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China is a place with many unusual annual traditions, including a mud-flinging festival in the country’s tropical southwest and a June celebration of eating worms. But one of the most exotic rituals comes in spring, when residents of Dongyang, in coastal Zhejiang Province, chow down on eggs simmered in steaming pots of — wait for it — boys’ urine.中国有许多特殊的节庆传统,比如西南热带地区的泼泥节,还有在6月份举办的吃虫节。而其中最奇异的风俗之一,来自浙江沿海的东阳居民。每逢春季,他们便要大啖蒸锅里的煮鸡蛋——看官且听我说完:这是用小男孩的尿煮的鸡蛋。#8232;#8232;Sold since ancient times as “virgin boy eggs,” the local delicacy was officially listed as ”intangible cultural heritage” in Dongyang in 2008. Many residents believe these incredible, edible eggs energize the body, improve blood circulation and prevent heat stroke. They are also a bargain at around 25 cents an egg, urine included.这种自古便以“童子蛋”之名销售的本土美食,已在2008年正式成为东阳市非物质文化遗产。许多当地居民相信童子蛋能增强体力、改善血液循环、预防中暑。此外童子蛋物廉价美,连蛋带尿一个大约25美分。#8232;#8232;Across Dongyang, a bustling city of nearly 1 million people, fresh urine is collected every day from buckets placed in elementary school hallways, where boys under the age of 10 are instructed to answer nature’s call — as long as they are not sick, out of concern for, umm, food safety. Some vendors even carry around empty bottles and wait in parks or public bathrooms until they find a parent that is willing to let their prepubescent son participate in the custom.在这个人口近百万、熙来攘往的东阳市里,每天都有人在市内各小学的厕所用桶收集新鲜尿液。未满10岁的男童遵循指示,内急时就对着摆在校园走廊上的尿桶解决——只要他们没生病的话。这是出于,嗯,食品安全的考量。有些小贩甚至会随身携带空瓶在公园或公共厕所候着,直到他们找到某位愿意让自己未到青春期的小儿参与这项习俗的家长。#8232;#8232;Chinese medicine practitioners are divided on the supposed benefits of ingesting urine, which modern science has shown to have no nutritional value. But the locals in Dongyang are happy to shower praise on the eggs they call “the taste of spring.”对于喝尿所谓的益处,中医界存在分歧,而现代科学则已经实了尿液并无营养价值。不过东阳市民仍乐于推崇这些被他们称作“春天的味道”的鸡蛋。To prepare the eggs, chefs generally stick to a time-tested recipe: First, soak the eggs in pots of urine and bring to a boil. Remove the eggs, crack the shells, then return the eggs to the pot and simmer for about a day, adding more urine as necessary, sometimes with herbs. The marinade gives the egg whites a pale golden hue, while the yolks turn green. They are also quite salty, according to Wu Bei, 39, an employee at the Zhang Yuming Chinese Medicine Clinic in Dongyang.要烹煮童子蛋,厨师通常会遵循一个久经考验的做法:首先,将鸡蛋浸泡在尿液中加热至沸腾,然后取出来敲裂蛋壳,再放回原来的炖锅里,以文火继续煮大约一天。其间可视需求添加尿液,有时亦可加入草药。经过这番浸泡,蛋白会染上一层金黄色泽,蛋黄则会转绿。在东阳市张裕明(音)中医诊所工作的吴贝(音)今年39岁,她表示,这些蛋尝起来也挺咸的。#8232;#8232;“They taste a bit like urine, but not too much,” she said. “It’s delicious, you should try one sometime!”“它们吃起来有点尿骚味儿,但不会太强烈,”她说。”味道很好,哪天你该尝尝!” /201607/456448Thousands of sharks slaughtered simply for their fins to use in expensive soup which is a symbol of wealth in China上万条鲨鱼被杀以制成代表中国财富的鱼翅汤Horrific images show thousands of dead sharks piled up on a market floor in Indonesia as workers hack off their fins.可怕的照片显示上万条死鲨鱼堆积在印尼一市场的地板上,这里的工人正在砍下鱼翅。Sharks of all sizes were photographed at the Karngsong fish auction on June 21, in Indramayu, in Indonesia#39;s West Java Province.这些各种大小的鲨鱼照片拍摄6月21号的Karngsong鱼拍卖会上,位于印尼西爪哇省的Indramayu。The country is one of the world#39;s largest shark catchers due to a demand for shark fins in Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and mainland China.印尼是世界最大的捕鲨国家之一,主要供应给新加坡,香港,台湾和中国大陆。In China shark fins are regarded as a delicacy and the fins are one of the world’s most valuable fish products.在中国鱼翅汤是一道美食,而鱼翅是世界上最贵重的鱼产品之一。They are the main ingredient in shark fin soup, which is priced as high as £68 per bowl. The soup is a symbol of wealth, hospitality and status in China and is often consumed at special occasions such as weddings and banquets.它们是鱼翅汤的主料,每碗鱼翅汤的价格高达68英镑。在中国鱼翅汤是财富,好客和地位的象征,通常出现在特殊场合,比如婚礼和宴会上。 /201606/451076

With Burger King’s new ad featuring a hamburger looks like a burrito, or Pepsi’s revival of its eery-looking clear cola, it seems that fast-food slingers are spending more time creating attention-grabbing concoctions in their labs rather than fresh ideas in the kitchen.汉堡王在新广告中推出了一款长得像墨西哥卷饼的汉堡,而百事可乐则重新推出了看着很诡异的透明可乐。看起来,快餐食品商们似乎将更多的时间花在了在实验室里研究夺人眼球的食物混搭组合上,而不是在厨房里发掘新点子。In fact, bizarre combinations of otherwise familiar foods are coming in faster than people can get through them.事实上,在人们能够接受这种常见食物的怪异组合前,它们往往已经纷至沓来。With the Whopperito – Tex-Mex hamburger meat, smothered in cheese and wrapped in a flour tortilla – Burger King hopes to attract diners who find the Dr Frankenstein-like creation appealing.通过推出Whopperito —— 将德克萨斯-墨西哥风味汉堡肉淋上芝士,再卷入墨西哥薄馅饼——汉堡王希望能够吸引那些喜欢科学怪人式餐品的顾客。It’s just to get peoples’ attention to come in to the restaurants, says Alex Macedo, president of Burger King North America. 这只是希望能够引起人们注意,令他们光顾餐厅,汉堡王北美公司总裁亚历克斯#8226;马赛多说道。While Macedo says sales see a boost from limited edition options, they’re also important for keeping the brand relevant.马赛多称限量版菜单的推出让销售额不断上涨,而这也对他们保持品牌的曝光度十分重要。Not to be left behind, Pepsi Co is bringing back a cult favorite from its past, Crystal Pepsi – an unusual elixir of clear cola that has the same taste as the familiar fizzy brown stuff but which appears crystal clear. 百事可乐公司也不甘人后,带着一款过去深受大众喜爱的潮流饮料——水晶可乐(一款非同寻常的透明可乐饮料)强势回归。The throwback returns to stores in the US this month for a limited run. 水晶可乐和我们所熟悉的棕色汽水味道无异,但它却是透明无色的。Pepsi even recently hosted a free ’90s-themed concert in Manhattan to re-launch the soft drink which disappeared from shelves in 1994 following poor sales.这款怀旧饮料于本月在美国限量上市。由于先前销量不佳,水晶可乐于1994年下架。而近期为了庆祝这款碳酸饮料重新上市,百事可乐甚至还在曼哈顿举办了一场免费的90年代主题演唱会。With social media sharing and going viral now the modern kings of marketing, junk food sellers are facing pressure to churn out social media-friendly – and sometimes borderline bizarre – products in order to stay in the eyes of their audience.由于社交媒体即时分享和快速扩散的特性,为了能够长期留在公众视线中,现代的市场营销之王——垃圾食品商们需要大量生产便于社交媒体传播,有时甚至相当诡异的产品。They want people tweeting things out, they want people taking pictures of their plate, because there’s more competition out there, says Dan Rene, senior vice president at US-based strategic communications firm Levick.他们希望人们能为自己的产品发推,给食物拍照,而这样的竞争也日益激烈,总部位于美国的策略传播公司莱维克的副总裁,丹#8226;雷内表示。Trends are also moving at a faster pace than they used to, forcing companies to constantly come up with unconventional ideas in order to out-do one another.和过去相比,潮流趋势变化得更快了,企业也不得不时常推陈出新,来盖过对手的风头。Customers get bored very, very quickly, says Neil Saunders, CEO of retail research firm Conlumino in the US. 顾客们很容易就觉得无聊了,美国零售业调查公司Conlumino 的首席执行官,尼尔#8226;桑德斯说道。You have to work increasingly hard to get the message across.你需要十分努力工作,才能将信息传播开来。Sometimes that means reanimating products of yesteryear to lure loyal fans who may be enticed to spend their hard earned cash just to get a bite or sip of nostalgia.有时候,这也意味着重新推出过去的产品,从而吸引一些忠实顾客,用血汗钱为怀旧情怀买单。In 2010, KFC came out with the Double Down, a sandwich made with two boneless chicken fillets in lieu of the b. 2010年,肯德基推出了一款用两片无骨鸡柳代替面包而制成的三明治Double Down。It sparked so much intrigue that the chain brought it back for a limited time in 2014.这款产品引起了巨大反响,于是在2014年,肯德基将其作为限定产品重新上市。Burger King also did something similar. 汉堡王也做过一些类似的活动。Its chicken fries – essentially strips of chicken made to look like french fries – came to the market for a limited time in 2005, with the fast food giant deciding to give them a temporary resurgence in 2014. 它的鸡肉薯条——本质上就是长得像薯条的鸡肉条——于2005年作为限量产品上市。2014年,这个快餐业巨头决定暂时让其重返市场。But following high sales of the chicken-based creation upon its temporary re-release, the company decided to upgrade it to a permanent fixture on the . 但由于这款鸡肉产品在限量供应期的火爆销售额,汉堡王后来决定将它升级为长期供应餐品。It drove traffic, says Macedo. 这带来了更多客流,马赛多表示。It brought in people that otherwise weren’t coming to. 它吸引了一些本不会光顾的客人。That’s the biggest success.这便是最大的成功。 /201609/463871

  The London I grew up in 30 years ago felt like a city on the way down. It had lost an empire and many of its key trades, most obviously shipping and manufacturing, were in decline.三十年前,伴我成长的伦敦仿佛在走向没落。它已经失去了一个帝国,许多关键产业——最明显的是航运和制造业——都处于衰落中。In the 1960s London’s docklands had never been busier but by the early 1980s they had collapsed.上世纪60年代,伦敦码头区曾经异常繁忙,但到了80年代早期,已变得冷清下来。London of course was not the only western city struggling with deindustrialisation. Indeed, with its large business sector, its renowned universities, many professions, government institutions and great tourist attractions, the city was more resilient than most.当然,伦敦并非唯一一座努力应对去工业化的西方城市。实际上,这里庞大的企业部门、知名学府、各种专业人才、政府机构以及著名的旅游胜地,让这座城市比多数城市都更具生命力。Slowly London and many other western urban centres learned how to navigate their way to the post-industrial age. While the precise route differed from one place to another, the basic approach was similar. Instead of shoring up declining trades, cities found that their future lay in attracting and retaining the stars of the new service economy — highly skilled young professionals and entrepreneurs, “knowledge workers” and “creatives”. This involved city authorities tackling crime and investing in transport, schools, the public realm and culture.伦敦与其他许多西方中心城市都慢慢地找到了步入后工业化时代的路径。虽然各地的具体路径都不相同,但基本方式类似。这些城市没有去撑衰落的产业,相反,它们发现自己的未来在于吸引并留住新务经济的“明星”——拥有高技能的青年专业人才及创业家、“知识型员工”和“创意人士”。这需要城市当局打击犯罪,并投资于交通、学校、公共空间及文化。Many post-industrial cities now find themselves in a position almost unimaginable only a couple of decades ago: they risk falling victim to their own success. Their economies and their populations have expanded fast and inequality and living costs have shot up-with them. City leaders no longer worry about attracting young talent but how to stop it from being squeezed out.如今,许多后工业城市发现自己正置身于一个二十年前还几乎无法想象的处境:面临沦为自身成功的牺牲品的风险。它们的经济和人口迅速扩张,但贫富差距和生活成本也随之直线上升。市政领导人不再担忧吸引不到青年才俊,而是担忧如何阻止人才被挤出去。London is a case in point. The UK’s capital has long depended on its appeal to artists and innovators. They have been vital to its success. London’s world-conquering creative industries — its music, film, theatre, publishing, gallery, design and advertising activities — are nourished by an endless stream of talented and mainly young people. David Bowie was once a young singer from south London called David Jones.伦敦就是一个例子。作为英国的首都,伦敦长期以来一直依赖于自身对艺术家和创新者的吸引力。这些人对伦敦的成功至关重要。伦敦享誉世界的创意产业——包括音乐、电影、戏剧、出版、画廊、设计及广告——主要得益于源源不断的、有才华的年轻人的滋养。大卫#8226;鲍伊(David Bowie)曾经是一名来自伦敦南部、原名大卫#8226;琼斯(David Jones)的年轻歌手。The capital’s strengths in scientific research and digital innovation are fed by academics and tech entrepreneurs in their 20s and 30s. London has a great, if somewhat under-appreciated history of social and civic innovation — this is the city that gave the world Save the Children, Amnesty International and Band Aid — and this too has been fuelled by youthful talent.二三十岁的学者、科技创业家缔造了伦敦在科研和数字创新方面的优势。伦敦有伟大却被低估的社会与公民创新历史——伦敦为世界育了拯救儿童基金会(Save the Children)、大赦国际(Amnesty International)及援非联合乐团(Band Aid)——这也是由青年人才推动的。That said, London is much less welcoming to the creative class than it once was. The threats to London’s sense of buzz are various. They include characterless development, overzealous licensing and policing of nightspots, an increasingly restrictive visa system and cuts to public funding of arts and culture. By far the biggest problem is the sheer price of living in the city. A third of London’s music venues have closed since 2007. The 2014 Artists Workplace study predicted that, on present trends, London will lose 30 per cent of artist studios before 2020. Housing is incredibly expensive. According to the office of the city’s mayor, most London artists make less than £10,000 a year from their work, when the average house price is £500,000. No wonder newspapers are full of stories of young Londoners moving to Brighton, Bristol, Barcelona and Berlin.尽管如此,伦敦对创意群体的友好性已大不如从前。伦敦热闹的艺术创作受到了各种各样的威胁,包括无个性的开发、对夜店过严的审批和监管、日益严格的签制度以及对艺术和文化公共资助的减少。伦敦最大的问题在于高得可怕的生活成本。自2007年以来,三分之一的伦敦音乐表演场地已经关闭。2014年一项对艺术家工作场所的研究预计,按目前的趋势,伦敦在2020年之前将失去30%的艺术家工作室。房价已经贵得离谱。伦敦市长办公室的数据显示,多数伦敦艺术家工作一年收入不到1万英镑,而伦敦房屋均价为50万英镑。难怪报纸上充斥着伦敦年轻人搬到布赖顿、布里斯托尔、巴塞罗那以及柏林的故事。London is not the only city facing this problem. Paris, once a byword for artistic creativity, has suffered from a reputation of being a safe, over-regulated and air-conditioned city for more than a decade. New Yorkers worry about gentrification and the loss of urban vitality in almost exactly the same terms that Londoners do and there has been a much discussed exodus of New York artists to Los Angeles.伦敦并非唯一面临此类问题的城市。巴黎曾经是艺术创造力代名词,但十几年来,作为一座“安全、过度管制、有空调的城市”的声誉损害了它的艺术创造力。纽约人对中产阶级化和城市丧失活力的担忧与伦敦人如出一辙,纽约艺术家大批出走洛杉矶已经引发大量讨论。Just as it took cities a long time to work out a route out of industrial decline, so it will take a time to come up with a recipe for preserving the buzz and vitality that post-industrial cities need if they are to flourish.正如一些城市花了很长时间来寻找走出工业衰退的路径一样,要找到一种方法来保持后工业化城市繁荣所需要的喧闹与活力也需要一段时间。In the past young innovators have flocked to old rundown areas, with lots of character and cheap rents. As they become developed, we will have to find ways of creating new development that works in the same way.过去,年轻的创新者曾蜂拥至老旧城区,这里有很多鲜明的特色且租金便宜。当这些地方被开发后,我们将不得不设法打造新的能以同样方式发挥作用的新街区。City leaders will have to get a lot more enterprising about protecting and nourishing late night culture — Paris has followed Amsterdam in appointing a night mayor. London is doing the same. Philanthropists and public funding bodies will need to work together to preserve local cultural centres and artists studios.在保护和繁荣午夜文化方面,市政领导将不得不发挥更多进取精神——继阿姆斯特丹之后,巴黎任命了一位夜间市长。伦敦也在有样学样。慈善家与公共资助机构需要共同努力,保护本地的文化中心和艺术家工作室。The best developers are beginning to understand the value they get from investing in the public realm but they will need to learn to see the value of other cultural assets. The most expensive cities will have to explore if and how to extend subsidised housing to creative workers.最优秀的开发商已开始理解他们可以从投资公共领域获得的价值,但他们还需要学会看到其他文化资产的价值。生活成本最高的城市将不得不探索是否以及如何将保障性住房扩大到覆盖创意工作者。Munira Mirza, London’s deputy mayor for the arts, puts its nicely. “Culture is to London what the sun is to Spain.” Not even the most powerful city leader can do much about the local weather. But our cities will have to learn how to keep culture shining.负责艺术的伦敦副市长穆尼拉#8226;米尔扎(Munira Mirza)说得很好。“文化之于伦敦就像太阳之于西班牙。”即便最强势的市政领导对当地的天气也无可奈何。但我们的城市必须学会如何让文化保持灿烂。 /201605/441566



  If the first rule of macro trading is “don’t fight the Fed” then the first rule of raw materials must be “don’t fight Beijing”.如果“不要与美联储(Fed)对抗”是宏观交易的第一准则,那么原材料市场的第一准则肯定是“不要与中国对抗”。It is a truth coal traders are discovering after China upended the market with plans to impose a five-day working week in a bid to cut overcapacity.这是煤炭交易商正在发现的一个真理,此前中国计划强制执行每周5天工作制以削减过剩产能,此举颠覆了市场。Since the policy was announced in March, the price of thermal coal has risen by 20 per cent as Chinese traders have been forced to chase cargoes in the seaborne market or draw down stocks.自从今年3月中国宣布这项政策以来,热煤价格已上涨20%,中国交易商被迫抢购海运市场的货源或削减库存。The rally has wrongfooted many market participants who were betting on another year of falling prices for thermal coal, which is used to generate electricity and is a source of profits for mining houses such as Glencore and Rio Tinto.煤炭价格上涨令很多市场参与者措手不及,此前他们押注于热煤价格经历又一个价格下跌之年。用于发电的热煤是嘉能可(Glencore)和力拓(Rio Tinto)等矿业公司的利润来源。At least one big participant, traders say, has been caught on the wrong side of a major position that was designed to protect against falling prices. Beijing’s directive has also turned on its head the widely held view that Chinese imports of thermal coal would dwindle from the 140m tonnes purchased last year.交易商表示,至少有一家大型参与者在旨在对冲价格下跌的大笔交易头寸上失手。中国的指令还颠覆了这种普遍观点:中国热煤进口将低于去年购买的1.40亿吨。“Thermal coal bears, among which we were one of the biggest, have been reminded this year that it is not wise to fight the Chinese government,” says Colin Hamilton, head of commodity research at Macquarie. “As long as China remains a meaningful thermal coal importer, it will act as a price setter.”“看跌热煤价格的机构(我们是其中规模最大的机构之一)今年被提醒,与中国政府对抗是不明智的,”麦格理(Macquarie)大宗商品研究主管科林#8226;汉密尔顿(Colin Hamilton)表示,“只要中国仍是重要的热煤进口国,它就会设定价格。”For years China has been trying to put coal on a more stable footing, but the latest reforms are some of the first to have an immediate impact on the broader market. Mines normally operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week.多年来,中国一直试图提升煤炭市场的稳定程度,但最新改革是对整体市场产生立竿见影效果的首批措施之一。煤矿通常每天24小时、一周七天运营。The benchmark price for Asia — thermal coal shipped from the Australian port of Newcastle — is up by more than a quarter since its lows in January and now trades above a tonne. Other coal markers have seen similar gains but remain well below their 2008 peaks of nearly 0 a tonne.亚洲基准价格(从澳大利亚港口纽卡斯尔发运的热煤价格)较今年1月的低点上涨逾四分之一,如今位于每吨61美元的上方。其他煤炭基准价格出现类似上涨,但仍远远低于2008年每吨近200美元的峰值水平。Analysts estimate domestic production in China was down 10 to 15 per cent in May from a year ago, while latest official data point towards rising imports.分析师们估计,今年5月中国国内煤炭产量同比下降10%至15%,同时最新官方数据表明进口增加。“Before China announced its ‘de-capacity’ efforts, we thought seaborne imports would fall to about 110m tonnes [this year]. But now, we think they’ll hold at 140m tonnes or maybe even get a bit higher,” says Andy Roberts, head of thermal coal research at Wood Mackenzie, a consultancy.咨询公司Wood Mackenzie热煤研究部主管安迪#8226;罗伯茨(Andy Roberts)表示:“在中国宣布‘限产’举措之前,我们曾认为,(今年)海运进口将降至1.10亿吨左右。但如今,我们认为,进口量将保持在1.40亿吨甚至可能更高一点。”Analysts say the decline in domestic production has coincided with increased demand in China, as power consumption picks up over the hot summer months. Morgan Stanley reckons coal-fired power production rose 5 per cent month-on-month in June and will rise further through July and August.分析师们表示,国内产量下滑的同时,中国需求上升,因炎热的夏季耗电量增加。根士丹利(Morgan Stanley)估计,今年6月燃煤发电量环比增长5%,7月和8月将进一步增长。“The combination of rising demand growth and impaired supply has prompted an inventory drawdown,” says Morgan Stanley analyst Tom Price.根士丹利分析师汤姆#8226;普赖斯(Tom Price)表示:“需求增速加快以及供应受限的双重作用,已导致库存下降。”Globally, thermal coal production has been declining for more than a year as the collapse in prices has forced miners to scrap new projects.从全球来看,热煤产量下滑已持续一年多,价格暴跌迫使矿商取消新项目。But traders who handle millions of tonnes of coal a year say the recovery in prices cannot be solely explained by decisions taken by China. A weaker US dollar and the oil price, which has almost doubled from its January low, have also contributed. Another influence has been the derivatives market.但每年经手数百万吨煤炭的交易商表示,中国做出的决定不能完全解释煤炭价格复苏。美元贬值和油价(较1月低位上涨近一倍)也起到了一定作用。另一个影响因素是衍生品市场。Traders say a producer had been selling call options to banks in the over-the-counter market. These trades, known as covered positions, were profitable as long as prices kept declining. But that is no longer true. A seller of a call option pockets a premium upfront but delivers an asset at a specified price or time if it is exercised by the holder.交易商表示,一家生产商曾在场外交易市场向卖出认购期权。这些交易被称为抵补头寸,只要价格一直下跌就能盈利。但现在情况变了。认购期权卖家将在交易之时斩获一次清偿权利金,但在期权持有人行权时须以特定价格或在特定时间交付资产。Faced with growing losses on the call options as coal prices rallied through June, traders say the producer has been forced to buy futures contracts to hedge its position. But the volume of futures it has been trying to buy has been so big that it has pushed up prices.随着整个6月煤炭价格出现上涨,面对日益加剧的认购期权亏损,交易商们表示,这家生产商被迫买入期货合约以对冲其头寸。但该生产商试图购买的期货合约数量非常大,以至于推高了煤炭价格。The view in the market is that the call options expire in September and December, one reason traders believe prices might have peaked for 2016.市场认为,这些认购期权将在9月和12月到期,这是交易商们认为2016年煤炭价格可能已经见顶的一个原因。“We do not expect this China induced tightness to hold beyond the next couple of months,” says Mr Hamilton. Others are not sure. Citigroup says prices could hit a tonne if La Ni#241;a brings heavy rain to Australia and Indonesia.汉密尔顿表示:“我们认为,中国引发的市场吃紧状况不会持续到未来两个月以后。”还有一些人则不那么确定。花旗集团(Citigroup)表示,如果“拉尼娜”气候给澳大利亚和印尼带来强降雨,煤炭价格可能会达到每吨90美元。 /201607/457194




  B News – Imagine watching a film or TV show featuring breathtaking scenery. You don#39;t know where the place is but you#39;d love to visit it one day.B新闻 – 想象一下在看一部电影或一档电视节目,里面出现了绝美风景。你并不知道这是什么地方,但特希望某一天能到此一游。Now imagine being able to stop the action, ask your smart TV for the location, then have it work out how to get there, including flight and accommodation details… It#39;s all part of an effort by airlines and other transport providers to broaden their appeal and compete with the new app-based travel companies, such as Airbnb and Booking.com. They want to give us the tools to turn our wanderlust into reality.现在,试想一下你能够停止播放,要求智能电视提供位置,然后让它制定出如何到那儿的方案,包括航班和住宿详情……这都是航空公司及其它客运务公司为扩大其吸引力,与空中食宿和预订网等基于应用软件的新型旅行公司竞争而作出的努力的一部分。这些公司希望给予我们把旅游癖变成现实的工具。And travel inspiration can come from anywhere - even episodes of the seminal TV series, Sex and the City. Madrid-based travel technology company Amadeus noticed that during one episode in which the lead characters went to Jamaica for the weekend, there was ;an interesting spike in search activity for destination during the programme#39;s ad break;, says Rob Sinclair Barnes, strategic marketing director for the firm#39;s IT Group. ;This started us thinking about how we could implement the technology to build on it.;而旅游灵感可以来自任何地方 – 甚至是影响深远的电视剧《欲望都市》的剧集。总部在马德里的旅游科技公司艾玛迪斯注意到,主角们去牙买加度周末的那一集播放期间,“节目的广告时段出现了对牙买加的搜索量大增的有趣现象”,艾玛迪斯IT组的战略营销主管巴恩斯说。“这让我们开始思考如何提供技术手段以从中获益。”Amadeus was then approached by US carrier ed Airlines to develop a product that could exploit emerging technology from the likes of Apple TV and others. The prototype makes use of GPS location tracking embedded in the filming process. By integrating airline data into the coding, the viewer can be given information on the best flight options and travel deals.然后艾玛迪斯就有美国联合航空公司前来接触,以开发一种能够利用苹果电视及其它同类产品提供的新兴技术的产品。设计原型利用了嵌入拍摄过程的全球定位系统的位置跟踪。通过把航空公司数据集成到编码中,观众即可获得最佳航班选项和旅行交易信息。This level of personalisation may not be mainstream reality yet, but it#39;s an indication of where we#39;re heading. And with the data analytics and machine learning capabilities we have these days, we may soon find ourselves booking holidays to destinations we didn#39;t even realise we wanted to go to.这种程度的个人化可能还没有成为主流现实,但它预示了我们的前进方向。以如今我们拥有的数据分析和机器学习能力,可能不久就会发现自己在预订去甚至自己都没意识到想去的目的地度假。 /201608/461933

  Australia’s richest woman Gina Rinehart is offering A5m (US7m) in conjunction with a Chinese partner for a historic cattle company that could test Canberra’s tolerance for Chinese investment after it turned down two previous bids for the land.澳大利亚女首富吉娜#8226;莱因哈特(Gina Rinehart)出资3.65亿澳元(合2.77亿美元),与一家中国企业携手竞购该国一家历史悠久的畜牧企业。此举可测试澳大利亚政府对中国投资者的容忍度,当地政府已两次拒绝中国投资者对相关土地的投标。The offer for S Kidman amp; Co, which owns more than 1 per cent of the country’s landmass — an area that is bigger than Ireland — was made by Australian Outback Beef, a company two-thirds owned by Ms Rinehart’s Hancock Prospecting and one-third by Shanghai CRED Real Estate, owned by Chinese businessman Gui Guojie.此次竞购目标基德曼公司(S Kidman amp; Co)拥有澳大利亚逾1%的土地,面积超过爱尔兰国土。收购提出方为Australian Outback Beef,该公司三分之二股权为莱因哈特的汉考克勘探公司(Hancock Prospecting)持有,其余三分之一为中国商人桂国杰的上海中房置业有限公司(Shanghai CRED Real Estate)持有。Two previous bids by a Chinese consortium for the land were blocked by Canberra, in part due to national security concerns related to the presence of a missile range on the vast Anna Creek station.此前一家中国财团曾两次竞投这块土地,均遭到澳大利亚政府拒绝,部分原因是广袤的安娜溪养牛场(Anna Creek)位于导弹射程内,关系到国家安全问题。The AOB offer is conditional on gaining foreign investment approval from Canberra and on the separate disposal by Kidman of Anna Creek, which makes up almost a quarter of the area controlled by the company.Australian Outback Beef的要约取决于能否获得澳大利亚政府对外国投资的批准,以及基德曼公司能否单独处置安娜溪养牛场,其面积占该公司控制土地近四分之一。“Kidman is an iconic cattle business established more than a century ago by Sir Sidney Kidman,” said Gina Rinehart in a statement. “It is an operation founded on hard work and perseverance by an outstanding Australian, and is an important part of Australia’s pioneering and entrepreneurial history.”吉娜#8226;莱因哈特在一份声明中表示:“基德曼公司是由西德尼#8226;基德曼爵士(Sir Sidney Kidman)在一个多世纪前建立的一家标志性畜牧企业。这家企业是由一位优秀的澳大利亚人以勤劳和毅力创建的,也是澳大利亚开拓和创业历史的重要组成部分。”Shanghai CRED, which was founded in 1999, was part of a consortium that submitted a previous bid for Kidman but which was knocked back by Canberra on national security grounds.上海中房置业有限公司成立于1999年,此前曾参与一家财团向基德曼公司投标,但被澳大利亚政府以国家安全理由拒绝。Mr Gui, a low-profile property developer, said in a statement that partnering with Hancock had aly proved to be a productive approach and he looked forward to having the opportunity to work with Hancock through the Kidman investment.低调的房地产开发商桂国杰在一份声明中表示,事实明与汉考克勘探公司的合作是一种行之有效的方法,他期待通过基德曼这笔投资获得与汉考克的合作机会。 /201610/470254


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