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April 14th4月14号Dear Friend,亲爱的朋友,How clever and capricious you are, cloaking yourself in anonymity, and I must confess I cannot for the life of me guess which of my many friends you can be.你是多么聪明和任性,匿名写信。我承认我真的猜不出你到底是我哪一个朋友。You have sent my head spinning and my imagination whirling.你让我头晕目眩,想象力高速运转。Could you be found among my dear friends, intimate friends, close friends, childhood friends, pen friends, family friends, friends of a friend, friends in distress, friends who are closer than a brother, friends in need, or school friends?你可能是我的亲密朋友,亲近朋友,发小,笔友,家人朋友,朋友的朋友,落难的朋友,好哥们,需要帮助的朋友还是学校朋友?Your letter quite clearly shows that you are not illiterate, and therefore we can rule out my school friends.你的信显然说明你不是文盲,所以可以排除你是我学校的朋友。Your masterly command of the language banishes the thought that you could be found among my friends from overseas.你熟练的语言运用可以排除你是我国外的朋友。Your witty criticism of my performance makes me think that I might find you among my nearest and dearest “bosom friends,” that is if you did not choose to address me as “Dear Madam”--a clever move this, and one that reduces my last thought to mere stupidity and you to a casual acquaintance, and yet I must banish the thought “casual acquaintance.”你对我表演幽默的批评让我觉得你可能是我的密友,如果你不称我为“尊敬对女士”的话。你用这个称呼很聪明,但这也让我觉得我那个想法很愚蠢,我和你应该是点头之交,但我又必须排除这点。201705/510203

Change Has Come To America. The road ahead us.美国必将到来的改变。前方的路。The road ahead will be long. Our climb will be steep.前方的道路将很漫长,我们攀登的脚步会很艰辛。We may not get there in one year or even in one term.我们可能无法在一年甚至一个任期内实现这些目标,But, America, I have never been more hopeful than I am tonight that we will get there.但我从未像今晚这样满怀希望,我们将实现我们的目标。I promise you, we as a people will get there.我向你们承诺——我们作为一个整体将会达成目标。There will be setbacks and false starts.我们会遭遇挫折和不成功的起步。There are many who won’t agree with every decision or policy I make as president.我作为总统所做的每项决定或政策,会有许多人持有异议。And we know the government can’t solve every problem.我们也知道,政府不能解决所有问题。But I will always be honest with you about the challenges we face.但我将总是会向你们坦陈我们所面临的挑战。I will listen to you, especially when we disagree.我会听取你们的意见,尤其是存在不同意见的时候。And, above all, I will ask you to join in the work of remaking this nation, the only way it’s been done in America for 221 years.最重要的是,我会请求你们参与重建这个国家,以美国221年来从未改变的唯一方式。201611/477936

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点击此处下载音频嗨!大家好!欢迎光临广播学口语,和Andy一起在英语的世界遨游。今天我们要学习的两个句子是大家常说的两句话:He is off his chumps.和Irsquo;m worn out. 它们到底是什么意思呢?音乐之后听Andy讲给你!(音乐)俚语秀第一秀:He is off his chumps. chump这个词有点陌生。也许你知道它有傻瓜的意思吧!这个词在这里有羊肉的意思。他为什么;不想要自己的羊肉;了呢?用我们平时的话说就是;有病;,;神经不正常;。话说Andy老兄,上大学时为了追到某女生,竟突发奇想买了99枝玫瑰,并在她的楼下用蜡烛围了个心形, 并在楼下常跪不起, 后来不幸被保安抓走。哥儿几个去领他的时候,面对保安苦笑不得。; Ilsquo;m sorry ,sir. He is off his chumps. Can we take him back?Wersquo;ll watch him 24 hours a day in case he will do things like this.;(对不起您,他有点精神不正常。我们可以把他带走了吗?我们保对他实行24小时监控以防类似事件再次发生。)想当年,玩点浪漫是要被视为;异端;的。当初Andy ;冒天下之大不违;捧着玫瑰单腿跪地追女孩的时候,在校园里传为佳话, 曾经轰动一时。;Get off with him!He must be off his chumps!So funny!;(躲他远点!他一定有病!太可笑了!)唉;;(音乐)Well,那么Irsquo;m worn out. 这句话究竟是什么意思呢? wear一定认识吧?那么wear out呢,这个词组是穿破了的意思。比如说my shoes are worn out,就是我的鞋子穿破了。可是如果把主语换成我呢?;我;也可以穿破了吗?哈哈!当然不是!应该是;累坏了;的意思。终于追上女友的那天晚上,Andy和兄弟们喝酒庆祝。迷蒙中,终于可以畅所欲言了。Ilsquo;m worn out on the long race!Now it comes to an end!How happy I am!How lucky I am!(我已经被长跑累死了。终于结束了。太高兴了!我太幸运了!)不过,另一位已经结婚了的哥们儿却愁眉苦脸的看着Andy说:;Oh,Ilsquo;m so sorry to hear that!You are prisoned from now on。What a pity!Another one has come to my way!You will be worn out by the pressure from the family!;(噢,太遗憾了!你从现在开始要被囚禁了。太遗憾了!另一个人又走我的老路了。家庭的压力会把你压垮的。(音乐)不过Andy很坚强也很能干,一切都处理的非常好。你呢?I hope you can deal with it. See you! /200605/7296

So whats that about?到底怎么回事?It looks like women got some power boost on a game,看起来好像女人像是里一样得到很多的力量。or like they snuck in some secret serum into their birth-control pills that lets them shoot up high.或者在她们的避药丸中偷偷地得到了种神奇的浆液,从而使得她们崛起。But of course, its not about that.当然不是那样。What its about is that the economy has changed a lot.其原因就是经济变化了很多。We used to have a manufacturing economy, which was about building goods and products,我们曾拥有一个制造性经济,也就是制造商品,and now we have a service economy and an information and creative economy.现在我们是务性经济,一个信息化和创造性的经济。Those two economies require very different skills,这两个经济模式要求十分不相同的技能。and as it happens, women have been much better at acquiring the new set of skills than men have been.正是由于这个变化,女性比男性更好地获取新的技术。It used to be that you were a guy who went to high school who didnt have a college degree,曾经是这样的,你从高中学校出来,没有大学文凭,but you had a specific set of skills, and with the help of a union,但是你有一些特殊的技能,借助于工会的帮助,you could make yourself a pretty good middle-class life.你可以让自己过上很不错的中产阶级的生活。But that really isnt true anymore.但是现在不再是这样了。This new economy is pretty indifferent to size and strength,新经济对个头和力量不再依赖,which is whats helped men along all these years.过去的时间里对于个头和力量的依赖显然帮助了男人。What the economy requires now is a whole different set of skills.现在的经济要求的是完全不一样的技术。You basically need intelligence, you need an ability to sit still and focus,基本上你需要智力,你需要能够稳定地坐着并保持集中,to communicate openly, to be able to listen to people开放地交流,能够倾听别人and to operate in a workplace that is much more fluid than it used to be,能够在一个更流动的工作场所下作业。and those are things that women do extremely well, as were seeing.这些正是女人们可以做的非常的好,正如我们所见。If you look at management theory these days,如果你观察一下当今的管理理论,it used to be that our ideal leader sounded something like General Patton, right?我们曾经的理想化的领导是像乔治-巴顿一样的人。You would be issuing orders from above. You would be very hierarchical.你可以从上向下发令。你可以非常的阶级化。You would tell everyone below you what to do.你可以告诉你下面的每一个人做什么。But thats not what an ideal leader is like now.但是这不再是今天的理想化领导。201610/472442

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