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1_08 This is delicious. Mmmmm. Mmmmm. 嗯!嗯! This is delicious. 真好吃. This tastes great! 真是可口! I love it. 我太喜欢了. The flavor is awesome. 味道真棒. It’s out of this world. 太棒了. It’s mouth-watering. 真是好吃. I can’t get enough. 我欲罢不能. I could eat this all day.太好吃了,我不会吃腻. /200705/13651。

And for the public, medical illustrations may only be encountered passively on the walls of a doctors office.而对于普通人来说,医学插画可能只是偶尔在医生办公室的墙上瞥见过。From the beginnings of modern medicine, medical illustration, and therefore anatomy,自现代医学诞生以来,医学插画和随后的人体解剖学,have existed primarily within the realm of medical education.就主要存在于医学教育中。Yet theres something fascinating happening right now.但是一些不可思议的事情正在发生。Artists are breaking anatomy out of the confines of the medical world and are thrusting it into the public space.艺术家们正在让解剖学走出医学领域,闯入公众的视野。For the past nine years, I have been cataloguing and sharing this rise in anatomical art with the public过去九年间,我一直在进行编目,并与大众分享解剖艺术的兴起all from my perspective as a medical illustrator.仅以一位医学插画家的视角。But before I get into showing you how artists are reclaiming anatomy today,不过,在讲述艺术家如何掌握解剖学之前,its important to understand how art influenced anatomy in the past.有必要先了解艺术在过去是如何影响解剖学的。Now, anatomy is by its very nature a visual science,解剖学本质上是一门视觉科学,and the first anatomists to understand this lived during the Renaissance.而第一批有这种想法的解剖学家生活在文艺复兴时期。They relied on artists to help advertise their discoveries to their peers in the public.他们求助于艺术家,向同行公开展示自己的新发现。And this drive to not only teach but also to entertain resulted in some of the strangest anatomical illustrations.这种对寓教于乐的向往,带来了一些极其诡异的解剖插画。Anatomy was caught in a struggle between science, art and culture that lasted for over 500 years.解剖学陷入科学、艺术、文化的三角关系中已经500多年了。Artists rendered dissected cadavers as alive, posed in these humorous anatomical stripteases.艺术家将解剖的尸体画成活人,上演一场场幽默的解剖“脱皮舞”。Imagine seeing that in your textbooks today.设想你们如今在课本也能看到这些会怎样。201704/503776。

VOA流行美语 111: to go off on someone/What's the deal李华刚下课,走出课堂就碰上Larry。李华在和Larry 谈话中会学到两个常用语:to go off on someone 和what's the deal.(School building lobby SFX)LH: Hey, Larry. 你刚下课啊?对了,我刚好要问你,今天你有没有见到Dave?LL: Dave? No, I haven't seen him anywhere since professor Jones went off on him yesterday morning.LH: Jones教授对Dave怎么啦?你说他went off on Dave? 那是什么意思呢?LL: To go off on someone means to suddenly get very angry at someone. "To go off " can mean "to explode"- for instance, something like a bomb or a gun can go off.LH: 噢,to go off on someone就是突然对某人大发脾气,就好像炸弹爆炸,开火那样。那Jones教授为什么突然对Dave大发脾气呢?LL: Dave asked Professor Jones if he could turn in a paper a few days late, and Professor Jones just went off on him.LH: Dave 怎么经常要求晚几天交报告呐?唉,也难怪Jones教授要go off on him对他发脾气了。Larry,你再给我举几个go off on someone的例子吧!LL: Hmm, let me think. I remember when I was in Beijing I tried to pay a taxi driver, and he went off on me for several minutes. I had no idea why he was so angry. It turned out, what I gave him was a counterfeit note.LH: 你给出租车司机假钞票,那他当然要对你大发脾气咯!LL: Li Hua, have you ever gone off on someone here in the U.S.?LH: 我啊,我英文还不是很好,轻易不敢和人吵架。我只有对我过去那个同屋发了好几次脾气,因为她实在太脏,而且还想偷偷搬出去,就是为了想赖掉一个月的房租呢!LL: She tried to cheat you out of a month's rent? If my roommate did that, I wouldn't just go off on him, I'd take him to court!******LL: So anyway, what's the deal with Professor Jones lately? He always seems to be in a bad mood.LH: What's the deal? 你在说什么啊?deal不是交易的意思吗?你是问我,Jones教授在和什么人作交易?LL: No, no, Li Hua. When I ask "what's the deal", I mean "what is the situation?" I was asking why he is in a bad mood.LH: 噢,我知道了,what's the deal就是我们中文里常说的“怎么回事”。你刚才是问我,Jones教授心情不好到底是怎么回事。我听说,他对今年没能升上正教授的职位好像挺失望的。LL: Really? What's the deal with that? He's been in this department for years!LH: 就是啊! Jones教授在我们系上教书也有好多年了,不给他提升,究竟是怎么回事,谁也不知道。LL: That seems to be unfair. Well, Li Hua, what's the deal tomorrow night? Is everyone still planning to go together to that concert?LH: 明天晚上是这样,我和另外三个同学会去听演唱会,可是我的车出问题了,现在还在修车厂呢。Larry,我们能搭你的车去吗?LL: Well, here's the deal: I've got class until six thirty tomorrow, and the concert is at eight. It's probably best if you meet me here at school, since I might not have enough time to pick you all up.LH: 哼,你明天6点半才下课,而演唱会8点就开始。对,要你去接我们恐怕是来不及。那就照你说的吧,我们到学校来等你!噢,对了, Ed明天不想去,他和Jill刚分手,不想和Jill见面。LL: Really? What's the deal with those two? I thought they were really happy together, but I heard that Jill went off on Ed the other night.LH: 他们俩到底是怎么回事?谁知道!大家都以为他们在一起很高兴。Jill 那天晚上对Ed大发脾气是因为Ed没跟她商量就决定明年到国外去念书。LL: Oh well. That's too bad. Anyway, the deal tomorrow is you and your friends will meet me here at school, and we'll all leave together. OK?LH: 没问题,那就明天晚上在校园见了!今天李华学到两个常用语。一个是:to go off on someone, 意思是突然对某人大发脾气。另一个常用语是: the deal with something, 这是指情况如何,怎么回事。 /200602/3331。

Hi, my name is Bradley Byrne, and I have the honor of representing the first district of Alabama in the ed States House of Representatives. This summer, my colleagues and I have been talking with our constituents all over the country about our proposed agenda for 2017 – what were calling A Better Way. Ive decided to focus on the first plank of our agenda: poverty. Over the past few months, I have been on a tour of my district – talking not only with the people helping those in need, but also many of those trapped in poverty. Some are struggling with addiction. Some have no homes. Some have jobs that simply dont pay enough. They come from all kinds of backgrounds. And none of them want to stay in poverty. On this Labor Day weekend, we should recognize that every person struggling wants to get a job and make enough money to live a good life. I should also say that some of the best work with the poor that I have seen has been by private non-profit organizations. Im speaking to you today from one of those groups, Feeding the Gulf Coast. They have a real concern for the people they help here. They treat those in need as human beings with real worth and openly prove to people that they are loved. Its clear to me that one thing government sure cant do is love someone – only another person can do that. But the government can learn from these groups what really works and make sure what the government does actually supports their efforts. The problem is, the many federal programs that are supposed to help people in need are leaving far too many of them in poverty. Weve spent trillions of dollars over the last 50 years on the so-called ;War on Poverty; – 0 billion this year alone. And yet during that time the percentage of our people living in poverty has hardly changed. There is a better way. Lets start with a simple principle: Everyone in America deserves a real opportunity to lift themselves out of poverty – once and for all. To do that, we need to combine the present jumble of programs into just a few that can meet peoples needs. These programs should make sure every adult who can work has the education and skills to find a good-paying job in the 21st century economy. We propose five simple steps to do just that. First, reward work. If you are capable, we will expect you to work or prepare for work in exchange for benefits. Second, tailor those benefits to peoples needs. If we allow states to customize benefits, then theyll be able to work with groups like Feeding the Gulf Coast and get people the help they need. Third, improve education and job training. Fourth, help people plan and save for the future. And fifth, demand results. Keep track of what were doing, so that we can see which ideas actually work. The way I see it, if we succeed here, we get a ;three-fer;. First, we lift people out of poverty. Second, the economy will grow as more of us start working. And finally, as people leave the welfare rolls, we will spend less taxpayer money. Yes, its time for a better way. A better way for poor children. A better way for struggling adults. And, a better way for America. May God bless you this Labor Day weekend and may God bless the ed States of America.201609/465350。

美国习惯用语-第90讲:to let sleeping dogs lie Every dog has his day 今天的「美国习惯用语」,我们再给大家介绍两个和,也就是和dog有关的习惯用语。我们首先要讲的一个俗语对每个人来说也是一个很好的忠告:to let sleeping dogs lie。 To let sleeping dogs lie,从字面上来看,这个俗语的意思就是不要去惹正在睡觉的,因为睡着了的不会咬人。换句话说,也就是:要是采取什么行动会给自己或别人带来麻烦,那么最好还是保持现状,不要采取行动。下面是一个妇女在给她的朋友提出劝告: 例句-1: "If I were you, I would not tell Nellie you saw her husband having lunch with another woman. It might have been perfectly innocent, so I'd let sleeping dogs lie." 她说:“要是我是你的话,我就不会去告诉内利你看见她丈夫和另一个女人一起吃午饭的事。也许他们根本就没有什么事,所以你还是别惹麻烦。” 下面这个例子说明每个人在采取行动前需要慎重考虑,要想到可能产生的后果: 例句-2: "Can you prove that your neighbor stole your lawnmower? If not and you call the cops, he could make real trouble for you. Better to let sleeping dogs lie!" 这句话的意思是:“你有据明你的邻居偷了你的割草机吗?要是你没有据,又去报了警,他可以给你制造好多麻烦的。你还是算了吧!” 下面我们要给大家介绍的一个俗语是:Every dog has his day。Every dog has his day这个俗语的意思是:每个人总会有实现自己愿望的一天。比如,一个公司职员很想被提升,但是,他的愿望没有实现,而另一个同事却被提升了。回到家里,他的妻子听到这一消息后对他说: 例句-3: "Darling, I know how upset you are that you didn't get the promotion. But don't take it too hard--your turn will come. You know what they say--every dog has his day!" 他的太太说:“亲爱的,我知道你因为没有被提升而感到很不高兴。你可别把这件事看的太重了。你以后会有机会的。就像他们说的:人人都有得意之时嘛。” 下面的例子是关于一个作家找不到出版商出版他的作品,于是他的朋友就劝他: 例句-4: "Okay, so this publisher sent back your manuscript. There are plenty of other publishers. You'll find one who'll buy it--remember, every dog has his day!" 这个朋友说:“行了,就算这个出版商把你的手稿退了回来,那还有好多出版商呢。你会找到一个愿意接受你作品的出版商的。别忘了,人人都会有机会的。” 今天我们讲了两个和,也就是和dog这个字有关的俗语。第一个是:to let sleeping dogs lie,这是不要采取什么行动来改变现状,因为改变现可能会惹麻烦。我们讲的第二个俗语是:Every dog has his day,这是人人都会有实现愿望时候的意思。 /200601/3045。

A潘玮柏教学地道日常口语 21 /200707/15466。

即学即用英语会话词典E部分:万圣节进入《即学即用英语会话词典文本》下载页面即学即用英语会话词典这部词典着眼日常生活、学习、工作等语言环境,囊括了当今美国最最简洁、最地道的日常口语表达方式。本词典获得2002年全国优秀畅销书奖 /200708/16263。

美国习惯用语-第35讲:monkey businessto make a monkey out of somebody 当别人提到猴子的时候,你脑子里会出现一个什么形像呢?一般来说,人们认为猴子是一个很聪敏的动物,大家都喜欢观察它们,这是因为猴子的行动往往跟人很像。它们也确实和人一样有的时候很调皮、爱耍花招。美国的成语和俗语也反应了猴子的这些特点。今天我们要讲的两个习惯用语就是和猴子的特性有关的。我们要介绍的第一个俗语就是:monkey business。 Monkey 就是猴子的意思, business 是指做生意或办什么事。但是 monkey 和 business 两个字合在一起用的时候,它们的意思就变了。 Monkey business 是指不道德或不合法的行为,往往是偷偷摸摸和具有欺骗性的行为,例如盗用公款等。下面我们来举一个例子: 例句-1: "The newspapers say there's a lot of monkey business going on at city hall, with officials getting money under the table from people who want the contract to build the new airport." 这句话的意思是:“有些报纸说,市政府里有许多见不得人的事,有的营造商为了从市政府获得建造新机场的合同而偷偷地用钱贿赂市政府的官员。” Monkey business 不一定指当官的人贪污腐化,一般人当中也可能出现不轨行为,下面这个人说的就是一个例子: 例句-2: "I think there's some kind of monkey business going on in that house across the street. People going in and out all day long; maybe they're selling drugs or something." 这个人说:“我看对马路那个房子里的人一定在进行一些不正当的勾当。一天到晚老有人进进出出,他们可能在贩毒,或搞其他什么鬼名堂!” 下面我们要讲的一个和 monkey 有关的俗语是 to make a monkey out of somebody。 Somebody 是指某个人。To make a monkey out of somebody 这个俗语的意思是:把某人弄得好像一个傻瓜一样。下面我们来举一个例子: 例句-3: "My friend Pete made a monkey out of me the other day. He told me the party Saturday night was formal, so I wore a suit and tie. But everybody else there was wearing a tee-shirt and blue jeans. It sure made me feel like a fool." 这个人说:“我的朋友皮特那天真把我弄得像个傻瓜一样。他告诉我星期六晚上的聚会是很正式的,所以我就穿上西装,戴上领带。可是其他人都穿园领衫和牛仔库。我真感到自己好像是个傻瓜一样。” 在一般情况下,人们总是设法把别人弄得很傻,但是也有人由于自己的行为不当而把自己弄得像个傻瓜蛋一样。例如,下面这个人在说的这个孩子就是如此: 例句-4: "Tom made a monkey out of himself by jumping up and down and yelling when his father wouldn't let him go to the movie." 这个人说:“汤姆因为他爸爸不让他去看电影就一个劲地上下乱跳,嘴巴里还大声乱叫,简直把自己弄得像个傻瓜一样。” /200601/2990。