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招远加盟培训美甲用品工具批发商城市场井陉学习自学美甲培训视频教程获嘉县学习美甲美睫工具用品自学视频 Ruth Bader Ginsburg Expresses Regret for Criticizing Trump金斯伯格称后悔批评特朗普WASHINGTON Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg of the Supreme Court on Thursday expressed regret for her recent remarks about the candidacy of Donald Trump, saying they were “ill-advised.”华盛顿——周四,美国最高法院大法官鲁思·巴德尔·金斯伯格(Ruth Bader Ginsburg)对自己最近针对唐纳德·特朗Donald Trump)的竞选资质发表的言论表示后悔,称它们“有欠考虑”。Earlier this week, Ginsburg called Trump “a fakerwho “really has an egoand said he had been treated too gently by the press. Trump, she said, “says whatever comes into his head at the momentand has no consistency in his thinking. She also made critical remarks in interviews with The New York Times and The Associated Press.本周早些时候,金斯伯格称特朗普是“一个骗子”,“的确非常自负”,还说媒体对他的态度太过温和。她认为,特朗普“脑子里当时冒出什么就说什么”,想法前后不一。在接受《纽约时报》和美联The Associated Press)采访时,她也发表了一些批评性的。“On reflection, my recent remarks in response to press inquiries were ill-advised and I regret making them,Ginsburg said in a statement Thursday. “Judges should avoid commenting on a candidate for public office. In the future I will be more circumspect.”“回想起来,我近期应对媒体提问时发表的言论有些考虑不周,我为自己讲了这些话感到后悔,”金斯伯格在周四发布的声明中表示。“法官应该避免对竞选公职的候选人做出评价。未来我会更加谨慎。”The brief statement was a rare, public admission of fault by a member of the Supreme Court, an institution which jealously guards its traditions and almost never acknowledges missteps in the conduct of the justices.这份简短的声明非常罕见,显示出最高法院的一名成员公开承认自己有过失。该机构一直小心地维护自身的传统,几乎从不承认大法官的行为有任何不当之处。It also came at a dramatic moment in the presidential campaign, with Trump preparing to name his vice-presidential pick Friday and then, next week, formally accept the Republican party’s nomination. The clash between a presidential candidate and a sitting Supreme Court justice is certain to further roil an aly raucous campaign.此事也发生在总统竞选中一个颇具戏剧性的时刻:特朗普将在周五宣布自己的副总统人选(法国尼斯袭击事件发生后,特朗普宣布将推迟公布竞选伙伴。——编注),下周他将正式接受共和党的总统提名。一名总统候选人和一名在任最高法院大法官之间的冲突,无疑会进一步搅动这场本就充满喧闹的竞选。Trump had lashed back at the justice in recent days, and she was also criticized in editorials and by legal ethics experts.最近几天,特朗普对金斯伯格进行了回击,多家媒体发表社论对她进行指责,一些法律伦理专家也表示了批评。“I think it’s highly inappropriate that a ed States Supreme Court judge gets involved in a political campaign, frankly,Trump said in a telephone interview with The Times on Tuesday. “I think it’s a disgrace to the court, and I think she should apologize to the court. I couldn’t believe it when I saw it.”“坦率地讲,我认为联邦最高法院大法官卷入政治竞选是极为不妥的,”特朗普周二在电话中接受时报采访时说。“我觉得这是让最高法院蒙羞的行为,我认为她应该向法院道歉。当时看到那些言论,我都无法相信是真的。”Few legal experts had expected Ginsburg to offer the apology that Trump demanded. Justices typically remain largely out of the public eye and are insulated from political pressures and news media coverage that can compel action.鲜有法律专家预料到金斯伯格会对特朗普的道歉要求做出反应。大法官一贯避开公众视野,与有可能带来强迫行为的政治压力和新闻报道绝缘。But the torrent of criticism, especially from supporters and allies of Ginsburg, appears to have pierced that protection.不过,这一轮势头强劲的指责,尤其是来自金斯伯格持者与盟友的批评,似乎刺穿了这个保护层。Former Justice Antonin Scalia, who died this year, was often the target of demands for apologies for his acerbic comments from the bench or in speeches. They generally did not materialize.在今年去世之前,前任大法官安东宁·斯卡利亚(Antonin Scalia)常常因自己在法庭或演讲中的尖刻言论而被要求道歉。这些要求通常不会实现。来 /201607/454775荣成美甲学校机构

鹤峰县开美甲店做美甲教学A blonde boy is forced to execute an ISIS prisoner with a handgun in a horrific propaganda released by the terrorist group.恐怖组织ISIS日前发布了一个令人毛骨悚然的视频,视频中一个金发男孩被迫持决了一名囚犯。A 15-minute clip was published by Islamic State-linked media last Friday.这个长达15分钟的视频由ISIS相关媒体于上周五发布。In the latest atrocity to be produced by ISIS, a blonde boy who appears no older than 10-years-old is shown wearing army fatigues and holding a handgun.在ISIS制造的最新暴行中,一名还未满10岁的金发男孩穿着军装手持。A militant, who also appears to be white, helps the boy to shoot one of the prisoners in the back of the head.一名看起来也是白人的激进分子,协助这个男孩向一名囚犯的后脑勺进行射击。The boys identity is not known, but he would appear to be of European origin.目前,改名男孩的身份尚不清楚,但他有可能来自欧洲。ISIS have frequently boasted of grooming children to be the next soldiers of the Caliphate.此前ISIS已经多次宣称将孩子们培养成下一代“伊斯兰王权的士兵”。Earlier this week, footage emerged of brainwashed youngsters describing their dreams of becoming martyrs.本周早先时候,一群被洗脑的年轻人出现在了视频中,并将他们的梦想描述为成为“烈士”。The children all of school age, are described as ;the cubs of the caliphate; by a narrator and ;the generation that will conquer Damascus, Baghdad, Jerusalem , Mecca, Al-Medina, Dabiq, Rome and Andalusia;.一名解说员称这些学龄孩子们为“伊斯兰王权的童子军”,并表示这一代人将会征大马士革、巴格达、耶路撒冷、麦加、麦地那、达比格、罗马和安大路西亚。来 /201609/468650吴旗美甲美睫培训技巧方法视频教程 洞口哪里有美甲培训大概花多少钱

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