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今年的金球奖提名似乎体现出好莱坞和法国之间的“热恋”关系,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活What are you trying to accomplish and why?你的目标是什么?为什么?Know the answer to this simple question and remind yourselfof it every single day. You must identify, without any doubt, the specific reason you do the work you do. Success can only occur when there is a target and a reason to hit it.这个问题很简单,不妨每天提醒一下自己你必须毫不犹豫的知道做这些事的原因有了目标和背后的原因,成功才会发生When you have a reason to do something, you have alegitimate purpose behind your efts. When you connect this reason to adesired result, youre able to summon the discipline and persistence necessary to get the job done.一旦做什么事有了一定的原因,那么你的努力都有了方向感把这个原因和想要的结果紧紧联系在一起,你就能做到自律和坚持,用心完成任务Give yourself a good reason and you will find a way to succeed.给自己一个好的理由,就能找到通往成功的道路[本节目属] 37000

,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活How to be happy快乐的法宝Give what youd like to receive.给予就是获得 If youre seeking compassion, show it to others. 如果你想被同情,你就去同情别人What goes around, always comes back around.给予就是个圈,有予就有得compassion n.怜悯,同情; 恻隐之心例句:I feel more compassion and less anger than I used to.我觉得自己比过去多了些同情,少了些怒气更多详情敬请关注新浪微:DJ_Ukki安夏[本节目属] 5656

【本阶段复习总结】We've learnt ways of telling someone to keep a secret recently. And today let's have a summary. 1 Keep your mouth shut. 跟任何人说都不行 Not a word. 什么多别说不要再提3 My lips are sealed. 我会管好自己的嘴巴的 I'm not one to kiss and tell. 我不是个泄露秘密(背信弃义)的人5 Mum's word. 别对任何人说6 Just between us. 这是我们之间的秘密7 Don't tell a soul. 别传出去别声张8 Could you keep a secrete? 你能守住秘密吗?9 It's safe with me. 我会替你保密的 I won't say a word. 我一定会保密的 Keep this to yourself. 你一个人知道就行了In addition, we've learned tow sentences which means something private is told by somebody and many people know it . They are: 1 The cat's out of the bag. 秘密别揭穿了 Let's get this out in the open. 敞开了说吧我们将之公布于众吧 986

  《撒娇女人最好命剧照曝光 --1 :: 来源: 《撒娇女人最好命剧照曝光--1 ::.0Stills of Zhou Xun's 'Tender Woman'[1]- Chinadaily.com.cnTender Woman, Zhou Xun, Huang Xiaoming, film5Film and TV@webnewsenpproperty--> Stills offilm "Tender Woman", starring newly-wed actress Zhou Xun and actor Huang Xiaoming, were released. 《撒娇女人最好命剧照发布《撒娇女人最好命由新结婚的周迅和黄晓明主演 --1 ::.0Stills of Zhou Xun's 'Tender Woman'[]- Chinadaily.com.cnTender Woman, Zhou Xun, Huang Xiaoming, film5Film and TV@webnewsenpproperty--> Stills of film "Tender Woman", starring newly-wed actress Zhou Xun and actor Huang Xiaoming, were released. 《撒娇女人最好命剧照发布《撒娇女人最好命由新结婚的周迅和黄晓明主演 --1 ::.0Stills of Zhou Xun's 'Tender Woman'[3]- Chinadaily.com.cnTender Woman, Zhou Xun, Huang Xiaoming, film5Film and TV@webnewsenpproperty--> Stills of film "Tender Woman", starring newly-wed actress Zhou Xun and actor Huang Xiaoming, were released. 《撒娇女人最好命剧照发布《撒娇女人最好命由新结婚的周迅和黄晓明主演 撒娇女人最好命

  The concept of a strong woman apparently can be too much some men and women alike. A checklist of what makes an overpowering strong woman has gone viral on social media. Bossy, ruthless, masculine, these words are used when describing a strong woman. What constitutes a strong woman? Can she be too strong others? 50191。

  高频快乐求婚-- 3:18:38 A: You pick the time and place the wedding.   A: 你来选定婚礼的时间和地点吧   B: What will you do? Just sit there?   B: 那你干什么?干坐着?   A: No. I can arrange anything you want me to. But you're the boss.   A: 不是啊,你让我干什么我就干什么,你当家   B: Why?   B: 为什么?   A: Since your parents are paying it.   A: 因为你父母付钱嘛   B: What? Why do my parents need to pay it?   B: 什么?为什么要我父母付钱?   A: Don't you know? This is America and the girl's parents pay the wedding.   A: 你不知道啊?在美国都是女方的父母办婚礼的   B: I didn't know that. In China, it's the boy's parents who pay the wedding.   B: 我不知道,在中国都是男方的父母办婚礼的   A: Well I was iust kidding. I'll pay it.   A: 嘿,我在开玩笑,我会出钱的   B:Jack! That wasn't funny! You're really bad!   B: 杰克!一点儿也不好笑!你真坏!

  ASEAN +3 leaders meet to chart future cooperation东盟与中日韩(10+3)领导人聚首金边,共商未来合作大计[1]In the Cambodian capital of Phnom Penh, the 1st ASEAN Summit is being held. The Summit will host (focus) discussions on measures to enhance cooperation within the bloc. Leaders of the Southeast Asian Nations are meeting with leaders from China, Japan and South Korea to boost economic ties.[1]第21届东盟峰会在柬埔寨首都金边拉开序幕本届峰会将集中商讨东盟盟国之间进一步合作的有效措施东盟10国领导人与中国、日本、韩国相聚一起,促进区域间的经贸关系[]The ASEAN +3 Summit is taking place on Monday. It made up of the leaders of the ten-country ASEAN bloc and the leaders of the +3 countries. The Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao, South Korean President Lee Myung-bak, and Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda are particularly in the spotlight. It being hosted by Cambodian Prime Minister, Hun Sen.((1)take placekick offbe officially convened拉开序幕; () be made up of be composed ofbe comprised ofcomprise consist of由…构成(组成); (3)blocgroupcamp集团; () be in the spotlightcome into the spotlight 出风头; 成为注意中心; (5) hostchairpreside over take charge of 主办)[]东盟与中日韩(10+3)领导峰会周一举行与会领导人包括东盟10国领导人和中国、日本、韩国领导人中国总理温家宝、韩国总统李明和日本首野田佳彦特别引人注目,成为本次峰会的关注焦点柬埔寨首相洪森主持峰会[3]Items at the top of the agenda on Monday include human rights and expanding an Asian free-trade area.[3]周一的会议的首要议题包括人权和亚洲的自由贸易区扩大[]In his address, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao says this year Summit is special because it also marks the th Anniversary of the ASEAN+3 Cooperation.[]中国总理温家宝在其致辞中指出,今年的峰会非常特殊,因为今年恰逢东盟与中日韩(10+3)合作启动周年的纪念年[5]Wen Jiabao, Chinese Premier, said, ;Ive come here with the sincere desire to enhance mutual trust and cooperation, and I look ward to joining the leaders in reviewing the achievements of the ASEAN Plus Three cooperation.;[5]中国总理温家宝进一步指出:“我来到这里,诚心诚意增进互信和合作,同时我期待和其他国家的领导人一起共同回顾东盟与中日韩(10+3)合作所取得的成就”[6]Under the theme of the Summit, ;One Commy, One Destiny;, the ASEAN leaders have set a new deadline the realization of an ASEAN Commy the end of .[6]本届峰会的主题是“共同体、共同命运”, 东盟领导人为在年底实现东盟共同体设定了新的期限 91Leading environmental authorities in China have released a report suggesting a quarter of all Chinese, living in cities, go to sleep with noise. Do you sleep in a noisy environment, and what problem with excess noise levels? 813

  The property management company of a residential building in Jilin Province has announced it will cut the water and power supply pet owners. Of course it will not be taken in easily by some residents. Is it suitable the property management company to take such a measure? 18,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活 The best partner最佳情侣搭档SheHe loves you who you are, not what you do.Ta爱你,不是因为你做了什么,而是真正的你Lots of famous people attract others because of their stardom. 很多名人因为他们的明星身份而受到追捧Tim Tebow makes it very clear that he wants a kind and sweet girl who is not dazzled by his fame.提姆·提明确地说,他想要的是一个不醉心于他声名的善良而可爱的女孩 stardom n.演员们; 明星界; 明星地位; 群星例句:The dazzle of stardom and status attracts them.明星的光和地位吸引着他们 dazzled v.使目眩( dazzle的过去式和过去分词 ); 使惊异不已; 炫耀,迷惑; 看朱成碧例句:George dazzled her with his knowledge of the world.乔治的洞察世情令她叹 更多详情敬请关注新浪微:DJ_Ukki安夏[本节目属] 367

  Wall Street Week Ahead: Going off ;cliff; with a bungee cord未来一周华尔街可能:从“峰顶”坠落,会出现反弹[1] NEW YORK (Reuters) — The 1987 crash. The YK bug. The debt ceiling debacle of .[1] 路透社纽约消息:1987年股市崩盘;千年虫;年债务限额问题的溃败[]All these events, in the end, turned out to be buying opporties stocks. So will the ;fiscal cliff,; some investors say as they watch favorite stocks tumble during the political give-and-take happening in Washington.[]所有这些事件结果都明股市出现买进的机会,同时也出现了“财政悬崖”一些投资客在华盛顿政治妥协事件发生的时候看到自己心仪的股票大跌,便如是说[3]The first round of talks aimed at avoiding the ;fiscal cliff; caused a temporary rise in equities on Friday, signaling Wall Street recent declines could be a buying opporty. The gains were small and sentiment remains weak, but it suggests hope market bulls.[3]第一轮谈判旨在避免由于周五股票市场临时的上涨所出现的“财政悬崖”,预示着华尔街近期的跌势可能是一个买入的机会上涨的股票并不多,市场情形依然很弱,不过这也就预示着牛市的到来[]Though shares ended moderately higher on Friday, it was not enough to offset losses the week. The Samp;P was down 1.5 percent, while both the Dow and the Nasdaq fell 1.8 percent.[]尽管周五股市稍稍走高收盘,但是本周涨幅并部内能够抵消跌幅标准普尔(Samp;P)下跌了1.5%,而道指和纳指双双分别下跌了1.8%[5]The Samp;P 500 is down more than 5 percent in the seven sessions that followed President Barack Obama re-election. Uncertainty arose as attention turned to Washington task of dealing with mandated tax hikes and spending cuts that could take the U.S. economy back into recession.[5]标准普尔500指数在七个交易日中跌幅多达5%,这也是美国总统奥巴马的竞选连任后所发生的情况不确定因素增多,因为人们的注意力转向到华盛顿致力于解决强制增税的问题和开削减,这些都会将美国的经济再次陷入衰退[6]Some see the market move as an overreaction to hyperbolic headlines about policy gridlock in Washington, believing stocks may start to rebound in what should be a quiet few days ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday next Thursday.[6]由于对华盛顿政策僵局夸张的媒体报道的过度反应,一些人已看到市场的动向,他们相信在下周四的感恩节到来之前可能出现的几天安静期中开始出现反弹

  出租车比公车要快- ::18 A:Joy Chain elementary school, please.麻烦去卓成小学B:Will do.好的A:How frustrating! The bus is still not coming.真让人烦躁!公交车到现在都还没到B:Ma'am, take your kid to school?女士,您是送孩子上学吧?A:Yes. I am in a hurry. Please take a shortcut.是啊,我赶时间请走近路吧B:No problem. Don't worry, the taxi is faster than the bus.没问题,别担心,出租车可比公交车快多了A:The traffic is terrible on Monday morning. It takes us almost 1 hour to get to school.周一早晨,交通总是很糟糕到学校要花近一个小时的时间呢B:My son is the same. But he always makes an early start in the morning, and enjoys listening to the English programmer Let's talk in English on the way.我儿子也是这样的但他早晨总会早些出发,在路上他喜欢听让我们一起来学英语这个英语节目A:That's wonderful. He is killing two birds with one stone.Sir, please turn right at the next corner. And stop at the taxi stand.这太好了他还真是一箭双雕啊师傅,请在下一个路口右转停在出租车站牌那边好了B:OK!好的!A:What is the fare?多少钱?B:It's .5 Yuan.十四块五A:Keep the change!不用找了!B:Thanks, Ma'am.那谢谢您了。


  ,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活Close to dreams靠近梦想Commitment承诺 I believe one of the most important factors of my success was my commitment to making it work.我相信我成功的最主要的一个因素是我承诺要成功 I stopped looking permission.I took back my power and I used what I had to get the results I needed. I committed to what I was doing. I no longer looked permission to doanything. I just did it. 我不再寻求别人的同意我收回我的权利,我用已有的东西来得到需要的结果我对自己正在做的事情进行了承诺我做任何事情都不再寻找别人的同意,我就是去做 You have to commit to what you are doing. It ís not about maybe achieving your dreams. It about making it happen. You either do it or you die trying. It not a question of if, but aquestion of WHEN.你必须对自己所做的事情进行保不是因为这样可能实现你的梦想而是因为这样能让它发生要么去做,要么一直努力尝试不是如果的问题,而是何时的问题look v.寻找;寻求;期待例句:He turned on the torch to look his keys.他打开了手电筒,寻找钥匙commit to 把 ... 托付给; 把 ... 置于例句:He was soon committed to an insane asylum.不久他就给送进了疯人院更多详情敬请关注新浪微:DJ_Ukki安夏[本节目属] 0678


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