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Keke Funny Moment可可轻松一刻#6579;One Side of the Case一面之辞A judge asked our group of potential jurors whether anyone should be excused, and one man raised his hand. 一位法官问我们这群修补陪审员是否有人应当免权一个人举起了手;I cant hear out of my left ear,; the man told the judge. “我的左耳听不见”那人告诉法官 ;Can you hear out of your right ear?; the judge asked. The man nodded his head. “你的右边耳朵听得见吗?”法官问道那人点了点头;Youll be allowed to serve on the jury,; the judge declared. ;We only listen to one side of the case at a time.; “你将被允许加入陪审团,”法官宣布“我们每次只听一面之辞” Notes:1.jurorn. 陪审员;审查委员;宣誓人;评委 .excusevt. 原谅;为…申辩;免除,宽免;给…免去 n. 借口,托辞;道歉,歉意;辩解;请假条 vi. 作为借口;请示宽恕;表示宽恕常见搭配:in excuse of 为...辩解lame excuse 理由不足的辩解; 漏洞百出的借口lame apology 理由不足的辩解; 漏洞百出的借口make excuses 找借口, 推诿offer excuses 找借口, 推诿make one excuses to 向...表示歉意without excuse 无故, 故意excuse oneself 替自己辩解;(为某事)表示歉意();借故不到; 请准提前离开excuse oneself from 借故推托, 婉言拒绝excuse sb. 因 ...而原谅某人excuse sb. from 免除某人(做某事)本节目可可原创节目, 559上饶横峰县激光祛疤多少钱上饶横峰县大腿抽脂价格多少听力原文:Tech startups in Africa非洲初创企业Africa uber alles非洲优步The potential and pitfalls of African tech innovation非洲技术发明的潜力和陷阱THE fastest, and cheapest, way to zip around the hilly capital of Rwanda is to catch one of the many motorcycle taxis, or motos, that attract custom by hooting at pedestrians as they drive along. Grab a ride on one and you can nip from one end of Kigali to the other less than . 重点词汇:1 pitfall 危险;困难;(尤指)陷阱,隐患 zip (使沿某方向)快速移动3 hilly 多小山的;丘陵起伏的 hoot (使汽车喇叭)鸣响5 pedestrian 行人;步行者6 grab 抓住;攫取7 nip 快速去(某处);急忙赶往8 Kigali 基加利(卢旺达首都)听力原文:Yet catching a ride is a white-knuckle affair. Drivers seldom expect repeat custom so make no eft to be nice (which can be a welcome respite from over-chatty London cabbies). Most want to finish the journey quickly to look their next fare. So many of them race about the city as if in a grand prix: they speed around blind corners, brake sharply at the very last minute and take off from traffic lights quickly enough almost to unseat an inattentive passenger.重点词汇:1 white-knuckle 令人极度紧张的 knuckle 指节;指关节3 respite 暂停;暂缓 cabby 计程车司机5 fare 出租车乘客6 prix奖金,价格7 brake 用闸减速;刹(车)8 unseat 使掉下马(或自行车)9 inattentive 不注意的;不经心 a grand prix 大奖赛听力原文:The solution, according to two entrepreneurs, Peter Kariuki, a Kenyan, and Barrett Nash, a Canadian, is an Uber-style app that not only allows passengers to hail a ride, but also gives them some hope of surviving the journey. Their firm, SafeMotos, insists that taxi drivers own a smartphone, which contains accelerometers that can determine if drivers speed or brake too hard, among other things. The data they collect score the drivers on safety. Only safe ones get business. 重点词汇:1 hail 招手(请出租车或公共汽车停下) accelerometer 加速计 听力原文:Uber, the car-hailing app valued at billion, and local startups have launched similar motorcycle-taxi services in various countries from Indonesia to Uganda, but SafeMotos is more than just a clone. Whereas in many other countries drivers are comtable using digital maps on their phones, SafeMoto uses a simpler system: directing drivers via a series of well-known waypoints until they are close to the final destination.重点词汇:1 clone 好像一模一样的人;复制品;仿造品;翻版 waypoint (旅途中的)停留处; 航路点(飞行或航海每一阶段的坐标点) 听力原文:Yet the experience of SafeMotos also underscores some of the difficulties of establishing tech startups in Africa. Its founders say that the main problem many face is a shortage of skilled coders. There is no real ecosystem of tech entrepreneurs who can bounce ideas around, or inspire bright young people to quit safe jobs in the civil service and start their own companies. This is slowly changing. Technology hubs, where startups cluster in shared office space, in Nairobi, Cape Town and Lagos are producing promising companies and attracting international attention. Last year African tech firms raised 6m in funding, says Disrupt Africa, an analyst, and it has finally produced a “unicorn”, or tech company valued at more than billion. Yet plagued by power shortages, expensive and unreliable internet connections, and ruinous bank rates, the continent has a way to go.重点词汇:1 underscore 强调;突出;强化 bounce 弹跳; 使弹起; (使)上下晃动;3 ecosystem 生态系统 cluster 群聚;聚集5 unicorn 独角兽6 plague 纠缠;缠磨;缠扰7 ruinous 耗资巨大的;无法承担的,破坏性的;导致严重问题的;灾难性的 欢迎关注荔枝主播凤梨君 FM18550欢迎关注主播凤梨君 微信号fenglisama 019 Ours is not an ordinary baby9 我们的孩子不一般Bob wife was very ill and at last she died on the trolley bee a lung operation. After a few months, Bob married again. His new wife was a widow.鲍勃的妻子得了重病,在做肺部手术前死在了手术车上几个月后,鲍勃再婚,他的新妻子是个寡妇Exactly seven days after he married her, she had a boy.结婚正好七天的时候,他的妻子生了个小孩Bob at once hurried away to the bookshop and bought some pencils, some children textbooks, a rubber and a sharpener. Then he hurried back home again with these things and put them beside the baby.鲍勃立即赶到书店买了很多铅笔、儿童书籍、橡皮和一个铅笔刀,然后他带着这些东西匆忙赶回家放在孩子身边His new wife was very surprised. “What are you doing?” she asked. “The baby wont be able to use those things a long time. Why are you in such a hurry?”他的新妻子很奇怪地问:“你在干什么?孩子得等很长时间才能用这些东西,你怎么这么着急啊?”Bob answered, “youre quite wrong, my dear. Our baby is not an ordinary baby. It came in seven days instead of nine months. So it will certainly be y to learn to and write in a few weeks from now.”鲍勃回答说:“亲爱的,你错了我们的孩子不是个普通的孩子,他七天就出世了,而不是通常的九个月,他几周内就会学会读书写字的”上饶自体脂肪去皱价格

上饶德兴市镭射去痘印价格上饶割双眼上饶隆鼻多少钱如果你学习英文的时候,经常出现拼写错误,不要责怪自己不给力的大脑记忆.因为英国每日电讯的一篇报道说,一半的英国人拼不出常用的单词.听了这个报道,你可能安慰自己说,连native speaker都拼不出来,学英语的时候不要对自己太苛刻了.A report by the Telegraph titles ;Half of Britons cant spell common words;.Embarrassment, occasionally and necessary have been listed among the words Britons have most difficulty spelling.Researchers who studied ,000 adults found that more than half had problems spelling commonly used words.The list included accommodate, questionnaire and rhythm. Conscience also proved tricky, along with occurrence, restaurant and guarantee. 377393上饶韩美整形美容医院激光祛斑手术多少钱

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