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卡梅隆·迪亚兹和“阳光小美女”主演的《我的守护者是一部感人至深的电影,触及人性的美好以及一些颇具争议的伦理观电影预告片中的背景音乐Life is Beautiful贴合剧情,十分动人Life Is Beautifulby Vega Life is beautifulWe love until we dieWhen you run into my arms,We steal a perfect moment.Let the monsters see you smile,Let them see you smiling.Do I hold you too tightly?When will the hurt kick in?Life is beautiful, but it's complicated.We barely make it.We don't need to understand,There are miracles, miracles.Yeah, life is beautiful.Our hearts, they beat and break.When you run away from harm,Will you run back into my arms,Like you did when you were young?Will you come back to me?I will hold you tightlyWhen the hurting kicks in.Life is beautiful, but it's complicated,we barely make it.We don't need to understand,There are miracles, miracles.Stand where you are.We let all these moments pass us by.It's amazing where I'm standing,There's a lot that we can give.This is ours just a moment.There's a lot that we can give.X 755。

现在在美国火的一塌糊涂的GLEE,不仅有傲人的收视率,在音乐上的功力也可见一斑,凡是剧中出现的音乐必然会在iTunes和billboard上迎来“第二春”最近,Billboard选出了GLEE十佳歌曲,每首都是经典,大家一起欣赏吧~~剧情简介: Glee是FOX电视台年秋季档一部以音乐为主题的快节奏幽默喜剧,故事以一个性格乐观的高中教师Will Schuester (Matthew Morrison扮演)原本打算发挥自己的余热投入到一个已经解体的唱诗班中,但是面对他的是招来的都是一群性格各异 的“怪人”;Mercedes(Amber Riley扮演),不光有很强的说力还经常把自己当成是歌剧中的首席女主角,Kurt(Chris Colfer扮演)有着男高音般天赋却与大家很难相处,Arty(Kevin McHale扮演)是个酷爱演奏吉他的吉他手,可是天生有点残废 ,不然在音乐界一定有些作为,他的好友Tina(Jenna Ushkowitz扮演)是一个酷爱流行音乐的超级粉丝;Rachel Berry(Lea Michele扮演)也是Will Schuester看中的唯一一个像样的歌手,原本自称自己是未来的歌星,一个十全十美主义者,自从遇见 了Will从好友的橄榄球队招来的Finn Hudson(Cory Monteith扮演)后性格大变,Finn原本是学校橄榄球队的四分卫,长着一张 电影明星的脸,而且自己的女朋友是该校队的拉拉队长Quinn(Dianna Agron扮演),他有一个自满清高并同是球友Puck(Mark Salling扮演),除了面对这些形形色色的演员外Will Schuester的妻子Terri Schuester(Jessalyn Gilsig扮演)为生活而抱 怨也曾为了他成功之路的绊脚石,而且学校拉拉队员教练Sue Sylvester(Jane Lynch扮演)对Will所做的一切感到疑惑,幸好 Will得到了漂亮女教师Emma Pillsbury(Jayma Mays扮演)的帮助,而自己也决心做出成就给世人们看看) "Alone" 下载量: 5,000。

讲解Today key word is EraserEraser E-r-a-s-e-r橡皮An eraser is an object which is used removing something that has been written using a pencil or a pen.Here is an example:You used to ask me half of the eraser.你从前总是很小心 问我借半块橡皮(同桌的你 歌词)今天我们说的这块橡皮叫做bad memory eraser Do you have memories that you want to erase? Those sad, hurtful, painful memories, you wish you didnt remember, you wish they never happened. Everybody has their own special memories.这些记忆有些快乐,有些平淡,有些悲伤大多数的记忆,都会成为我们生命中的过客,成为白发后的一抹微笑But some memories are just too strong to fade. They are there, in the corner of your heart. Like this boy,He was years old.刚刚上小学的他因为皮肤黑被同学欺负His books were found in the bathroom. Trash was often put under his desk. He was hit by stones.就这样被欺负被孤立 一天又一天,一年又一年突然有一天,他再也撑不下去了He quit school. 他患上了恐慌障碍和抑郁症He has to take drugs to control his emotions. After years of therapy, He is now a young man who is pursuing his dream of becoming a photographer. When asked ;do you want to erase some of you memories?; He said ;Yes;.He wrote these memories on a piece of paper and use the bad memory eraser erasing all the words on the paper. He hopes in this way, all the bad memories can also go away. And he wants to tell people be brave.你有没有想要擦除的记忆?Do you have the memories that you wish you could delete? Do you want to have a bad memory eraser? 6373。

英语学习笔记:fix 修理;处理;安装;安排;惩罚fix the problem 解决问题fix (it) somebody to do something. 为某人安排做某事(be) in a fix 陷入困境quick fix 权宜之计I’ve fixed you to see him this afternoon at four.我替你安排了今天下午点见他If you ask me, the whole thing was fixed.要我说,这整件事都是暗中安排好的If anybody did that to me, I’d fix him good.如果有人对我这样,我一定会狠狠修理他的We’re going to be in a real fix if we miss that bus.如果没赶上这趟大巴我们就真的麻烦了That’s put us in a fix.这让我们陷入困境There’s no quick fix stopping pollution.停止污染没有权宜之计If it aint broke, dont fix it.不要去改变那些其实起作用的事物Were happy with our exam system,and as they say, if it aint broke, dont fix it.我们对于我们的考试系统很满意,就像那句话说的,不要改变那些起作用的食物更多实用有趣节目 搜索微微信:早安英文 8379。

地点:菲比公寓客厅人物:菲比,小弗兰克事件:菲比和刚刚相认的同父异母的弟弟小弗兰克尝试着相处,但是并不愉快,总是尴尬地不知道该说些什么、做些什么菲比在努力地寻找和弟弟之间的共同点Theyre trying really hard to find common interests.Phoebe: Oh, oh!Frank: What?Phoebe: Yeah, I know what I want to ask you. Um, can you roll your tongue? Because I can, and my Mom couldnt, and I thought yknow, I figured that was something I got from our Dad.Frank: What, wait, you mean like this?Phoebe: Yeah, yeah. You can do it too. Yeah!Frank: Youre not doing it.Phoebe: Oh right. Okay, yeah, my Mom could, and I cant. We dont have that...Frank: When your birthday?Phoebe: February th.Frank: I know a guy who the 18th.Phoebe: That close. When yours?Frank: October 5th.Phoebe: That the same month as Halloween.So, um, what kind of things do you like to do at home?Frank: Melt stuff. 388。

听力相关文本如下:The teacher who falls in loveFrancis Fremont Smith is Executive Director at the ed Foundation China’ Health.Her China story goes back many years, to the time US President Nixon made his historic visit in 197. Inspired by the future relationship she could see between both countries Fran decided to study Chinese. Starting first at the Connecticut College on Chinese and Asian Studies she moved to Hong Kong in 1978 on a Yale China Program to study at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.She came to China, walking across the border at Lo Wu – there were no through trains and also no Shenzhen like we know today! Her travels took her up to Hangzhou, Beijing and on to Changchun where she taught English. After two years Fran moved down to Beijing, where she worked at the Academy Agricultural Mechanization Sciences. She also worked part time at a branch college of then eign Languages Institute. It was then that life Fran really changed – she met her husband there! A Chinese national, he was teaching English at the school.Their relationship – one of the earliest Chinese-eign marriages of that period. As this was a time when there were very few westerners living and working in China, there were problems and challenges on both sides, which they successfully overcame.Their marriage was documented by the National Geographic in one of their TV series called ‘Four Americans in China’. Fran’s programme was a love story, ‘The Teacher who falls in Love’! She had found two loves – her husband and China!Track oneI really wanted to work with younger kidsI was able to get a job teaching at a high school to collegeOut at BaidaiziI was teaching extra-curricular activities at that schoolThat’s the link – your husband was a teacherHe is from Harbin – at that point he was a teacher at the same schoolWe were both in the English Department togetherI am looking at the photograph of the two of youWas that a wedding photograph – that is our wedding photograph?January 198Dressed in our ‘Mao jackets’ with our red rosesSo different to the wedding photographs you see now all around BeijingDefinitely simpler timesI do not think our wedding cost us all that much moneyWe had to wrap up candy to give to friends and familyWe had more of a civil ceremony in those daysIt was quite an operation to get permission to get married in those daysWas it difficult having a relationship – going out together?As eigner with ChineseTechnically that answer is YesNeedless to say we would draw a lot of attentionOne of our first dates was out to the Summer PalacePeople would see us together and obviously follow us and wonder what was going onI had a mutual colleague who was gayHe also needed some cover so everybody thought he and I were boyfriend and girlfriendSo he was going off with his friends and I was getting to know my husband, my fiancé, a little betterQuestions1. What was Fran doing in her early days in Beijing?. Which department was her future husband in?3. When did they marry?. What did they give as wedding gifts to friends?5. What was difficult at first in the relationship?Track twoHow did his parents react to you marrying him, a Chinese?He was brought up with his aunt and grandparents and his older sisterHis parents and older siblings were still in HarbinHis parents did not have any issue but his aunt was a little bit hardShe was very traditional and he would marry a Chinese wife who would take care of herWhen I was living in Guangzhou - people said it was very difficult a eigner to marry a Chinese girlThe ancestors – continuing the family line – which would be broken of it were a Chinese and eignerWe never really had any issue of that discussionConsidering this was new his family they pretty much welcomed me with open armsThe interesting thing about the process was that the Chinese insisted I had never been married beeI had to do that – to get a certificate through the British Embassy to say I had never been marriedThose days none of the embassies had that much experience with thisThere was no m to fill out at the embassySo my family in America had to go through the State Department in the State of MassachusettsTo prove I had never been married in the State of MassachusettsGet the red stamp from the official government staffThen we had to have all of this translated and notarised and approved by the Chinese governmentBee they would allow us to get officially marriedQuestions1. Why was her husband’s aunt a bit hard about the marriage?. What would people in southern China think?3. What about his family in Harbin?. What did Fran have to prove?5. Where did she get the certificate from? 66。