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济南药流多少钱啊山东省济南市儿童医院剖腹产需多少钱Today Buddhism is still an integral part of everyday life in Tibet.今日佛教仍是西藏生活不可缺少的一部分。It is an ancestral gift that permeates all levels of society.佛教是祖先的赠礼,渗透各社会阶层。Tibetan still flock to Guge, even today, not so much for the temples, as for the wondrous peak, towering of Tsaparang, the secret Mount Kailash.影响整个西藏人生活,即使是今日,西藏人还是涌入古格王朝,朝拜札布让上的冈仁波齐峰。These pilgrims are a remind of the thousand who have come to Guge before them.这些朝圣者令人回想之前来到古格王朝的数以千计转山者。They are a living proof of a deep reason for this most unique journey in life.他们是这趟最独特生命旅程的活生生印。Pilgrims like the ones Tsering has come across here are on a track around the perimeter of a secret site in a ritual known as Kora.这些朝圣者会来到这里寻找这个被称为科拉琴的秘密仪式。Some pilgrims would even go to profound length to demonstrate their faith through prostration.有些朝圣者甚至会到达很深的地方以叩拜方式展现他们的虔诚。A devotee may take years to travel hundreds of miles in this manner.虔诚的信徒可能以这种方式耗时数年行遍几百哩远。 译文属201604/437214山东济南妇儿医院有超导可视无痛人流吗 Hi,I dont know why Im putting a mic on you嗨 我不知道我为啥要给你麦克风you are not gonna be able to talk here either, are you?反正你肯定说不出话了You all right? Im good.Take a breathe.Lets do this.你没事吧 我挺好 深呼吸 我们一起来Your hearts beating fast?你的心脏跳得很快So you are saying that was fun,Is is more fun?你说那次很兴奋 现在是不是更爽We didnt even have to send you there看来我们本用不着让他去你家We could just call her down and she sat on you lap and shes ok我们直接打电话让她过来 让她坐在你腿上就行了But what did you feel like when he walks into your bedroom?他走进你卧室的时候你有什么感觉I was shaking,I didnt know hes coming at all我在发抖 我一点也不知道他要来I saw him,I thought I was dreaming like and thank you,I cant believe that at all.我看见了他 我觉得这是梦 谢谢你 这太难以置信了Could you sleep last night?你昨晚上睡着了吗I went to bed like 4:30 last night我昨晚4:30才上床I mean really,he was in your bedroom我是说真的 他在你的卧室里I couldnt even go to school today,No this is exciting right我今天都不去学校了 这很激动人心He has one more surprise for you,Do you?他还有一个惊喜给你 是吧Yes,You know my premiere tonight?是的 你知道我今晚电影首映式吧Tonight youre coming,You are coming, you gotta go.you excited?今晚 你要来 你要来 一定要来哦 开心吗You gonna go and see the movie,You family are coming too你要去看电影 你的家人也要去All right,We take a break,well be back.好了 我们休息一下 马上回来 /201606/452104济南山大附属医院专家

济南做无痛人流需要多少费用Britain Northern Ireland英国 北爱尔兰Wrapped in the flag国旗纠纷The loyalist protests in Belfast have almost nothing to do with politics. That is why they are so alarming贝尔法斯特的保皇抗议无关政治,却令人担忧。OVER the past six weeks flag-draped protesters have become part of the Belfast landscape. Loyalists arrange demonstrations and road blocks—up to 80 a night—on social media, which means local residents usually know roughly where they will take place. Belfast’s bus company, Translink, tweets rolling updates on which services have been disrupted; taxi drivers get the news from their dispatchers. On days when many protests are expected, rush hour starts early; by evening, normally busy roads are almost deserted.过去六个月披着国旗的抗议者成了北爱尔兰首府贝尔法斯特街头的一道景观。社交媒体报道保皇军组织游行示威,安放路障,一晚上达到80之多,这意味着当地的居民通常大概知道反对者在哪里举行示威。贝尔法斯特的公交公司,Translink,,在推特上滚动更新哪里的务中断,出租车司机从车上广播调度员中得知信息。若某天预计会发生许多反抗时,一大早人们就匆匆忙忙做事了,到了晚上, 公交车路上通常几乎没人了。The protests began on December 3rd, when Belfast city council voted to limit the number of days the union flag is flown over the city hall to about 20 a year, mostly national holidays and royal birthdays. In Northern Ireland the flag has a political meaning. It is not just a reminder that the province is part of the ed Kingdom but a visual statement that it must remain so. To many Catholics—who may now outnumber Protestants in Belfast—it is also a reminder of a less equal past. Unionists on the city council voted against the restriction on flag-flying. But few were prepared for what has followed.反对活动是12月3日开始的,因为贝尔法斯特市政厅做出一项决定,限制悬挂英国国旗的时间每年只有20天,大多数只在国家假期和皇家生日时悬挂。在北爱尔兰国旗有着政治含义,不仅提醒人们这个省是英格兰的一部分,同时是一种视觉上表达北爱尔兰必须一直这样。对许多天主教徒来说,国旗也提醒他们不平等的过去(尔法斯特天主教徒数目可能多于新教徒)。市政厅的工会会员投票反对限制悬挂英国国旗的时间。但只有极少的人准备好面对随之而来的问题。Loyalist protesters, mostly from inner-city housing estates, have taken to the streets night after night. Wearing masks and singing sectarian songs, they have all but shut down Belfast’s city centre. On bigger nights, up to 2,000 may be involved. Most are fairly peaceful, although police have been pelted with bricks and petrol bombs (and by blocking roads and covering their faces, protesters are breaking the law). Predicting which gatherings will turn sour is difficult: the protesters appear to have no leaders. Spokesmen occasionally appear, but most are wild-eyed ranters—“headcases”, in Belfast argot.保皇派反对者,大部分来自内陆城市住宅区,日复一夜的到街上游行示威。他们戴着面具,高唱宗教主义之歌,这些举措已经迫使贝尔法斯特的市中心关闭。在一些人数更多的晚上,可能有2000人参与其中。警察在处理冲突时,遭到了砖块以及燃烧弹的袭击,但大部分反对者都相当平静(他们破坏法律,阻断道路,蒙面)。预测这些集会最终不会成功是困难的:这些反对者似乎没有领导者。发言者偶尔出现,但大都数是睁大眼睛的谩骂者-跟疯子一样,在贝尔法斯特是种暗语。The unpredictability of the protests is just one of the problems facing the police. Around 100 protesters have been arrested since early December and more than 60 officers have been injured. The police have used baton rounds (plastic bullets) and water cannons against the rioters, but they are ting carefully. As well as hooded thugs, the protesters include old folk and young mothers pushing babies in prams. Senior officers fear that uproar would follow any injuries, so they generally allow the roads to be blocked.反对者的不可预测性只是警察面临的问题之一。12月初已经大约100个反对者被捕,60多个官员受伤。警察已经用防暴弹(塑料子弹)和高压水炮攻击骚乱者,但他们却很谨慎的对待。同样一些蒙面的暴徒,反对者包括老年人和推着婴儿车的年轻母亲。高级官员担心不断上升的骚乱会导致一些人员受伤,所以他们一般同意阻断道路。The effect on Belfast’s economy is chilling. Usually busy shops and restaurants are empty on many evenings, while hotels report that people are cancelling their visits.Northern Ireland’s devolved government has recently been trying to boost its economy by luring tourists and foreign businessmen. A glitzy new exhibition centre dedicated to the Titanic (a ship built in Belfast) opened last spring. Peter Robinson and Martin McGuinness—the country’s unionist first minister and his republican deputy—visited China in November to drum up business and will soon go back. The rioting is undoing these efforts. Investors have become jumpy, says the local branch of the Confederation of British Industry, a lobby group.这些暴乱使贝尔法斯特经济陷入瘫痪。好几个晚上平日繁忙的商店和饭店都空无一人,旅馆也称人们取消了他们的来访。恢复自治权的北爱尔兰政府最近一直试图通过吸引旅客和外商投资来刺激经济增长。去年春天纪念泰坦尼克号的一个耀眼的展览中心开放了,因为这艘船是在贝尔法斯特建造的。北爱尔兰联合党的第一任主席彼得-罗宾逊(Peter Robinson)和他的共和党副主席-和马丁·麦吉尼斯(Martin McGuinness)在12月访问了中国,并将很快返国。此次行程在于促进经济发展。暴乱者正在破坏了他们所作的这些努力。投资者开始忐忑不安,认为英国工业联合会的当地分是一个游说集团。The riots have not yet threatened the peace process. Unionist politicians, even from the once-hardline Democratic Unionist Party, have condemned the violence while defending the flying of the union flag. The protests are less political than cultural—they reflect a sense among poor Belfast Protestants that Catholics are getting everything they want and that unionist heritage is being erased. The protesters appear to have no demands other than restoring the flag, though one hot head has called for a return to direct rule from Westminster—in effect, tearing up the country’s fragile peace. Unionist leaders have set up a forum to talk about flags and other loyalist complaints, but the protesters are not co-operating.暴乱者还没有威胁到北爱尔兰的和平进程。联合党的政治家,即使是来自曾经强硬的民族联合党,谴责这些暴乱行为,同时持悬挂英国国旗。 此次抗议其文化意义远大于政治意义,他们反映了贝尔法斯特可怜的新教徒的一种情绪,即天主教徒能得到他们一切所需的并且联合党的历史遗迹正在被抹除。反对者似乎除了要求恢复悬挂国旗外,没有其他要求,虽然一个性情鲁莽的人号召威斯敏斯特规则的回归,其实质是粉碎这个国家脆弱的平静。联合党领导者开设论坛讨论悬挂国旗和其它保皇派埋怨的问题,但是反对者不愿意配合。The lack of a clear political motive makes the explosion of loyalist rage more dangerous rather than less. An angry group seemingly beyond the reach of politicians or rational arguments cannot be easily tackled.Northern Ireland’s fragile peace has held only because fierce political enemies have been able to control their constituencies and deliver functional government. If they lose the ability to control the streets, their authority could follow. These disturbances may burn out, only to flare again unexpectedly.缺乏一个清晰的政治动机使保皇派的暴发活动危险变多而不是减少。一个愤怒的集团不在政客的掌控之下,合理的争论也不能得到简单地解决。北爱尔兰脆弱的和平状况得以维持仅仅是因为凶险的政治敌人已经有能力控制他们的选区并且产生功能型的政府。即使英国失去了对北爱尔兰的政治控制权,但是他对这个国家的影响和权威仍得到保留。这些混乱可能终有一天会耗尽消失,却会出乎意料的再次爆发。One thing is clear: the cash-strapped Westminster government cannot pour money into Northern Ireland, as it has in the past when trouble has flared. Unemployment, which has doubled since the start of the financial crisis in 2008, is likely to stay high, creating more idle hands. Northern Ireland’s devolved government will have to cope with this problem by itself. It is quite a test.有件事情是明确的:缺乏资金的威斯敏斯特政府不可能把钱投入到北爱尔兰政府中,因为过去问题出现时他们这样做过。2008年金融危机出现时,失业率翻了两番,并有可能上升,导致更多的人没有工作。北爱尔兰权利已交接的政府必须靠自己解决这个问题,对他们来说,这的确是个考验。翻译:杨芸祯译文属译生译世201609/468041济南长清治疗子宫内膜炎多少钱 Mitochondria and male lifespan粒腺体影响男性寿命Power down粒腺体阻断Women outlive men. An evolutionary curiosity may explain this女性比男性寿命长久。欲知为何,请看进化学分解Mankiller?男性健康杀手?WHY past generations regarded women as the weaker sex is a mystery to anyone who has examined the question objectively, for they are far stronger than men—outliving them in pretty well every society in the world. Partly that is because men are more violent, and their violence is largely directed at other men. But partly it is physiological. Men seem to wear out faster than women do. Yet no one knows why.过去,人们认为女性比男性弱,而这对于客观地调查过此现象的人来说是个迷,因为女性比男性寿命长,很多国家或地区都是如此。在一定程度上,这可能是因为男性要狂暴一些,而且他们的狂暴是针对其他男性。但也有可能是受生理影响。男性精力耗损要比女性快。个中缘由还没有人知道。Madeleine Beekman of the University of Sydney, Australia, and her colleagues, however, have a hypothesis. As they outline in a paper in the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, they think at least some of the blame lies with subcellular structures called mitochondria (pictured), which provide the body with its power by burning glucose and using the energy thus released to make ATP, a molecule that is biologys universal fuel.玛德琳·比克曼是澳大利亚悉尼大学工作者,她跟同事一起提出一种假说。他们在皇家学会哲学学报发表的一篇论文中指出,男性寿命比女性短的原因可能取决于亚细胞结构,也就是粒腺体。粒腺体通过燃烧葡萄糖为机体提供能量,利用该能量释放三磷腺苷,三磷腺苷是整个机体的燃料。Mitochondria are intriguing. They are descendants of bacteria that teamed up with the ancestors of animal and plant cells about a billion years ago. As such, they retain their own genes. And this is where the problems start. To avoid fights between genetically different mitochondria in the same cell, most species have arranged for their mitochondria to come from only one parent—usually the mother. This means, as Dr Beekman notes, that a males mitochondria are stuck in an evolutionary dead end. They cannot evolve in male-specific ways, because no matter how much good they do a male body they inhabit, they will not be passed on to the next generation.粒腺体很有趣。他们是细菌与十亿年前的动物或植物祖先的衍生物。如此便保留住了基因。这就是问题的开始。从遗传学角度讲,为了避免同一个细胞内不同的粒腺体相互排斥,大多数生物都会选择系属同一个细胞的线粒体,通常是同一个雌细胞。如比克曼士所提到的一样,雄性线粒体陷入进化死胡同。雄性线粒体不能逐渐形成雄性专一方式,因为雄性线粒体在雄性生物体上栖息的多么好,都不能繁衍到下一代。Male and female physiologies are sufficiently similar for this not to be a central problem, but Dr Beekman thinks it may matter at the margins. She observes that one disease, called Lebers hereditary optic neuropathy, which is caused by a faulty mitochondrial gene, occurs in only 10% of women whose cellular power-packs include the damaged gene, but in 50% of men whose mitochondria are so encumbered. The gene in question, in other words, is less likely to harm a woman than a man. She then lists a lot of other diseases, including ones far commoner than Lebers hereditary optic neuropathy (such as cardiomyopathy, diabetes and several forms of deafness) that sometimes or always have a mitochondrial component, and speculates that some of these, too, may prove to be either more common or more serious in men than in women. As far as her searches of the literature can show, this is not something that has yet been looked into.这和女性和男性生生理机能十分相似,但又不是中心问题。比克曼士认为,这可能关系到margin。她仔细观察了一种名为利伯氏视神经病变的疾病,是有缺陷的粒腺体基因引起的。女性的发病率只有10%,女性细胞还包括受损细胞。而男性发病率高达50%,主要是粒腺体堵塞引起的 。比克曼士又列举出了其他疾病,这比利伯氏视神经病变要常见的多(例如心肌病、糖尿病和其他耳聋症),这些疾病有时或经常含有粒腺体成分。男性患此类疾病的发病率比女性高,男性患者也比女性患者病情严重的多。此篇论文的研究程度所达程度并不是如此,而且这类问题早已有人考虑过。Part of the reason for this absence of information may be that few doctors think like evolutionary biologists, so they fail to ask the appropriate questions. Dr Beekmans hypothesis may turn out to be wrong. But it sounds eminently plausible, and certainly worth investigating.关于这些研究缺乏信息可能是因为没有几个医生研究这类问题,比如进化生物学,他们也无法提出合适的问题。比克曼教授的假说也许是错误的,但是,这种假说看起来很有道理,有研究价值。译者:毛秀云 译文属译生译世 /201505/375193肥城市无痛人流哪家医院最好的

平阴县保胎多少钱Scottish nationalism苏格兰的民族情怀Thistles and thorns烦心乱意What the Scottish National Party will try to do in Westminster苏格兰民族党在议会中的举动意欲何在WITH hardly a glimpse of tartan, Nicola Sturgeon, leader of the Scottish National Party (SNP), presented her squad of 56 MPs at the House of Commons on May 11th (although she herself is not one of them). Their increased numbers—the SNP won all but three Scottish seats—represented a victory beyond most nationalists dreams. Yet their modest demeanour suggested that, for now, they have come to London to do business, not to cause chaos.5月11日,持苏格兰民族党(SNP)的56名国会议员(与其他选区相比,属于小队人马,且不包括斯特金本文)在该党领袖妮古拉·斯特金的陪同下出席下议院议会,斯特金此次未穿格子呢装。持民族党人数的增加表示民族党获得了大部分民族党成员梦寐以求的胜利。这些国会议员举止彬彬,显示出此次伦敦之行是为正事而来,并非蓄意捣乱。A decade ago the scale of the SNPs success would have been seen as a mandate for independence. Alex Salmond, Ms Sturgeons predecessor, drew that conclusion again. But Ms Sturgeon claims separation is not high on her agenda. She has even played down the idea of a speedy introduction of full fiscal autonomy, seeking only a promise from Westminster to start handing more powers to Scotland.苏格兰民族党此次赢得选区多数议员的持,这在十年以前可能预示着全民授权并持民族独立。民族党前任领袖亚历克斯·萨蒙德亦有同感。但斯特金夫人声称,她现在的工作重点不是民族独立。对于加快实现财政完全自主的计划,她一直是轻描淡写,自己别无所求,只愿英国政府承下一诺,赋予苏格兰更多自治权。Part of the reason for the more cautious tone is that the collapsing oil price and the decline of offshore revenues has made independence seem like a dubious proposition. The Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS), an independent think-tank, calculates that, under full tax autonomy,Scotland would need to find an additional 7.6 billion (12 billion) to close its deficit to British levels, a gap it reckons will widen to 9.7 billion, or 4.9% of Scottish GDP, by 2019-20. To accept tax autonomy without continuing to receive the substantial subsidy Scotland currently gets from the Treasury is “tantamount to economic suicide”, says George Kerevan, an SNP politician.斯特金请求的语气增添了几分谨慎,究其原因,一是因为:在石油价格狂跌、近海工程收益减少的情况下要求独立,未免少些理直气壮,多些未知冒险。据英国财政研究所(非官方智囊团)统计,如果苏格兰实现税收完全自主,欲达到英国政府的赤字水平,需另外拿出76亿英镑(折合美元120亿)以弥补空缺。该机构认为,英格兰与国家的赤字差距到2019至2020年间会扩大到97亿英镑,占英格兰GDP的4.9%。苏格兰民主党成员乔治·克瑞文表示:“英国财政部目前给予苏格兰大量财政补贴,如果苏格兰实现税收自主,且终止补贴,这无异于断送苏格兰经济的发展前程。”Another explanation for the caution is that, after last Septembers independence referendum, in which 55% of Scots voted to remain part of Britain, David Cameron, the prime minister, promised to give Scotland new fiscal powers. Over the next five years the Scottish government is due to gain control of earned-income taxes, air-passenger duty and a levy on aggregates such as sand and gravel. It will also be assigned the revenues of the first ten percentage points of value-added tax and oversee around 2.5 billion, or about 15%, of welfare spending. The IFS reckons this will make Ms Sturgeon responsible for raising about half of what her government spends.斯特金话语谨慎的另一个原因在于,去年九月份全民公投决定苏格兰独立与否,55%的苏格兰人投票反对,英国首相戴维·卡梅伦至此承诺赋予苏格兰新的财权。今后五年,苏格兰政府有望实现收入所得税、航空旅客税、使用沙土碎石等统一征收税的自主征收。同时,增值税首次征收的10%的收入归苏格兰政府所有,并负责监管约25亿英镑的福利出(约占总出的15%)。财政研究所认为斯特金夫人为此需要增加苏格兰政府半数出费用的收入。She and her party nonetheless could, and probably will, give Mr Cameron a headache. Though not rushing now to achieve it in full, Ms Sturgeon has made clear that she wants even more fiscal control. She would like to oversee most welfare spending, as well as corporation tax and national-insurance payments. The SNP hopes to reduce employers contributions to national insurance in order to compensate for raising the minimum wage. Ms Sturgeon wants the floor to rise from 6.50 per hour now to 8.70 by 2020. This, she says, would enable her to boost the economy, reduce the deficit and move towards full tax autonomy more quickly.然而,斯特金夫人为首的政党可能会让卡梅伦首相忧心苦恼,“噩梦”成真。她虽不急于获得财长全部自主的权利,但其事先已明确表示欲取得更多财权。她有意监管福利出的多数费用,以及企业所得税、国民保险费。苏格兰民族党希望减少雇主缴纳的国民保险费,从而借此提高最低工资水平。斯特金夫人希冀,至2020年英格兰人的酬劳从每小时6.5英镑涨到每小时8.7英镑。她认为,这一计划不仅有助于繁荣经济,减少财政赤字,还会推动税收完全自主计划早日实现。The new SNP intake can also be expected to make full use of their privileges as the third-largest party at Westminster. MPs will pose tricky questions and use committee chairmanships to harry the government, especially over austerity. Ms Sturgeon argues that such actions would not just be on behalf of Scots but for all Britons. She sees Labour entering “a period of introspection” and claims the SNP will be “the principal opposition” in Westminster.另外,据预计,拥护苏格兰民族党的新晋议员会充分利用民族党在英国议会作为第三大政党的优势。各位国会议员届时抛出棘手话题,凭借议会主席的地位为难政府,尤其是在财政紧缩问题上大做文章。斯特金夫人表示,他们如此行为不仅仅是为了苏格兰,更是为了维护英国的整体利益。她认为工党进入了“反省期”,苏格兰民族党在议会中会坐占“第一大反对党”的位置。This leaves Labour in a bind over whether to position itself to the SNPs right or left. But it also poses a dilemma for Mr Cameron. He could concede to what the SNP wants, in order to avert further fracturing between Scotland and England—but that would imply the Scots were right to elect them. Or he could dig in and allow himself to be caricatured as the Scots enemy. Either way, Ms Sturgeon looks to be sitting pretty.工党为此左右为难,对于民族党不知是持,还是反对。“无独有偶”,卡梅伦首相亦不知如何是好。他可以遂民族党所愿,以免加深英格兰与苏格兰之间的隔隙。但这等于承认苏格兰人民选民族党执政为正确之举。如若不然,他可以“变本加厉”,在讽刺漫画中与苏格兰相互敌视。无论卡梅伦选择哪种道路,斯特金夫人都显得坐镇不乱。本文原文转自《经济学人》 翻译:石海霞 译文属译生译世 /201505/376702 莱芜市输卵管再通术哪家医院最好的山东省荣军总医院在线咨询



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