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Red wine is bad for your health, experts reveal in a new report.相关专家发布的最新报告显示,红酒有害健康。In a u-turn, Government experts have dismissed the supposed health benefits of wine and are set to rewrite the rule book on the nation#39;s alcohol consumption, according to reports.报道引述英国政府内部专家的话称,红酒并不像大家此前认为的那样对健康有益,事实情况恰恰相反。这些专家正打算修订英国有关酒精摄入量的指导标准。A landmark report by Chief Medical Officer Dame Sally Davies will destroy the long-held belief that red wine can cut the risk of cancer, heart disease and memory loss when drunk in moderation, the Sun reported.据英国《太阳报》报道,这份必将影响深远的报告源自首席医疗官莎莉·戴维斯女爵。该报告将彻底推翻人们长期以来秉持的一个观念——适度饮红酒可降低患上癌症、心脏病和失忆症的风险。In the first overhaul of alcohol guidelines for two decades, doctors will reportedly warn that there is no ;safe; level of alcohol consumption and drinking just a small amount may in fact increase the risk of some cancers.这将是二十年来饮酒指南的首次大逆转。报道称,医生将在新的饮酒指南中告诫民众:没有所谓的饮酒量“安全线”,小酌也可能增加患上某些癌症的风险。A source said: ;The report will send a clear signal that the dangers of drinking are far more than previously thought.;一名消息人士称,该报告将释放一个明确的信号:饮酒危害远远超过人们此前的想象。The review was launched in 2012 and its findings are expected to reflect the latest research that links even occasional alcohol consumption to health problems in later life.此次对酒精危害的重新评估始于2012年,其评估结果将与近期的其他研究结果呼应。其他研究也认为,偶尔饮酒也可能引发未来的健康问题。The Government currently advises men do not drink more than three to four units per day - up to 21 units or less per week - while women should drink no more than two to three units a day, or 14 units per week.英国政府目前的建议是:男性每天饮酒不宜超过三至四个酒精单位,每周饮酒量应低于21个酒精单位;女性每天饮酒不宜超过两至三个酒精单位,每周饮酒量应低于14个酒精单位。Under the new guidelines the gender difference will be thrown out and drinkers will be to keep off the booze for at least two days a week in order to allow their livers to recover.而新的饮酒指南则认为:无论男女,饮酒者每周至少要有两天远离酒精, 使受伤的肝脏得以恢复。A recent study by University College London found patients who gave up for four weeks saw benefits for their liver function, blood pressure and cholesterol levels and were also at lower risk of developing diabetes and liver disease.伦敦大学学院近期的一项研究显示,病人戒酒四周后,其肝功能、血压和胆固醇水平都有所好转;而且,病人患糖尿病和肝脏疾病的风险也降低了。And a report by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (Nice) advised middle-aged people there is ;no safe level of alcohol consumption;.英国国家卫生医疗质量标准署在其发布的报告中向中年人发出忠告:饮酒量没有“安全线”。It says the same health benefits can be more easily achieved with exercise and healthy eating.该报告称,你想通过饮酒获得的所谓益处,其实可以轻松地通过锻炼和健康饮食实现。 /201601/421778

Last month, Cory Jones, a top editor at Playboy, went to see its founder Hugh Hefner at the Playboy Mansion.上月,《》(Playboy)杂志的顶级编辑科利·琼斯(Cory Jones)去大厦探望了杂志的创始人休·赫夫纳(Hugh Hefner)。In a wood-paneled dining room, with Picasso and de Kooning prints on the walls, Mr. Jones nervously presented a radical suggestion: the magazine, a leader of the revolution that helped take sex in America from furtive to ubiquitous, should stop publishing images of naked women.《》杂志曾在性解放运动中充当领军角色,从那以后,美国的性文化就从遮遮掩掩变为无处不在,然而,在大厦镶嵌木板,悬挂着毕加索(Picasso)与德·库宁(de Kooning)作品的餐厅里,琼斯却紧张地提出了一个激进的建议,这本杂志不应该再刊登裸体女郎的照片了。Mr. Hefner, now 89, but still listed as editor in chief, agreed. As part of a redesign that will be unveiled next March, the print edition of Playboy will still feature women in provocative poses. But they will no longer be fully nude.89岁的赫夫纳仍在杂志上被列为总编,他同意了这个建议。新设计将在明年三月曝光,届时纸质版的《》上仍将有摆出挑逗姿态的女郎,但她们不再是全裸的了。Its executives admit that Playboy has been overtaken by the changes it pioneered. “That battle has been fought and won,” said Scott Flanders, the company’s chief executive. “You’re now one click away from every sex act imaginable for free. And so it’s just passé at this juncture.”杂志高管们承认,杂志已经被自己倡导的种种变革所压倒。“战斗已经打过,并且已经取胜了,”公司首席执行官斯科特·弗兰达斯(Scott Flanders)说。“现在你可以免费点击获取各种可以想到的性行为内容。所以在眼下,性内容已经成了落伍的东西。”For a generation of American men, ing Playboy was a cultural rite, an illicit thrill consumed by flashlight. Now every teenage boy has an Internet-connected phone instead. Pornographic magazines, even those as storied as Playboy, have lost their shock value, their commercial value and their cultural relevance.对于一代美国男人来说,阅读《》杂志是一种文化仪式,一种不正当的刺激,要打着手电看才行。如今所有男孩子都有了可以联网的手机。色情杂志已经失去了震撼性的价值、商业价值与文化影响,就连《》这样历史悠久的杂志也不例外。Playboy’s circulation has dropped from 5.6 million in 1975 to about 800,000 now, according to the Alliance for Audited Media. Many of the magazines that followed it have disappeared. Though detailed figures are not kept for adult magazines, many of those that remain exist in severely diminished form, available mostly in specialist stores. Penthouse, perhaps the most famous Playboy competitor, responded to the threat from digital pornography by turning even more explicit. It never recovered.根据审计媒体联盟( Alliance for Audited Media)统计,《》的发行量已经从1975年的560万册跌到如今的80万册。许多它的效仿者们更是已经消失不见。尽管关于男性杂志没有细节统计数字,但其中很多杂志的规模都已经大大缩减,主要只能在色情商店才能买到。《阁楼》(Penthouse)或许是《》最著名的竞争者,面对数字色情内容的威胁,它的对策就是内容更加露骨。它倒闭后再也没能复原。Previous efforts to revamp Playboy, as recently as three years ago, have never quite stuck. And those who have accused it of exploiting women are unlikely to be assuaged by a modest cover-up. But, according to its own research, Playboy’s logo is one of the most recognizable in the world, along with those of Apple and Nike. This time, as the magazine seeks to compete with younger outlets like Vice, Mr. Flanders said, it sought to answer a key question: “if you take nudity out, what’s left?”三年前,为了振兴《》采取的一系列举措均未能持续收到良好效果。那些指责它剥削利用女性的人们对杂志上出现的温和遮掩也并不满意。但是,根据杂志自己所做的研究,《》的logo仍然同苹果和耐克的商标一样,是世界上最易辨识的标识之一。这一次,弗兰德斯说,杂志希望同Vice等更年轻的传媒竞争,它希望能回答这样一个关键的问题:“如果把裸体撤掉,那么还剩下什么?”It is difficult, in a media market that has been so fragmented by the web, to imagine the scope of Playboy’s influence at its peak. A judge once ruled that denying blind people a Braille version of it violated their First Amendment rights. It published stories by Margaret Atwood and Haruki Murakami among others, and its interviews have included Malcolm X, Vladimir Nabokov, Martin Luther King Jr. and Jimmy Carter, who admitted that he had lusted in his heart for women other than his wife. Madonna, Sharon Stone and Naomi Campbell posed for the magazine at the peak of their fame. Its best-selling issue, in November of 1972, sold more than seven million copies.在媒体市场已经被互联网变得日益碎片化的当今,要想象《》当年的影响之广是很困难的。一个法官曾经判决杂志拒绝为盲人发行布莱叶盲文版是违反了宪法第一修正案赋予盲人的权利。它刊登过许多著名作家的小说,其中包括玛格丽特·阿特伍德(Margaret Atwood)与村上春树的作品,它曾经采访过马尔科姆·X(Malcolm X)、弗拉迪米尔·纳科夫(Vladimir Nabokov)、小马丁·路德·金(Martin Luther King Jr.)和吉米·卡特(Jimmy Carter),卡特承认自己在心里对别的女人比对妻子更有欲望。麦当娜(Madonna)、莎朗·斯通(Sharon Stone)与娜奥米·坎贝尔(Naomi Campbell)都曾在自己的全盛时期为它拍照。1972年11月刊是它最畅销的一期,共卖出了700万册。Even those who disliked it cared enough to pay attention — Gloria Steinem, the pioneering feminist, went undercover as a waitress, or Playboy Bunny, in one of Mr. Hefner’s spinoff clubs to write an exposé for Show Magazine in 1963.就连那些不喜欢它的人也不得不关注它。1963年,为了给《Show Magazine》杂志写一篇揭露文章,女权主义先驱格劳丽亚·斯泰纳姆(Gloria Steinem)甚至曾经去赫夫纳旗下的夜总会卧底,做起了兔女郎。When Mr. Hefner created the magazine, which featured Marilyn Monroe on its debut cover in 1953, he did so to please himself. “If you’re a man between the ages of 18 and 80, Playboy is meant for you,” he said in his first editor’s letter. “We enjoy mixing up cocktails and an hors d’oeuvre or two, putting a little mood music on the phonograph, and inviting in a female acquaintance for a quiet discussion on Picasso, Nietzsche, jazz, sex ...” He did not put a date on the cover of the first issue, in case Playboy did not make it to a second.1953年,赫夫纳创办了这本杂志,创刊号封面上是玛丽莲·梦露(Marilyn Monroe)的照片,他这么做是为了取悦自己。“《》适合所有18岁到80岁的男性,”他在第一篇总编发刊词中写道。“我们喜欢调鸡尾酒,吃一两道开胃小菜,在唱机上放点有情调的音乐,邀一位女性熟人来安静地聊一聊毕加索、尼采、爵士乐与性爱……”创刊号封面上没有写日期,因为他不知道《》还能不能出第二期。Mr. Hefner “just revolutionized the whole direction of how we live, of our lifestyles and the kind of sex you might have in America,” said Dian Hanson, author of a six-volume history of men’s magazines and an editor for Taschen. “But taking the nudity out of Playboy is going to leave what?” 赫夫纳“彻底改变了我们生活的方向,我们的生活方式,以及美国的性爱方式,”迪安·汉森(Dian Hanson)说,他著有一部六卷本的男性杂志历史,是Taschen出版社的编辑。“但是把裸体照片从《》上拿掉,还会剩下什么呢?”The latest redesign, 62 years later, is more pragmatic. The magazine had aly made some content safe for work, Mr. Flanders said, in order to be allowed on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, vital sources of web traffic.杂志走过了62年的历程,如今的改版是出于实用主义。弗兰德斯说,杂志已经调整了一些内容,可以安全地在工作场合观看,这是为了杂志可以在Facebook、Instagram和Twitter等重要的网络社交媒体平台上传播。In August of last year, its website dispensed with nudity. As a result, Playboy executives said, the average age of its er dropped from 47 to just over 30, and its web traffic jumped to about 16 million from about four million unique users per month.去年8月,杂志网站上开始提供裸体内容。公司高管们说,由此带来的是读者的平均年龄从47岁降低到了30岁左右,它的网站流量从每月400万次浏览升高到1600万次。The magazine will adopt a cleaner, more modern style, said Mr. Jones, who as chief content officer also oversees its website. There will still be a Playmate of the Month, but the pictures will be “PG-13” and less produced — more like the racier sections of Instagram. “A little more accessible, a little more intimate,” he said. It is not yet decided whether there will still be a centerfold.琼斯说,杂志会采取更干净,更现代的风格,他是杂志的内容总编,也负责网络的工作。他说,杂志上仍然会有每月女郎,不过照片会是“PG-13”级别的,也不会再进行那么多后期制作,而是更像一组活泼的Instagram照片。“更可亲,更亲密,”他说。杂志上是否还会有中间插页照片,目前尚未决定。Its sex columnist, Mr. Jones said, will be a “sex-positive female,” writing enthusiastically about sex. And Playboy will continue its tradition of investigative journalism, in-depth interviews and fiction. The target audience, Mr. Flanders said, is young men who live in cities. “The difference between us and Vice,” he said, “is that we’re going after the guy with a job.”琼斯说,杂志的性专栏作家会是一个“性方面非常积极的女人”,她会满腔热情地写性。《》在调查新闻、深度访谈和虚构写作方面的传统还将延续。弗兰德斯说,杂志的目标读者是居住在城市里的青年男子。“我们和Vice的区别,就是我们更关注那些有工作的人,”他说。Some of the moves, like expanded coverage of liquor, are partly commercial, Mr. Flanders admitted; the magazine must please its core advertisers. And all the changes have been tested in focus groups with an eye toward attracting millennials — people between the ages of 18 and 30-something, highly coveted by publishers. The magazine will feature visual artists, with their work dotted through the pages, in part because research revealed that younger people are drawn to art.还有一些举措部分是出于商业目的,比如增加烈酒的报道篇幅,弗兰德斯承认;杂志必须取悦自己的核心广告客户。所有这些变化都经过焦点小组的测试,目标是吸引千禧一代,也就是18岁到30岁的人群,他们是出版商极度觊觎的目标。杂志上还会刊登视觉艺术家的作品,散布在不同页面,部分是因为调查显示年轻人喜欢艺术。The company now makes most of its money from licensing its ubiquitous brand and logo across the world — 40 percent of that business is in China even though the magazine is not available there — for bath products, fragrances, clothing, liquor and jewelry among other merchandise. Nudity in the magazine risks complaints from shoppers, and diminished distribution.如今,公司的主要收入是靠着在全球各地出售自己品牌与logo的许可权,包括沐浴用品、香水、装,烈酒、珠宝和其他小商品,其中40%的业务在中国,尽管这本杂志在中国买不到。杂志上的裸体要冒着被购物者指责的风险,会减少分销数量。Playboy, which had gone public in 1971, was taken private again in 2011 by Mr. Hefner with Rizvi Traverse Management, an investment firm founded by Suhail Rizvi, a publicity-shy Silicon Valley investor, who has interests in Twitter, Square and Snapchat among others. The firm now owns over 60 percent. Mr. Hefner owns about 30 percent (some shares are held by Playboy management).公司于1971年上市,2011年,又被赫夫纳与里兹维·特拉维斯资产管理公司(Rizvi Traverse Management)收购,这家投资公司是由苏海尔·里兹维(Suhail Rizvi)创立的,他是个外表羞涩的硅谷投资者,曾为Twitter、Square和Snapchat等公司投资。里兹维·特拉维斯目前拥有60%股份,赫夫纳拥有30%股份,其他部分股份由公司管理层持有。The magazine is profitable if money from licensed editions around the world is taken into account, Mr. Flanders said, but the ed States edition loses about million a year. He sees it, he said, as a marketing expense. “It is our Fifth Avenue storefront,” he said.如果把全球的各种授权版本算进来,这本杂志仍然是盈利的,弗兰德斯说,但是杂志的美国版每年亏损300万美元。他说自己把这当做市场营销的开。“它相当于我们在第五大道的门店,”他说。He and Mr. Jones feel that the magazine remains relevant, not least because the world has gradually adopted Mr. Hefner’s libertarian views on a variety of social issues. Asked whether Mr. Hefner’s views on women were the exception to that rule, Mr. Flanders responded that Mr. Hefner had “always celebrated the beauty of the female figure.”他和琼斯觉得这本杂志仍然有着重大意义,特别是因为这个世界已经逐渐接纳了赫夫纳对各种社会问题的自由主义观点。被问到赫夫纳对女人的观点是否是其中的例外,弗兰德斯回答说,赫夫纳“一直都赞美女人的美。”“Don’t get me wrong,” Mr. Jones said of the decision to dispense with nudity, “12-year-old me is very disappointed in current me. But it’s the right thing to do.”“别误会我,”琼斯在谈到撤下裸体照片这个决定时说。“那个12岁时的我对现在的我非常失望,但这是一件正确的事情。” /201510/404415





  A group claiming to call itself #39;Overweight Haters Ltd#39; has been handing out abusive cards to commuters on London#39;s underground rail network, branding them as ;fat; and ;ugly.;一个自称“超重者仇敌有限公司”的组织在伦敦地铁上向通勤者分发侮辱性卡片,卡片上写着“你是胖子,你很丑”。National Health Service (NHS) worker, Kara Florish took to Twitter slamming the campaign group#39;s ;hateful; and ;cowardly; tactics after being given a card on the London Underground.英国国民医疗系统一名员工卡拉·弗洛里斯在推特上抨击这个组织,称其行为“令人厌恶、胆小懦弱”。她在乘坐伦敦地铁时收到了一张这样的卡片。The card went on, adding that Overweight Haters Ltd hated and resented ;fat people;, accusing them of ;wasting NHS money; and adding ;it#39;s really not glandular, it#39;s your gluttony.;卡片事件还在持续。“超重者仇敌”组织表示他们厌恶、憎恨“胖子”,称他们“浪费英国国民医疗系统的钱”。该组织认为,“胖不是天生的,而是暴饮暴食导致的。”The British Transport Police have announced that they are aware of the cards, and ask anyone who was handed one to call them.英国交通警察局表示他们已经介入卡片事件,并呼吁收到卡片的人和警方取得联系。;We have spoken to a number of people and, to date, have had two formal complaints and several anecdotal reports,; the police said in a statement Tuesday.周二(12月1日),英国交通警察局发声明称:“我们询问了很多人,至今已收到两起正式投诉以及几次情况报告。”One person reported on social media that he saw a woman in tears after a ;young man; at Oxford Circus handed her a printed card saying ;You#39;re Fat;.有人在社交媒体上称,他亲眼目睹一位女士在牛津广场收到一个年轻男子给她的卡片后默默流泪,卡片上印有“你是个胖子”字样。People across the globe ran to the woman#39;s defense, condemning the actions of Overweight Haters Ltd.世界各地的网友纷纷为该女士打抱不平,同声谴责“超重者仇敌”的行为。Companies from all walks of life including personal care brand, Dove, and plus-size clothing designer, Navabi, have reached out on Twitter to show their support to those affected.包括个人护理品牌多芬、大号时装设计公司Navabi在内的各行各业,均在推特上表示持那些受伤害的人。Local government body responsible for the city#39;s transport, Transport for London (TfL), has issued a statement about the matter, saying the anti-social behavior wouldn#39;t be tolerated.负责管理伦敦交通的政府机构以及伦敦交通局已就此事发表声明,称对这种反社会行为采取零容忍的态度。;All of our customers have the right to travel with confidence, and this sad and unpleasant form of anti-social behavior will not be tolerated,; Steve Burton, director of enforcement and on-street operations at TfL, said in a statement emailed to CN.伦敦交通局执法和道路管理部门主任斯蒂夫·伯顿 在给美国全国广播公司财经频道(CN)的邮件中说:“有尊严地乘坐地铁是所有乘客的权利,发“胖子卡”是一种可悲而又令人讨厌的反社会行为,我们绝不能容忍。” /201512/4137085.Chocolate5.巧克力When you take a bite out of a well-made chocolate bar, it feels like you#39;re eating the food of the gods. And, well, you#39;d be exactly right.当你从一根做好的巧克力棒上咬下一口的时候,你会觉得自己是在吃神赐的食物。好吧,确实是如此。The story begins as far back as 1500, when the Olmec managed to find and utilize cocoa beans. Of course, it was not called #39;cocoa#39; then, but #39;kakawa#39; – where we get the name from. They managed to turn it into a drink, but historians are hard-pressed to find any evidence that the Olmec did much else with it. The Mayans, however, loved the stuff. They identified it as a food of Kon, the god of rain and wind. They drank it, used the mixture as a substitute for blood in rituals, and even used the beans as currency. That#39;s right; once upon a time, you could buy things with chocolate. As for the solid bars we all know and love? They didn#39;t pop up until around 1850AD. Even after all of these years, however, we still love to offer chocolate to people we praise highly.故事开始于公元前1500年,奥尔梅克人发现了可可豆,并研究其用法。当然,那时候它还不叫;可可;,而是;kakawa;——现在的名字由此演变而来。他们将其做成一种饮品,但历史学家们很难找到据明奥尔梅克人用它制作了其他的东西。但是玛雅人很爱这种东西。他们确信它是风雨神Kon的一种食物。他们饮用这种饮品,在祭祀仪式上用它代替血,甚至用可可豆来当货币。没错,曾经有一段时间,你可以用巧克力来买东西。那么我们所认识且钟爱的巧克力棒呢?它们直到公元1850年才出现。然而,纵然过去了这么多年,我们仍然喜欢为我们珍爱的人赠送巧克力。4.Worcestershire Sauce4.辣酱油While relatively unknown to most of the world, this foodstuff gets a spot on this list because it was made entirely by accident.尽管辣酱油在世界上很多地方都鲜有人知,但我们还是将这种食物纳入这篇文章中,因为它的制作完全是个意外。It began its life as an Indian sauce. The recipe made its way over to Worcester, England, where two chemists, John Wheeley Lea and William Perrins, got their hands on it. They marketed this new exotic sauce, claiming all sorts of healing properties to cure common problems. When they actually made the stuff, however, it tasted awful. The pair stuffed the rest in a barrel and left it in a cellar, presumably to use again some day. That day didn#39;t come until two years later. The pair, rediscovering their old invention, decided to give it a second shot. What should have probably murdered them, actually tasted very good. The pair decided to sell the sauce under the name #39;Lea and Perrins,#39; a brand name that is strong to this day. Who knows how many other food inventions we#39;ve missed, due to people not willing to eat vastly out-of–date food?它最初是一种印度酱油。这个食谱传到了英国伍斯特,被两位化学家John Wheeley Lea 和William Perrins所得。他们售卖这种新的异国酱油,宣称它能治愈一般的疾病。然而,当他们实际制成了这种东西的时候,它的味道非常糟糕。这两个人将剩下的酱油倒进一个桶里,存放在地窖中,准备过几天再用。而这一天直到两年后才到来。这两个人重新发现了他们过去的发明,决定再试试。差点让他们笑死的是,这东西尝起来非常美味。两人决定售卖这种酱油,给它取名;Lea and Perrins;,这个商标直到今天依然赫赫有名。因为人们不愿意吃那些过期的食物,谁知道我们因此错过了多少美食的发明?3.Milkshake3.奶昔Milkshakes are a lovely treat for the young, but you definitely would not want to give the original recipe to a child.奶昔是款待年轻人的好东西,但你绝对不愿意给孩子们品尝早期的奶昔。The first time the world saw the word #39;milkshake#39; was in 1885, in a British newspaper. The article did not go on to talk about if people preferred strawberry or banana flavour; in fact, what the article did say was that milkshake was a ;sturdy, healthful eggnog type of drink, with eggs, whiskey, etc., served as a tonic as well as a treat.; Yes, that#39;s right; the original milkshake contained alcohol. The actual milkshake we know and love came a little later in the 1900s. In 1922, a man called Ivan ;Pop; Coulson wanted to make a remix on the recipe. Ever an experimenter, he added the one ingredient that made a huge impact on the recipe of milkshake forever; ice cream. Since then, the version with whiskey in it has fallen out of public knowledge; unfortunately, alcoholic milkshakes are not an item on the #39;hidden #39; in fast food places.;奶昔;一词于1885年在英国的一份报纸上第一次问世。文章并没有继续讨论人们更喜欢草莓还是香蕉的香味;实际上,这篇文章所描述的奶昔是一种;坚硬的、健康的蛋酒式饮品,里面加有鸡蛋、威士忌等,既是一种补药,也可用来款待宾朋。;没错,最初的奶昔里面含有酒精。我们现在知道且喜爱的奶昔出现得较晚,到20世纪90年代才出现。1922年,一个名叫Ivan Pop Coulson的人想在食谱中再混合点东西。他在试验品中加入了一种发挥了重要作用的原料——冰激凌。从那以后,加有威士忌版本的奶昔就逐渐退出了公众视野;不幸地是,酒味奶昔在快餐店的;隐藏菜单;里也不提供。2.Graham Crackers2.全麦饼干Do you feel less lust after eating a graham cracker? You should do – or, at least, the inventor of it hopes you do.吃完一片全麦饼干以后是否觉得欲望有所减轻呢?这正是——或至少是其发明者所希望的。In the 1830s, reverend Sylvester Graham decided that America had become too lust-filled. In order to curb the problem and help people across the nation get back onto a good God-fearing path, he created the #39;Graham diet.#39; The diet consisted of wheat, fruit and vegetables, but absolutely no meat; eating meat and fatty foods was, Graham claimed, a way to invoke sexual thoughts in the mind. Sylvester Graham invented the graham cracker as a part of his newfound diet. He wasn#39;t alone in his mind-set; someone else who shared this was John Harvey Kellogg. Does the name seem familiar? That#39;s right – Kellogg#39;s corn flakes. The beloved breakfast cereal was Kellogg#39;s way to save the souls of the American people, but ended up being a delicious breakfast rather than a cure for the wandering eye. Next time you need to calm down, try stuffing graham crackers into your mouth. If the wheat doesn#39;t do the trick, the dry mouth certainly will.19世纪30年代,教士Sylvester Graham认为美国欲望太过膨胀。为解决这一问题,帮助全国的人们回到一条虔诚的道路上,他发明了;Graham 饮食;。这种饮食中包括谷物、水果和蔬菜,但绝对没有肉;Graham认为,吃肉和脂肪类食品会引发人心中的淫欲。Sylvester Graham发明了全麦饼干作为他的全新饮食的一部分。他并不是一个人将想法付诸实际;另外一个与他共享的是John Harvey Kellogg。这名字是不是有些熟悉?没错——Kellogg#39;s玉米片。Kellogg想要以这种受人喜爱的早餐谷物来拯救美国人的灵魂,谁知它没有拯救得了迷茫的双眼,却成为了美味的早餐。当下次你需要冷静一下的时候,试试在你嘴里塞上全麦饼干。如果小麦解决不了问题,那口干舌燥的感觉肯定会让你达到目的。1.Marshmallows1.棉花糖To better understand where the marshmallow came from, you must first understand that the name #39;marshmallow#39; is a combination of #39;marsh#39; and #39;mallow#39;. It refers to the Mallow plants that grew around marshes; hence the name.为了更好地理解棉花糖从哪而来,你必须要理解棉花糖的名字,;棉花糖marshmallow;是由marsh(沼泽)和mallow(锦葵)组成。它是指生长在沼泽中的锦葵,这就是它的名字。This specific plant was harvested in Egyptian times. They did not merely eat it for its sweet flavour, however. Back then, Egyptian doctors were convinced that marshmallow was an effective way of curing a sore throat in children, which sounds like a medication a child would never reject. In fact, it#39;s thought that this miracle medicine was eaten by richer kids as a treat, rather than a cure. As for the marshmallow as we know of it today, the root goes back to 1800s France, where it was pushed as a treat for kids and adults alike. Then, in 1948, Alex Doumak created a way to make the little delights in a way that was completely automated, allowing the sweet treat to be produced efficiently. While the marshmallow is treated as a candy rather than medicine, it wouldn#39;t hurt to buy a big bag and #39;experiment#39; for yourself next time you catch a cold.这种特殊的植物在埃及时代丰收。但人们不是仅仅为了食用它的甜味。当时,埃及的医生相信,沼泽中的锦葵可以有效地治疗儿童咽喉疼痛,孩子似乎不会拒绝这种药。实际上,人们认为,富人家的孩子吃这种神奇的药作为消遣,而不是治疗疾病。至于今天我们所知道的棉花糖,要追溯到19世纪的法国,它很受孩子和成年人的喜爱。到1948年,Alex Doumak发明了一种方法使这种小甜品的生产完全自动化,提高了它的生产效率。尽管棉花糖成为了一种糖果而非药品,但你下次感冒的时候买上一大包自己;试验;一下也不会有害。翻译:赵倩 来源:前十网 /201510/405397


  If you#39;ve always wanted to speak another language, or just want to understand your Spanish boyfriend, then you#39;re in luck.如果你想学会说一门外语,又或者仅仅是想听懂你西班牙男朋友说的话,那么恭喜你了。Thanks to the internet, it#39;s become easier and easier to learn a new language - and you don#39;t even have to pay a penny.有了互联网,学外语变得越来越简单,甚至还不需要花钱。You can watch foreign films on Youtube or streaming sites, order books from every country in the world and chat online.你可以在Youtube和其他流媒体网站上看外语片,上网订购外语书籍,和外国人网上聊天。Millions of language learners now also use Duolingo, a free app which treats learning like a game. Practicing earns you points and unlocks new levels of vocabulary.现在数百万语言学习者都在使用“多邻国”(Duolingo),一款免费的应用软件。用它学外语就跟玩游戏似的,用户要通过不断的练习赚得点数来解锁新词。We asked one super user, Matthias Salzger, about his experience and what tips he has for beginners.马蒂亚斯#8226;萨尔泽格是其中一位超级用户。在我们的采访中,他谈到了自己的学习经历,并为初学者提供了些小窍门。#39;Thanks to my online Spanish, I was top of my class#39;“多亏我在网上学习了西班牙语,现在我是班上的第一名。”I started using Duolingo in June 2013. After seeing it in a Youtube I thought: “It would be cool to speak some Spanish.” Soon I was hooked.我是在2013年6月开始用“多邻国”的。那时我在Youtube上看到一个介绍“多邻国”的视频,心想:“如果会说点西班牙语,那一定很酷。”很快我就沉迷其中了。I learnt all of my early Spanish on Duolingo. In fact, I switched schools in the autumn of 2013 and found out I had learned in three months on Duolingo what my new classmates had in three years. I passed a test the school required me to take with flying colours and quickly was at the top of my class.我用“多邻国”完成了西班牙语入门。2013年秋我转学了,然后我发现我在“多邻国”上仅仅用了三个月就学会了同学们三年才学会的东西。我出色地通过了学校安排的测试,很快就成了班上的第一名。Besides Spanish , I learnt some Italian on Duolingo, what I believe to be almost conversational Esperanto , and a good chunk of my French.除了西班牙语,我还在“多邻国”上学了一些意大利语。我认为意大利语是日常对话中使用最多的语言。我的法语也有很大一部分是在在“多邻国”上学的。Duolingo can only get you so far. After you#39;ve got the basics, . And then some more. Skip the children#39;s books and start with the stuff that you#39;re actually interested in. Other than that, try watching a movie or a TV series.但“多邻国”的帮助也是有限的。在“多邻国”上只能学到基础知识,以后就要靠阅读了。要在这一过程中逐渐扩大阅读量。阅读时跳过那些儿童书籍,直接找你感兴趣的东西来读。此外还可以试着看看外语电影或电视剧。The most important tip in my opinion is to do what#39;s fun for you.在我看来学外语最重要的一点就是,要用你感兴趣的方法来学。I guess my level in Spanish now is around B1-B2 (intermediate). I didn#39;t get there with Duolingo alone. I also quite a bit, watched some cartoons in Spanish and attended a language school in Spain for two weeks.我估计我的西班牙语水平在B1和B2级左右(中级水平)。这不完全是在“多邻国”上学的。我还阅读了很多文章,看了一些西班牙语的动画片,还在西班牙的一所语言学校学了两星期。But you don#39;t need expensive programs like Rosetta Stone, a private teacher or even language classes. The really important factor is that you stay motivated and stick with it.你不必花很多钱购买“如师通”软件(Rosetta Stone)、请私人老师或是报班上语言课,但最重要的是你要一直有动力,要坚持学下去。Matthias#39; 7 tips for learning a language:马蒂亚斯学外语的7个小窍门:1. Set yourself a goal给自己设定目标This goal could be finishing the Duolingo tree, or being able to speak with your friend in their native language. Work every day at it!目标可以是完成“多邻国”的任务树,也可以是达到能与外国朋友对话交流的水平。每天向着自己的目标迈进吧!2. Team up with other learners和其他学习者相互促进When using Duolingo, don#39;t forget to use the sentence discussion and the grammar notes too. The discussion boards are also worth taking a look at (only available in the web version).在用“多邻国”的时候,别忘了看讨论区和别人的语法笔记。讨论区真的很值得一看(这个功能只在网页版上才有)。Ask questions, look for people to learn alongside with and if you#39;re aly there check out Lingots For Stories, a weekly writing challenge managed by myself and other great Duolingo members.记得多多提问,还可以和别的学习者结伴学习。如果你都做到了,不妨参加一下“写故事赚点数”(Lingots For Stories)的活动吧。这是我和其他优秀学习者一同发起的写作比赛,每周举行一次。3. Start ing学会阅读Check out your local library or the internet (a lot of books can be found as pdf downloads). Now here comes what might seem like a bizarre tip: don#39;t use a dictionary!去你所在地的图书馆看看,或者直接在网上阅读(很多书可以以pdf的格式下载下来)。我还有个建议,可能听起来会有点奇怪:阅读时别查字典!Instead, try to understand the word from its context. This might be incredibly hard in the beginning, but I promise it gets easier. You won#39;t forget the words, as you might if you just look them up. And don#39;t worry about getting it wrong as you#39;ll encounter the word again and correct your mistake.别用字典查词,而是根据上下文理解单词的意思。可能刚开始会读得很艰难,但是我保到后面会变得越来越容易。如果你只是查字典的话,很容易就把这个单词的意思忘了,但是用这种方法就不会。你也不必担心判断错了词义,因为你还会在下文里遇到同样的词,到时可以纠正自己的错误理解。4. Watch films看电影Try watching a movie or TV series. You can stream it online. If you can#39;t do that legally, see if the movies you own have an audio track in your language of choice. Youtube is also a great source for foreign language material.试着看看外语电影和电视剧吧。你可以直接在网上观看。如果没有正版片源,就找找这部片有没有那门语言的音轨。Youtube上也有很多外语学习的资源。5. Follow your interests根据自己的兴趣去学I#39;ve tried ing children#39;s books in Spanish but found them so boring that I never got past the first few pages. Then I Ficcionesby Jorge Luis Borges, which is quite a difficult book, and I loved it. As a rule of thumb, if you wouldn#39;t or watch it in your native language, you also shouldn#39;t in your second language.我曾经尝试阅读过西班牙语的儿童书籍,但这实在是太无聊了,我看了几页就看不下去了。后来我看了《尔赫斯小说集》(Ficciones by Jorge Luis Borges),虽然阅读起来很难,但很对我的口味。一般来说,对一本书或一部电影如果你连母语版都提不起兴趣,那么就别尝试外语版了。6. Chat和外国人聊天If you know somebody who speaks the language you#39;re learning you should definitely try to get them to talk with you.如果你正在学一门外语,又刚好认识说这门语言的人,那么你当然得想办法和他们说说话。7. Be patient保持耐心The cost of learning a language isn#39;t money but your time. It can take years.学一门外语不一定要花钱,但一定要花时间。有时甚至会花上几年。Don#39;t expect a language course to just shove the knowledge into your mouth. You have to earn it.别以为报外语班就一定能学到知识,一定得有自己的努力才行。 /201602/426157。

  Tired of Running? You May Want To Give #39;Crunning#39; A Try!不想跑步?试试“四肢跑”!Every few years comes a fitness trend that has people scratching their heads in amazement. #39;Crunning#39; will probably be one of them. In case you are wondering, the #39;c#39; stands for #39;crawling#39;. Yes, that#39;s right, the new sport entails two-legged humans running on all fours!人们隔些年就会挖空心思想出新的流行锻炼方式。为了防止你好奇,我们这里先解释下,“C”代表“爬行”。是的,这种新运动方式是人们四肢并用爬着跑。The bizarre idea is the brainchild of Melbourne resident Shaun McCarthy. The 34-year-old is convinced that it will revolutionize fitness as we know it. According to the sports enthusiast, “The only thing that crunning#39;s changed about fitness… is that it’s changed everything about fitness.”这个新奇的想法来自墨尔本居民Shaun McCarthy。34岁的Shaun认为,这种革命性的运动方式一定会大热。据运动狂人们讲,“四肢跑给健身带来的变革就是——它改变了健身的一切。”Mccarthy has no scientific evidence to prove that crunning is more efficient than traditional two-legged running. However, he believes it is a more effective way to exercise because it puts an emphasis on the shoulders and arms, providing a complete body workout. Mccarthy also says crunning seems to tire him out more. He therefore concludes that the unconventional exercise is a bigger calorie burner than normal running.Mccarthy 并没有科学据来明四肢跑比传统两条腿跑步更有效果。然而,他相信这确实是更有效的锻炼,因为四肢跑过程中肩膀和手臂也同时受力,全身都参与了运动。Mccarthy还认为,四肢跑比传统跑更累。因此他得出结论,四肢跑比传统跑消耗更多的热量。While experts generally agree that crunning may provide a better workout, many are not sure if it is the right exercise for humans. Fitness coach Kevin Dean says we are not built to be on all fours and our wrists are therefore not as strong as our ankles. He believes crunning, which he calls a fad, could result in bad wrist and shoulder injuries, not to mention broken noses.虽然大部分专家承认四肢跑也许更加有效,但是很多并不确定这种运动方式是否适用于人类。健身教练Kevin Dean认为,我们日常是直立活动的,因此手腕力量并没有脚腕强大。因此风靡一时的四肢跑,很可能会引起严重的手腕和肩关节伤痛,甚更别提会有摔坏鼻子的可能了。But McCarthy is not worried. Since the release of his crunning a few weeks ago, many Melbourne residents have been seen scampering around on all fours. As it turns out they are not the only ones. In the Chinese city of Zhengzhou, crawling, a much slower version of crunning, has been a favorite activity for many years. 但MacCarthy并不担心。几周前他自己的四肢跑视频发布后,许多墨尔本居民都加入了他的队伍。其实他们并不是小众。在中国郑州,爬走,四肢跑的慢版,已经流行好多年了。Ready to give crunning try? Then Mccarthy recommends investing in some good shoes, hardy gloves and most important of all, a face mask!准备好尝试下四肢跑吗?那么Mccarthy会建议你准备好优质跑鞋,厚手套,最重要的是,不要忘了防护面具!译文属原创,,不得转载。 /201512/415141

  Research from the University of Edinburgh and the Bronx Zoo suggests that cats have personalities similar to those of African lions. Some suggest this means your cat wants to be rid of you.爱登堡大学和布朗科斯动物园的研究表明,猫和非洲狮有相似的个性。有人据此推断,你的宠物猫正想要摆脱你呢。I fear that cat research has been heading in a disturbing direction for some time. Last year, a wise anthrozoologist declared that your feline thinks you#39;re just one big, stupid cat. Earlier this year, researchers in the UK said cats really don#39;t need their owners at all. And now this.近些年来,关于猫的研究结果都很令人担忧。去年,一个“机智的”人类学家声称,猫咪认为主人只是一只又大又蠢的猫而已。再早些年,英国的一些研究人员表示,猫咪根本不需要主人。现在,我们又有了以下实验。Some have interpreted a study from the Bronx Zoo and the University of Edinburgh in Scotland as saying that your cat might be trying to bump you off. Yes, kill you, eat you, that sort of thing. The study is entitled ;Personality Structure in the Domestic Cat, Scottish Wildcat, Clouded Leopard, Snow Leopard, and African Lion;. Truly, I love these academic titles.有人将爱登堡大学和布朗科斯动物园的研究翻译过来,称你的宠物猫可能正想要杀了你呢。对,杀了你,吃掉你,或其他类似的想法。这个研究的名子是“家猫、苏格兰野猫、云豹、雪豹、非洲狮的个性结构”。说实话,我喜欢这些学术名称。The researchers set out to discover whether there were any consistent similarities in personality between these disparate types of felines. What they found was that each had three dominant personality types. The Scottish wildcat, for example, had at its core dominance, agreeableness and self-control. Which is not dissimilar to many of my Scottish friends. As for domestic cats: Dominance, impulsiveness and neuroticism. I can see how living with humans makes you neurotic. I have experienced this. However, what the researchers further discovered was that these three were the same personality traits prevalent in African lions. And we all know that these lions, especially when they feel threatened, tend not to disappear into their manes研究人员从这些不同猫科动物的个性相同点着手,发现每种都有三个类型的主要个性。比如苏格兰野猫的配性、亲和性和自我控制性,这和我苏格兰朋友们的个性很相似。而家猫的个性是:控制、冲动和神经质。我知道,和人相处久了,是会变得神经质些,因为我就有这样的经历。但是,研究人员还发现,家猫的这三种个性和非洲狮的很相像。并且,我们都知道,这些狮子不会选择退让,特别是它们受到威胁的时候。The researchers studied the animals#39; behaviors along a popular test of the ;Big Five; human personality aspects: Openness to Experience, Conscientiousness, Extraversion/Introversion, Agreeableness and Neuroticism. When it comes to domestic cats, the research report said of their neuroticism that it had ; the highest loadings on anxious, insecure, and tense, suspicious, and fearful of people.;这些研究人员通过人类的“五大”个性特征来研究动物的行为:经验开放性、自觉性、外向性/内向型、随和性/神经质。他们的报告表明,家猫比较神经质,“对人类感到极为焦虑、不安、紧张、多疑和害怕。”What are we doing to these animals? Or have they always been this way? The mere thought that cats are fearful of us and might, therefore, want to take us out is chilling. But still less chilling, perhaps, than knowing and seeing what humans do to each other.我们对这些动物都做了些什么?或者说,它们一直都是这样的吗?猫咪们对我们感到很恐惧,还可能希望杀了我们这一想法让人心寒。但是,人类对自己同胞所做的事可能更让人心寒。Marieke Gartner, one of the researchers involved in the study, told me that it was ;a pretty far stretch; to suggest that your cat actually wants to kill you. She said: ;Cats have different personalities, and they ended up living with us because it was a mutually beneficial situation. Some cats are more independent, some are quite loving. It just depends on the individual. It#39;s not that cats are self centered. It#39;s that they are a more solitary or semisolitary species.; Yes, but are they secretly harboring ill-feeling toward us? Gartner explained: ;Cats don#39;t want to bump you off, but people often don#39;t know how to treat them and then are surprised by their behavior.;这项研究中的一个研究员高德纳告诉我说,研究结果几乎足够表明,你的猫其实很想杀了你。她说到:“不同的猫也有不同的个性,有些之所以和我们人类住在一起是因为这是一个双赢的选择。有些猫比较独立,有些猫很亲和,这取决于猫自身。并不是说猫都以自我为中心,只是它们是更喜欢独居的物种。”但是它们对我们心怀不满吗?高德纳解释到:“猫并不是想杀了你,只是人们不知道应该怎么对待猫,所以很容易对它们的行为感到惊讶。”A hundred cats from Scottish shelters were examined. The researchers observed the wilder animals in various zoos and wildlife parks across the UK and the US. Even though the scientists concede that their work is by its very nature imperfect and more research is required, they concluded: ;Across the five felid species we assessed, personality structure was strikingly similar.;研究人员对苏格兰庇护所的一百只猫都进行了实验,还观察了英国和美国的不同动物园和野生动物园里的比较野生的动物,他们承认自身的研究本身并不完美,并且须要进行更多的实验。但他们还是总结到:“我们所研究的这五种动物的个性是非常相似的。”Yes, you#39;ve got a little lioness in your house. She#39;s not your friend.是的,这就是说你家里养了一只小狮子,她不是你的朋友!Please remember, therefore, the three main personality traits of your cat: Dominance, Impulsiveness and Neuroticism. And t very carefully.所以,记好你家猫咪的个性:控制、冲动和神经质!小心地对待她! /201511/407506


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