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A: How can I help you?B: Yes, I am James Mason from Anderson and Associates. I would like to see Mr. Smith.A: Do you have an appointment?B: Yes , he knows I'm coming . Our meeting is set for 2 o'clock.A: I wonder if Mr. Smith forgot your meeting . I am afraid he left this office this morning and is not expected back until after 4 pm . Let me find out if he made arrangements for someone else to meet with you in his place. Will you please have a seat?B: Sure.A: Yes, Mr. Mason, I just checked with our office manager, Ms. Terry, she said Mr. Smith briefed her on your project. She is just finishing up a meeting now. She could be with your shortly. Would you like me to show you around while you are waiting?B: That would be very nice. Thank you.A: Right this way, Mr. Mason. We can start with our front office. When Ms. Terry is y, you may take the elevator at the front to the 6th floor. There is a conference room aly prepared. /09/84702

Checking out of a hotel 宾馆退房 If you've ever checked into a hotel, there's one more thing you'll definitely have to do before you leave, check out of the hotel and pay the bill. So, in this Business English Podcast lesson we'll be looking at some of the language you might use as you're preparing to depart. 如果你入住了一家宾馆,那么在离开前你必须做的一件事就是退房结账。那么,在今天的原汁原味英语播客节目里,我们就来学习离开结账时要用到的语言。 A while back, in BEP 55 and BEP 56, we were introduced to Alan Chan and Honesto Salvador, two employees of a US electronics manufacturer visiting the USA on a business trip. As part of their training they have made a trip to Boston and will also travel to a nearby plant in New Haven. We join Alan and Honesto at the hotel in Boston as they go to reception to check out and pay the bill. 在之前的55、56期节目中,我们认识了美国一家电气产品制造企业的两名员工Alan Chan和Honesto Salvador。他们正在美国出差。作为培训的一部分,他们要去一趟波士顿和一处唯一纽黑文的工场。我们现在就看一看他们两个在波士顿的宾馆出发时到前台退房结账的场景。Listening Questions:1. How does Honesto feel about breakfast at the hotel?2. Who was responsible for the minibar charge?3. Why does Honesto mention his club membership?4. How will Alan and Honesto get to the airport? /201110/157546

Starting a New Job开始新工作陈豪在北京的A美国公司工作,他兴冲冲地打电话给美国同事Amy。(Office ambience)A: Good Afternoon, this is Amy.C: 你好,Amy, 我是陈豪,你现在有几分钟的时间吗?A: Yes. I was just about to start a new project, but it can wait.C: 我有好消息告诉你。A: What is it?C: 我升职了,要到销售部去。A: Oh, Thats wonderful. Tell me about it.C: 我的上司觉得我到公司以来,社交能力大有长进,所以决定把我调到销售部去。A: How do you feel about that?C: 当然高兴了,不过也有点紧张。A: I agree that it is always a bit scary when you start a totally new job, working with people and processes that you dont know.C: Amy, 我想一上来就让他们对我刮目相看,你能不能告诉我,应该怎么做啊?A: First of all, I would be careful about how Id impress them.C: 你这话是什么意思啊?我得让他们看看,我非常了解销售部的作业流程。这样他们才会觉得我是合适的人选。A: My advice to you is to go slowly at first. Understand that there may be people in that department who think they should have gotten the job instead of you.C: 对呀,那我怎么做才既能让别人觉得我确实很有能力,又不得罪人呢?A: Ask intelligent questions about projects and processes. Let your co-workers share their knowledge and experience with you.C: 可如果我问一大堆问题,别人会不会觉得我不胜任呢?A: Not at all. Listening to other people is the best way to learn what you dont know and how to do your job well. The other benefit is that you will get to know your colleagues.C: 好了,我不能再耽误你时间了,过几天有问题我再来向你咨询。A: That sounds good.两天后,陈豪Amy一起吃午饭。A: How do you like your new job?C: 挺好的,我适应得很快。同事们也都很帮忙。A: Im glad to hear that you are getting off to such a good start.C: 但是也有一、两个人,让我觉得有些不自在。A: Whats going on with them?C: 他们好像是故意的,没完没了地给我讲办公室的各种小道消息。我真不知道拿他们怎么办好。A: The best way to deal with those people is to tell them that you feel you need to spend your time learning your job.C: 如果他们不听劝告呢?A: As we Americans say, ;Let it go in one ear and out the other.;C: 好主意!我们中国人也说一个耳朵进,一个耳朵出。 /201208/197327

David在走廊上遇到同事Sandra,Sandra看上去很生气。David: Hey Sandra, whats wrong? You look furious!Sandra: Ive had it with Tim! I think Im going to quit!D: But Sandra...you love your job! You spent months trying to get this position. Its perfect for you!S: Yeah...I know. But Im sick and tired of all the office power struggles!D: What kind of power struggles are you talking about?David 看见同事 Sandra 怒气冲冲的 you look furious 问她出了什么事。Sandra 说受够了 Tim,Ive had it with Tim. 表达受够了某人某事可以说 have had it with someone or something. 比如 Ive had it with Jackie. She wont stop complaining. 意思是我真受不了Jackie,她老是抱怨个没完没了。Sandra 说,Im sick and tired of all the office power struggles. to be sick and tired of something 是受够了的另外一种表达方式。原来,Sandra 是对办公室的争权夺利感到厌倦。她说的 Tim 是个什么样的人呢?S: Basically, I think Tim is threatened by me. Im doing a better job than he is so hes trying to sabotage my career!D: So he talks about you behind your back?S: Yes. Hes all nice and friendly to my face. But the second I turn around he stabs me in the back!D: You know I had a worker like that once. She was always taking credit for my ideas.Sandra 觉得,自己比Tim能力强,对Tim构成威胁,所以他才会故意给自己找麻烦,sabotage is spelled s-a-b-o-t-a-g-e, sabotage, sabotage 是故意破坏的意思。David 问,so he talks about you behind your back? to talk about someone behind someones back 背后说某人坏话。Sandra 说,他当着我的面很友善,我一转身离开,他就背后捅我一刀,He stabs me in the back. David颇有同感,说自己也遇到过这种人,以前就有个女同事总把David想出的好主意说成是自己的,She was always taking credit for my ideas. to take credit for something 意思是把某种成绩归功于自己。D: After a while I learned to document my work very clearly so the boss knew 100% that this was my work.S: Thats a good idea. I should keep a better record of my correspondence with the clients so if necessary I can prove it was my effort.D: My co-worker had a whole bunch of bad office habits. She liked to name-drop...we would be in a meeting and she would say, ;yesterday I was chatting with Tom.; She meant Tom Solomon...our CEO.David 又说,自己那个讨厌的同事有很多坏毛病,其中之一就是 name-drop, name-drop意思是提起名人,以便提高自己的身价,喜欢这样做的人就是 name-dropper. name-drop为什么是坏习惯呢?我们下次继续听。 /201205/184269

secondhand information二手信息英文释义Information that is not from the original source, but instead from someone who heard it, and who may not be reliable; a formal term for ;gossip;例句 One of my co-workers told me she heard our boss say hes retiring next year, but I dont believe her because I never trust secondhand information.我的一位同事告诉我,她听我们老板说,他将在明年退休,但我不信她的话,因为我从不相信二手信息。 /201312/264371

You wiil soon make bigger profits when market fluctuation stopped.当市场波动停止时,你们将很快赚取大笔利润。But with this price, it is hard for us to push the sale in our market.但是以这个价格买入,我们很难扩大销售。You will soon make bigger profits when market fluctuation stopped.当市场波动停止时,你们将很快赚取大笔利润。The price we e you for belts is much lower than that of last years. You must find it very competitive.我们的皮带报价比去年的低,你们一定会发现这很有竞争力。Our product is very competitive so there is no question of profit.我们的产品很有竞争力,所以你们一定会有利润的。We do not think there is any possibility of business unless you cut your price by 20%.除非你们可以降价20%,否则这笔生意不可能谈成。We do not think there is any possibility of business unless you cut your price by 20%.除非你们可以降价20%,否则这笔生意不可能谈成。That is too low.这个价格太低了。Your price has gone up so rapidly that it would be impossible for us to push any sales at such a price.你方的价格涨得如此快,我们无法销售。 “We regret to say there is no possibility of business because of your high price.我们很遗憾地告知贵方,你方出价太高我方无法接受We regret that it is impossible for us to entertain the bid.我们很遗憾地告知你,我们不可能考虑你们的报价。 /201504/372590

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