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泉州吸脂抽脂脂肪溶脂要多少费用福建省泉州市二院做双眼皮开眼角多少钱泉州南安市隆胸哪里医院好 Japan#39;s major mobile game provider DeNA has put on display the country#39;s first driverless robot bus which is to become operational next month.日本主要移动游戏厂商DeNA推出国内首辆无人驾驶巴士,下月起开始正式运营。The Robot Shuffle is to begin full service by transferring people in the Aeon Shopping Mall in Chiba#39;s Makuhari district.;Robot Shuffle;无人驾驶巴士将在日本千叶市永旺梦乐城购物中心全面开始客运务。DeNA, which showcased the Robot Shuffle last Monday, is set to provide the service in a joint venture with the French firm EasyMile.上周一,DeNA展示了;Robot Shuffle;无人驾驶巴士,并将和法国公司EasyMile投资合作,提供务。EasyMile#39;s testing chief Francois Charlot said actual passenger service requires that ;we drive safe without any accidents.;EasyMile的首席测试工程师弗朗索瓦·夏洛特表示,现实中的客运务要求我们驾驶平稳,不出任何意外。DeNA#39;s Robot Shuttle group leader Takashi Tsujiguchi assured that the project is surefire as the vehicle meets all safety measures. We have lasers at each corner which are really detecting obstacles. #39;We have new sensors coming as well to make it even safer, so it is safe#39;, he said.DeNA的;Robot Shuttle;无人驾驶巴士研发组领导村上隆保此项目安全可靠,因为该车满足了所有的安全措施要求。他表示:;我们在每个角落都安装了激光器来检测障碍物。我们也会安装新型传感器提高安全性。所以,它真的很安全。;The Robot Shuttle can seat up to 12 people, and travel at a speed of up to 40 kph. Greece and Switzerland are among other countries testing with driverless buses.;Robot Shuttle;无人驾驶巴士可乘坐12人,运行速度可达每小时40km。希腊、瑞士和其他一些国家也正在测试无人驾驶巴士。 /201608/460050It#39;s not what you say, it#39;s how you say it.重点不在于你说了什么,而在于你怎么说。It#39;s an old cliché, but it#39;s true. That#39;s why body language is such a crucial part of communicating. The way you act can warp the entire meaning of what you#39;re saying.这是老生常谈,但却是一条真理。身体语言在沟通交流中是非常关键的一部分,你的身体语言甚至可以使你的话偏离本意。That being said, bad body language habits are the often hardest habits to break. We become so accustomed to slouching, averting our eyes, or folding our arms that we barely even notice what we#39;re doing.尽管如此,不好的身体语言习惯往往是最难改掉的恶习。我们太习惯于懒散的坐姿、说话时不直视他人,将双臂交叉抱于胸前,以至于自己都意识不到这些习惯的存在。Here are several body language mistakes that are going to be tough to ditch. Still, if you#39;re able to quit them, you#39;ll definitely thank yourself later.以下是11种很难改掉的身体语言错误。不过,如果你能改掉它们,你以后会为此而庆幸。Fidgeting坐立不安If you#39;ve gotten into the habit of fidgeting, it can be difficult to snap out of it. However, it#39;s important to take steps to reigning in this nervous habit.如果你没事就爱抖腿,那么要改掉这个习惯将会很难。但是,采取措施来遏制这个神经质的习惯很重要。Fidgeting demonstrates nervousness and a lack of power, as body language expert and ;The Power of Body Language; author Tonya Reiman previously told Business Insider.身体语言专家、《身体语言的力量》作者托尼娅#8226;雷曼早前曾告诉《商业内幕》说,抖腿表现出一个人的紧张不安和弱势。Playing with your hair玩弄头发Leave your hair alone. Constantly running your hands across your scalp and twirling your locks is pretty distracting. Plus, as A reported, it can damage your hair overtime. It can be hard to quit, so try playing around a stress ball instead of your hair.别弄你的头发了。不停地捋头发和捻发梢相当令人分神。而且,据美国广播公司报道,长期这么做会损害你的发质。这种习惯很难改掉,所以最好还是放过头发,试着去玩压力球吧。Adopting a defensive pose防御性姿势Many people naturally cross their arms or hunch over a bit just because they don#39;t know what to do with their hands.许多人很自然地把双臂交叉或是用双臂着前倾的身体,只是因为他们不知道该拿自己的手怎么办。However, this posture can make you look uncomfortable, defensive, or untrustworthy.然而,这种姿势却会让你看起来不舒、处于防御状态,或不值得信任。;You should always keep your hands in view when you are talking,; Patti Wood, a body language expert and author of ;SNAP: Making the Most of First Impressions Body Language and Charisma,; previously told Business Insider. When a listener can#39;t see your hands, they wonder what you are hiding.;身体语言专家、《快速入门:用身体语言营造最佳第一印象和个人魅力》的作者帕蒂#8226;伍德曾告诉《商业内幕》说:“在谈话的时候,你应该始终把手放在别人看得到的地方。如果听众看不到你的手,他们会好奇你在隐藏什么。”Doing weird things with your hands做一些古怪的手势To gesture or not to gesture? That is the question.做手势还是不做手势?这是个问题。Some people keep too still while speaking, while others flail all over the place.有些人在讲话的时候呆立不动,而有些人则是双手乱舞。As the Washington Post previously reported, behavioral consultant Vanessa Van Edwards notes that using hand gestures while speaking is actually an effective way to engage your audience.据《华盛顿邮报》先前的报道,行为顾问瓦内莎#8226;凡#8226;爱德华兹指出,讲话时做手势是吸引观众注意力的一种有效的方法。The trick is, avoiding the hand gestures that will trip you up. Don#39;t point, don#39;t pretend to conduct an imaginary orchestra (seriously), and don#39;t get too choreographed.诀窍在于,避免那些会让你出错的手势。不要指来指去、不要假装在指挥一场想象中的交响乐(我可不是在开玩笑),不要刻意设计动作。Shuffling instead of walking拖着脚走而不是好好走路Humans are pretty judgmental creatures. We think we can tell a lot about someone based on snap judgments over something as simple as their manner of walking.人类是很喜欢指摘评判的生物。我们以为自己单单凭借走路姿势这种简单小事就能够以小见大。As B reported, how we walk can actually determine our risk of being mugged.据B报道,我们的走路姿势事实上能够决定我们被抢劫的风险。It can be hard to change up your walk once you#39;ve fallen into bad habits, but it#39;s important to walk with confidence and coordination. Don#39;t shuffle through life.一旦你形成不好的走路习惯,要改变走路姿势确实很难,但是自信协调地走路真的很重要。不要拖着脚步浑浑噩噩度日。Forgetting to smile忘记微笑Reiman previously told Business Insider that smiling demonstrates confidence, openness, warmth, and energy.雷曼早前曾告诉《商业内幕》说,微笑展示出一个人的自信、开放、热情和活力。;It also sets off the mirror neurons in your listener, instructing them to smile back. Without the smile, an individual is often seen as grim or aloof,; she explained.她解释说:“微笑还能触发听众的镜像神经元,引导他们同样微笑以对。如果脸上没有笑意,一个人看上去就显得阴沉高冷。”Appearing distracted看上去心不在焉There#39;s nothing more irritating than talking to someone who#39;s clearly not paying attention to you.再没有什么比对着一个心不在焉的人说话更让人恼火的事情了。Some people are just naturally distracted or busy, so it can be tempting to check your phone or watch at every available moment. Still, you#39;ve got to keep this impulse in check when you#39;re around others. Otherwise, you#39;ll just come across as a rude and uncaring person.有些人只是被其他事分心或太忙所以才心不在焉,这种情况下人们很容易时不时地查看手机或手表。但是,当你和别人在一起时,你还是要遏制住这种冲动。否则你在别人看来将是一个无礼的没心没肺的人。Slouching弯腰驼背Stand up straight. Terrible posture is easy to develop, especially if you#39;re slouched over a desk for the majority of the day.站直了。一个人很容易养成糟糕的站姿和坐姿,尤其是当一个人一天的大多数时间都伏案办公的情况下。Slouching doesn#39;t just make you look un-confident, writes Catherine New for Psychology Today, it#39;s also bad for your back. Improve your health and the image you present to the world by standing up straight.《今日心理学》的撰稿作者卡瑟琳#8226;纽写道,弯腰驼背不仅让你看起来不自信,而且对你的背部也有损害。站直既可以改善你的健康,也可以提升你的个人形象。Nonexistent or aggressive eye contact没有眼神交流或是咄咄逼人的眼神交流Here#39;s another body language pitfall where moderation is key.这是身体语言的另外一大陷阱,关键在于温和适度。;What Your Body Says (And How to Master the Message); author Sharon Sayler previously told Business Insider that the ideal amount of eye contact should be ;a series of long glances instead of intense stares.;《你的身体在说什么(如何掌控身体语言)》的作者莎伦#8226;塞勒曾告诉《商业内幕》,理想的眼神交流应该是“有间隔的扫视而不是深深的凝视”。Overly long stares can make whoever you#39;re talking to pretty uncomfortable. On the other hand, averting your eyes indicates disgust or a lack of confidence.过长的凝视会让对方感到相当不舒。另一方面,避免眼神交流则传达出你的厌恶或缺乏自信。Being too still呆立不动It#39;s definitely good not to be jumping all over the place, constantly. However, you don#39;t want to be too eerily calm during conversations. This may make people feel uneasy, or that you#39;re not interested in what they#39;re saying.上蹿下跳的当然不好。但是,谈话当中你也不能表现得过于呆滞。这会让人们感到不安,或认为你对他们所说的不感兴趣。Instead, try to mirror the person you#39;re speaking with. Don#39;t mimic them — they#39;ll probably get offended by that — but subtly copy some of their gestures and expressions.你应该试着去应和对方。不是模仿他们——这可能会激怒对方——而是微妙地重复一些他们的动作和表情。Writing for Psychology Today, Dr. Jeff Thompson notes that mirroring will leave people perceiving you as positive and persuasive.杰夫#8226;汤姆森士在给《今日心理学》撰写的稿件中提到,应和对方会给人留下积极、有说力的印象。It can be tough to break out of your poker face, especially if you#39;re just naturally not that expressive — but it#39;s worth trying, since it can improve how you#39;re perceived.要摆脱一本正经的“扑克脸”确实很难,尤其是如果你天生表情就不丰富的话,但这值得去尝试着改变,因为这能改善你在他人心目中的印象。Mismatching verbal and non-verbal communication身体语言和说话内容不搭You might be saying all the right things — but if your body language doesn#39;t match up with your words, you might end up rubbing people the wrong way.你也许说的每一句话都没错,但如果你的身体语言和你说出的话不搭,你可能就会把别人惹毛了。In fact, researchers at Sacred Heart University devoted an entire study to this phenomenon. Their subjects were married couples, but their finding was pretty universal — when verbal and non-verbal messages do not align, ;nonverbal signals carry the brunt of the emotional message.;事实上,圣心大学曾经专门研究过这种现象。他们的研究主体是已婚夫妇,但是研究结果却可以广泛地应用于其他人——当口头和身体所传达出的信息不一致时,“人们主要看身体语言所传达的情感信息”。 /201609/468051泉州地区泉港区痘痘去疤痕多少钱

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泉州市欧菲医院在哪里 An Islamist extremist accused of funding the 2009 Jakarta suicide bombings has been selling advertising space on his website to international brands including Citigroup, IBM and Microsoft using a service provided by Google.一名被控为2009年雅加达自杀式炸弹袭击提供资金的伊斯兰极端分子,利用由谷歌(Google)提供的一种务,一直在自己的网站上向包括花旗集团(Citigroup)、IBM和微软(Microsoft)在内的国际品牌出售广告位。Muhammad Jibril Abdul Rahman, known as Prince of Jihad, is designated as a terrorist on the sanctions lists of the US, the EU and the UN — and subject to an asset freeze, travel ban and arms embargo. He is a prominent member of Jemaah Islamiyah, a militant Islamist group based in Southeast Asia with ties to al-Qaeda.有“圣战王子”(Prince of Jihad)之称的穆罕默德#8226;贾布里勒#8226;阿卜杜勒#8226;拉赫曼(Muhammad Jibril Abdul Rahman,上图)被列在美国、欧盟和联合国的制裁名单上,性质是恐怖分子,受到资产冻结、旅行禁令并被禁止携带武器。他还是东南亚一个与基地组织(al-Qaeda)有关联的伊斯兰激进组织“伊斯兰祈祷团”(Jemah Islamiyah)的重要成员。But his Jihadi propaganda website, Arrahmah.com, has been making thousands of dollars by showing its visitors adverts from global companies.但是,他的圣战宣传网站Arrahmah.com一直在通过向访问者展示跨国公司的广告几千美元几千美元地赚钱。The ads were delivered to the website, which includes images of beheadings and hanged men, by intermediaries including Google’s AdSense, the world’s biggest online ad network, which take a cut of the revenues.这些广告被通过谷歌的AdSense等媒介投放到这个含有斩首和绞刑图片的网站上。AdSense是全球最大的在线广告网络,从广告收入中抽取分成。There is no suggestion that the advertisers or Google knowingly funded a designated terrorist, a criminal offence in the US that carries a penalty of up to 20 years in prison or a m fine.没有任何依据表明广告主或谷歌有意让一个恐怖分子获得资金,这在美国属于刑事犯罪,最高会被判处20年监禁或100万美元罚款。After being contacted by the Financial Times, Google cancelled Arrahmah.com’s account and the advertisers asked to be removed from the site. However, ads for big western brands continue to appear on the site through other intermediaries.在英国《金融时报》记者与他们联系后,谷歌删除了Arrahmah.com的账户,各广告主要求从该网站上移除广告。然而,西方大品牌的广告仍然通过其他媒介出现在该网站上。The ease with which Arrahmah.com tapped into the 0bn online ad market raises questions about whether advertisers and their intermediaries are properly scrutinising the websites with which they do business. These days the placement of online ads is highly automated and they often pass through a complex chain with little human oversight.Arrahmah.com可以轻易进入价值1600亿美元的在线广告市场,令人不由产生疑问:广告主及媒介是否对它们要投放广告的网站进行了恰当的审查?如今,在线广告的投放高度自动化,往往在几乎无人监督的情况下完成复杂的流程。This is not the first time that brands running ad campaigns across tens of thousands of different websites have found them appearing on undesirable sites. The UK police have in recent years cracked down on ad-supported sites that allow users to illegally download pirated films and music.在成千上万的不同网站上做广告的品牌发现自己出现在不良网站上的事情已经不是第一次发生了。英国警方近年就严厉打击允许用户非法下载盗版电影和音乐、依靠广告持的网站。Google said: “We take the quality of our network very seriously and invest significant time and resources to keeping bad actors out of our system. We also have strict policies and terms of use which govern the type of publishers we allow on AdSense.谷歌表示:“我们十分重视我们网络的质量,并投入大量时间和资源来将不良网站排除在我们的系统之外。我们也制定有严格的政策和使用条款,对我们允许登录AdSense的发行者类型进行规范。“This site violates our terms so we’ve taken action to terminate the account and reimburse affected advertisers.”“该网站违反了我们的条款,因此我们已经采取行动终止了该账户,并补偿受到影响的广告主。“The company did not disclose the amount of the reimbursement.谷歌并未透露具体的补偿金额。Arrahmah.com — whose slogan is “filter your mind, get the truth” — also illustrates the increasing sophistication of Islamist propaganda organisations and the expanding range of funding sources they have been able to tap. Large technology groups including Google, Twitter and Facebook have come in for criticism by security services in recent years for not doing enough to keep extremists off their platforms.Arrahmah.com的口号是“净化你的心灵,得到真相”(filter your mind, get the truth),从该网站可以看出,伊斯兰宣传组织日益复杂化,它们可以利用的资金来源不断扩大。近年来,包括谷歌、Twitter和Facebook在内的大型科技集团受到了安全部门的批评,理由是没有采取足够有力的措施阻止极端分子使用它们的平台。The website, which promotes extremist views in sections such as “Jihad Zone”, attracts about 600,000 visits a month, according to SimilarWeb, an internet data provider. Arrahmah.com discloses prominently that Mr Abdul Rahman is its chief executive.该网站在“圣战区”等栏目宣传极端主义观点。据互联网数据提供商SimilarWeb统计,该网站每月访问量约为60万次。Arrahmah.com明确公示阿卜杜勒#8226;拉赫曼是其首席执行官。“He is the most important online terrorist in Southeast Asia,” said Rohan Gunaratna, head of the International Centre for Political Violence and Terrorism Research at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. “The purpose of his site is to polarise and radicalise people so that they become ripe for recruitment.”“他是东南亚地区最重要的网络恐怖分子,”新加坡南洋理工大学(Nanyang Technological University)政治暴力与恐怖主义研究国际中心的负责人罗汉#8226;古纳拉特纳(Rohan Gunaratna)称,“其网站的目的是让人们变得极端和激进,变得适合招募。”In 2010, Mr Abdul Rahman was sentenced to five years in an Indonesian jail for concealing information related to the terrorist attacks at the JW Marriott and Ritz-Carlton hotels in Jakarta, which killed seven people and injured about 50. He had arranged for ,000 in cash to be passed to the main bomber, according to the US government.2010年,阿卜杜勒#8226;拉赫曼因隐瞒与发生在雅加达JW万豪酒店(JW Marriott)和丽思卡尔顿酒店(Ritz-Carlton)的恐怖袭击相关的信息,被判处在印度尼西亚一所监狱刑5年。那次恐怖袭击造成了7人遇难,约50人受伤。根据美国政府的信息,他准备了1万美元现金要转交给炸弹袭击的主犯。Citigroup said: “We have a number of policies and procedures in place for our vendors designed to help prevent our advertising from appearing on inappropriate sites. In this case we have acted quickly to rectify the issue and have taken steps to ensure our ads will not appear on this site in the future.”花旗集团表示:“我们针对广告代理商有许多政策和流程,旨在防止我们的广告出现在不合适的网站上。在此次事件中,我们迅速采取行动纠正了问题,并且采取了措施以保未来我们的广告不会再出现在该网站上。”IBM said that it was “looking into the matter and will take all measures with its agency buying partners to prevent recurrence”.IBM称“正在调查此事,并将与媒体购买合作伙伴一道采取一切措施防止再次发生这种情况”。Microsoft said: “The advertisement was placed using a third-party automated online media buying process and has now been removed. We’re working with our media buying partners to identify additional safeguards to further reduce the potential for ad placement on inappropriate sites.”微软称:“该广告是利用第三方自动化在线媒体购买流程进行投放的,现在已经被移除。我们正在与媒体购买合作伙伴一起制定额外的防护措施,以进一步减少广告被投放在不合适网站的可能性。”An industry insider who has been gathering data about Arrahmah.com for the Financial Times estimated that the site was making thousands of dollars per month based on its ad traffic, and potentially more.一名为英国《金融时报》收集有关Arrahmah.com信息的业内人士估计,以其广告流量计算,该网站每个月获利数千美元,甚至可能更多。 /201605/444431泉州市欧菲整形医生的电话多少永春县中医医院去除狐臭多少钱




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