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Britains decision to leave the European Union drew mixed reactions from Beijing, Tokyo and Seoul.英国脱离欧盟这一决定近日引起了中日韩三国的不同反应。During a press briefing Chinese foreign ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said Beijing had taken note of the vote. ;Beijing respects the decision of the British people,; Hua said.在一场新闻发布会上,中国外交部女发言人华春莹声称,中方已经注意到了公投的结果。华春莹表示:“我们尊重英国人民的选择”。Hua added the decision to leave the EU would naturally impact bilateral relations with Britain.But Beijing will approach the partnership with Britain and the EU using a ;long-term; perspective, the spokeswoman said.此外,她补充说道,英国脱欧自然会影响到中英双边关系。不过,中方一贯从“长远”角度看待和发展中英和中欧关系。In Japan, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe took a more proactive approach to the news from London.在日本,对于从伦敦传来的消息,首相安倍晋三的反应更为积极主动。During a recorded television debate, Abe said he is ;concerned; about currency fluctuations and that Tokyo is committed to taking ;every measure; to guarantee stability in the worlds financial markets, The Japan Times reported.据《日本时报》报道,在一次电视辩论中,安倍表示他“担心”货币波动,同时,日本承诺采取“一切措施”以保全球金融市场的稳定;British citizens have made a decision to leave the European Union. Im concerned over risks on currencies and financial markets,; Abe said.安倍说道:“英国公民做出了脱欧的决定,我担心货币和金融市场风险的提高。”In South Korea, Seouls ministry of strategy and finance held an emergency meeting on economic and financial stability. In order to minimize repercussions on the Brexit vote, Seoul stated it is operating a 24-hour government monitoring and response system, as well as ;keeping an eye on the movement of major currencies.;在韩国,企划财政部召开了一个关于经济和财政稳定的紧急会议。为了将英国脱欧的影响降到最低,韩国方面表示,该国设置了一4小时的政府监控和响应系统,同时“密切关注主要货币市场走势”。Ahn Cheol-soo, an opposition party politician, said his party is willing to offer all cooperation with the ruling partys government in order to minimize the fallout from the Brexit decision.在野党政客安哲秀表示,他所在政党愿意全力配合执政党,以降低英国退欧带来的影响。来 /201607/452370European Union leaders said Tuesday they have reached a possible deal with Ankara to return thousands of migrants to Turkey, and that they are confident a full agreement can be reached at a summit next week.欧盟领导人星期二说,他们已就将数以千计的移民送回土耳其的问题跟安卡拉达成初步协议,并相信在下周举行的峰会上能达成全面协议。After months of disagreements and increasing bickering among the 28 EU nations, the leaders said they agreed to give Turkey more money to help refugees, swiftly ease visa requirements for Turks and speed up Ankaras accession talks in exchange for its help in stemming migration flows to Europe.欧盟28个成员国数月来围绕移民危机一直存在分歧,争执不断加剧。欧盟领导人说,他们同意向土耳其提供更多资金来帮助难民,迅速采取措施,放松对土耳其公民签的要求,加快土耳其加入欧盟的谈判,以此换取土耳其的帮助,制止涌向欧洲的移民潮。All eyes now are on March 17 and the start of a two-day summit to finalize the commitment and agree on a deal that the leaders hope will allow for a return to normalcy at their borders by the end of the year.目前的关注焦点是37日即将召开的两天峰会,会议期间将最后敲定有关协议,欧盟领导人希望,该协议能让他们的边境地区在今年年底之前恢复常态。Turkey, which is sheltering an estimated 2.7 million Syrians, was reported to be asking for an extra .3 billion from the EU, roughly twice the amount aly pledged by the 28-member bloc.土耳其业已接纳了约270万叙利亚难民。据报道,土耳其要求欧盟再提3亿美元,这个数额是欧盟已承诺提供援助的两倍。来 /201603/430086Oil’s volatile start to 2016 has continued, with prices back below . The following five factors are among those that could determine crude’s next move. 油价延续了年初以来的动荡局面,目前再度跌破每桶40美元。以下五个因素可能决定原油的未来行情Output freeze 产量冻结 It is less than two weeks until a key meeting of large producers in Doha and the outcome is in doubt. 石油输出国组织(OPEC,简称:欧佩克)成员和其他大型产油国的一场关键会议还有不到两周时间就要在多哈召开了,会议结果非常不确定Saudi Arabia’s Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman said last week that it would only agree to a hold on output if joined by Iran, something that seems unlikely given that Tehran has vowed to lift exports as it emerges from years of sanctions. 上周,沙特副王储穆罕默德#8226;#8226;萨勒Mohammed bin Salman)表示,唯有在伊朗也同意的情况下,沙特才会同意冻结产量——而伊朗似乎不太可能同意,因为该国在摆脱多年的制裁之后,已发誓要增加出口Before his statement, Opec delegates indicated that Saudi Arabia would be prepared to allow Iran some leeway, despite their fierce rivalry. 在他如此表态之前,欧佩克的代表曾暗示,尽管沙特和伊朗激烈对抗,但沙特会愿意给伊朗留有一些余地While the prince’s comments may supersede those of the oil ministry, it is possible they fall short of an edict, and are partially aimed at a domestic audience used to tough talk against Iran. Equally, they may be a pre-meeting bargaining chip to try to extract more concessions from Iran, such as capping how much the country raises output before joining the freeze. 尽管这位副王储的话或许推翻了沙特石油部官员的话,但副王储的话可能不会落实为法令,在一定程度上可能是说给习惯于听到对伊朗强硬言论的沙特国内民众听的。同样,这些话或许是会议召开前的一块谈判筹码,试图使伊朗做出更多让步,比如设定伊朗加入产量冻结前的增产上限Either way, its seems unlikely the world’s largest producers would risk meeting in Doha without a deal aly pencilled in. 无论是哪种情况,世界上最大产油国手中还没有一份谈妥的协议就贸然去参加多哈会议,似乎是不太可能的“While a Doha deal might help to set a floor under oil prices, a sustained recovery will probably require outright cuts in global supply as well as further increases in demand to rebalance the market,say analysts at Capital Economics. “尽管一份多哈协议或许有助于为油价托底,但油价持续复苏将很可能有赖于全球供应的真正削减以及需求的进一步增加使得市场实现再平衡,”凯投宏Capital Economics)的分析师表示US supply 美国供应 The US shale oil boom bears at least some of the responsibility for the glut that has decimated prices since mid-2014, but slowing US output may also hold the key to an eventual recovery. 美国页?油繁荣对供应过剩承担至少部分责任,但美国产量放缓或许也对油价最终复苏起到关键作用。自2014年年中以来,油价一直受到供应过剩的严重打压After proving more resilient to lower prices than many first assumed, US output is firmly on a downward trajectory, even as conventional production from areas such as the Gulf of Mexico continues to rise due to investments made when prices were above 0 a barrel. 此前的事实显示,美国的石油产量对价格的降低比许多人一开始假定的更不敏感,如今美国的产量稳步进入了下降通道——即便由于在油价高于每桶100美元时进行的投资,墨西哥湾等地区的传统方式石油产量还在持续增加From 2008 to April 2015, US crude production almost doubled from 5m barrels a day to a peak of 9.7m b/d. But in the past year it has slipped by at least 5 per cent, with the latest data indicating it was below 9.2m b/d in January. 008年到2015月,美国原油日产量几乎翻了一番,00万桶增加70万桶的峰值。但在过去一年里,美国原油日产量降低了至%——最新数据显示,1月的这个数字不到920万桶The top 25 US oil and gas producers expect a further drop of 4 per cent on average this year. The US Energy Information Agency sees supply by 2017 averaging about 8.2m b/d for the year a 1.5m b/d decline from its peak. 美国最大的25家油气生产商预计,今年产量平均将进一步降%。美国能源信息署(EIA)认为017年全年平均日供应量将约为820万桶,较峰值下50万桶Others are sceptical. Energy Aspects, a consultancy, thinks the projected supply fall may be too high and reckons analysts are extrapolating data from smaller, cash-strapped producers that are likely to be less able to weather low prices than the oil majors. 其他人表示怀疑。咨询公司Energy Aspects认为,预测的供应量减幅或许太高了,并猜想,分析师的数据是根据资金紧张的中小生产商的情况推出的。这些生产商抵御低价影响的能力可能不如大型油企Have hedge funds had their fill? 对冲基金满足了吗Hedge fund positioning has tracked the moves in oil prices so far this year. After establishing a near record bet against the price in early January, when crude fell below a barrel for the first time in 13 years, funds have dramatically reversed course on hopes of a deal to freeze output. By the end of March, fundsnet long position the difference between bets on rising and falling prices was close to the highest level on record, totalling the equivalent of more than 0.5bn barrels of crude. 今年迄今,对冲基金一直在根据油价行情调整头寸月初,原油价3年来首次跌破每桶30美元时,对冲基金持有的押注油价下跌的头寸达到了近乎创纪录的水平。现在,由于寄望于产量冻结协议的达成,对冲基金又大幅逆转了押注方向。到3月底,对冲基金的净做多头寸——即押注油价上涨和下跌的头寸之差——已接近历史最高水平,总量相当于超亿桶原油But the tide may be turning again. Last week traders reduced bets on higher prices and added to bets on another sell-off. 但风向或许会再次变化。上周,交易员们降低了押注油价上涨的头寸,增加了押注原油再遭抛售的头寸“Despite showing signs of improving, fundamentals are not yet strong enough to support a sustained recovery,says Ole Hansen at Saxo Bank. “尽管已出现改善迹象,但基本面尚未强到足以撑油价持续复苏的地步,”盛宝银Saxo Bank)的奥#8226;汉森(Ole Hansen)称Production 产量 Low prices can increase the risk of production stoppages. Baghdad’s long-running dispute with Iraqi Kurdistan over independent oil sales has curtailed output from the north of the country by about 150,000 b/d. In Nigeria, Shell has declared force majeure on about 250,000 b/d of exports after an explosion disrupted its Forcados export terminal. But ahead of the output “freezemeeting all countries appear to be trying to maximise production. Russia’s output hit a post-Soviet high of 10.9m b/d in March, and Saudi Arabia and Kuwait may restart production at a field in the jointly controlled “neutral zone 低价可能会增加生产中断的风险。巴格达方面与伊拉克库尔德斯坦地Iraqi Kurdistan)在后者独立出售石油问题上的长期纠纷,已使该国北部的日产量减少了约15万桶。在尼日利亚,一次爆炸破坏了壳牌(Shell)在福卡多Forcados)的出口终端,该公司随后宣布,受不可抗力影响,停止每日5万桶的出口。但在产量“冻结”会议前,所有国家似乎都在努力把产量提到最高。俄罗斯3月的日产量达090万桶的后苏联时代高点,沙特和科威特或许会重启位于两国共同控制的“中立区”的一处油田的生产Global demand 全球需Demand is 2016’s wild card. Low prices helped propel demand growth in 2015, but the picture for this year is mixed. The International Energy Agency sees 1.2m b/d of growth higher than the average over the previous five years. If that level is reached or exceeded, most analysts expect the market to start to balance towards the end of the year. 2016年局势的变数在于需求015年,低价帮助推高了需求增长,但今年的局面是复杂的。国际能源署(IEA)认为,今年日需求量将增20万桶,增幅高于过年的平均水平。如果增幅达到或超过这一水平,大多数分析师预计,到年底市场会开始达成平衡“Demand at these levels has been growing strongly,says Henry Peabody at Eaton Vance, a fund manager. “Non-Opec production is in decline, and capital is not allocated to new projects. We should start to see the market rebalancing later this year or in 2017. “当前价格水平上的需求一直增长强劲,”基金管理公司亿廷繁Eaton Vance)的亨#8226;皮Henry Peabody)表示,“欧佩克以外国家的产量在下降,没有资本被配置到新项目中去。在今年晚些时候或2017年,我们应会开始看到市场再平衡。”来 /201604/436314

While the two presidential candidates were slugging it out in the second debate many viewers thought a fly had landed on their television screens.正当两位美国总统候选人在总统大选第二次电视辩论中激烈交锋时,许多观众都怀疑自家的电视上落了只苍蝇。They were baffled because the fly landed on Hillary Clintons face and she did not even flinch, leading some to suggest she was a robot like one of those on TV series Westworld.他们之所以困惑是因为有只苍蝇落在了希拉里#8226;克林顿脸上,但她没有一点反应,这让有些人猜测她是不是电视剧《西部世界》里的机器人。Within minutes of the flys appearance at Washington University in St Louis, Twitter was a swarm of memes, mostly poking fun at the Democratic nominee.这只苍蝇出场的几分钟内,推特上出现了大量恶搞图片,大多是取笑这位民主党候选人的。这场电视辩论在位于圣路易斯的华盛顿大学举行。Many on Twitter saw similarities between Clinton and the Westworld robots.Twitter上的许多网友都觉得希拉里和《西部世界》里的机器人很像。Clinton was mocked for being robotic on Twitter. Some of the posts can be seen above.如上面的推文所示,许多人都嘲弄希拉里,说她是机器人。It did not take long for someone to set up a spoof profile for the Hillary Clinton fly.很快就有人创建了一个名为“希拉里之蝇”的恶搞主页。Were Ivanka and Donald Trump junior in charge of a remote control fly?特朗普和女儿在对苍蝇进行远程遥控吗?Conservative and Trump supporter designed this meme to mock Mrs Clinton.保守党和特朗普的持者设计出了这个表情包来嘲弄希拉里Many people might have thought the fly was on their TV screen during the Presidential Second Debate, but it was actually on Clintons face.总统大选二辩时,许多人以为是自家电视上落了苍蝇,其实不是,是希拉里的脸上。The Twitterati had endless fun with the fly, creating memes to share online.推特达人们玩得乐此不疲,还创作了很多表情包在网上分享。It wasnt long before Twitter was full of wisecracks about the fly.很快,Twitter变成了“苍蝇”俏皮话的天下。来 /201610/471070In recent weeks the Chinese embassy in Islamabad has twice issued press statements calling on Pakistan’s bickering politicians to resolve their differences over the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor.中国驻巴基斯坦大使馆最近数周已两次发布媒体声明,呼吁巴国内争吵不休的政界人士化解在中巴经济走廊(CPEC)上的分歧。Beijing is growing increasingly frustrated on a number of fronts at a time when Islamabad faces increasing international and regional pressure for continuing to host militant groups and is having to depend on China’s sole support in international groupings such as the UN. 在北京方面在多个领域日益受挫之际,伊斯兰堡因继续为激进组织提供庇护也面临越来越大的国际和地区压力,而且不得不在联合UN)等国际组织中依赖中国的独家持。And if Beijing needed a reminder of the precarious security situation, an attack by terrorists this week on a police training college in Quetta, Baluchistan, left 60 police cadets dead and 120 wounded. 上周,巴基斯坦俾路Baluchistan)奎达(Quetta)的一所警察培训学院遭武装分子袭击,导致60名学员死亡,120人受伤——该事件可以提醒北京方面巴基斯坦严峻的安全形势。Several militant groups active in the province claimed credit for the attack.多个活跃在该省的激进组织宣称对此次袭击负责。The IMF has warned that Pakistan is building up huge debt and repayment obligations are building up as a result of Chinese loans for CPEC but this investment is crucial for Islamabad outside CPEC, foreign investment in the country is at an all-time low. 国际货币基金组织(IMF)警告称,巴基斯坦正在积累巨额债务,中国为中巴经济走廊提供的贷款正在让巴基斯坦的偿债义务激增,但这些投资对伊斯兰堡至关重要——除了中巴经济走廊外,巴基斯坦的其他外国投资眼下处于历史最低水平。Once completed, the project has the potential to turn around Pakistan’s economic fortunes but all the country’s political parties must agree to use the scheme’s benefits judiciously.一旦完工,中巴经济走廊有可能扭转巴基斯坦的经济命运,但巴国内所有政党必须一致同意好好利用该计划带来的好处。For now, the government and the army are at odds over who controls foreign policy, and opposition parties are determined to create mayhem for Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. 就目前而言,巴基斯坦政府和军方正在为谁控制外交政策争执不下,而反对党决意要给巴基斯坦总理纳瓦谢里Nawaz Sharif)创造混乱。Earlier this month, in a rare move Sun Weidong, China’s ambassador to Pakistan, met the opposition leader Imran Khan, chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI), seeking assurances that his protest march planned to bring Islamabad to a halt on November 2 will not affect his support for CPEC. 10月初,中国驻巴基斯坦大使孙卫东罕见地会见了反对派领袖、巴基斯坦正义运动党(PTI)主席伊姆兰汗(Imran Khan),希望后者确保其计划1日发动的、旨在让政府瘫痪的抗议游行不会影响其对中巴经济走廊的持。Mr Khan’s opposition to Mr Sharif is threatening the stability of the government, and he is also demanding a judicial investigation into the corruption of leading figures in the administration named in the Panama leaks scandal.伊姆兰汗与谢里夫的对抗威胁着巴基斯坦政府的稳定,伊姆兰汗还要求对巴拿马文件泄露丑闻中被点名的多名政府头面人物的腐败行为进行司法调查。Beijing’s investment over 10 years is part of the One Belt, One Road initiative that will eventually link the country with China and Europe. 北京对巴基斯坦计划持0年的投资是其一带一路倡议的一部分,该倡议最终将把巴基斯坦与中国和欧洲连接起来。In Pakistan it will entail building a highway, energy pipelines, power generation and industrial parks from the western port of Gwadar on the Gulf 3,000km north to the Chinese border.该倡议需要在巴基斯坦西部濒临波斯湾的瓜达尔港(port of Gwadar)与向000公里的中国边境之间,修建一条高速公路和多条能源管道,并修建电厂和工业园。The route the corridor will follow and who will benefit from the large industries that will be built alongside are contentious issues. 中巴经济走廊规划的路线以及谁将受益于沿线建设的大型产业都是引发争议的议题。Leaders from the small provinces of Baluchistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa say Mr Sharif has hijacked the highway to go through his home province of Punjab aly Pakistan’s wealthiest region rather than a more westerly route through the much poorer Baluchistan and KP provinces.面积较小的俾路省和开伯尔-普赫图赫瓦省(Khyber Pakhtunkhwa)的领导人称,谢里夫迫使该高速公路穿过自己的家乡、本已是巴最富裕地区的旁遮普Punjab),而非走一条更偏西、穿越穷得多的俾路省和开伯尔-普赫图赫瓦省的路线。Speaking in Islamabad on October 17, the Chinese ambassador attempted to cool tensions between the provinces. 107日,在伊斯兰堡发表讲话时,孙卫东试图缓和巴基斯坦各省间的紧张关系。As we see it, all the routes lead to development and prosperity,’he said. 他说:条条道路都将通向发展和繁荣。He said construction on 16 early harvest’projects across the country with an investment of .6bn had aly begun.他表示,巴基斯坦各地已有16个早期收获项目在建,总投资额38亿美元。China also has to navigate the growing tension between the army and the civilian government as to who will exercise overall control over the CPEC project and who will run a 10,000-strong security force that is to be trained to guard Chinese engineers but has been delayed due to internal squabbling.中国还不得不周旋于巴军方与文官政府之间,两方在这两个问题上的紧张关系日益加剧,即由哪一方全面掌控中巴经济走廊工程,以及由哪一方负责领导为保护中国工程师而训练的1万多人的安全部队(由于巴方内部争吵,这部队的部署已被推迟)。Pakistan is aly in debt to China on several fronts. 巴基斯坦已经在多个领域欠下中国的人情。It was the only country to defend Islamabad at the recent Brics summit in India, after India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi called the country a mother-ship of terrorism. 在不久前于印度召开的金砖国家峰会上,印度总理纳伦德拉.莫迪(Narendra Modi)称巴基斯坦为恐怖主义的母舰,而中国是唯一为伊斯兰堡辩护的国家。Earlier, at the UN Security Council China defended Pakistan against attempts to force it to take action against Masood Azhar, who is on the UN terrorism list. 早些时候,中国在联合国安理会上维护了巴基斯坦,搁置将马苏德.爱资哈尔(Masood Azhar)列入联合国恐怖分子名单的请求。Mr Azhar leads the extremist Jaish-e-Mohammad group, which India accuses of launching terrorist attacks in Indian Kashmir. 印度指控爱资哈尔领导的极端组织穆罕默德军(Jaish-e-Mohammad)发动了对印控克什米尔的恐怖袭击。To reap the full benefits of China’s massive investments, Pakistan needs to improve its foreign policy and address the charges from its neighbours that it harbours terrorists.要获得中国大规模投资带来的全部好处,巴基斯坦必须改善其外交政策,处理好邻国对其窝藏恐怖分子的指控。For its part, Beijing needs peace in the region if CPEC is to be successful. 对北京方面来说,要让中巴经济走廊取得成功,它需要的是地区和平。Civil war in Afghanistan, the Afghan Taliban leadership still ensconced in Pakistan and a spluttering insurgency in Baluchistan that has lasted more than a decade all threaten the project. 阿富汗内战、仍藏匿于巴基斯坦的阿富汗塔利班领导人以及俾路省已持续十多年的零星不绝的叛乱,都威胁着这一计划。The recent terrorist attack in Quetta shows the perils. 奎达最近发生的恐怖袭击凸显了此类危险。Islamabad has also claimed that Indian and Afghan intelligence are trying to sabotage CPEC by using extremist groups to attack important construction projects.伊斯兰堡方面还宣称,印度及阿富汗情报部门正试图利用极端组织攻击重要的建设工程来破坏中巴经济走廊。Beijing is trying to help improve relations between India and Pakistan. 北京方面正在努力帮助改善印度与巴基斯坦的关系。It has aly given Bangladesh bn in loans for a new corridor from the sea through the country and Burma into China and is prepared to fund infrastructure in India to link it with the corridors in both Pakistan and Bangladesh.中国已贷00亿美元给孟加拉国,用于修建一条新的从孟加拉湾穿越孟加拉国和缅甸通往中国的走廊,而且中国已经准备好向印度提供资金,在该国修建连接巴基斯坦和孟加拉国这两条走廊的基础设施。Continued instability, lack of regional co-operation and terrorism could endanger the future of CPEC. 持续的不稳定、区域合作缺乏以及恐怖主义,都可能危及中巴经济走廊的未来。Beijing cannot indefinitely rescue Pakistan at international and regional forums and how it handles this cauldron of long-running disputes will determine the success of the ambitious project.北京不可能无限期地在国际和地区论坛上搭救巴基斯坦,如何处理这堆由来已久的纷争,将决定雄心勃勃的中巴经济走廊计划能否成功。来 /201611/475812

North Korea has fired a ballistic missile into the sea, South Korean and US officials say. They say the missile, launched off the east coast, flew about 800km (500 miles) and fell into the water. North Korea has not commented on the report.近日,据韩国和美国官员表示,朝鲜已经向海上发射了一枚弹道导弹。他们表示,该导弹自东海岸发射,飞行了大00公里之后落入水里。朝鲜方面对该报道没有给予。US President Barack Obama earlier imposed new sanctions on Pyongyang, after its recent ;illicit; nuclear test and satellite launch. His executive order freezes North Korean government property in America.在平壤方面开展了“非法”的核试验和发射卫星之后,美国总统奥巴马在日前对其给予了新的制裁,他的行政命令冻结了朝鲜政府的资产。It bans US exports to - or investment in - North Korea and also greatly expands powers to blacklist anyone, including non-Americans, dealing with North Korea.这项命令禁止美国向朝鲜出口或在朝鲜投资,并把所有与朝鲜有交易的人,包括非美籍人拉入了黑名单。White House spokesman Josh Earnest said: ;The US and the global community will not tolerate North Koreas illicit nuclear and ballistic missile activities, and we will continue to impose costs on North Korea until it comes into compliance with its international obligations.;白宫发言人乔帷恩斯特表示:“美国和国际社会不会容忍朝鲜的非法核及弹道导弹活动,我们将继续让朝鲜付出代价,直到其遵守国际义务。”Mr Obama said the sanctions ;did not target the people of North Korea; but suggested that the countrys leadership only had itself to blame.奥巴马总统表示,这项制裁不是针对朝鲜人民,但该国的领导层则是咎由自取。Amid the heightened tensions, the North sentenced a US student to 15 years hard labour on Wednesday for ;severe crimes; against the state. The US demanded North Korea immediately release Otto Warmbier, 21, who was arrested for trying to steal a propaganda sign from a hotel while on a visit in January.在这种紧张局势下,朝鲜在本周三对美国一名学生施5年监禁,称其犯了阴谋颠覆国家的“严重罪行”。美国要求朝鲜立即释放奥托·瓦姆比尔,这名21岁的学生游客月份因试图偷取酒店的宣传示意牌而被逮捕。来 /201603/432952They are the South Korean president’s closest allies. Choi Soon-sil, her long-time confidant, and Ahn Chong-bum have been by the side of Park Geun-hye for decades, offering counsel and advice. 他们是韩国总统最亲密的盟友。崔顺实(Choi Soon-sil,音译)是她长期以来的心腹,安正Ahn Chong-bum)则几十年来站在朴槿惠(Park Geun-hye)一边,向她提供咨询和建议。But now allegations against them of corruption and crony capitalism are snowballing into the biggest political crisis of the president’s career, threatening to scupper her flagship policies and tarnish her legacy.但现在,有关他们腐败和裙带资本主义的指控越来越多,酿成了朴槿惠职业生涯中最大的政治危机,这可能会令她的主要政策化为泡影,并玷污她的“遗产”。Prosecutors are investigating claims that Ms Choi and Mr Ahn, senior presidential secretary for policy co-ordination, used their influence to coerce big conglomerates, including Samsung, Hyundai, SK Group and LG Group, into making multimillion-dollar donations into two non-profit foundations. 检察官正在调查如下指控,即崔顺实和负责政策协调的总统高级秘书安正范利用其影响力强迫三Samsung)、现Hyundai)、SK集团(SK Group)和LG集团(LG Group)等大型企业集团向两家非营利财团捐款数百万美元。The allegations have become the focus of a parliamentary audit which opposition politicians criticise as toothless and are hampering Ms Park’s efforts to reform labour laws and revive a flagging economy in her 18 months left in office. 这些指控已成为一项国会审查的焦点(反对派政客批评该审查没有权威性),并正在削弱朴槿惠在任内最8个月里改革劳动法并复兴增长乏力的韩国经济的努力。Ms Park on Thursday ordered a thorough investigation of the allegations, warning that anyone who committed illegal acts related to the foundations would face “sternpunishments.周四,朴槿惠下令对这些指控进行全面调查,并警告称,无论谁从事了与上述两家财团相关的非法行为,都将受到“严厉的”惩罚。The president’s approval ratings, at 26 per cent, are the lowest since she took power in February 2013. 目前,朴槿惠的持率6%,是她在2013月就任总统以来的最低水平。Since Ms Choi masterminded the creation of the Mir and K-Sports foundations, they have collected about Won80bn (m) from 53 companies in just a few months. It took a single day to approve their creation unusually fast for South Korea and they have won bids for big public projects despite their lack of relevant experience. 由于崔顺实策划了Mir财团和K体育财团的成立,它们在几个月内便3家企业收到了800亿韩元(200万美元)的捐款。它们的成立仅仅一天便获得批准——这在韩国来说快得非同寻常——并已中标了一些大型公共项目,尽管它们缺乏相关经验。来 /201610/473154

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