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济南真爱妇科医院人流好吗莱芜妇幼保健院网上咨询热线Imagine a place where driverless cars roam the streets, intelligent electricity grids regulate the power and everything is built from the ground up to the specifications of the ideal “smart” city.想象一下这个地方,无人驾驶汽车行驶在街上,智能电网调节电力,一切都按照理想的“智能”城市的规格从一张白纸开始建设。This idealised place has been getting a lot of attention in Silicon Valley of late. Y Combinator, the region’s best-known tech incubator, is the latest to dream, announcing a research project aimed at stimulating ideas and designs that it hopes to use in a real-world location.这种理想之地最近在硅谷获得极大关注。硅谷最著名的科技孵化器Y Combinator是最新的梦想家,宣布实施一个研究项目,旨在激励有望在真实世界用得上的创意和设计。It is far from alone. From Google co-founder Larry Pageto libertarian venture capitalist Peter Thiel, ideas like this have had plenty of currency. Y Combinator says it wants to to speed up the adoption of technologies for ordinary people, not just build “crazy libertarian utopias for techies”.Y Combinator绝非唯一一家有此类想法的公司。从谷歌(Google)联合创始人拉里#8226;佩奇(Larry Page)到信奉自由意志主义的风险投资家彼得#8226;塞尔(Peter Thiel),此类想法颇有市场。Y Combinator表示,它希望加快普及面向普通人的技术,而非仅仅是“为技术迷建造疯狂的自由意志主义乌托邦”。This hankering is prompted by more than a passing bout of California dreaming. It reflects a deeper issue that the tech industry faces as it moves into a new phase — and one that will have real-world implications for investors.推动这种言论的不仅仅是转瞬即逝的加州梦想。它反映出科技行业进入新阶段面临的更深层次的问题,这个问题将对投资者产生切实的影响。Companies like Google and Facebook — where Mr Thiel was the first outside investor — made their fortunes at a time when the digital and physical worlds were largely separate. But technologies like robotics and artificial intelligence are breaking down that barrier, pushing algorithms deeper into the functioning of the everyday world.谷歌和Facebook这类公司——塞尔是Facebook第一个外部投资者——是在数字和真实世界基本上分离的时候异军突起的。但机器人和人工智能等技术打破了数字和真实世界之间的壁垒,推动算法深入日常世界的运行。Hence the dream of an idealised place that is both open to — and safe for — experimentation. But it is little help to present-day tech companies, which will have to make their products function in today’s world.因此人们梦想有这样一个理想之地,它对前沿实验既是开放的,也是安全的。但这对当前的技术公司没有什么帮助,这些公司将不得不让它们的产品在当今世界运行。Last week’s news of a fatal accident involving Tesla Motors’ autonomous driving technology is a case in point. The first death of a person at the wheel of a car that was operating under its own control raises difficult ethical and regulatory issues.最近涉及特斯拉汽车(Tesla Motors)自动驾驶技术的致命车祸是一个很好的例子。第一例自动驾驶死亡事故引发了棘手的道德和监管问题。From the purely rationalistic position taken by Tesla boss Elon Musk, one death after the 130m miles of autonomous driving his vehicles have clocked up is better than the average fatality rate on US roads. Even before this, “the better-than-human threshold had been crossed”, Tesla declared in a defensive blog post on Wednesday.从特斯拉老板埃隆#8226;马斯克(Elon Musk)所采取的纯理性的角度看,自动驾驶行驶超过1.3亿英里以来才发生一例车祸死亡,在安全记录上优于美国道路交通的平均致命事故率。特斯拉发布的一篇采取守势的文称,甚至在该事故发生之前,“自动驾驶就已跨过了比人工驾驶更安全的门槛”。On the other hand, if it is found that the technology resulted in a death that an attentive driver would ily have avoided, it would be a setback. It also would raise the question of whether the messy human world, where streets were not designed for robots and other drivers make mistakes, can ever be made safe for driverless vehicles.另一方面,如果人们发现,自动驾驶技术导致了一起专心驾驶的司机本可轻松避免的死亡事故,那将是一个挫折。它也将令人质疑,杂乱的人类世界——街道并非为机器人设计,其他驾驶者会犯错——究竟能否被改造得对无人驾驶汽车安全。This puts US regulators in an unenviable position as they consider how to respond. And what goes for cars may one day go for many other everyday situations, as algorithms are embedded in more objects.美国监管者正在考虑如何做出回应,他们的处境不令人羡慕。随着算法被植入更多物体,汽车发生的情况,有朝一日也可能发生在其他许多日常场合。With its threat of punitive damages through the court system, the US can be a risky place for product experimentation. Mr Musk said on Wednesday that the crash had not yet led to any product liability suits. But regulators may still be cautious. Driverless-cars development is aly threatened by fragmented state-level regulation, and the Tesla crash certainly won’t help.由于可能被法庭判决付惩罚性损害赔偿金,在美国进行产品试验风险很大。马斯克最近表示,此次事故还没有导致任何产品责任诉讼。但监管者仍可能采取谨慎态度。无人驾驶汽车的发展已经受到各自为政的各州监管的威胁,特斯拉的撞车事故当然不会有帮助。The danger for tech is that it ends up like the pharmaceuticals industry, which has complained for years about a supposedly risk-averse regulatory system that adds huge costs and delays to new drugs that might offer benefits. Yet drug development has not been driven offshore, despite repeated warnings. The US is still the world’s richest drugs market, so it makes sense to persevere.高技术的风险在于,它最终就像制药行业一样,后者多年来抱怨:厌恶风险的监管体系增加了巨额成本,并拖延了可能造福于人类的新药上市。然而药物研发并未被挤出境外,尽管有人再三警告。美国仍然是全球最富裕的药物市场,因此坚持是明智的。The same might not be true of technologies like driverless cars and drones. China is racing to capitalise on the technology and Baidu — whose expertise in deep learning stems partly from Silicon Valley — has a goal of getting to mass production in five years.无人驾驶汽车和无人机等技术可能不会这样。中国正在抢着利用这种技术,百度(Baidu)制定了在5年内大规模生产的目标——该公司在深度学习上的专长部分源于硅谷。There are at least two things Silicon Valley could do to help itself. One is to pay more attention to designing the new interactions between humans and “intelligent” machines. Tesla warns its drivers to keep their hands on the wheel at all times, but it also brags that its technology is better than a human driver — the kind of mixed message that makes it harder for the humans still in the loop to know exactly when and how they may be called on to override the technology.硅谷至少可以做两件事来自助。一是更加致力于设计人类与“智能”机器之间新的互动。特斯拉警告,驾驶者必须时刻将手放在方向盘上,但它也夸口称,其技术比人类驾驶者更加优越,这种混杂信息让仍然“在环”的人类更难知道自己何时以及如何被要求接手,取代无人驾驶技术。The second is to do more to educate users about both the benefits and the risks of robotics and AI. That would help to ensure an appropriate response to the shortcomings of the technology — especially when, inevitably, a human dies due to the acts or omissions of a robot.二是采取更多举措来教育用户,让他们明白机器人和人工智能带来的益处和风险。这将有助于确保对技术缺陷做出正确回应,尤其是在人类不可避免因机器人的行为或遗漏而死亡的时候。 /201607/455312淄博人民医院上下班时间 养猫能预防心脏病?Owning a cat can reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes by more than a third, researchers have found.Scientists said that having a cat helped to relieve stress and anxiety, which is known to help protect against heart disease by lowering blood pressure and reducing the heart rate.The 10-year study looked at 4,435 adults aged between 30 and 75, about half of whom owned a cat.The findings, presented at a stroke conference in America, showed that 3.4 per cent of the cat owners died from a heart attack over 10 years. Among the group who had never owned a cat the rate was 5.8 per cent.Cat owners still had a much reduced chance of developing strokes or heart attacks when researchers took account of other factors known to trigger heart disease, including high cholesterol levels, smoking and diabetes.Prof Adnan Qureshi, from the Minnesota University, who carried out the study, said he was surprised by the strength of the effect that owning a cat appeared to have."The logical explanation may be that cat ownership relieves stress and anxiety and subsequently reduces the risk of heart disease."He believes one reason could be that stroking the pet could cut the level of stress-related hormones in the blood. Reducing stress is known to help protect against heart disease by lowering blood pressure and reducing the heart rate.But Prof Qureshi added that the type of person who owned a cat was usually aly fairly stress-free and at low risk of heart disease.Love begins with a smile,grows with a kiss,ends with a tear. When you were born,you were crying and everyone around you was smiling. Live your life so that when you die,you're the one smiling and everyone around you is crying. 研究人员发现,养猫能使患心脏病和中风的风险降低三分之一以上。科研人员称,养猫有助于缓解压力、减轻焦虑,而减轻压力可以降低血压和心律,因此有助于预防心脏病。研究人员对4435名年龄在30岁至75岁之间的成年人进行了为期十年的调查,其中有一半的人养猫。研究结果显示,在这十年中,仅有3.4%的养猫人士死于心脏病,而从未养过猫的人死于心脏病的比例为5.8%。该结果在美国召开的一个中风研讨会上公布。研究人员还综合考虑了高胆固醇、吸烟和糖尿病等可能引发心脏病的其它一些因素,结果发现,养猫人士患中风或心脏病的几率还是要小很多。开展该研究的明尼苏达大学教授阿德南#8226;库勒什说,他很惊讶养猫有这么大的好处。“合理的解释应该是,养猫能够缓解压力和焦虑,从而降低患心脏病的风险。”他认为其中一个原因是,爱抚小猫能够降低血液中的应激激素水平。而减轻压力则能够降低血压和心率,从而有助于预防心脏病。但库勒什教授说,喜欢养猫的人往往自身就没什么压力,患心脏病的几率也较小。 /200803/31589山东济南真爱女子治霉菌阴道炎怎么样

济南不孕不育检查的费用Apple has announced smaller versions of the iPhone and iPad Pro at an event hosted in San Francisco.  苹果公司在旧金山举行的发布会上宣布,公司将推出小版本的iPhone和iPad Pro。  The iPhone SE has the same processing and graphics performance of the larger Apple 6S, the firm said, and can capture 4K . The iPhone SE will be available in 110 countries by the end of May. With a starting price of 9/9, the new iPhone is the ;most affordable; handset Apple has ever released, Apple said.  苹果公司宣称,Iphone SE和苹果6s拥有同样的处理性能和图像表现,此外iphone SE还持4k摄像。五月底,iphone SE将在超过110个国家开售。售价仅为399/499美元的iphone SE是苹果公司有史以来“最经济”的手机,苹果公司说。  The new iPad Pro will have a 9.7 inch screen - the same size as the original iPad. It also said the new iPad Pro would be available in three different storage sizes with an extra large 256GB version.Pricing will begin at 9 for the smallest version and will ship in the US at the end of the month.  新版的iPad Pro拥有9.7寸屏幕——和第一代iPad屏幕大小相同。此外苹果还宣布新版iPad Pro将有三个储存版本,特大储存版本为256G。其中最小内存版本售价为599美元,将于本月底在美国上市。  Geoff Blaber from CCS Insight said there were ;no surprises; but that the products were still ;crucial; to Apple#39;s business. ;A new price point and new hardware should not be underestimated,; he said.  英国移动咨询公司CCS Insight的员工杰夫·布拉巴认为,整场发布会“毫无惊喜”,但新产品对苹果公司的经营依旧十分重要。“绝不要低估新的价格起点和新的硬件”,他说。  The firm also showed off a recycling robot called Liam which can strip down old iPhones into their components for reuse. The Apple Watch is to come down in price to 9 from its launch price of 9, chief executive Tim Cook also announced.  苹果公司还展示了他们的回收机器人——李阿姆,这个机器人可以把苹果手机零件剥离,并回收利用。苹果总裁蒂姆·库克还宣布,苹果手表价格即将由发布价349美元下调至299美元。 /201603/433455天桥区中心医院妇产科建卡要多少钱 South Korea#39;s Samsung Electronics Co on Tuesday announced the launch of its mobile payment service in China, where it is likely to struggle in an aly crowded market.韩国三星电子公司本周二宣布,旗下移动付务;三星智付;在中国上线。三星很可能也要加入中国移动付市场大战。The world#39;s second-largest economy is also the world#39;s biggest smartphone market, and Samsung Pay has a powerful partner in China-bank card provider UnionPay.中国是世界第二大经济体,同时也是世界最大的智能手机市场,而三星已在中国拥有一个强大的合作伙伴,那就是银联。But unlike most other countries, mobile payment systems are aly well-established in China, with local providers dominating the market. As an outsider Samsung will also have to compete with Apple, which launched its own Apple Pay system last month-also in partnership with UnionPay.与其他大多数国家不同,移动付系统在中国已经很完善了,本国供应商在市场上占据着主导地位。作为外来者,三星将必须与苹果竞争。苹果于上月与银联合作推出了自己的苹果付系统。Samsung said its service currently supports selected credit and debit cards from nine Chinese banks and is available on its top-end Galaxy smartphones, with midrange models to follow.三星公司表示,目前;三星智付;持中国9家的信用卡、借记卡,可在Galaxy高端智能机型上使用。该务以后将持中端机型。China had 359 million online payment users in mid-2015, up almost 18 percent in six months, according to the China Internet Network Information Center. Mobile transactions were valued at some 9.3 trillion yuan (1.4 trillion dollars) last year, up an annual 57 percent, one industry estimate showed.据中国互联网络信息中心统计,2015年中期中国拥有3.59亿的网上付用户,六个月内增长了18%。据行业估计的数据显示,去年的移动交易额达到约9.3万亿元(1.4万亿美元),年度增长为57%。The dominant mobile and online payment providers in China are Alibaba Group, with nearly three-quarters of the market, followed by Tencent, which has some 17%, according to Beijing-based BigData Research.根据北京比达咨询公司的数据显示,阿里巴巴集团和腾讯在国内手机和网络付市场占据主导地位,市场份额分别为近75%和约17%。 /201604/435147济宁市上环哪家医院最好的

山东省山大附属医院诊疗Artificial human life could soon be grown from scratch in the lab, after scientists successfully created a mammal embryo using only stem cells.在科学家成功利用干细胞培育出哺乳动物胚胎后,人工制造的人类胚胎很快也将能够被培育出来。Cambridge University mixed two kinds of mouse stem cells and placed them on a 3D scaffold. After four days of growth in a tank of chemicals designed to mimic conditions inside the womb, the cells formed the structure of a living mouse embryo.剑桥大学研究人员将两种小鼠干细胞混合并放置在一个三维架上,在模仿子宫内条件的有化学物质的容器内长了四天,细胞形成了存活的小鼠胚胎结构。The breakthrough has been described as a ‘masterpiece’ in bioengineering, which could eventually allow scientists to grow artificial human embryos in the lab without the need for a sperm or an egg.这一突破被称为生物工程中的“杰作”,科学家们最终将可以在不需要精子或卵子的前提下,在实验室里培育出人工胚胎。Growing embryos would help researchers to study the very early stages of human life so they could understand why so many pregnancies fail, but is likely to prove controversial and raise ethical questions about what constitutes human life.培育人工胚胎将有助于研究人员研究人类活动最早的阶段,去探索很多人怀失败的原因,但此举有可能引发争议,并提出什么构成了人类生命的伦理问题。Currently scientists can carry out experiments on leftover embryos from IVF treatments, but they are in short supply and must be destroyed after 14 days. Scientists say that being able to create unlimited numbers of artificial embryos in the lab could speed up research while potentially removing some of the ethical boundaries.目前科学家能使用试管受精中的剩余胚胎继续实验,但供不应求,并在14天后就必须被摧毁。科学家们说,在实验室中创造无限数量的人工胚胎可加快研究,但与此同时可能跨越了一些伦理界限。“We think that it will be possible to mimic a lot of the developmental events occurring before 14 days using human stem cells,; said Professor Magdalena Zernicka-Goetz from the Department of Physiology, Development and Neuroscience at Cambridge, who led the research.“我们认为,可以使用人类干细胞来模仿14天内的发展变化。”研究带头人、剑桥大学生理发展和神经科学系的Magdalena Zernicka Goetz教授说。;We are very optimistic that this will allow us to study key events of this critical stage of human development without actually having to work on (IVF) embryos. Knowing how development normally occurs will allow us to understand why it so often goes wrong.;“这个研究将使我们不需要研究(人工授精)胚胎,就能研究人类发展重要阶段的关键事件。知道如何正常发育才会让我们明白,它经常出错的原因所在。我们对此很乐观。”Britain is currently leading the world in fertility research, and last year a group at the Francis Crick Institute was granted permission to genetically modify human embryos, the first time in the world such a procedure had been approved by regulators.英国目前的生育研究世界领先。2016年,弗兰西斯克里克学院一个研究小组被批准进行基因改造的人类胚胎繁殖实验,这是世界上首次获得监管机构批准的实验。However such work raises important ethical questions about the sanctity of human life and whether it should be manipulated or created in the lab at all.然而这样的研究引发了关于人类生命的尊严和人类生命是否应该纵或在实验室里创造的重要伦理问题。Critics warn that allowing embryos to be grown for science opens the door to designer babies and genetically modified humans.批评人士警告说,允许胚胎生长用于科学研究打开了订制婴儿和人类基因改造的大门。 /201703/497308 钻石代表永恒,但当女孩被抛弃或面临离异,爱情失去光环时,她们该如何对待那些戒指、项链等信物呢?据英国媒体报道,一个专卖“旧爱”首饰,分享分手故事,疗养爱情伤痕的新网站出现,为这些人提供帮助。Diamonds may be forever. But what's a girl to do when she gets dumped or divorced and those rings, necklaces and love gifts lose their emotional sparkle?Help is just a click away on new websites that provide an outlet for selling jewellery from past relationships, sharing break-up stories and helping broken hearts heal."You go through a divorce. What do you do with that ring? Maybe you have a child you can pass it on to. Maybe you don't. It just sits there," said Marie Perry, who with her stepdaughter Megahn Perry runs exboyfriendjewelry.com."We wanted to create a platform in the community where people can get in contact with others with similar needs," Perry said.Three months after its launch with the slogan "You Don't Want It. He Can't Have It Back," the website has 3,000 registered users and more than 600 postings of rings, bracelets and earrings for sale - all with a personal tale attached."Studs from a Dud," writes one woman, selling a pair of cubic zirconia earrings given to her three years ago.Six months later, she says, the boyfriend dumped her over the phone - while she was recovering from brain surgery."Oops," writes another, selling a white gold wedding band."We wanted to keep the tone fun and tongue in cheek. There are some bitter women but most stories are really light-hearted although a few are about people who have been in an abusive situation. But now they are y to move on," said Perry.The idea was born when Megahn Perry, a Los Angeles actress and writer, was looking for a safe, reliable place to sell a wedding set after an amicable divorce and realized others might have boyfriend jewellery languishing in drawers or with attendant memories that make them too painful to wear.Thelocal pawn shop proved an unattractive option, and Ebay felt too anonymous. So she teamed up with her stepmother Marie, researched the market and found a gap in it.New Orleans students, Allison Wasserman and Elizabeth Rothbeind, set up a similar venture, Ex-cessories.com, in April after a teary afternoon sorting out photographs, jewellery and other mementos of an ex-boyfriend.With the motto "Don't Get Mad - Break Even," it offers independent appraisals of jewellery, matches buyers with sellers, and provides a social network.Although aimed at women, the websites welcome men."Some men thought it was going to be another male-bashing site but that's not what we're trying to do," said Perry.But she admits the "He Can't Have It Back" slogan has rankled some who believe jewellery should be returned to the giver."Etiquette says that if the engagement is broken off, you should absolutely give the ring back. But sometimes the man says no, and sometimes it depends on circumstances," she said.As one woman posting a diamond ring for ,500 wrote:"Beautiful ring came with the wrong man. Decided to sell to regain the money that I spent finishing payments on the ring that my ex didn't." Vocabulary:pawn shop:典当行rankle:激怒 /200805/38138济南做微创无痛人流价格山东大学第二医院人流价格表



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