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As the number of swine flu cases in Australia soars past 4,500, new research indicates that indigenous people may be more susceptible to the contagious virus, compounding an array of existing health conditions. The findings have been detailed in the medical journal The Lancet. The authors have warned of a looming international public health catastrophe.07/76954A Boy, A Dog, A Frog and A Friend1 One day a boy went fishing with his dog and his frog.He sat by the side of a pond and patiently waited for a fish to bite.2 All of a sudden he felt a bite!3 It had to be a big fish because it bent the pole and started to pull the boy into the water. 4 The fish was so strong it yanked the boy and his pole right into the pond. The dog and frog jumped in after the boy. 5-6 Well, it turned out it wasn’t a fish at all. It was a turtle! The turtle swam across the pond with the boy’s fishing pole and began to walk away with it. When the boy saw what was happening, he yelled at the turtle. “You come back here with my fishing pole!”7 The dog swam over to the turtle and started to bark and paw at him. 8 While the dog distracted the turtle, the boy took back his fishing pole. The turtle didn’t like the dog barking at him so he bit the dog’s paw.9 The boy tried to help his dog by pulling him away from the turtle, but the turtle wouldn’t let go.10 The boy put the dog over his shoulder and started to walk back across the pond. The stubborn turtle still wouldn’t let go of the poor dog’s paw.11 Finally, when they were in the middle of the pond, the turtle couldn’t hold on any longer and he fell into the water.12 The boy carried the dog out of the pond and the frog climbed out too. The boy was happy the turtle was gone. So was the dog who licked his sore paw.13 The frog and the dog waited for the boy while he packed up his fishing gear. The dog’s paw was still sore so he licked it some more while his tail dangled in the water.14 Oh no! The turtle snuck up on the dog and grabbed his tail.15 The turtle yanked the dog right into the water! The dog struggled to stay afloat. The boy didn’t know what to do.16 While the boy started to take his clothes off, the frog jumped toward the water as hard as he could. The turtle pulled the dog farther and farther under the water.17 The boy hurried to take off his clothes. The frog dove in the water but the dog was now all the way under.18 The boy was almost undressed when he saw the dog come swimming back to shore.19 The dog was wet and weary from his underwater struggle. The frog looked under the water for the turtle.20 They were all shocked to see the turtle floating on his back. The turtle had died! 21 The boy used a stick to pull the turtle out of the water.22 The boy and the frog became angry at the dog. They thought he had drowned the turtle.23 The boy held the turtle in his arms and sadly they all left the pond. 24 The boy laid the turtle on the ground and started to dig a hole in which to bury him.25 While the boy was busy digging the hole, the frog noticed that the turtle has his eyes open.26 The dog saw the turtle too. The turtle was not dead after all! In fact, he was heading straight for the boy’s fishing pole – again!27 The turtle picked up the fishing pole and brought it to them. He wanted to be their friend. 28 The boy picked up the turtle and raised him in the air. They were all very happy.29 So off they went with their new friend.201110/156296The U.N. Children's Fund says it is deeply concerned about the condition of thousands of children who have been displaced by conflict in northwestern Pakistan. UNICEF says children are in urgent need of health, education and other services.联合国儿童基金会表示,对巴基斯坦西北部为了躲避冲突而流离失所的数以千计的儿童的处境感到担忧。儿童基金会说,这些儿童急需卫生、教育等务。The U.N. Children's Fund reports nearly half of the estimated two million people displaced by conflict in Pakistan's Swat Valley are children.联合国儿童基金会报告,大约有200万人为了躲避巴基斯坦斯瓦特山谷战斗而流离失所,其中将近一半是儿童。It says many are in urgent need of health and educational services, nutritional support, access to clean water and sanitation, as well as protection. It says these problems are made even more difficult by the sweltering summer heat.该机构说,这些无家可归的儿童中许多人急需卫生和教育等务、以及营养持、有洁净水和卫生设备,并且急需得到保护。儿童基金会说,夏季闷热的天气让这些问题更加难以应对。UNICEF says it is particularly concerned that some 700,000 children will miss out on the coming school year. School is supposed to start in September. But, the agency says 3,700 schools may not be available for classes because they are being used to house 150,000 internally displaced people.联合国儿童基金会表示,该机构尤其担心的是大约70万儿童在接下来的学年可能没有学上。新学年应该在9月开学。不过,该机构说,有3700所学校现在住着15万国内流离失所的人,可能还不能供学生上课用。UNICEF spokeswoman, Veronique Taveau, says her agency has set up so-called child friendly spaces in the camps as a stopgap measure. She says these spaces have recreational and school learning equipment to help children get back to some semblance of normality.儿童基金会发言人塔沃说,基金会在流离失所者居住的营地里设立了所谓的“儿童天地”,做为一种权宜之计。她说,这些“儿童天地”都有设施和教学设备,帮助孩子们过上某种从表面上看是正常的生活。She says children in the camps are better off than the tens of thousands of children who are living with family and friends in host communities.塔沃说,与那些跟家人和朋友住在寄宿家庭的成千上万的孩子相比,住在营地里孩子们的情况要好得多。"The problem we have at the moment is for us to be able to reach those families and those children that are in those communities, sometimes in remote spaces where we cannot have access," Taveau explained. "So, that is the concern we have at the moment because we know that some of those families and some of those children they are lacking almost everything like potable water, drinking water, hygiene and schooling." 塔沃说:“我们眼下遇到的问题是,要能够跟那些住在寄宿社区的家庭和孩子们联系上,有时,他们在偏远的地区而我们却无法进入到那里。因此,这就是我们此刻担心的问题,我们知道一些家庭和儿童差不多什么都缺少,比如可以瓶装水、饮用水、公共卫生设备和学校教育等。Fighting between government forces and Taliban militants erupted toward the end of April. Within three weeks, about two million people had fled their homes. The speed and magnitude of the crisis surprised the government and aid agencies and has put an enormous strain of their ability to provide assistance.巴基斯坦政府军跟塔利班激进分子在快要到4月底的时候爆发战斗。不出三个星期,大约200万人逃离他们的家园。这场危机到来的之快,强度之大,让巴基斯坦政府和救援机构非常惊讶,给他们提供援助的能力增添了巨大压力。About 10 percent or 200,000 of the displaced are sheltering in camps, which are providing for their essential needs. But, the vast majority or 1.8 million people are living in host communities.流离失所者中大约10%或者20万人栖身在营地里,这些营地向他们提供生活必需品。不过,绝大多数流离失所者,也就是180万人住在寄宿家庭。UNICEF says children and families are living in cramped conditions with limited aid in these communities. It says the monsoon season will soon begin and children, many of whom are malnourished, are at great risk of contracting water borne and other diseases.联合国儿童基金会说,在寄宿家庭的儿童和他们的家人居住环境狭窄,能够得到援助非常少。儿童基金会说,雨季即将开始,这些儿童极有可能感染水生疾病等病症,他们中许多人已经营养不良。It says its humanitarian efforts are being hampered by lack of funds. It says it has raised less than a third of the 3 million needed to support 1.7 million IDPs for six months.联合国儿童基金会表示,由于资金不足,该机构的人道努力正在受到限制。儿童基金会说,向170万国内流离失所者提供6个月的援助需要5亿4千3百万美元,该机构现在筹集到的资金还不足三分之一。 07/76713

The Obama administration says Muslim-Americans continue to be prime targets for hate, abuse and discrimination, a situation that requires proactive efforts by authorities to combat. Safeguarding the rights of Muslims in the ed States was the focus of a hearing on Capitol Hill Tuesday.奥巴马政府指出,美国穆斯林继续是仇恨、施虐和歧视的主要对象,有关当局应当采取积极措施打击这种行为。捍卫美国穆斯林的权利是国会最近一次听会的主题。Nearly 10 years after the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks in the ed States, the incidents may no longer be fresh in America's collective consciousness, but the fallout for the nation's Muslim community remains all too real. Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights Thomas Perez testified before the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Civil Rights.美国2001年9月11日遭受恐怖主义袭击,至今过去近10年了。在一般美国公众心里,对当年事件的记忆也许不再那么清晰,然而对美国的穆斯林来说,9/11恐怖袭击的后果仍然是他们每天切身感受到的东西。司法部负责民权事务的助理部长托马斯·佩雷斯在参议院司法小组委员会的听会上说:"Regrettably, we continue to see a steady stream of violence and discrimination targeting Muslim, Arab, Sikh, and South Asian communities," said Perez. "In each city and town where I have met with [Muslim and other minority] leaders, I have been struck by the sense of fear that pervades their lives: fear of violence, bigotry, hate, discrimination."“遗憾的是,我们继续看到穆斯林、阿拉伯裔、锡克族和南亚社区成为一系列暴力活动和歧视的对象。在每一个我与穆斯林和其他少数族裔领袖见面的城镇,那里居民在日常生活中感到的恐惧都使我震惊。他们害怕暴力、偏见、仇恨和歧视。”Perez says the abuse is particularly acute and painful for U.S.-born Muslim children.佩雷斯说,对在美国出生的穆斯林儿童来说,遭受虐待是最痛苦的。"I consistently hear complaints that children face harassment in schools, that they are called terrorists and told to go home, even though this [the ed States] is their home," added Perez.“不断有人向我抱怨说,孩子们在学校遭到骚扰,被称为恐怖主义分子,被要求滚回家去,尽管美国就是他们的家。”Federal statistics show a substantial increase in hate crimes targeting Muslim-Americans since 2001. Democratic Senator Richard Durbin of Illinois placed part of the blame on political and religious figures in the ed States who denigrate Islam.联邦统计数字显示,2001年以来,针对美国穆斯林的仇恨犯罪活动大幅度增加。来自伊利诺伊州的民主党参议员理查德·德宾把这种现象部分归咎于美国一些政治和宗教人物妖魔化伊斯兰。201104/130815

The acceptable face of FacebookFacebook中一个可亲的面孔Social skills for a social network 一个社交网站所需的社交能力Jul 21st 2011 | SAN FRANCISCO | from The Economist print edition Few corporate types can charm hardened hacks so effectively. Sheryl Sandberg, the number two at Facebook, the world’s biggest social network, has been glad-handing reporters with spectacular results. The New Yorker says she may “upend Silicon Valley’s male-dominated culture”. New York magazine puts her in line for Secretary of the Treasury. Bloomberg Businessweek speculates that she might one day be the president of the ed States.很少有商界人士能像Sheryl Sandberg似地懂得讨老油条似的媒体的欢心。身为最大社交网络——Facebook的二当家的谢勒尔 桑德格最近一直忙着亲切会见记者们。这些记者都对她赞不绝口:纽约客称她可能会改变木硅谷男性主导的风气,纽约周刊将她与财务部长相提并论,彭商业周刊推测她可能有一天会成为美国总统。Her sudden lionisation is well-timed. Facebook is expected to go public soon, perhaps this year. It may be the biggest internet flotation ever, with a market capitalisation of more than 0 billion. Investors might be less bullish if the 27-year-old Mark Zuckerberg, the founder, were in sole charge. Many consider him somewhat socially awkward.她的突然成名来的恰是时候。因为Facebook很可能会在本年很快上市。Facebook拥有超过一千亿的市值,届时可能成为迄今为止最大的上市互联网公司。而如果27岁地Facebook的创始人马克 扎克伯格独挑大梁的话,投资者可能不这么看涨。因为很多人认为他有些欠缺社交能力。201108/150419您去过大名鼎鼎迪士尼(Walt Disney)乐园吗?如果没有,现在稍微弥补一下吧,本期节目带你来一次激动人心的迪士尼之旅。迪士尼乐园(Disneyland,正式全名为Disneyland Park),是一个位于美国加州安纳罕市(Anaheim)的主题乐园。由华特·迪士尼一手创办的迪士尼乐园是由华特·迪士尼公司(The Walt Disney Company)所创立与营运的一系列主题乐园与度假区中的第一个。迪士尼乐园于1955年开放,吸引了众多小朋友和成年人。内有许多迪士尼人物,如米老鼠,及迪士尼电影场景。园内设施也经常更换。原来在一个人工湖内,可以乘潜艇看到真人扮的美人鱼,但因扮演卡通人物的员工工作条件不适应长期在水下,所以后来改成了假的美人鱼。园内曾一度有座很高的假雪山,人们可以坐缆车从中间穿过,但也已经退出了历史舞台。1990年代,又在同样的地址,扩建了迪士尼加州冒险乐园(Disney's California Adventure),而原本的迪士尼乐园,新设立的加州冒险乐园,与周围一系列相关设施(包括几座配合乐园而设置的观光旅馆),则共同组成迪士尼度假区(Disneyland Resort)。 There's so much to see at Walt Disney World, but there are some things they won't allow you to see. Have you ever wanted to go behind the scenes? Believe it or not, there are ways to get into the areas of Walt Disney World. One of the most popular ways is the keys to the kingdom program at the Magic Kingdom. This half-day experience takes visitors into restricted areas all over the park.Here we are at the Haunted Mansion. This attraction, as you take a look at it, looks like it's probably the least taken care of attraction. Disney's Keys to The Kingdom tour is an experience that we offer in the Magic Kingdom every day. The tour guide is able to share hidden treasures about the park. You might learn something about an attraction that you may have never seen before or have never known to even look for. We also take them right up close into the attraction, so they can find out some of the secrets behind what we do. The guides, in their smartly pressed blue plaid costumes, are obviously well-informed on all sorts of subjects related to the Magic Kingdom, from general points of fact to some things a little more hidden. Do you know there are hidden mickeys on the inside as well as on the outside? Hidden what? One of Walt Disney World's biggest and most debated secrets is the hidden mickey. What is a hidden mickey? A hidden mickey is subtle tribute to mickey mouse hidden in any of the Disney parks, or now hotels or shops. Typically, it consists of three circles--the large head and the two small ears. Hidden mickeys are actually hidden images left in our parks. Most of the time by imagineers, the people that create our parks, as kinda ways to represent their own work. The imagineers have cleverly concealed these mickey mouse symbols all over Walt Disney World. Inside and outside attractions, facades, even bathrooms, but no official record of them exists. How many can you find? Every year, millions of people navigate their way through Walt Disney World, armed with their maps and their plans for the day. But did you know there's another way to do it? Disney offers special V.I.P. Tours. But the is not limited to the privileged. You can get your own V.I.P. experience on your very next visit. 课后题目:学习完后,你能告诉我文章中空缺的单词吗?201109/154709A new program to reduce hospital infections with relatively simple and inexpensive quality control measures is saving lives, according to a new study.研究显示,采取一些比较简单和低成本的医疗质量控制措施,就可以减少感染的发生,挽救生命。Hospitals can be dangerous places. We go there to get well, but sometimes people get sicker or even die because of infections they contract in the hospital.医院也可能是个危险的地方。我们去医院是为了治病,但是有时会因为在医院遭受感染而病情加重,甚至死亡。Johns Hopkins University Medical School professor Peter Pronovost pioneered the use of hospital checklists to reduce infections. 约翰霍普金斯大学医学院教授彼得·普罗诺沃斯特率先使用医院工作检查清单,以减少感染率。He and his colleagues started with a list of about 90 recommendations from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, "and we elected to say, well, I can't do 90 things as a practicing [doctor]. Let me cull it out and pick the five most important things on that guideline and make sure we do those."他和同事们从美国疾病控制和预防中心的大约90项建议开始做起。普罗诺沃斯特说:“有些医生会说,作为一名执业医生,我不可能做所有这90件事。 那我就把它们一一去掉,精选出5件最重要的,而且确保要把它们做好。”They focused their program on reducing infections in the central line, the tube inserted by needle into a patient’s vein to deliver medications and for other purposes. Central lines are a common source of serious infection in hospital intensive care units. 他们将降低感染率的重点放在中央线上,也就是为病人做静脉注射所使用的针管。中央线是加护病房里发生严重感染的常见源头。201102/125992

Small Business Report: Safe toys There will be tougher toy safety standards, as Headline News' Jennifer Westhoven reports.Every year they have the annual toy fair, it's happening right now in New York City and safety is the big issue this year, Jennifer Westhoven, Toys R Us says that it's making the toys safer, what else do we know?Well, we know, Robin, that they want stricter standards right, so they are talking about lower amounts of lead in any of the toys, they are talking about phasing out some dangerous chemicals including phthalate, that's a vinyl additive, it's been linked to solve problems in rats. They, obviously, all these companies that sell toys, they do not want any more of these awful headlines about recalls of millions of dangerous toys that are kids' favorite, and that of course frightens parents right out of the toy aisle. Now, Toys R Us is actually, uh, you know, Walmart did this last week, and what's happening is, most of these companies are trying to get out ahead of, they know what's coming next week, next week the Federal Government is going to announce some national standards and all the toy companies, right, they don't wanna look like they're, they don't meet federal standards, they wanna get out ahead of that.All right, here's a sign when it comes to the housing market, and some of the conditions that led up to the mortgage meltdown that we have, that they may be going the way of the dodo. I'm talking about the things like the Ninja loan, when you could get a mortgage with no income, no job, and no assets. A company called MGIC, a major mortgage company, according to San Francisco Chronicle says from now on, no more reduced paper work loans, no mortgages with less than a 5% down payment and no loans for flippers, the owner has to live in that house, and this is at, in major cities across the country. Robin.That's gonna be interesting because a lot of people on that business are flipping houses but now they are saying no loans for the flippers, interesting. (Yeah) Hey, thank you.03/63577America Looks Ahead to Obama Administration奥巴马组建白宫班子迎接严峻挑战  U.S. President-elect Barack Obama has begun assembling a White House team in advance of the presidential transition January 20. After the excitement over the historic election dies down, the next president will face some serious domestic and international issues. 美国当选总统巴拉克.奥巴马将在1月20号就职。他已经开始组建自己的白宫班子。 在这次历史性选举的尘埃落定后,新一届总统将面临一些国内、国际方面的严肃问题。Barack Obama outlined some of the challenges facing the nation in his victory speech in Chicago Tuesday night. They include the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, environmental issues and an economic crisis. He predicted setbacks and false starts, but said he is confident the problems can be tackled.  奥巴马星期二晚间在芝加哥发表的胜选演说中描述了一些美国所面对的挑战,包括伊拉克和阿富汗战争,环境问题和经济危机。他预言会有一些挫折,还有开头不顺的问题,但是他说,他相信这些问题能够解决。"There's new energy to harness, new jobs to be created, new schools to build and threats to meet, alliances to repair. The road ahead will be long. Our climb will be steep. We may not get there in one year or even in one term. But America, I have never been more hopeful than I am tonight that we will get there," he said. “要开发利用新能源,创造就业机会,建造更多学校,应对新的威胁,修补盟友关系。 前路漫长,坡路陡峭。我们可能在一年时间甚至一个任期内都难完成这些任务,但是,我要告诉美国人民,我从来没有像今晚这样有信心达到我们的目标。”Exit polls taken during the election show that more than six in ten Americans view the flagging economy as the most important issue facing the nation. One in ten voters cited other key concerns, such as the war in Iraq, health care and terrorism. 选举的出口民调显示,每10个美国选民就有6人将萎靡的经济看作是美国面临的最重要的问题。十分之一的选民则表示他们关注其他一些关键问题,如伊拉克战争、医疗保险以及恐怖主义等。Who will be chosen as Treasury Secretary?Mr. Obama has just 2 1/2 months to prepare for his transition, and there is speculation over the makeup of his new administration. Some wonder if his campaign advisers may have a formal role, perhaps in the key job of treasury secretary. Speculation surrounding that important job has focused on Paul Volcker, who was federal reserve chairman under President Ronald Reagan, and Robert Rubin, a former treasury secretary under President Bill Clinton. Some wonder if there may even be a role for another Obama supporter, the billionaire investor Warren Buffett. 奥巴马只有两个半月的时间来准备过渡,各界在猜测他领导的新的行政当局将任用什么人。有人想知道,他的竞选顾问是否可以得到正式的职位,也许是关键的财政部长的职位。围绕这个重要职位的猜测已经集中到保尔.沃尔克,他是里根总统任内的联邦储备委员会主席,还有罗伯特.鲁宾,他是克林顿总统手下的财政部长。甚至有人猜测奥巴马的另一位持者亿万富翁投资家巴菲特是否会出山。Chief of Staff Position could go to former Clinton adviserSenator Obama is starting to assemble his White House staff. News reports say he has offered the job of chief of staff to Rahm Emanuel, a Democratic member of congress who was once a senior adviser to former president Clinton.  奥巴马参议员已经开始着手组建他在白宫班子。新闻报道说,他已经提出让拉姆.伊曼纽尔这位民主党国会议员担任白宫办公厅主任,他曾经是前总统克林顿的高级顾问。The next president should have a sympathetic Congress when he takes the oath of office in January. It will be the first time since the early years of the Clinton presidency when Democrats have held the White House and a majority of seats in the House of Representatives and the Senate. They will still need cooperation from Republicans, especially in the Senate, where Democrats failed to get the 60 seats that would have protected them from procedural blocks known as filibusters. Some newly elected Democrats from conservative states, such as Virginia and North Carolina, may also want to embrace a moderate agenda. 新的美国总统明年1月宣誓就职的时候,国会将是一个总统所属的政党控制的。这是过去克林顿总统就任前期以来民主党人头一次同时执掌白宫和国会参议院众议院。不过他们仍然需要共和党的合作,特别是在参议院,民主党人没有得到60个席位,无法避免共和党人用不停的发言的拖延战术阻碍立法。来自一些保守州的新当选的民主党国会议员,例如来自维吉尼亚和北卡罗来纳的议员,可能会希望国会走温和的路线。President-elect urged to govern from centerIn Washington Wednesday, the Democratic Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, urged the next president to govern from the center. 星期三在华盛顿,国会众议院议长民主党人南希.佩洛西敦促新一届政府从中间做好管理。 "At a time of this economic crisis, our priority should be very clear about what we need to do. Each side of the spectrum can hope to influence the decision. But the fact is that a new president coming in, in my view, must take the country down the middle to solve the problems, to gain the confidence, to take us more strongly in a new direction," he said. 在发生这种经济危机的时候,我们的首要任务应当是非常清楚地表明我们要做什么。政界各方都可以希望能影响决策。但是,我认为,一个新总统上任,必须率领国家走中间路线以便解决问题,获得公众的信任,让我们走上一个新方向,变得更加强大。”Analysts credit the Obama win to a highly effective campaign, an exceptional ability at fundraising, and a message that resonated with voters across demographic lines. In his victory speech, Senator Obama said he will be president for all Americans, even those who voted against him.  分析人士把奥巴马的胜选规结于有效的竞选、筹集资金的超常能力,以及对各种选民产生共鸣的信息。在他的胜选演讲中,奥巴马参议员说,他将是所有美国人的总统,包括那些投票反对他的人们。DNC chairman says Obama's message resonates with votersDemocratic National Committee chairman Howard Dean says the message of the election is clear.  民主党全国委员会主席霍华德. 迪安说,选举的信息十分明确。"Americans have given all of us - Democrats, Republicans and Independents - a simple mandate to work together to find big solutions to the big challenges that face our country," he said. “我认为这次选举结果所表达的信息很明显。美国人就是要我们,要民主党人,共和党人,无党派人士携手合作,为我们国家所面临的各种大挑战提出大手笔的解决方案。”As the president-elect turns his attention to the business of governing, the euphoria over his historic election has not subsided. Senator Obama is the first African American to be elected U.S. president. Another African American leader, Georgia Representative John Lewis, says the Obama victory will inspire future generations. Lewis spoke on N Television's Today show about the message of the Obama win. 就在当选总统转而关注执政问题的时候,他的历史性选举带来的欢欣仍没有消退。奥巴马参议员是第一位非洲裔美国人被选为美国总统。另一位非洲裔美国人领袖,乔治亚州推选的国会议员约翰.刘易斯说,奥巴马的胜利将激励未来的几代人。他在全国广播公司的“今日”电视节目谈到了奥巴马胜选所传达的信息。"It doesn't matter whether you are black or white or Latino or Asian American or Native American, you can grow up in America and be anything that you want to be. People will be saying for years to come, 'If Barack Obama can do it, you can do it too,'" he said. “不论你是黑人白人,是拉丁裔还是亚太裔,或是美国原住民,你都可以在美国成长,并成就你的任何目标。人们今后多年都会说,如果奥巴马能行,你也行。”The man Senator Obama will replace in the White House, President George W. Bush, said this election is uplifting for a generation of Americans who watched the struggle for civil rights unfold, and are seeing the dream fulfilled four decades later. 奥巴马参议员将取代的白宫的主人布什总统星期三说,这次选举让观察民权斗争的整整一代美国人感到振奋,让他们看到40年奋斗争取的梦想终于实现。200811/55346Study Says No Smoking Laws Reduce Heart Attacks美城市公共场所禁烟使心脏病锐减  U.S. health experts say laws that bar smoking in public places appear to dramatically cut the number of heart attacks according to a recent study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 美国健康专家说,禁止在公共场所吸烟的法律大幅减少了心脏病的发病率。Researchers studying a smoking ban in the western U.S. state of Colorado say a no smoking law in one city led to a 40 percent decrease in the number of residents hospitalized for heart attacks. 对美国西部科罗拉多州普韦布洛市一项禁烟活动进行研究的人员称,在这个城市实行的禁烟法已经使得因为心脏病发作而住院的人减少了百分之40。Dr. Terry Pechacek, with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Office on Smoking and Health, says the study indicates that secondhand smoke may be an under-recognized cause of heart attack deaths.  美国疾病控制与防病中心的特里·佩哈切克医生说,这项研究显示,二手烟可能是造成心脏病死亡的原因之一,不过这一病因还没有被人们充分认识到。"For too long we have considered exposure to secondhand smoke in restaurants, bars, and other places as typical and common, however, these data indicate that even brief exposure to secondhand smoke can produce rapid and adverse changes in the functioning of the heart and blood, and cause heart attacks," he said. 他说,“长期以来,我们一直认为在餐馆、酒吧和其他场合接触二手烟是无可厚非的,但是数据显示,哪怕是短暂吸入二手烟也可能对心脏和血液功能产生迅速的破坏作用,甚至导致心脏病发作。”In 2003, the city of Pueblo, Colorado passed a law making public places and workplaces smoke-free. Researchers say they found there were 399 hospital admissions for heart attacks in Pueblo in the 18 months before the ban. After the no-smoking law was passed, 237 people were hospitalized for heart attacks in the same time period. 科罗拉多州的普韦布洛市2003年通过了一项禁止在公共场合和工作场合吸烟的法律。研究人员说,他们发现,在禁令生效前的18个月里,这个城市因心脏病发作而住进医院的有399例。法律开始实施之后,同样在18个月中因为心脏病住院的为237例。Dr. Pechacek says researchers also studied nearby areas in Colorado without smoking bans. He says they found there was no significant change in the number of heart attack hospitalizations in these areas.  佩哈切克医生说,研究人员还对普韦布洛附近一些没有禁烟法的城市进行了研究。他们发现,这些地区的住院心脏病人数量没有明显变化。"The fact that there was no change in the comparison counties and the comparison areas around Pueblo suggests that the only thing that is reasonable to assume as having this big effect was the impact of the law, he said. “普韦布洛附近的对比城市和地区的数字没有变化,这个事实告诉我们,可能的合理假设是禁烟法是产生这个结果的重要原因。”The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says other studies have reported that laws making public places smoke-free have led to rapid reductions in hospital admissions for heart attacks, but this is the only study that has looked at the effects over a longer period of three years. 美国疾病控制与防病中心表示,其他研究也显示,禁止在公共场合吸烟的法律使得因心脏病发作住院的病人人数迅速减少。不过,这是针对二手烟的影响进行长达三年之久的唯一一项研究。Dr. Pechacek says he hopes the findings will lead to more laws banning public smoking in the U.S. as well as other countries. Although, he says a World Health Organization treaty aly contains a provision requiring countries to pursue protection for non-smokers from secondhand smoke. 佩哈切克医生说,他希望这些结论将促使美国和其他国家出台更多禁止在公共场所吸烟的法律。当然,他也指出,国际卫生组织WHO早已制订出了相关条款,要求各国保护非吸烟者免受二手烟危害。"These data add further weight to that provision and strongly encourage that every country around the world recognize that smoking in any enclosed space is very dangerous to the non-smokers, and one of the best things we can do for public health is encourage smoke-free policies," he said. “这些数据进一步给那些条款提供了根据,而且强烈要求世界每个国家承认,在任何封闭的场所抽烟对于不吸烟的人来说是非常危险的。而我们能做到的最利于大众健康的事情就是鼓励禁烟政策。”The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that secondhand smoke exposure causes 46,000 heart disease deaths every year in the ed States alone. 美国疾病控制与防病中心估计,吸入二手烟仅仅在美国每年就导致4万六千人死于心脏病。01/60390

Finns win wife-carrying world championshipFinland continued to reign in the world wife-carrying championships on Saturday as Taisto Miettinen sprinted fastest along 253-metres (832-feet) track, carrying Kristiina Haapanen upside-down on his back.The couple, who also won the world championship title last year, finished the race in one minute and five seconds.Estonia's Alar Voogle and Kristi Viltrop tripped in the water obstacle and were second some five seconds behind the winners.Finns Ilpo Haalisto and Satu Juurinen got bronze.The winning couple trained together throughout the year."Before I have been a lot of in a gym, but nowadays I have run a lot and that is the secret," Miettinen said after the race in hot and sunny conditions.The race, held for the 15th time attracted 55 couples from 15 countries, including Australia, Ireland and Poland, to compete in the remote eastern Finnish village of Sonkajarvi, some 485 kilometers (302 miles) northeast of the capital Helsinki.The wife-carrying competition has its roots in a legend of Ronkainen the Robber and his gang who lived in the forests and stole food and girls from villages.Vocabulary:trip: 绊倒legend of Ronkainen the Robber: 传说一位名叫龙卡伊宁的芬兰强盗在松卡耶尔维一带招兵买马,聚啸山林。为了招到体格健壮的部下,他想出了一个独特的招数:在一条道路上设置各种障碍,让所有应征者背着一袋玉米或者一头活猪越过障碍,合格者才能被留下。也有说法是这项赛事来自古老部落的一种“偷妻”风俗,当地男人如果要娶媳妇,先要以这种方式与其他男人比赛,以此明他可以带着妻子闯过难关。背单词 — 装英语词汇201007/108701Democratic-Led Congress Could Help Swiftly Implement Obama Agenda民主党国会占多数有助奥巴马改革Expanded Democratic majorities in the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives as a result of Tuesday's election could help President-elect Barack Obama implement an ambitious agenda next year. But analysts say no one should expect Democrats to automatically walk in lock-step with a president of their own party. What kind of relationship to expect from a Democratic congress and president. 美国总统选举结束之后,民主党不仅拿下了白宫,还在国会的参众两院都增加了席位。民主党在国会所处的多数党地位可以帮助新当选的总统奥巴马实施一系列雄心勃勃的改革措施。但是,分析人士同时指出,指望国会中的民主党人与奥巴马的政见完全吻合,也是不现实的。那么民主党占据多数的国会和总统之间将会是什么样的关系呢?Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi pledged Democrats' cooperation with President-elect Barack Obama. 美国国会众议院的议长佩洛西表示,国会的民主党人将与新当选的奥巴马总统密切合作。"Our increased numbers in the House better enable us to work closely with our new president for a vision for America and a plan to succeed," said Nancy Pelosi. 她说:“我们在众议院增加的席位让我们能够和下一任总统一道,为了美国的未来,为了把国家建设得更好,而紧密合作。”American University political science professor Alan Lichtman says there is evidence that when one party controls the congress and White House, much can get done. 美利坚大学政治学教授利希特曼(Alan Lichtman)表示,过去的经验表明,在国会和白宫都由同一个党派来主导的情况下,政府可以作许多事情。"History shows if you are a programmatic president with a big agenda, the best possible thing is to have unified control of government," said Alan Lichtman. "Franklin Roosevelt, who was elected in 1932 as a Democrat, also came in the midst of a big economic crisis, and he got a Democratic congress to pass 15 major bills in his first 100 days." 他说:“历史告诉我们,一个想要取得卓越成就的总统,最好是对政府有一个宏观的掌控。1932年当选的罗斯福总统,他也是一位民主党人,而且入主白宫的时候,也面临著大规模的经济危机;在实际运作当中,他当总统的头100天,民主党控制的国会就通过了15项重要的议案。”But with that said, Lichtman adds that congressional Democrats will not automatically 'rubber stamp' everything that Mr. Obama proposes.  尽管如此,这位教授也提醒说,民主党人控制国会并不意味著奥巴马总统提出的所有议案,一概都会通过。Other analysts agree, noting that Democrats can be liberal or conservative-leaning or moderate, and divided by cultural or regional differences. 其他一些分析人士也这么认为,说民主党内有改革派、保守派、也有温和派等各种倾向,而且也有文化和地域上的差别。Norman Ornstein of the American Enterprise Institute says it will be a challenge for Democratic leaders to constantly deliver enough Democratic votes to pass Mr. Obama's initiatives, and may at times have to look to the opposition for support. He says this is especially true in the House, where Democrats will hold more than 250 of the 435 seats. 美国企业研究所的奥恩斯坦表示,对民主党在国会的领导层来说,不断地拉票、通过奥巴马提出的一系列措施和提案,将不会是一件轻松的事,有的时候,恐怕要到反对党那里去寻求持。他说,在国会众议院,这一点恐怕尤其明显。众议院435个席位当中,目前有250多个席位由民主党控制。"For democrats to do it all on their own will require for Speaker Pelosi a very delicate and difficult juggling," said Norman Ornstein. "That is going to be a tricky process, and I think it will make it imperative to find some allies on the Republican side." 他说:“假如民主党什么都想靠本党来通过的话,那么佩洛西议长将总要面对各种很微妙、很不易的权衡。这中间挑战很大,我认为在这个过程中,不得不在共和党那里拉一些盟友。”The situation is much the same with the expanded Democratic majority in the Senate, says Senator Chris Dodd, a Connecticut Democrat: 康涅狄克州的民主党参议员克里斯.多德说,这种状况与参议院中一个扩大的民主党多数基本上是一样的。"The assumption that if you get a certain number [of Democrats] you can do things automatically, then you don't know this institution very well," said Senator Dodd. "Even though we have increased numbers, if you neglect to deal with the other party, you will not achieve much." 他说:“如果你以为民主党获得一定数量的议席就可以轻而易举地做到一切,那你就不太了解国会的运作。即使我们已经增加了一定的议席,但如果你忽视与共和党打交道,你就不会取得很多进展。”Alan Lichtman of American University says the key for Mr. Obama is to act immediately, at the start of his administration when he will enjoy a so-called honeymoon period of political goodwill. 美利坚大学的利希特曼教授说,对于奥巴马而言,关键是要在他的行政当局刚开始当政时立即行动起来,因为这个时期他将享受所谓的政治蜜月。"I think it will go six months, and you can get a lot accomplished in six months," he said. "But the lesson is you've got to strike quickly." 他说:“我认为,这种蜜月可以持续半年,你在这6个月中可以实现许多进展。不过,经验就是你必需迅速采取行动。”Lichtman says Mr. Obama's experience as a U.S. senator - albeit for two years - gives him a crucial understanding of the legislative process. 利奇曼说,尽管奥巴马担任美国参议员只有两年时间,但这种经验使他对立法过程有至关重要的理解。It is a comment echoed by Senator Richard Lugar of Indiana, the top Republican on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, where Mr. Obama has been a member and where Vice President-elect Joe Biden has been chairman. 印地安纳州的理查德.卢格参议员对这种见解表示认同。他是参议院外交委员会中地位最高的共和党人,奥巴马是参院外交委员会的成员,当选副总统拜登则是这个委员会的主席。"I think with both the president and vice presidents moving from chairs in our body that these are people from the beginning who really have a head start on important issues when it comes to legislation," said Senator Lugar. " 卢格说:“我认为,由于当选总统和副总统都是出自我们外交委员会的,因此,在对一些重要的问题进行立法工作时,他们从一开始就占据有利的地位。”Mr. Obama has an ambitious agenda that includes efforts to improve the economy, find alternative sources of energy, tax reform, health care reform, and the withdrawal of combat troops from Iraq. 奥巴马雄心勃勃的议事日程包括:努力改善经济、寻找替代能源、改革税收、医疗保险制度以及从伊拉克撤出美国的作战部队。200811/55875Public-service reform公共务改革Dave's amazing adventure戴夫大冒险让人惊讶Overhauling the public services is proving slower and harder than the government once hoped 整修公共务:比政府预期还要缓慢艰难HEALTH-CARE reform’s potential as raw material for rappers has hitherto mostly gone unnoticed. Now the government’s plans for the National Health Service have been satirised in a ditty entitled “The NHS is not for sale”; it registered over 150,000 YouTube hits within a week. Nearly a year after the coalition came to power, offering the most sweeping public-service reform agenda since Margaret Thatcher, grind—and ridicule—have beset it. Ministers look tired; U-turns, refinements and clarifications are frequent.医疗保健改革本可以让说唱歌手好好做上一番文章,但迄今为止却少有人慧眼识珠。如今,讽刺英国政府改革国民健康保险制度计划的打油曲“健保系统不卖”,在YOUTUBE上一周已获得十五多万次点击。联合政府执政将近一年,提出了自撒切尔夫人以来范围最广的改革议程;然而这项议程却被琐事和嘲弄包围。大臣们面色疲惫;方针、政策等的急速转变,调整提高以及解释说明屡见不鲜。The official line is that reforms to schools, the NHS and other institutions are proceeding as intended. David Cameron is sticking to his plans to devolve more power to those directly delivering the services, cut out bureaucratic middle men and enhance competition. But scratch a bit deeper, and worries about the impact and pace of the changes are evident. “We haven’t succeeded in explaining how our approach saves money and delivers better services,” admits a senior minister.官方方针是学校,健保系统和其他机构的改革正如预期进行。卡梅隆坚持自己的计划,即把更多权力移交给这些直接务的机构,裁减打官腔的中间人员,加强竞争。但是往深里想想,此举的后果和改革步调便显而易见。一位高级大臣承认:“我们没能成功解释这样做为何省钱,为何可以提供更好的务。”Andrew Lansley’s bid to devolve the commissioning of hospital care, and responsibility for much of England’s health budget, to GPs has proved the most contentious policy. Under the health secretary’s scheme, GPs will be obliged to form new commissioning consortia; they will also have more freedom to choose private health-care providers over state ones.英国卫生大臣安德鲁兰斯里的尝试是最具争议的。他计划把医疗保健和大部分医疗预算委任给医生,这样医生必须形成新的医疗联盟;他们还可以更加自由地选择私人健保提供者而不是由国家提供。Mr Lansley points out that his changes are going more smoothly than hostile interest groups suggest: 177 consortia, covering 70% of England’s population, have aly been set up (the deadline for transferring to the new arrangements is April 2013). But the timescale is alarmingly variable. One senior government figure thinks this and other public-sector reforms will take “between five and 15 years” to bear fruit nationally. That might be asking a bit too much of public patience.兰斯里指出他的改革比反对派所说的进展顺利得多:已经设立了177个联盟,覆盖了英国70%的人口(新安排的最终期限是2013年)。但是时间跨度之多变令人警觉。一位高级官员认为,这项以及其他的公共领域改革将需要“五到十五年”来使全国受益。这可能大大超出了公众的耐心。Sell Stockholm, buy Harlem卖掉斯德哥尔,买进哈莱姆Meanwhile the education secretary Michael Gove’s once-prominent focus on new Swedish-style “free schools”—to be funded by the state but run by charities, parents and others—has been wavering. Although he denies a shift, chains of academies—state schools turned over to autonomous providers—are now being heralded as the driving force of schools reform. Mr Gove is sounding keener on American-style Charter schools than on the Swedish model, in part because the Charter programme has a clearer record of helping to transform education for the poor. 同时,教育大臣迈克尔戈夫曾大力推进的瑞典式“免费学校”政策——由国家出资,慈善机构,父母和其他人运转——一直以来也动摇不定。尽管他否认政策转移,却还有许多学院——现在转由独立个人持的公立学校——被宣为教育改革的驱动力。乍听之下,比起瑞典模式,戈夫似乎对美国式的特许学校更感兴趣。一个原因就是特许学校能够使教育更好造福穷孩子。And a bitter row is under way over how far the rise in tuition fees to 9,000 (,500) for some universities should be dependent on them admitting more students from poor and ethnic-minority backgrounds. Supported by Vince Cable, the Liberal Democrat business secretary who is responsible for higher education, the Office for Fair Access, a regulator, wants a portion of the higher fees to be diverted to outreach efforts. It threatens to impose a cap for those universities who don’t oblige. Frustration in the universities is matched by outrage among Tories, who are afraid of damaging standards and biasing the system against middle-class applicants.英国大学学费涨价也让大众不满。上调之后,大学学费最高可至9,000英镑(约合14,500美元),但政府规定大学必须采取措施招收更多英国本地贫穷学生和少数族群学生,才能收取最高上限的学费。在主管大学事务的自由民主党人,商务部大臣文斯凯布尔持下,扮演监管角色的公平入校办公室也想在增收的学费中分一杯羹,以主动帮助入学。如果哪个大学不从,它便表示要对其收取罚款。伴随着大学的唉声叹气是托利党人的雷霆怒火。他们担心这么做会有损规矩,造成对中产阶级学生的歧视。Serious reform is always painful: Mrs Thatcher was widely loathed in her radical second term; Tony Blair complained about the “scars on my back” from his fights with public-sector workers. As then, today’s plans pitch fears about the cost and alleged chaos of upheaval against hypothetical arguments for change. But the government’s year-long adventure in reform suggests some other patterns. 严肃改革总是伴随着痛苦:撒切尔夫人在第二任任期一片怨声载道;托尼布莱尔抱怨和国有经济工人争斗时“背上受了伤”。今日,改革计划则让人们大惊失色,忧心出,还有计划可能带来的动乱。但是政府数年来冒险改革也表明了别的模式。First, expectations matter. Before last year’s election the Tories reassured voters that there would be no “top-down reorganisation of the NHS”. Mr Lansley’s plans might have caused less of a rumpus with more explicit warning. The civil service matters too: Number 10 complains that it is being insufficiently zealous in implementing the government’s agenda. Officials counter that the problem is the volume of new measures, and varying competence in departments, rather than intransigence.首先,期望很有关系。去年大选前托利党人向选民保不会有“自上至下的健保改革”。兰斯利的计划可能引起了一点吵闹和警告。行政部门也有关系:首相府抱怨无法赶不上完善政府计划。官员认为问题在于新政的内容太多,部门间能力不同,而不是死不妥协。Just as importantly, the coalition has learned that the messy happenstance of everyday government can be disruptive and demoralising. A climb-down on the proposed sell-off of forests was followed by a concession over the abolition of the Education Maintenance Allowance, a subsidy intended to keep 16-19-year-olds in learning, after a threatened legal challenge. Number 10 recently intervened to demand a reversal of plans to cut school-sports funding. None of these was a major reversal; but they have rattled MPs, who wonder whether to stick their necks out to defend bigger schemes that might be cancelled or amended.同样重要的是,政府也学到日常政治生活中的偶然事件也会扰人不休,令人气馁。在售卖森林方面的提案撤回后,在废除教育维持津贴政府又做出让步。这项津贴本来是要让16至19岁的孩子继续求学的。首相最近也干涉其中,要求不要削减学校体育基金。这些转变都不大,但是却让议会恼火。议会质疑是否应该态度更加强硬才能不让计划被取消或者修正。Finally, the exigencies of coalition have been a burden. A plan to reform housing benefit, vaunted by the Tories in opposition, has been dropped from the government’s welfare-reform bill after rows with the Lib Dems about whether it would penalise low-earners. (The broader plan to introduce a single “universal credit” to replace multiple allowances for those out of work has created its own new network of unintended complexities and forthcoming climb-downs.) The emphasis on fairness in the Tories’ coalition agreement with the Lib Dems helps to explain the reorientation of Mr Gove’s ideas. 最后,联合政府的急切需要成为了负担。托利党人原先吹嘘的改革住房计划,在他们在和自由民主党大吵数架,争论其是否会对低收入者不利后,跌出了政府的福利改革议案(更宏大的引入“通用信贷”来取代失业津贴的计划不亚于画地为牢,执行复杂,前景不佳)。高夫为什么要重新定位也可用托利党和自由民主党的协定中对公平的强调来解释。So far, the architecture of the coalition has held up well. Mr Cameron and Nick Clegg, the Lib Dem deputy prime minister, share a vision of a public sector enlivened by greater competition and less dependent on a dwindling pot of state funding. They do, however, need to make a bolder case for why they are fighting on quite so many fronts—and to tell the public when it can expect to feel the benefit of the slimmer, fitter Leviathan it has been promised. 到目前为止,联合政府的架子站得还挺稳。卡梅隆和英国自由民主党党魁尼克克莱格都认为更多竞争,更少对政府资金的依赖会为公有经济注入活力。然而,他们的确需要告诉公众,为何政府要在诸多方面如此奋斗,还要告诉公众何时他们才能享受到政府允诺的更合适,更便捷的务。201105/134419

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