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原味人文风情:Ugh! Not again!哦!不是吧!5 Common British English Expressions五个常见的英式英文用语Thank you!感激不尽!Hi, guys! Its me. Um, Im here in sunny London—thats British sarcasm there. Its extremely cold today. Um, but I wanted to talk to you about some of the common British expressions that I hear and use more or less every day. So, lets get started!嗨,大家!是我。嗯,我人在晴空万里的伦敦--那是英式嘲讽。今天冷到不行。嗯,不过我想和你们聊聊一些常见的英式用语,我差不多每天都会听到和用到那些说法。那么,我们开始吧!So, the first one is ;All right?; And this really means ;Hello. How are you?; Some people get confused and think it means ;Is everything okay?; Really, its a very general question. Its a nice way of greeting somebody. So if you hear someone in the street say ;All right?; you can say ;Yeah! How are you?; as a response.第一个是「All right?」而这真正的意思是「哈囉。你好吗?」有些人会被搞糊涂然后以为这是在说「一切都还好吧?」但实际上,这是一个很笼统的问题。它是用来问候人的好方法。所以如果你听到街上的人说「All right?」,你可以说「很好!你好吗?」来作为回应。Okay, so the next one is ;Im easy.; And this would be something you use when somebody asks you to make a decision and you dont really mind. ;Would you prefer Italian or Chinese food tonight?; ;Im easy.; It means ;I dont really mind.;好,下一个是「Im easy」。这一个会用在别人要你作决定,但你其实并不在意的时候。「你今晚想吃义式料理还是中式料理?」「我都可以。」这代表「我其实不在意。」Okay, the next one is ;on about,; and this means ;talking about.;Okay? So, if I say, ;Whats he on about?; Im really saying, ;Whats he talking about?; Okay? It can be used quite negatively. So if someones talking too much, you can say, ;Whats he on about?;好,下一个是「on about」,这一个代表「讨论」。可以吗?那么,如果我说:「Whats he on about?」我其实是在说:「他在说什么啊?」好吗?这可以被用在满负面的地方。如果有人话太多了,你就可以说:「他到底在说什么啊?」So, my personal favorite of this list is ;Bobs your uncle!; And this, if youre not familiar with the phrase, may sound ridiculous, and it is.Uh...were a little bit crazy here in the UK. Um, but ;Bobs your uncle; is a phrase we use to conclude a set of instructions, like, for example, making a cup of tea. You need to boil the water, you need to add it to a cup, you need to add a tea bag, you need to let it brew,you then need to take the tea bag out, and then add some milk and sugar to taste, and then...Bobs your uncle! Youve made a cup of tea!.我自己在这个清单里最喜欢的一个是「Bobs your uncle」!如果你和这句不熟的话,这听起来可能会满荒谬的,而它真的很荒谬。呃...我们英国这里有点脑筋不正常。嗯,不过「Bobs your uncle」是一个我们用来总结一串指示的说法,象是,举例来说,泡一杯茶。你需要烧开水、需要把水倒到杯子、你需要加茶包、你得让茶包泡一泡,接着你需要把茶包拿出来,再加一些牛奶和糖调味,然后...就完成了!你泡好一杯茶了!Okay! So this last one ;easy-peasy; is something I used to say quite a lot when I was a child, but I might still say it every now and again now. Um, this means that somethings really easy. Um, the full rhyme is ;easy-peasy, lemon squeezy.; Okay. I dont recommend that you use this phrase in a job interview, but for general fun and general conversations, its absolutely fine. ;So, how was the exam?;;It was easy-peasy.; And then if you really want to go for it, ;It was easy-peasy, lemon squeezy.;好!最后一个「easy-peasy」是我以前小时候满常说的词,不过我现在可能偶尔还是会用到。嗯,这代表某件事非常容易。嗯,完整的押韵句是「easy-peasy, lemon squeezy」。好。我不建议你在工作面试时用这个词组,不过想要好玩还有平常说话时,这样讲完全没问题。「考试考得怎样啊?」「很简单。」如果你真的想要这样说的话,「那真是 easy-peasy, lemon squeezy。」Thank you for watching this short and fun little lesson today. Try and use these phrases that Ive taught you at some point today, and see the kind of reactions youll get from your English teachers. If you like my s, then subscribe to my channel and, also, like my Facebook page, which should be here. And I hope to see you very soon! Bye-bye!谢谢你收看今天这短短又有趣的一课。今天找个时间试着用我教你的这些说法,看看你的英文老师会有什么反应。如果你喜欢我的影片,那就订阅我的频道,另外还有帮我的 Facebook 页面按赞,连结应该在这。希望很快可以看到你们!掰掰!201705/507518Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan accused the U.S. of supporting ISIS in Syria, saying he had photos and to prove it. 土耳其总统埃尔多安指责美国在叙利亚持ISIS,他说有照片和视频作。Besides ISIS, he also called out the U.S. support of groups of Kurdish fighters, like the YPG. 除了ISIS,他还大声叫道美国持库尔德武装分子团体,如库尔德人民保卫军YPG。But the problem here is the YPG has been one of the most successful groups in the fight against ISIS. 但这里的问题是YPG一直是打击ISIS最成功的组织。Its complicated, though. Turkey considers the YPG a terrorist group, but the West disagrees.这是复杂的。土耳其认为YPG是一个恐怖组织,但西方不同意。Erdogans claim about ISIS could be a way for him to express his disappointment in President Obamas policies on Syria. 埃尔多安对ISIS的声称可能是他表达对奥巴马叙利亚政策失望的一种方式。One analyst told Al Jazeera, Turkey believes that the Obama administration does not have the capability to hurt Turkey at this point.一位分析师告诉半岛电视台,土耳其认为,在这一点上奥巴马政府没有能力伤害土耳其。Erdogan himself has been accused of aiding ISIS in the past. 过去,埃尔多安自己都被指控帮助ISIS。As of Wednesday morning, Turkey hadnt released any of that evidence it claims to have. The U.S. described the accusation as ;ludicrous.; 截至周三上午,土耳其没有公布声称有的任何据。美国称其指控是“荒谬的”。译文属。201612/486473Where does the outside world stop and private space begin?外界与隐私的分界线在何处What details of your life你生活中的哪些细节are you willing to share with strangers?愿意与陌生人分享Take this house.以这幢房子为例Every morning, lights come on.每天清晨 灯自动亮了Coffee brews - automatically.咖啡自动开煮Technology just like this is increasingly being全世界成百上千万的家庭中installed into millions of homes across the world越来越多的家庭正在安装这一技术and it promises to change the way we live for ever.它将永远地改变我们的生活So there are sensors of all kinds,这里有各式各样的传感器theres lights and locks and thermostats还有灯 锁 恒温器and once theyre connected一旦它们相连then our platform can make them do whatever you want them to do.我们的平台就能让它们满足你的任何要求So as an example,举个例子if I wake up in the morning, the house knows that Im waking up.早晨起床后 房子知道我醒了It can wake up with me.它会和我一起醒来When we walk in the kitchen, it will play the local news我们走进厨房时 它会播放当地新闻and sort of greet us into the day, tell us the weather forecast就像跟我们问候一样 告知我们天气预报so we know how to dress for the day and so on.这样我们就知道要穿什么出门了等等重点解释:1.be willing to 愿意; 乐意例句:He was willing to lay down his life for his country.他愿意为祖国牺牲他的生命。2.share with 分享例句:I have very happy news to share with you.我有很高兴的消息要告诉你。3.wake up 醒来例句:I didnt wake up until I heard the alarm clock.直到听到闹钟的铃声我才醒来。201611/479188

A stone tank in which to keep live fish bait.用来保存活鱼饵的石质水槽And since we know that some of houses had drains underneath them,我们知道有些房屋已然拥有了地下排水沟so they must also, believe it or not,have had indoor toilets.Luxuries?那么无论你相信与否 它们也有了室内卫生间 奢饰品又为何物呢The orthopaedically correct stone bed may not seem particularly luxurious,一张中规中矩的石床 或许算不得极尽奢华but the addition layers of heather and straw would have softened the sleeping surface但在上面铺上这石楠丛与稻草 却能使床面变得柔软舒适and would have made this bed seem rather snug.让普通的石床摇身变为精致典雅的卧榻At the centre of it all, though,was this spectacular dresser放置在一切陈设中心的 是美轮美奂的梳妆台on which our house-proud neolithic villagers would set out all their most precious stuff.讲究的新石器时期屋主 将所有家珍在此悉数摆出Fine bone and ivory necklaces,beautifully rolled and carved stone objects,精美的骨头和象牙项链 与精雕细琢的石器everything designed to make a grand interior statement.无不衬托着室内的奢华与气魄Given the rudimentary nature of their tools,以当时落后原始的工具it would have taken countless man-hours to build not only these domestic dwellings定花费了数不尽的人力与时间 不仅建造了这些民宅but also the great circles of stone where they would have gathered to worship.还有那些他们围起来的 供以祭祀膜拜的巨石圈So Skara Brae wasnt just an isolated settlement of fishers and farmers.看来斯卡拉布雷并不只是 渔夫和农民与世隔绝的世外桃源Its people must have belonged to some larger society,这些人一定从属于成熟强大的社群one sophisticated enough to mobilise the army of toilers and craftsmen,人员组成复杂到足以动员起 劳工与工匠所组成的大军needed not just to make these monuments,but to stand them on end.不仅能建造起这些庞然大物 还将其立置起来 /201606/450552

Im going to take these balls and put em in here.接下来我将把这些球拿下来,然后再拿上去。Then Im going to shuffle it up and Im going to randomly put em back on here.将球打乱顺序,然后随意摆放在这里。And shes going to come over and look at it, and Im going to ask her a series of questions.之后,她将观察这些球,然后回答我几个问题。You y? Lets just go.准备好了吗?开始吧。So were doing it like this, so you wont think that we set it or anything, cause this is not playing.我们要把球像这样打乱顺序,这样你就不会认为我是设计好的,因为那样做没用。You know, plus, I wouldnt participate in anything like that anyway.而且,我从没做过这类事情。So were going to put them up here.那么,我们要把球再放回去了。You going to watch me place them? Mm-hmm. Okay.你要看着我做吗?恩恩。好吧。Do I have to be quiet, or can I talk?我要安静吗?我能说话吗?Um, do whatever you usually do. Okay, cause this is boring me half to death.做你平常做的。好吧,做这个让我无聊个半死。See, I need to know if I can talk. I dont want to throw you off or nothing.我需要知道我是否能讲话。因为我不想打扰你或是怎样。But you can tell I aint even looking at this. This aint no trick. I wont...但你看见了,我甚至都没看这些球,这里绝没有猫腻。我没有...really, I wouldnt participate in anything like that. I like to keep it real, you know what I mean?我真的没有干过这类事情。我喜欢真实,你知道我什么意思对吧?Just doing my thing, hey baby亲爱的,我只做我的事情。Okay, you look at them. You study that.好了,你开始看吧。Memorize them and then let me know.开始记吧,好了告诉我。Okay. Im done. You done?好了,看完了。完了?Okay, so where you, where you going to stand?你要站哪?Over here. Okay. Youre not looking? No.站这里吧。好吧,那你看不见吧?看不见。Okay. These are random questions. She cant know this.好的。这些是随机问题。她不会知道。So here we go.开始吧。What is the sum of the first ball and the 18th ball?第一个球加第18个球是多少?11?11?I was messed up cause I didnt even know there was 18 balls up there.我糊涂了,我甚至不知道这里有18个球。What do you get if you multiply the sixth ball and the seventh ball?第六个球乘以第七个球是多少?30?30?This is the finale.最后一个。Recite the whole board backwards. Oh!从后至前,背诵所有球号。哦!Two, two, seven, eight, three, four, one, eight, three, nine, six, five, six, five, four, one, seven, nine.二、二、七、八、三、四、一、八、三、九、六、五、六、五、四、一、七、九。Ladies and gentlemen, give your love for my daughter!女士们先生们,为我女儿鼓掌!I have been looking for her all over the world!我一直在全世界寻找她!I just found my baby! Oh, thank you, lord!我最终找到了她!感谢老天爷!201707/516131

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