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The air ticket in busy seasons旺季机票Can I help you?我能帮您忙吗?Id like to buy a ticket to Casablanca on flight US5 tomorrow.我想买张明天去卡萨布兰卡的机票,航班号是US5 Hold on.plese.It will take off at :00 tomorrow.Tho price is .请稍等飞机是明天点起飞价格是1美元Well,l want to stay under .嗯,我打算出0美元I am sorry Sir.We wont give any discount in busy seasons.The price is the same.非常抱歉,在旅游旺季,我们不提供打折机票的价钱和以前一样 367330#65279;This week, Ethiopians were closely following any news about the condition of Prime Minister Meles Zenawi. A spokesman said in Addis Ababa on Thursday that the prime minister was taking sick leave on doctors orders. Spokesman Bereket Simon said Mr. Meles health was good, but he needed time to recover from an illness caused in part by an overload of work. 本周,埃塞俄比亚人密切关注着任何有关总理梅莱斯·泽纳维(Meles Zenawi)健康状况的新闻。发言人贝雷克特·西蒙(Bereket Simon)周四在亚的斯亚贝巴(该国首都)称,总理根据医嘱请了病假。贝雷克特表示,梅莱斯的健康状况良好,但他需要时间从部分由超负荷工作导致的疾病中恢复BEREKET SIMON: ;Regarding his illness, I think I have told you that he is in good condition. He has got very good treatment for the ailment, and definitely hes in good condition.; 贝雷克特:“关于梅莱斯的病情,我想我已经说过他很健康。他的小病得到了很好的治疗,毫无疑问他很健康。Mr. Bereket did not give any details of what the fifty-seven-year-old prime minister was being treated for or where. But he denied reports on Ethiopian dissident websites that Mr. Meles had brain cancer. 贝雷克特先生没有给出这位57岁总理治疗情况的任何细节。但他否认了埃塞尔比亚持不同意见的网站上称梅莱斯先生患有脑癌的报道The spokesman said the government was operating as normal and that Mr. Meles was still in power. 这位发言人表示,政府运作一如往常,梅莱斯先生仍然掌权BEREKET SIMON: ;The only thing that I can say is, although hes in charge, he has to take some rest - a week, ten days, five days, whatever. A leave of absence does not mean theres nobody in charge.; 贝雷克特:“唯一我可以说的是,虽然由他执政,他需要休息十天八天,但他休病假不意味着就没人负责了。His comments followed media reports that the Ethiopian leader was in critical condition at a hospital in Belgium. 在贝雷克特发表之前,媒体报道梅莱斯在比利时一家医院病危David Shinn, formerly American ambassador to Ethiopia, told VOA that he had no information about the prime ministers health. But he said the spokesmans comments suggested a serious health issue. 前美国驻埃塞尔比亚大使戴维·希恩(David Shinn)对美国之音表示,他对梅莱斯总理的健康状况一无所知。但他表示,发言人贝雷克特的说辞表明梅莱斯健康问题很严重DAVID SHINN: ;You wouldnt make a statement like that - that is so open-ended - unless the problem is significant.; 希恩:“你不会做这种模凌两可的声明,除非问题很明显。He also described Mr. Meles as the kind of leader who plans ahead. 他还称梅莱斯是一位会提前规划的领导人DAVID SHINN: ;Whatever his health problem is, he probably has known about it for some time. This was not some sort of a surprise issue, at least, that would be my guess. And if I am correct in that assumption then I would be willing to bet very good money that he has been planning for some way to deal with this issue in order to ensure some kind of reasonable succession of government in Ethiopia.; 希恩:“不管他的健康问题如何,他可能早就已经察觉。这不是某种意外的问题,至少我这么认为。如果我的假设是正确的,那么我打赌,他一直计划着如何处理这个问题,以确保埃塞尔比亚政府的某种合理继承。Mr. Meles became president after he led rebels to power in nineteen ninety-one, overthrowing Ethiopias former military government. He was elected prime minister in nineteen ninety-five. 1991年,梅莱斯先生率领叛军推翻了埃塞尔比亚前军政府,随后就任总统995年他当选总理Mr. Meles has served as the African Unions spokesman on climate change. He has been praised for helping lift Ethiopia out of poverty after civil war. But he has been criticized for silencing all forms of dissent. 梅莱斯先生曾担任非盟关于气候变化的发言人。他因为帮助埃塞俄比亚在内战后摆脱贫困,一直备受称赞。但也因为压制异议而一直受到批评Ethiopia has been seen as a close American ally in its support of anti-terrorism efforts in Somalia and East Africa. But the State Department has been critical of the governments human rights record and use of new anti-terrorism laws to suppress free speech. American officials have also criticized the way in which the government held recent national elections. 埃塞尔比亚因为在索马里和东非反恐措施上的持被视为美国的亲密盟友。但美国国务院一直对埃塞尔比亚的人权记录以及使用新反恐法压制言论自由颇有微辞。美国官员还批评了埃塞俄比亚政府最近举行的全国大选Mr. Meles was last seen in public more than two weeks ago. He did not attend a meeting of AU leaders in the Ethiopian capital last Saturday and Sunday. At that meeting, South Africas home affairs minister became the first woman to lead the African Union Commission. 梅莱斯先生最后一次在公开场合露面是两个多星期以前。他没有出席上周六和周日在埃塞俄比亚首都举行的非盟领导人会议。在那次会议上,南非内政部长成为首位领导非盟委员会的女性NKOSOZANA DLAMINI-ZUMA: ;I, Nkosozana Dlamini-Zuma, solemnly undertake to exercise in all loyalty, discretion and conscience, the function and responsibility entrusted to me as chairperson of the Commission of the African Union.; 德拉米尼·祖马:“我,德拉米尼·祖马,庄严承诺,忠实履行非盟委员会主席的职责。”Ms. Dlamini-Zuma is the former wife of South African President Jacob Zuma. She was elected Sunday on the fourth ballot, defeating Chairman Jean Ping of Gabon. 德拉米尼·祖马是南非总统雅各布·祖马的前妻。她在周日的第四轮投票中,击败了来自加蓬的现任主席让·平(成为非盟委员会新任主席) /201207/191450第一句:Id like to buy an automatic camera.我想买一架自动相机A: Id like to buy an automatic camera.我想买一架自动相机B: Which one do you want to buy?想买哪一款?A: Could you show me that one? What brand is it?能让我看看那一款吗?那是什么牌子的?B: Minolta.美能达的第二句:How do you like this camera?你觉得这个相机怎么样?A: How do you like this camera?你觉得这个相机怎么样?B: Is it a digital camera?是数码的吗?A: Yes.是的B: Well, it easy to use.那用起来挺容易的 737

The American Financial System ()美国金融制度(二)Mr.Tanaka and the American banker continue their discussion of the financial and monetary system of the ed States .田中先生和美国家继续他们有关美国金融和货币制度的讨论Tanaka:I suppose that means that all practical purposes the Fed controls the state chartered banks ,too.田 中:我想,这就意味着,为了实际需要,美国联邦储备系统也控制着各个州立Banker:Yes,I would say that correct .The Fed has the final authority on controlling the supply of money ,家:是这样的美国联邦储备系统在控制货币发行方面有最终权威,and that alone has a great impact on any bank .并且单就这一点它也会对任何一个产生巨大影响T:You said earlier that the Fed issues the main currency of the country .田 中:以前,您讲过美国联邦储备系统发行国内主要货币,Do you mean that there are several ms of currency?您是说,还有其他几种形式的货币同时存在吗?B:Historically ,there have been a number of different issues of currency .家:从历史上看,这里有许多不同的货币发行渠道Some notes have been issued by the Treasury and some by the Fed .一些货币是由财政部发生的,一些是由联邦储备发行的Actually ,if you look carefully at the notes you have in your possession ,you ll find some that say ed States Note ,实际上,您如果仔细察看您所拥有的纸币,就会发现,有些注明是美国的钞票,some that say Federal Reserve Bank Note and even some that say National Bank Note .有些是联邦储备的钞票,甚至还有的是国家的钞票,These are all ms of old issues that are gradually being retired from circulation.这些都是旧的发行渠道,可这些钞票正逐步地从流通领域中消失T:Theree,the Federal Reserve Note is the main one today ?田 中:,美国联邦储备发行的钞票是目前主要的货币形式B:Yes,that right .It what we call fiat money or currency without any gold or silver backing .家:是的,您说得对这正是我们所说的没有任何金或银作为储备根据所发行的纸币或货币We all accept it as money because the government declares it to be money.我们把它们当作金钱,因为政府宣布它们是金钱T:Yes,that the same as the situation in Japan .I think that true in all modern nations today .田 中:是的,日本的情况也是同样如此我想,当今所有的现代国家也都是如此情况B:Yes,in paper currency as well as coinage .Modern coins are called token money that reason .家:是的,无论是纸币还是硬币的发行都是照此办理的,为此,现代硬币被称之为“辅币” 7

It may be the defining London sight: people walking up escalators at Tube stations. In this city only tourists stand goggling blankly into space. Thats because London ; like Manhattan, Hong Kong and other great cities ; has fallen into the hands of strivers. They are driving everyone else out of town.这也许算是伦敦的标志性景象:人们沿着地铁站的自动扶梯向上爬。在这个城市,只有游客才会傻站着发呆。这是因为伦敦和曼哈顿、香港以及其他大城市一样,已经成为拼搏者的天下。他们正把所有其他人赶出城中心。Philosophers and pop psychologists spent centuries trying to explain humankind, but only in 1996 did the South African novelist Jo-Anne Richards and I finally identify the three basic human types: strivers, slackers and fantasists.哲学家和大众心理学家花费了数百年时间,试图理解人类,但直996年,南非小说家约-安妮bull;理查Jo-Anne Richards)和我才终于确定,人类有三种基本类型:拼搏者、游手好闲者和幻想者。Strivers are restless overachievers who walk up escalators. Their habitats include the City of London and Davos. Almost all political leaders are strivers, except ones who inherited their position, such as George W. Bush. As Richards explains in a now-dead book proposal: ;Strivers start companies, build skyscrapers and finish marathons. But not all strivers rule the world. They also make the trains run on time, and organise charities.; A working-class female striver might become a head nurse. If the job market sidelines women altogether, she will strive vicariously, through her children. ;Strivers,; writes Richards, ;have the energy and discipline to make other peoples dreams come true.; Strivers make every minute count, and devote their leisure-time to self-improvement. Their drugs of choice are accelerators: coffee and cocaine.拼搏者是那些沿着自动扶梯向上爬的、不知疲倦的;过分上进;。他们的聚集地包括伦敦金融城(City of London)和达沃斯。几乎所有的政治领导人都是拼搏者,除了那些靠继承得到职位的人,比如乔治bull;Wbull;布什(George W. Bush)。正如理查兹在一份已被否决的图书计划中所写的;拼搏者创立公司、修建天大楼、跑完马拉松。但并不是所有的拼搏者都在统治世界。他们也保列车准点和组织慈善活动;一名工人阶级的女拼搏者可能成为护士长。如果就业市场彻底排除女性,她会通过她的子女间接地拼搏;拼搏者,;理查兹写道,;拥有使其他人梦想成真的活力和自制力;拼搏者使每一分钟都过得充实,并把他们的闲暇时光都用来完善自己。他们最喜欢的是兴奋剂:咖啡和可卡因。By contrast, slackers do nothing. ;They prefer to avoid effort rather than pursue pleasure,; writes Richards. ;This in itself can be exhausting.; Its hard to name any well-known slackers, because by definition slackers rarely become famous, except by accident. Sometimes a slacker will get an idea for a novel or for creating world peace, but then she sinks back into the sofa and the moment passes. Whereas business newspapers celebrate strivers, slacker newspapers celebrate lottery winners. Andrew Lamprecht, in his seminal article on slackers, writes that although they have ;no idea what they want from life; they often compensate with ;a catholic knowledge of television;.相比之下,游手好闲者什么也不做;他们更喜欢逃避劳动,而不是追求幸福,;理查兹写道;这本身就可能使人精疲力尽;人们很难说出有名的游手好闲者,因为从定义上讲,游手好闲者很难出名,除非是意外情况。有时,游手好闲者也会迸发出写小说或缔造世界和平的灵感,但随即她又会窝到沙发里,时光就这样虚度。尽管财经报纸在不停地赞美拼搏者,休闲报纸却为者大唱赞歌。安德鲁bull;兰普雷克Andrew Lamprecht)在他那篇影响巨大的关于游手好闲者的文章中写道,尽管他们;不知道想从生活中得到什;,但他们却经常以;从电视中获得的广的知识;作为弥补。If slackers devote their leisure time to anything, its extended adolescent hobbies such as surfing or collecting comics. Their drugs of choice are anaesthetics: vodka or cigarettes.如果游手好闲者把闲暇时光用来做些什么的话,那一定是青春期爱好的延续,比如网上冲浪或收集漫画。他们最喜欢的是麻醉剂:伏特加或香烟。The third human type, the fantasist, lives inside his imagination. Fantasists have little desire to impose themselves on the world. A fantasist might spend years writing a short story, then discard it. Fantasists are never efficient and always miss deadlines. They are suckers for new age fads such as crystals. They do create a lot of art, which strivers buy. Fantasist drugs of choice stimulate fantasy: marijuana or ecstasy. When people are presented with the three human archetypes, most claim to be fantasists.第三类人是幻想者,他们活在自己的想象里。幻想者对于投身现实世界没什么兴趣。他们可能花费数年的时间写一篇短篇小说,然后丢到一旁。幻想者从来没有效率,总是错过最后期限。他们很容易对水晶这类新世纪的时尚着迷。他们确实创造了许多艺术作品,被拼搏者购买。幻想者最喜爱的是能刺激幻想的东西:大麻或摇头丸。当人们面对这三种类型时,大部分人都自称是幻想者。In truth, real people are usually a mix of the three archetypes. For instance, successful artists such as Steven Spielberg or Damien Hirst are generally striver-fantasists. However, most people tend towards one particular type: for instance, someone might be slacker-dominant, with fantasist streaks.实际上,真实的人通常是三者的结合。例如,像史蒂文bull;斯皮尔伯Steven Spielberg)和达米安bull;赫斯Damien Hirst)这样的成功艺术家,通常是拼搏型幻想家。不过,大部分人都偏向一种类型,比如,一个人可能主要是游手好闲者,同时具有一些幻想者的特点。来 /201202/170874

North Koreas highest-profile leadership purge since Kim Jong Un took power is viewed by outside observers as a move to consolidate power that could trigger instability if it upsets the balance between the military and the ruling party.在外部观察人士看来,朝鲜自金正恩(Kim Jong Un)上台以来最受关注的领导层清洗是金正恩为巩固权力而采取的一步行动,但如果清洗打破了军方和执政党之间的平衡,有可能影响政局稳定。On Monday, North Korean state television showed Mr. Kims uncle, Jang Song Thaek, being dragged out of a meeting by security officials, reinforcing the unusually public downfall of the de facto No. 2 in the regime.朝鲜国家电视台周一播出了朝鲜政坛实际上的二号人物、金正恩姑父张成Jang Song Thaek)被安全人员拖出某会议室的画面,这让他的倒台更加不同寻常。Mr. Jang and his associates were accused of a litany of antistate crimes, ranging from corruption to womanizing and drug-taking, by a meeting of officials from the central committee of North Koreas Workers Party on Sunday.周日,劳动党中央政治局扩大会议宣布,张成泽及其党羽犯下了叛国罪,还包括腐败、与女性搞不正当关系、吸毒等罪行。The report was carried on the front page of North Koreas main newspaper, with a large photo of Mr. Kim overseeing the meeting.相关报道刊登在朝鲜主要报纸的头版,还配了一张大幅照片,显示金正恩在主持这次扩大会议。Mr. Jangs fate is unknown. One report from a radio station in Seoul run by North Korean defectors said he had been executed. South Korean intelligence officials believe some of Mr. Jangs aides have been killed.张成泽未来的命运如何还不得而知。首尔一家由脱北者运营的电台报道说,张成泽已被处死。韩国情报机构官员认为,张成泽的几名手下已经被杀。The removal of Mr. Jang, a man believed to have acted as a regent for the 30-something leader, marks Mr. Kims boldest purge since taking power at the end of 2011.据信,张成泽曾担任朝鲜这0岁左右领导人的摄政者角色,而他的下台是金正恩自2011年底上台以来最大胆的一次清洗行动。As much as the disposal of a figure like Mr. Jang surprised North Korea watchers, so did the stage-managed show to convict him in front of senior members of the ruling party.不但张成泽这种级别的人物被清洗让外界观察人士感到意外,在执政党高级官员面前上演的“定罪秀”也让这些人士吃惊不已。The purge even extended to film. In a documentary aired on state television on Saturday about Mr. Kims inspection of a military unit, Mr. Jang was removed from a total of 13 scenes, compared with a previous version of the program, South Koreas Yonhap News Agency reported.清洗活动还延伸到了胶片上。韩国的韩联Yonhap News Agency)报道称,在上周六朝鲜国家电视台播放的一个有关金正恩视察某部队的纪录片中,与之前播放的一个版本相比,张成泽的身影3个镜头中被删除。The purge could be an effort by Mr. Kim to exert power over the party following a succession of purges to rein in the military.这次清洗可能是金正恩在为控制军队进行的一系列清洗之后,为控制执政党做出的努力。Last year Mr. Kim removed Ri Yong Ho as chief of the general staff of the Korean Peoples Army. Since then he has cycled through three top generals. Mr. Jang has represented North Korea in economic talks with China.去年金正恩解除了李英Ri Yong Ho)朝鲜人民军总参谋长一职。从那之后,他连续替换了三名高级将领。张成泽曾代表朝鲜与中国进行经济会谈。Political purges are in the DNA for Mr. Kim. His grandfather, North Koreas first ruler, Kim Il Sung, periodically ousted entire factions that posed a threat or disagreed with his views, starting from the late 1950s.金正恩的身体里流淌着政治清洗的血液。金正恩的祖父、朝鲜首位统治者金日成(Kim Il Sung)从上世纪50年代末开始,便会不时地铲除对其构成一定威胁或与其意见相左的整个派系。Under the current dictators father, Kim Jong Il, senior officials were killed or ousted as scapegoats for policy failure.金正恩的父亲金正Kim Jong Il)当权时,每当政策失败,总会有高级官员因此背黑锅,被杀或罢免。The younger Mr. Kim has culled close to half of the top military leaders and other officials who served under his father. While some argue that his succession of purges show he is effectively consolidating power, others express concern about whether he will be able to manage the competing interests under his charge.那些曾效命于其父金正日的高级军事将领和其他官员,已有近一半遭金正恩清洗。有人认为,金正恩对清洗的继承表明,他实际上是在巩固权力。也有人对他是否能够协调属下的利益之争表示担心。A difficult balancing act between the military and the party is at the core of North Korea policy. Shortly after his ascent to power, Mr. Kims regime adopted an ideology known as byungjin that simultaneously prioritizes economic development and nuclear weapons, which North Korea calls its nonnegotiable treasured sword.朝鲜政策的核心是寻求军队与执政党之间的平衡,这是一个艰难的过程。金正恩上台后不久,其政权便采取了名为“并行发展byungjin)的意识形态,即同时优先发展经济和核武器,朝鲜将此称为不容商榷的“宝剑”。Mismatched policies and dueling factions could unsettle the regime. The biggest danger to the regime remains from within, said Scott Snyder, Washington-based director of the Program on U.S.-Korea Policy at the Council on Foreign Relations. It could be that the steps that Kim Jong Un is taking are steps that are potentially corrosive, rather than consolidationist.政策错位和派系斗争可能会动摇政权。美国外交关系委员会(Council on Foreign Relations)美朝政策研究计划驻华盛顿负责人斯奈德(Scott Snyder)说,朝鲜面临的最大危险仍来自于内部。他说,金正恩目前采取的步骤可能具有潜在破坏性,并不利于政权的巩固。Mr. Kims decision to remove Mr. Ri last year and Mr. Jang this year constitute signs of internal churn and serious infighting, not a smooth transition, said Victor Cha, a former U.S. official and specialist on North Korea at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington.美国前官员、华盛顿战略与国际研究中Center for Strategic and International Studies)朝鲜问题专家Victor Cha说,金正恩分别于去年和今年铲除了李英浩和张成泽,他的决定说明朝鲜政坛内部出现了纷扰动荡和严重内讧,政权的过渡并不顺利。The danger from a U.S. perspective is that the regime may seek to address any lack of control with more aggressive behavior abroad, Mr. Cha said.Cha说,从美国的角度看,眼下的危险是朝鲜政权可能会通过在海外做出更激进的举动,从而寻求解决内部的缺乏控制问题。The new array of senior military figures following Mr. Kims purges may also be emboldened by the removal of Mr. Jang, sensing a power shift back to the armed forces. South Korean officials have expressed concerns about possible instability and military provocations by North Korea following the leadership purge.金正恩的清洗动作完成后,新就任的高级军事领导可能会因张成泽的倒台而信心大增,他们会感觉到权力重心重新向军队转移。韩国官员对此表达了忧虑,认为朝鲜领导层洗牌结束后,可能会出现政局不稳和军事挑 的情况。On Monday the defense ministry said there had been no signs of unusual activity or movements by the North Korean militarybut added it was monitoring closely.韩国国防部周一说,尚无迹象表明朝鲜军队展开了任何不寻常的活动或举动。但同时表示,正密切关注事态发展。来 /201312/268645There are those pet-lovers for whom a cat is too conventional and a mutt simply too mundane.But it appears they wouldn’t turn up their nose at a skunk.   对于那些标新立异的宠物爱好者来说,养猫养可能已经过于平淡无奇,早过时了。对他们来说,哪怕是臭鼬所放出的臭气也并非忍无可忍   Breeders estimate that there are around 2,000 kept as domestic pets, and demand is increasing.   据相关人士估计,目前在英国约000左右的臭鼬被当成家养宠物,而且这样的需求还一直在增长之中  Katie Sleightholme, 30, allows her skunk, Busby, the run of her home. She paid 75 for her pet, who is 17in long, and weighs 10lb, but skunks can cost up to ,500 in a shop.   现年30岁的Katie Sleightholme放任她的宠物臭鼬Busby在家中横冲直撞。当初,她花75英镑买下了这7英寸长重10磅的小家伙,而现如今,宠物店里臭鼬的标价已经飙升到了1500英镑  The mother-of three, who aly has two dogs, 13 guinea pigs, three rabbits and two hamsters, says her children Ella, eight, Alfie, five, and 19-month-old Maisie dote on their new pet.   Katie现在是三个孩子的母亲,他们家已经养有两只,十三只几内亚猪,三只兔子以及两只仓鼠,据她表示,八岁的Ella、五岁的Alfie和十九个月大的Maisie都非常喜爱这只新宠物  She said: ‘Most nights he will crawl up and sleep on my shoulder and snuggle into my neck.   她说:“常常在晚上,他会爬上来,趴在我肩头睡着,就依偎在我的脖子旁。 /201104/131412Program电视节目What on TV today?今天电视演什么节目?What your favorite TV program?你最喜欢什么电视节目?The whole program tonight was excellent.今天晚上的节目都非常好看Can we change the channel?我们换别的频道好不好?Please turn off the TV.请关上电视Do you happen to know what on after the news?你知道新闻之后播什么节目吗?TV soap operas are boring.电视连续剧很无聊I saw it on TV the other night.前几天晚上我在电视上看过Cartoon is my favourite programme.我最喜欢的节目是卡通片 57

第61期:Asking Directions 问路Y:Excuse me.Can you direct me to the toy department,please?Y:对不起,请您告诉我到玩具部怎么走好吗?X:It’s on the 7th floor.As you get off fhe elevator,you’ll see it on your left.X:在7楼就在您出电梯时的左边Y:Can you direct me to the elevator?Y:你能告诉我电梯在哪里吗?X:Sure.Go straight ahead and you’ll walk into it.X:当然,往前直走,您就可走进电梯了Y:Thank you.Y:谢谢X:You’re welcome.X:不用客气其他出国旅游英语句型:Can you direct me to the toy department,please?请你告诉我到玩具部怎么走好吗?direct+人+to+地方名词 指引某人到某地 show+人+the way+t+地方名词例:Could you direct me to the Palace Museum?Could you show me the way to the Palace Museum?请你告诉我到故官物院怎么走好吗? 3598<牛人_句子>

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