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Photographers Create the Tiniest of Dramas onYour Dinner摄影师设计的晚餐迷你剧Ifyou#39;re playing with your mashed potatoes at dinner, it#39;s a safe bet you#39;resocially uncomfortable or preoccupied by something. Unless, of course, you’rewith Pierre Javelle and Akiko Ida, inwhich case you’re probably helping them craft their next work of art. TheirMINIMIAM series uses fruit, vegetables, and sweets as the edible backdrops forsurprisingly engaging dramas played out by figurines like those used in model train sets.如果你不时拨弄着晚饭中的土豆泥,那你一定心不在焉或在发呆。除非…你和Pierre Javelle、 AkikoIda一样,在这个情形下,帮助他们设计另一个艺术作品。他们的MINIMIAM系列是用水果、蔬菜、以及一些甜品,以食物做场景,在一套火车模型外布置一些小人,创造出令人惊奇的引人入胜的情景。;This scale is really interesting as it allows you to work in thevery small,; says Javelle. ;The size of the figurines is perfect for creatingsurprising scenes with very ordinary elements.;在这么小的微型场景中工作确实很有趣,贾维尔说,这样大小的人偶,是创作这种神奇场景最常见的要素。Thefood often provides inspiration for the wide variety of cleverly crafted scenesthe married couple composes. The surface of a sprinkled donut becomes a rollinggolf course, the innards of a gourd an alien landscape with a healthy dashof RidleyScott. Other times, the figures fuelthe idea.这些吃的经常给这对夫妇搭档带来灵感,用于精心设计各种场景。(例如)把甜甜圈表面变成起伏(不平)的高尔夫球场,用南瓜瓤做出雷德利斯科式的令人作呕的外星场景。工作之余,他们就在(一起)构思创意!(RidleyScott雷德利·斯科特《异形》的导演);For example, one of first images is a figurine of a man with a mowermowing, which gave us the urge to cut a kiwi,; says Javelle, ;especially sincea new breed of hairless kiwi appeared at our super market!;例如,有这么一个场景,一个人偶推着割草机割着草,这时我们朝着一个猕猴桃推过去, 贾维尔说道,直到忽然发现一个特别的新品种---无毛猕猴桃在超市里诞生了!Theseries, which began in 2002, includes more than 60 diptychs. The first of eachpair shows a close crop on a strange or funny scene playing out on unfamiliarterrain. The second image zooms out to reveal its culinary context,often inspiring a chuckle through a watering mouth. The figurines are 1/87scale — thepopular HO model train scale — purchased from hobbyshops. “They are about 1.2 cm (0.47 inches) tall, and itwould be very difficult for us to manufacture the figures with the detail yousee in our images,” says Javelle.这个系列起始于2002年,由多达60对场景组成。其中第一步就是要用相关的食材搭建出古怪的或有趣的场景,展现出一个与众不同的地貌。第二步把它们缩小到可以烹饪的状态,(制作过程)常让人乐的直流口水。那些比例为1/87大小的人偶和火车模型都是从专卖店买来的,它们大约1.2厘米(0.47英寸)高。你看到的这些细致的场景,制作起来是非常难的。贾维尔 说道。Theproject grew from the couple#39;sshared childhood interests in food and tiny things. Javelle cites Ida#39;s early habitof creating wee comic strips and photographing piecesof food. Javelle grew up enamored by theminiscule pebble gardenhis grandmother had. “I was fascinated by the composition of the colorfulpebbles and tiny bridge,” he says. “This was a mind-blowing landscape thatreally impressed me.”这项事业的不断发展,取决于这对夫妻搭档在吃的和一些小玩意上(总是)保持着一颗童心。贾维尔经常说起艾达以前有创作迷你漫画和拍摄食物的习惯。贾维尔成长期间一直迷恋着外婆的小鹅卵石盆景,“我迷上了五颜六色的卵石和微缩小桥”他说道,“这是个梦幻般的场景,给我留下了非常深刻的印象”Thesmall scenes also imply larger concerns of today — GMOs, global warming, war,mankind#39;s relationship with nature. ;This desire to dominate, convert, enslavenature is a bit like what we do when cooking,; says Javelle, whoalso insists that the images are not meant to be takentoo seriously. ;The purpose of these images is, above all, to please people. Webelieve that art is not there only to reveal the injustices or the horror ofthe world. Sometimes of course it is a subtler means of conveying messages, butthe boundary between activism and artistic expression caneasily become blurred.;有些小场景也能反映出当今很多大问题,例如转基因、全球变暖、战争、人与自然的关系。这种对自然世界的主宰,背叛,奴役的那种欲望,有点跟我们拿什么去做饭时的想法差不多。贾维尔说道,同时他还要求大家不要太在意这些场景。(创作)这些场景的首要目的就是要让人们喜爱,我们相信艺术不止是揭示不公平或阴暗的世界。有时还应以一种微妙的方式传达信息,但行动主义和艺术表现之间的区别,很容易地变得模糊起来。Inaddition to using food photography as means of expression and entertainment,the pair behind MINIMIAM also have successful careers as commercialphotographers of cuisine. Even as veterans of the trade, and with their artsitting on the plate, the urge to take a bite can be pretty hard to resist.;Often when I place a figure next to a big piece of cake chocolate, Ihave a furious desire to become the figure,; says Javelle. ;But I would definitely have a very upset stomachafterwards.;除了利用食物摄影作为表现的方式,在MINIMIAM背后的这对夫妇搭档也在商业美食摄影师这项事业上取得了成功。甚至有望成为业界先锋,那些堆在盘子上艺术作品,你很难把持住想咬一口的冲动。“若在平时我身边要是摆着一块大巧克力蛋糕,我一定琢磨怎样把它做成一个造型”贾维斯说道,“但是到后来我一定会把它吃掉“。Photos:Pierre Javelle and Akiko Ida /201408/324406Could it be a coincidence that just as Caroline Kennedy becomes more visibly political – in October she was confirmed by the US Senate as ambassador to Japan – the butterfly tattoo below her elbow appears to be fading and is increasingly hidden beneath long-sleeved Chanel jackets?随着卡罗琳#8226;肯尼迪(Caroline Kennedy)的政治热情日趋高涨(10月份,美国参议院正式同意其担任驻日大使),她肘部的蝴蝶纹身似乎在慢慢淡出视线,更多地藏身于香奈儿(Chanel)长袖外套下了,难道这一切仅仅只是巧合吗?Kennedy, the daughter of assassinated president John F. Kennedy, will no doubt make an exemplary ambassador but she is well advised to cover up her tattoo – or even have laser treatment to remove it – if her ambitions in politics continue in earnest.卡罗琳是遭暗杀的肯尼迪总统(John F. Kennedy)的女儿,无疑会成为出色的大使,但她若真希望延续自己的政治抱负,还是遮盖住自己肘上的纹身为妙——可能的话,最好做激光手术把它去除掉。Indeed President Obama’s promotion of Kennedy is at odds with the 61 per cent of HR managers who believe a visible tattoo damages a job applicant’s chances of employment. “The influence of appearance goes beyond the hiring process. It has an impact on the perception of one’s competence,” say the authors of an annual study on professionalism in the workplace from the Centre for Professional Excellence at York College of Pennsylvania.勿庸置疑,奥巴马总统( President Obama)提携卡罗琳#8226;肯尼迪为驻日大使,61%的人力资源部主管会表示有异议,他们认为一目了然的纹身会让应聘者获得工作的概率大打折扣。“纹身的影响力已经超越了招聘过程,它严重影响到对申请者能力的基本判断。”工作场所职业水准年度研究报告的起草者说,他们均来自宾州约克学院专业卓越中心(Centre for Professional Excellence at York College of Pennsylvania)的研究人员。The US Army’s proposed ban on visible tattoos (those below the knee or elbow or above the neckline) also implies that they are becoming less acceptable at work.美国陆军部(US Army)提议显眼纹身者(在膝下、肘部或是脖子以上)严禁入伍,暗指这些人也越来越不受工作单位待见。“No one is going to take you seriously if you’re up for partnership and you have a tattoo of a dolphin on your hand,” says Bryan Mayou, a plastic surgeon at the Cadogan Clinic in London. In the past two years, Mayou says, he has seen a 50 per cent increase in patients for tattoo removal at his Chelsea practice.“您打算与人合伙,手上却有海豚纹身,那么就没人会真正待见你,”伦敦卡多根诊所(Cadogan Clinic)的整形外科医生布赖恩#8226;马尤(Bryan Mayou)说。他还说:过去两年,在自己位于切尔西(Chelsea)的私人诊所,要求去纹身者增加了50%。“Sailors were the original tattoo addicts but now they go across the socioeconomic spectrum. It’s an epidemic, and we now see bankers and lawyers in their late thirties and forties of both sexes coming in because they are genuinely embarrassed by them,” says Dr Nick Lowe, consultant dermatologist and spokesman for the British Academy of Dermatology.“水手是最初的纹身沉溺者,但如今纹身者遍布各个社会经济阶层,它就好比传染病。如今30多岁、40多岁的家与律师(男女都有)都来到我的诊所,因为他们颇为尴尬于自己的纹身,”英国皮肤病学会(British Academy of Dermatology)皮肤病顾问兼发言人尼克#8226;洛士(Nick Lowe)说。“People associate tattoos with drunken behaviour,” explains Dr Amy Forman Taub, a dermatologist in Illinois where interest in removal is up 30 per cent. “In a creative environment like advertising or in Silicon Valley, a tattoo is OK or even expected. But on Wall Street a tattoo would not be advantageous to your career.”“公众常把纹身与酗酒相提并论,”来自伊利诺伊州的皮肤病医生艾米#8226;托布士(Dr Amy Forman Taub)说,该州有意去除纹身者的比例高达30%。“在广告界及硅谷等创意领域,纹身无关紧要,甚至属预料之中的事,但在华尔街(Wall Street),纹身对于自己的职业有百害而无一利。”Dr Ben Saunders, a tattoo removal specialist at UK chain Trueskin MediSpa, has a different take: “I see tattoos more as an outlet for compulsive behaviour,” he says. “Celebrities such as Cara Delevingne and David Beckham are constantly adding tattoos; it has become a habit to mark every momentous occasion with ink.”“卡拉#8226;迪瓦伊(cara delevingne)以及贝克汉姆(David Beckham)这类名人总是不断纹身;他们习惯于用纹身纪念重大事件。”Last year the British Academy of Dermatology reported a third of people regretted their tattoo, which has led to new laser technology to remove them.英国皮肤病学会去年发布报告:有三分之一的纹身者事后后悔,此举导致去除纹身的激光新技术问世。“Lasers put out an ultra-fast pulsed width of light that you can actually hear hitting the skin,” says Frank D’Amelio, chief executive of Ellman International, a company that makes lasers for tattoo removal. “The shock breaks up the ink into small particles and these fine particles are removed through the lymph system.” Anything from three to 15 sessions are required, costing from #163;150 a treatment, depending on the size and colour of the ink.“激光发出超快脉冲光去除纹身时,都能听到打磨皮肤的声音,”专门生产去除纹身激光器的埃尔曼国际公司(Ellman International)的CEO弗兰克#8226;达梅利奥(Frank D’Amelio)说。“冲击波可以把油墨破裂成小颗粒,这些微粒可以通过淋巴系统去除掉。”总共需要3-15次激光手术,每次费用150美元起,具体费用取决于纹身的大小以及颜色。“The toughest pigments to remove are yellow, blue and green,” says Dr Roy Geronemus, director of the Laser and Skin Surgery Centre in New York. “But I am seeing a lot more successes with PicoSure treatment.”“最难去除的颜色是黄色、蓝色及绿色,”纽约激光及皮肤外科中心(Laser and Skin Surgery Centre)主任罗伊#8226;格罗内穆斯士(Roy Geronemus)说。“但PicoSure纹身去除术的成功病倒越来越多。”The PicoSure laser, launched in April, may be paving the way for quicker tattoo removal but such advances in technology are also having an adverse effect.PicoSure激光仪于今年4月推向市场,或许可以为快速去除纹身铺平道路。但这种先进技术也有副作用。“Generation Y have a much more transient view of tattoos because they think they can easily get them removed,” says Catherine Cottney, senior trend analyst at Mintel. “They don’t realise how expensive and painful it is.”“年轻一代对纹身持暂时性观念,因为他们觉得纹身能很容易去除掉,”英敏特(Mintel)市场趋势高级分析师凯瑟琳#8226;康特妮(Catherine Cottney)说。“这些年轻人并没有意识到高昂的手术费用以及手术的痛苦程度。”Painful? “Basically we are burning the skin so I inject liquid anaesthetic into each area,” says Forman Taub.手术痛苦吗?“从根本上讲,手术就是烧灼皮肤,因此我会对相应的区域注射液体麻醉剂,”托布说。Now that Kennedy has been made ambassador, she will need to think hard about whether the butterfly stays; in Japan a small tattoo can even prohibit entry to some restaurants and shops. And in an increasingly crowded jobs market, it is not just in Tokyo that tattoos are becoming taboo.既然卡罗琳#8226;肯尼迪已被任命为大使,她就得为是否再保住自己的蝴蝶纹身好好思量一番。在日本,身上饰有微小纹身者,都可能被餐馆与商店拒之门外。如今社会的就业竞争如此惨烈,并非只有日本视纹身为禁忌。 /201312/269614

The options for people who have no time to cook and don’t want to go out to eat every night can be disappointing. A group of entrepreneurs, including David Chang of the Momofuku restaurants, is starting a company that plans to make high-quality restaurant food that it expects to deliver in as little as 15 minutes.The secret, the group says, is technology.The partners, along with Mr. Chang, are Caleb Merkl, Akshay Navle and William Gaybrick, all of whom have experience in delivery, mobile technology and finance. Their company, called Maple, is intended to be in operation next year.Mr. Merkl said he and Mr. Navle came up with the idea out of frustration with existing food delivery systems. “Restaurants don’t focus on home delivery,” he said.With Maple, they plan to create smarter routing systems and better packaging and choices of dishes, issues that restaurants do not necessarily address when it comes to delivery. Algorithms that efficiently work out who orders what and where, and how to fulfill the orders, will be part of the system.Mr. Merkl said that Mr. Chang was enthusiastic from the beginning and that Momofuku became one of the investors. Maple’s initial funding is million.Mr. Chang is the chief culinary officer, and he will enlist the expertise of other New York chefs, along with food suppliers like farmers, to create the s. Maple’s s will change daily. A typical dish may run to , including tax, tip and delivery.Customers will place orders using an app. Food from a commissary kitchen will, according to the plans, arrive on their doorsteps fast, fresh and hot. “Our goal is 15 minutes,” Mr. Merkl said. That sounds like a pipe dream in Manhattan, where 15 minutes may get you from Midtown to 14th Street without traffic. “Our delivery area will be incredibly tight,” he said.Depending on the response from potential customers, they will decide where to locate their kitchens, which could number from 15 to 30.Consumers who are interested in using the service can sign up at trymaple.com.没时间在家烹饪又不想天天晚上出门吃饭的人可能没有多少选择。于是Momofuku餐馆的大卫·张(David Chang)等几位创业者筹划开办一家公司,提供高质量的15分钟餐馆外卖。他们说,秘密在于技术。除了张先生,其他合作伙伴还有卡勒布·默克尔(Caleb Merkl)、阿克谢·纳维尔(Akshay Navle)和威廉·盖布里克(William Gaybrick),他们有物流、移动技术和金融领域的工作经验。公司名叫“梅普尔”(Maple),计划于明年开业。默克尔说,他和纳维尔对目前的食品外卖系统感到不满,于是就想出了这个主意。“餐馆不重视家庭外卖,”他说。他们计划通过梅普尔建立更加智能的外送路线系统,以及更好的包装和更多食品选择,这些问题都是其他餐馆外卖并不需要特别考虑的。系统使用算法高效地处理顾客点了什么,送到哪里,以及如何满足订单等问题。张是公司的厨艺执行官,他将列出纽约其他厨师的专长,还有农场等食品供应商的信息,在此基础上创立菜谱。梅普尔的菜谱会每天更换。一般一道菜大概在12到15美元,含税、小费和外送费。顾客可以使用app点菜。来自相关供应厨房的食品可以根据制定好的计划,尽快到达顾客家中,并保持新鲜和温度。“我们的目标是15分钟送达,”默克尔说。这听上去有点像一个曼哈顿白日梦。要知道,没有交通堵塞的情况下,15分钟内也只能从中心城赶到14街。“我们的外送区非常严密,”他说。他们将根据潜在客户的回馈调整厨房的地址,计划开办15-30家。对此务感兴趣的客户可以登陆trymaple.com。 /201411/341755

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