr. Spencer is a fellow of international emergency medicine at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University Medical Center, and an instructor in clinical medicine at Columbia University.斯潘瑟是纽约长老会医院(New York -Presbyterian Hospital)/哥伦比亚大学医疗中心(Columbia University Medical Center)的国际急救医疗研究员,并在哥伦比亚大学(Columbia University)任临床医学讲师。“He is a committed and responsible physician who always puts his patients first,” the hospital said in a statement. “He has not been to work at our hospital and has not seen any patients at our hospital since his return from overseas.”“他是一位专注而负责的医师,一贯把病人摆在第一位,”医院在一份声明中说。“从国外归来后,他未曾回到我院工作,也没有在我院为任何病人看过病。”Even before the diagnosis, the Centers for Disease Control dispatched a team of experts to assist in the case, before the test results were even known.在诊断作出前,疾控中心就已经派出一个专家组为该病例提供协助,当时还不知道化验结果。The authorities have been on high alert ever since Thomas Eric Duncan traveled to the ed States in September from Liberia, and was later given a diagnosis of Ebola.自九月托马斯·埃里克· 邓肯(Thomas Eric Duncan)从利比里亚来到美国,随后被诊断感染埃拉以来,当局一直保持高度警惕。Mr. Duncan died at a Dallas hospital this month.邓肯本月在达拉斯一家医院病逝。Several days after his death, a nurse who helped care for Mr. Duncan learned she had Ebola. Two nurses who treated Mr. Duncan fell ill but have since recovered.在他去世几天后,一位曾参与看护邓肯的护士得知她感染了埃拉。两名参与邓肯治疗的护士也染病,后得以康复。That single case led to hundreds of people being quarantined or being asked to remain isolated from the general public..那一个病例导致数百人被隔离,或被要求不要进入公共场所。The missteps by both local and federal authorities in handling the nation’s first Ebola case raised questions about the ability of health care workers to safely treat those with the disease.地方和联邦当局在全国第一宗埃拉病例的处理上出现的问题,让人们怀疑医护人员是否有能力在应对该疾病时确保自身安全。In the New York City region, hospitals and emergency workers have been preparing for the appearance of the virus for months.在纽约市地区,医院和急救人员已经为病毒的出现做了数月的准备。Dr. Irwin Redlener, the director of the National Center for Disaster Preparedness at Columbia University and a special adviser to Mayor de Blasio, said that the risk to the general public was minimal, but depended on a city moving swiftly.哥伦比亚大学国家疾病准备中心主任、白思豪的特别顾问埃尔文·瑞德雷纳(Irwin Redlener)说,目前对公众构成的威胁微乎其微,但这座城市需要迅速行动起来。“New York has mobilized not only a world-class health department, but has full engagement of many other agencies that need to be on the response team,” he said.“纽约不只是动员了一个世界级的卫生署,反应团队中的很多其他部门也是全力投入的,”他说。 /201410/338309。

  • For his latest automotive venture, Anand Mahindra has turned Asia’s conventional industrial wisdom on its head.阿南德#8226;马欣德拉(Anand Mahindra)最新的汽车事业颠覆了亚洲的传统产业智慧。Instead of assembling the product — the new GenZe electric scooter — with low-cost factory labour in Asia and exporting it to the US, India’s Mahindra amp; Mahindra has opted for what it calls an “all-American product”. It was designed in Silicon Valley and will be made in Ann Arbor, Michigan under the supervision of 60 relatively expensive engineers, with components from across the globe.印度企业马欣德拉(Mahindra amp; Mahindra)并没有利用亚洲工厂里的低成本劳动力组装其新产品——GenZe电动托车——并出口到美国,而是选择打造一款“全美国产品”。这款产品在硅谷设计,将在密歇根州安阿伯(Ann Arbor, Michigan)制造,制造过程会在60名薪水相对亚洲较高的工程师指导下进行,使用的部件将来自全球各地。“This is the new animal that a global new product manufacturing set-up is going to be,” says Mr Mahindra, the Harvard-educated billionaire who took the helm of the bn Indian conglomerate as chairman three years ago.“一种新的全球化产品制造模式就将是这样的,”有哈佛大学(Harvard University)教育背景的亿万富翁马欣德拉说,3年前他开始作为董事长执掌这家市值160亿美元的印度企业集团。“We really felt that India didn’t have the start-up atmosphere#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;We had a number of people join us from [US electric carmaker] Tesla Motors, for example, because they were excited about this and the Valley allows people just to migrate and to try out new things.”“我们确实感觉印度没有初创企业的氛围……比如,一些来自(美国电动汽车制造商)特斯拉汽车(Tesla Motors)的人加入了我们,因为他们对此感到兴奋,而硅谷又允许人们随意迁入,试验新的事物。”The GenZe is a modest project for the time being. The ,000 scooter with a computer touchscreen and power sockets for cellphones and laptops is aimed at students and young professionals and is expected to launch in Berkeley, California and Portland, Oregon in a few months, with initial annual production capacity of 20,000 units.就目前而言,GenZe是一个规模较小的项目。这款售价3000美元的电动托车配有一块电脑触摸屏,以及为手机和笔记本电脑设计的充电口,目标客户群是学生和年轻的专业人士,预计几个月后将在加州伯克利和俄勒冈州波特兰发售,初步的年产量为两万台。But the plan exemplifies the challenges facing the business models of traditional Indian manufacturers such as Mahindra, and illustrates the difficultiesNarendra Modi, India’s prime minister, will have in creating millions of jobs through his “Make in India” campaign of promoting the country as a low-cost alternative to China.但这个计划充分体现出马欣德拉等传统印度生产商的商业模式面临的挑战,也表明印度总理纳伦德拉#8226;莫迪(Narendra Modi)通过他本人提出的“印度制造”(Make in India)计划创造数百万就业机会的打算将面临的困难。“印度制造”计划旨在宣扬印度成本更低、可替代中国。The Mahindra conglomerate’s existing US businesses are based largely on the competitiveness of Asian manufacturing and services: the group is the world’s largest tractor brand by volume and sells the vehicles made in India, Japan and South Korea through 525 American dealerships aimed primarily at smaller enterprises and hobby farmers. Tech Mahindraprovides IT services to 360 of the Fortune 500 companies.马欣德拉企业集团旗下现有的美国业务基本以亚洲制造业和务业的竞争力为基础:该集团拥有以销量计世界最大的拖拉机品牌,通过525家美国经销商销售在印度、日本和韩国生产的拖拉机,主要面向中小型企业和农业爱好者。Tech Mahindra向《财富》(Fortune) 500强企业中的360家企业提供IT务。Interviewed in his Mumbai of#172;fice, Mr Mahindra is as cheerful as ever under his trademark shock of white-streaked hair, but he is grappling with an upheaval in global manufacturing that has seen the rapid rise of automation, more demand for high-tech products, and intense competition in an Indian domestic automotive market beset by economic uncertainty and unpredictable monsoon rains.在位于孟买的办公室接受采访时,一头标志性花白头发的马欣德拉一如既往地喜气洋洋,但他正在艰难应对全球制造业的一场巨变,这个行业见了自动化的迅速崛起、高科技产品的需求上升、受困于经济前景不确定和变化莫测的季风雨的印度国内汽车市场的激烈竞争。“We [in India] are not where China was when it made its decision to go in for labour-intensive manufacturing. It was in the right place at the right time. It became the world’s supplier and grew rich on the back of that. I don’t think India has that opportunity — that is our biggest problem,” he says.“我们(印度)如今所处的境况与中国决定发展劳动力密集制造业时的情况不同。当时中国处于正确的地点和时机。中国成为了世界的供应商,并依靠这一点富裕起来。我不认为印度有这样的机会——这是我们最大的问题,”马欣德拉说。“The world is moving away from simply low-cost elements. Products today are products which require a brand, which require innovation, and which have a very strong element of both IT and services involved in them.”“当今世界,只看低成本元素日益行不通了。今天的产品需要品牌,需要创新,需要同时包含很强的IT和务要素。”Mr Mahindra explains this in terms of Barbie dolls. In the old days, it was just a doll, but in the future it could be something robotic that walks and thinks — “intelligent Barbie — it sounds like an oxymoron”, he says with a smile.马欣德拉用芭比娃娃来做解释。过去,这仅仅是个娃娃,但是将来可能会是能走能思考的机器人了。“智能芭比——虽然这听起来有些矛盾”,他微笑着说。India in general, and companies such as Mahindra, are by no means excluded from this new, high-tech manufacturing world. It is true that India suffers from poor education and a desperate shortage of skills, but it also has well-known strengths in IT in geographical areas that overlap with those of the motor industry: in Chennai, Gurgaon, Pune and Mumbai, for example. The two sectors are closely connected too: while the core of Mahindra’s Indian motor business is SUVs for the price-conscious local market, Tech Mahindra’s international work includes producing software for driverless vehicles.整体而言,印度、以及像马欣德拉这样的企业,无论如何都不会被排除在这个新的高科技制造世界之外。尽管印度确实饱受教育水平低下和技能严重匮乏之困,但印度世所闻名的IT优势所处的地理区位也恰好与汽车工业的所在地重合:比如金奈(Chennai),古尔冈(Gurgaon),浦那(Pune)和孟买。这两个行业也是密切相连的:马欣德拉在印度的核心汽车业务是面向当地对价格敏感的市场提供运动型多功能车(SUV),Tech Mahindra的国际业务则包括为无人驾驶汽车开发软件。“When people think of manufacturing, it is no longer a very simplistic framework that you can apply, a very binary one that ‘I need to make something low-cost so I go to China#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;Now China’s place in the sun is gone, go to India’,” he says. “That’s not how people are going to have to think. They’re going to have to create a footprint which might be like a neural network which involves nodes in various places.“当人们思考制造业的时候,使用那种简单化的思维模式已经行不通了,那种两段论——‘我需要生产低成本的东西,我就去中国……如今中国不是最佳制造地了,我就去印度’,”他说。“这不是人们以后不得不采取的思维方式。人们将不得不创造这样的足迹,或许就像神经网络一样,节点遍布各个地方。”“You incubate a product in an atmosphere where that product is best incubated. So, for example, we incubated our electric scooter in California. Because it’s low-volume manufacturing but high-intelligence, intensive manufacturing, we are starting in Michigan. At a point where the volume is going to be much higher and labour is a much higher component, we will pick a different part of the world, most likely India.”“你孵化一个产品,会选择最适合孵化它的环境。所以,打个比方,我们会在加州孵化我们的电动托车。它是个小批量生产的产品,但高度智能化、生产集约化,因此我们从密歇根州起步。到了某个程度,其产量会大幅度提高,工人的数量也会大幅增加,届时我们将选择其他地区,最可能的就是印度。”As well as struggling to devise a profitable manufacturing strategy for the future, Mr Mahindra is grappling with the need to make sense of a highly diversified conglomerate of the sort often unpopular with focused investors and financial analysts.马欣德拉除了难以制定出面向未来的可盈利制造策略,还难以对高度多元化企业集团的合理性进行必要的明,这类企业通常不受重点投资者和金融分析师的待见。With its origins in a quintessentially Indian family enterprise built in a protected post-independence economy, Mahindra not only sells IT services, tractors, trucks, cars, three-wheelers, two-wheelers and small aircraft, but is also involved in defence, renewable energy, banking, insurance, retail, real estate and holidays. Mr Mahindra, a member of the third generation, whose own wealth is estimated by Forbes at .2bn, is not shy of acquisitions. He bought Ssangyong Motor and the scandal-hit Satyam Computer Services among others — and is constantly on the watch for the chance to buy a high-end automotive brand.马欣德拉起源于一个典型的印度家族企业,在独立后受保护的经济环境中逐渐壮大,它不仅销售IT务、拖拉机、卡车、汽车、三轮车、两轮车和小型飞机,还涉足国防、可再生能源、业、保险、零售、房地产以及度假产业。阿南德#8226;马欣德拉是该家族第三代成员,据福布斯(Forbes)估计他的资产为12亿美元。阿南德在收购企业时从不手软,他收购的企业包括双龙汽车(Ssangyong Motor),以及陷入丑闻的萨蒂扬软件技术有限公司(Satyam Computer Services)等等。阿南德还一直在留心收购一个高端汽车品牌的机会。“We don’t call it a conglomerate, we call it a federation,” he says. “If you look at a spectrum between General Electric and Berkshire Hathaway, GE is a conglomerate, one single monolithic company with divisions, Berkshire Hathaway has multiple investments.”阿南德说:“我们不会自称为企业集团,我们称之为联盟。如果你将通用电气(GE)和伯克希尔哈撒韦公司(Berkshire Hathaway)放在一个光谱的两端,那么通用电气就是企业集团,一个有许多部门的单一整体公司。伯克希尔哈撒韦则拥有众多投资项目。”Mahindra, in short, is more Berkshire Hathaway than GE and the boss is in no mood to abandon the safety of diversification.简言之,马欣德拉更像伯克希尔哈撒韦、而不是通用电气,而老板本人也无意放弃多元化带来的安全保障。“If I was sitting here and I had only one unit — an SUV diesel business — even if I was making a 25 per cent return today, your question would be, ‘Anand, are you going to survive?’ Right? Here I am. I’m seeding other parts.“如果我坐在这个位子上,旗下只有一个部门,比如运动型多功能车(SUV)柴油车业务,哪怕现在我的回报率是25%,你仍会问,‘阿南德,你能生存下去吗?’对吧?我已经决定了。我要培育其他业务。”“I’ve got an electric vehicle business. If the world moves, in [big cities], away from vehicles and they say only two-wheelers, and battery two-wheelers, are going to be able to survive, guess who’ll have a product? If they say electric vehicles only in Delhi tomorrow after banning 10-year-old diesel vehicles [this was announced in April by the National Green Tribunal, but the ban has been suspended for the time being], guess who has a product?”“我已经有了电动车业务。如果全世界(的大城市)要告别汽车,然后他们说只有两轮车、电动两轮车可以继续使用,猜猜谁拿得出合适的产品?如果他们继禁止10年车龄的柴油车上路后(印度国家绿色法庭(National Green Tribunal)今年4月宣布该禁令,但暂未实施),明天又说在德里只能开电动车,你猜谁能拿出合适的产品?”With a hint of defensiveness, Mr Mahindra rejects criticism by analysts of his moves into new markets and product categories. “The moment I say I’m going into scooters, they say ‘you’re crazy’. Six months later when BMW comes out with an electric scooter, it’s fine. But when Anand does it, because he’s some small guy in India, it’s not fine.”马欣德拉进军新市场以及新的产品种类之举受到了分析师的批评,对此他有些戒备地拒绝接受。“当我说我要做托车时,他们说‘你疯了’。6个月后宝马(BMW)推出了一款电动托车,大家都觉得没问题。但是阿南德要做这个就不行,因为他只是印度的一个小人物。”Mahindra, of course, is not small — it has operations in 100 countries — but Mr Mahindra the conglomerate chief still describes himself as an entrepreneur, despite, or perhaps because of, the multitude of businesses he controls.马欣德拉当然不是小企业,它的业务遍及100个国家,但作为企业集团老板的阿南德仍将自己形容成一个创业者,尽管(或者是因为)他操控着如此多业务。“Our performance has borne out the fact that the model seems to work. I have been facing this question now for the past two decades and I’m still around, still have my job, so something must be working,” he says.阿南德说:“我们的成绩已经明,这一模式似乎可行。过去二十年我一直面对着这个问题,而我还在这里,还在这个位置上,所以有些东西肯定是可行的。” /201506/381109。
  • Cnooc, China’s third-largest oil producer, is to cut capital spending by up to 35 per cent this year compared with 2014, in the first such announcement by a Chinese energy company following the plunge in crude prices.中国第三大产油企业中国海洋石油有限公司(Cnooc),将把今年的资本出削减至多35%(与2014年相比),这是原油价格暴跌以来中国能源企业首次宣布此类决定。Many western oil groups have aly announced plans to cut spending, but Asian companies have been slower to announce changes following the 50 per cent fall in crude prices since last summer.许多西方石油集团已经宣布了削减出的计划,但亚洲企业在宣布改变方面迄今相对迟缓。自去年夏天以来,原油价格已下跌50%。Cnooc, the most market-orientated of China’s three state-owned oil companies, said on Tuesday it will reduce this year’s capital spending to Rmb70bn to Rmb80bn (.2bn-.8bn), a drop of between 26 per cent and 35 per cent compared with 2014, “to preserve the company’s health in 2015 and beyond”, said Zhong Hua, chief financial officer.中国三大国有石油企业中,中海油是最具市场导向意识的。该公司周二表示,今年资本出将减少至700亿至800亿元人民币(合112亿至128亿美元),与2014年相比降幅介于26%至35%之间。该公司首席财务官钟华表示,这是为了“保持公司在2015年及以后的健康”。Cuts will be concentrated in development spending, which will drop by 67 per cent, Cnooc said. Spending on exploration and production will be reduced by 21 per cent and 10 per cent respectively.中海油表示,在今年的资本出中,勘探、开发和生产资本化出将分别约占21%、67%和10%。Cnooc has bigger offshore operations than its two larger rivals — CNPC and Sinopec — but has also increased its domestic gas business by taking over a coal bed methane producer.相比整体规模更大的两家竞争对手——中国石油天然气集团公司(CNPC)和中石化(Sinopec)——中海油拥有更大的海上作业规模,而且通过收购一家煤层气生产商,它还扩大了自己的国内天然气业务。Cnooc expects oil and gas production to reach 475m to 495m barrels of oil equivalent this year, up from 432m boe in 2014.中海油预计,今年石油和天然气产量将达到4.75亿至4.95亿桶油当量,高于2014年的4.32亿桶油当量。Li Fanrong, chief executive, said future output projections — which currently include further increases in 2016 and 2017 — could be adjusted if weak prices persist. “We want to pay attention to short-term results and stabilise our long-term development,” he added.该公司首席执行官李凡荣表示,如果油价持续疲软,未来产量预测(目前包括2016年和2017年进一步增产)可能会被调整。“公司将合理平衡短期效益和长期发展,”他补充说。But Mr Li said his company had no current plans to cut output from its relatively costly operations in North America, which it inherited with the bn acquisition of Canadian oil developer Nexen about two years ago.但李凡荣表示,公司相对成本高昂的北美业务目前没有减产计划。中海油在大约两年前斥资180亿美元收购加拿大能源集团尼克森(Nexen)之后,接手了这块业务。Past experience with brief suspensions of output from the Canadian oil sands had both increased cost and damaged production capability. “Our emphasis is not on cutting production but on managing costs,” Mr Li said.以往经验表明,暂停开采加拿大油砂既增加成本,也有损产能。“我们的关注点不是削减产量,而是控制成本,”李凡荣表示。Instead, most of the spending cuts are likely to take place in China, raising pressure on the country’s fledgling oil services companies, each of which are largely dependent on a single Chinese oil producer.实际上,大部分出削减很可能发生在中国,这可能给中国羽翼未丰的石油务公司带来更大压力,此类公司基本上每一家都只依赖于一家中国石油生产商。These services companies were spun out of the three large Chinese oil producers, which retain large shareholdings in them.这些务公司是从中国三大石油企业剥离出来的,后者保留了前者的大量股份。“We believe the larger-than-expected decline in domestic spending is likely to negatively impact the outlook for [Cnooc’s listed oil services unit] in 2015,” said Barclays analyst Clement Chen.“我们相信,国内出遭到幅度大于预期的削减,很可能对(中海油的上市石油务部门的)2015年前景产生负面影响,”巴克莱(Barclays)分析师Clement Chen表示。CNPC, parent of PetroChina, and Sinopec have not yet announced spending plans but are expected to do so this month.中石油(PetroChina)的母公司——中国石油天然气集团公司——以及中石化尚未宣布出计划,但预计会在本月宣布。Nomura analyst Gordon Kwan said he expected Chinese oil producers to cut spending by less than western energy groups “as they face a dilemma between boosting investor returns and supporting national energy security”.野村(Nomura)分析师关荣乐(Gordon Kwan)表示,他预计中国石油企业的减幅度将会小于西方能源集团,“因为它们面临一个两难局面,一边是提高投资者回报,另一边是持国家的能源安全”。 /201502/358435。
  • It is not easy being a vampire, and even harder to come out of the coffin to a physician or therapist for fear they will misinterpret the habit of ingesting the blood of willing donors or succumb to stereotyping, a study finds。研究发现,吸血鬼不好当,从棺材里跑出来面对内科医师和心理治疗师更不易,吸食血仆的血或许会被误解、或许还要臣于人们对吸血鬼的刻板印象。Research led by D.J. Williams, director of social work atIdaho State University, indicated that people who identify themselves as “real” vampires – that is, needing others’ blood to gain energy – would not disclose their practices to those in the helping professions and risk reactions like ridicule, disgust and possible diagnosis of a mental illness。威廉士是爱达荷州立大学社会活动的总监,他带领研究指出,那些自认是“真正”吸血鬼身份的人,需要他人鲜血来获取能量,他们是不愿意将其行事透露给务行业人士的,不愿冒风险去面对人们讥讽、嫌恶的反应,液诊断为精神有疾病。The paper, published in the latest issue of Critical Social Work, a peer-reviewed journal based in Canada, found that authentic vampires as opposed to “lifestyle” vampires – black-clad figures with phony fangs – might be stereotyped by clinicians whose fields discourage biases。这篇论文发表在最新一期加拿大同行审评的学术期刊《社会工作批评》上,文章称真正的血族与黑衣獠牙的“生活潮流”派吸血鬼不同,因循守旧的临床医生或许对他们还抱有成见。Williams, who has studied self-identified vampires for nearly a decade, finds they come from every walk of life and profession, including doctors, attorneys and candlestick makers。“They are successful, ordinary people,” he said.Except they are very, very tired. That’s apparently the chief reason they find a consenting adult willing to allow them to use a scalpel to make a tiny incision in the chest area so they can ingest a small amount of blood for energy, the study found。威廉研究这类自我认定的吸血鬼已经将近10年了,血族来自各行各业,包括有医生、律师和烛台制造者。威廉说,“他们是成功人士、也是普通人”。研究发觉,不同在于他们真的很累,显然这也就是为什么他们会找一个成年人, 与之沟通好达成一致,用柳叶刀在其胸膛切开小小的口子,这样他们就可以稍稍吸入点血补充能量。Williams and another researcher based the paper on the responses of 11 people who had identified themselves as vampires for many years and could be relied on to be open and honest, and who gain permission from practicing adults before ingesting their blood, he said。“The real vampire community seems to be a conscientious and ethical one,” Williams said。威廉和另一名研究人员根据11名吸血鬼的回应写就了论文,这些吸血鬼为人可靠、开诚布公,他们摄取鲜血前会先获取成年供血者的许可。威廉称,“真正的血族谨小慎微、合乎伦理”。The challenge is finding non-judgmental clinicians to whom vampires can disclose their alternative lifestyles, he added。“Most vampires believe they were born that way; they don’t choose this,” Williams said.The global vampire population is thought to number in the thousands, he said。面临的挑战在于要找到不妄加评判的临床医生,这样吸血鬼才会透露其别样的生活方式。他补充道,“大多数吸血鬼认为他们天生这般,并非选择如此。”全球血族人口达千人之多。 /201507/385604。
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